BB10 Beta 2 Docs

No time limit when the BB10 beta 2 reference updated?  There few again along the side of the menu of things, but the detail information are just empty.


You please let me know what specifically you're talking about the article and I'll look into it.

See you soon,.


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  • BB10 Beta 2 install on XP

    Could someone install Installer LOOK for BB10 Beta 2 on XP?

    He comes to the point where the window 'Install anywhere' shows and the progress bar but then the window just goes with no installer.

    I got it to work on a Windows 7 computer.

    Never got it to work, so I had to face the blackberry-tablets-sdk directory - 3.0.0 for one machine to another and it seem to work.

  • Display problem list in bb10 Beta 3


    I develop a project in the bb10. His work properly in the beta version of bb10 2.

    Now I am this conversion to bb10 beta version 3.

    In that I have a list view. IE filtered list view.

    When header is clicked, the child must be visible.

    I had used the selectionchanged signal.

    but it is not called bb10 Beta 3.

    I had sought in known problem also, but it is not written anywhere as a known issue.

    Thanks in advance.


    Now it's different in Beta 3:

    ListView {
      listItemComponents: [
        ListItemComponent {
          type: "item"
          MyItem {
      onTriggered: {

    And for MyItem

    Container {
      ImageView {
        id: background
        visible: false
        verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Fill
        horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Fill
        imageSource: "asset:///images/background.png"
        scalingMethod: ScalingMethod.Fill
      function setHighlight (highlighted) {
        if (highlighted)
          background.visible = true;
          background.visible = false;
      ListItem.onActivationChanged: {
        setHighlight (;
      ListItem.onSelectionChanged: {
        setHighlight (ListItem.selected);


  • [BB10 beta sdk] waterfalls StackLayout

    Provision of vertical stack labels have great spacing. Why? And how it can be fixed?

    See screenshot below. There is a stack horizontally and vertically integrated in it.

    Vertical presentation contains three labels and two images and not have padding or margins set.

    Just getting into myself and have not tried to reproduce your results again. Two suggestions:

    1. check on the device or the sim card, since the QML Momentics preview may well act differently in some cases.

    2 try to force padding/margins to 0 explicitly, in which case there are default values in some cases. Cascades certainly tried to "make you look good" for you, in some cases, so perhaps here too?

  • Using the two PB 2.0 + SDK & BB10 Air SDK in Flash Builder 4.6


    Any of you have experience creating applications using the PB2 + and BB10 Air SDK in Flash Builder? How do you change the build configuration between two SOFTWARE development kits? So let's say you make apps for Playbook and at the same time you are doing apps for BB10...

    Where do you set your IDE with these settings?

    Looking forward to your answers.

    There is essentially only one way to do it: you first install the 2.0 + SDK, then the BB10 Beta SDK. This is how you make sure that you have the data of these two software development kits installed on your pc. The Flash Builder plugin will be the BB10 sdk.

    I tested some of the components of the SDK BB10 on PlayBook OS 2.0.1. Needless to say that some features are not supported.
    Note: When I talk about libraries and 'ane's, I mean those provided by the SDK BB10. The following findings are valid with a pre-BB10 PlayBook OS 2.0.1 is the last one I think. PlayBook OS 2.1 can be considered BB10, although some features don't work there either.
    Here's what I found: you can use fuse controls, but the classes in the package "qnx.fuse.ui.dialog" do not work because the classes in the package "qnx.fuse.ui.window" do NOT work.
    You cannot use "QNXDevice.ane" because "NavControl" class which is indispensable to the actions of the bezel does not work and the notifications do not work either.
    If you use "fuse" components, you must also use 'QNXSkins.ane '.
    The "QNXLocale.ane" does not work. 'QNXNetwork.ane' no test however. The framework of the call does not work.

    Phew, that was some writing. If I missed something or you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

  • Native SDK 2.0 to BB10/cascades...

    I want to start on the writing of native code.  The only device I currently have is a Playbook, so if I start writing apps stunts I won't be able to try on a real device until the playbook is upgraded to BB10 (probably several months?).

    However, I don't want to waste a lot of time learning and writing difficult code user interface as part of the old since BB10 is just around the corner.

    My question - if I started apps written using SDK 2.0 native, it will be simple enough to convert and re - build these apps under the SDK BB10/Cascades later?  Or I'll lose a lot of time learning and writing code that will be obsolete in the new framework?

    If these are not games, but 'Affairs' apps or something else, where you would buttons standard aspect of system, text fields and so on, then, you cannot do with the NDK now at all the...

    If the application's UI-heavy, and you do not want to use stunts, so your best bet is to work with the new Simulator of BB10 beta for now because it supports Cascades.

    If the application is not UI-heavy, but you do not want to keep as close an app of Cascades operation behind the user interface, and then you talk about Qt and can actually run on the PlayBook even Qt applications now. But not with all the parts of the Cascades. If this is an option, use the NDK with the Qt libraries.

    Also consider attending a day BB10 Jam during the "world tour" and see if you can get a Dev Alpha to test.

    Moreover, 'several months' seems optimistic... I think you can assume rather not before October at the earliest. If they decide to put all libraries of stunts in 2.1, however, or if there is a beta version of developer of BB10 on the PlayBook before the fall, and then those who could help you. They not have given any indication yet (AFAIK) that they could do.

  • BB10: qnxSystem.ALARM not firing

    I use qnxSystem alarms and qnxSystem.runFrameCycle () to keep my application minimally active awakening so that he is in the background, so it can check the time every 20 seconds and turn the powerMode until throttled if the audible alarm is due to play.

    Everything works perfectly in my PlayBook application and with BB10 it works perfectly, but only in debug mode. When I install a Release version , it seems that the alarm system stop light (or no effect) when the window is hidden. The app is just dead in the background!

    (Even if the thumbnail comes up in the display, it doesn't always get all the events (active Frame not updated), but strangely, it can then be "awakened" by slightly waggle (scrolling up and down) the screen with thumbnails of the app)

    Any thoughts on why this is happening? Or how I can get around it?


    My app: Get set - get up!   Get ready for the revolution snooze.

    You have:


  • migrate from iOS code bb10 (unix)

    I used some codes c on ios access network settings.

    Just wonder if bb10 to migrate code to bb10 (linux)

    BB10 is not Linux, but based on QNX.

    Look at these pages hollow and decide.

  • In Windows Explorer, with the active preview pane, I get "No preview available" for documents .doc and .xls. other types of document overview as they should. I have Office 2003 is installed, that works normally.

    I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - bit on a machine that was used 32-bit XP Professional.  I fixed a similar problem in the preview pane of pdf files (I have Adobe Acrobat Professional 9) with a registry fix I found on the Web: I Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack installed, as well as all updates and everything. I tried to create a Word 2007 document, to see if a better than .doc .docx document previews, but it will not preview or the other. UPDATE: .ppt (PowerPoint) docs preview, either.

    I uninstalled Office 2003 and installed a trial version of Office 2007 and previews worked for my Office files. After that I uninstalled 2007 and re-installed 2003, found still do not work.


    If the problem exists only with the 2003 version, then we should probably get clarification on this. If you post your question with the Group Discussion of Microsoft Office, one of the experts it will be able to offer that you support with your question.

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • DNG Profile Editor beta 3 - new today?

    Hi, is there anywhere currently post 3 beta a doc on what new/changed? I see that the DNG specification is still 1.2.

    Eric Chan (one of the Camera Raw engineers) responded to a similar question on in the ACR forum.

  • Features downloadable PDF doc

    Y at - it a downloadable PDF for catalyst (Beta II) doc explaining all the features? Went to the help tab > help Adobe, but it came to a dead end. If there is, it would be much appreciated if you could post the link... Thank you.


    Hey all,.

    Ryan Stewart has highlighted all the new features/changes the following screencast:

    Hope this helps for now, if I can find a doc that I'll post.


  • Name of wrong version in Blackberry World

    Hi all

    I use blackberry-apkpackager for packaging apk-> bar.

    Original manifest.XML has two fields defined for the version:


    Android: versionCode = "14".
    Android: versionName = "1.30.0.

    After conditioning the "manifest. MF' has two meanings:

    Package version:

    Application version:

    Of course, after the signing and deployment of Blackberry World, the application (using the sandbox) shows


    Question 1: How can I show him 1.30.0?

    I am using only using tools BB10 (Beta) and therefore cannot rely on eclipse although eclipse has not helped

    I've seen people mention .lsv files but I can't get these. Where is the documentation for that?

    My last resort is to decompress the .bar after conditioning, change the "manifest. MF", compress the return .bar file, by signing and pushing into the world of Blackberry.  Someone has an idea better?

    What about android.cfg? Cannot find documentation for this one also

    I am also happy to use m or - my swithces to the blackberry apkpackager but don't have the docs for this too RIM please give us some documents...

    I found the solution.

    Thanks to:


    "Obviously something has changed in the BlackBerry tools. Try to set the application android:versionName attribute to a value of 4 parts (like ). BlackBerry has always used this format ( for native applications. It seems that, at least that your Android manifest has the same format, creation of BlackBerry tools fail to analyze the versionName attribute and use a downturn"

    That's exactly what happened in my case. The android: versionName used major.minor.micro and bbtools then returned to android: versionCode to produce something completely useless

    Still, I'd like to see some documents on this...

  • RSA encryption and


    I'm trying to implement encryption RSA BB10 and. Currently I have a poor visibility of the BB implementations of them. This link provides an example of one-way encryption (which I am not after) and this discussion provides an example that uses the openssl library.

    I prefer to use the BB10 or is it better to use openssl? There are some examples that I can follow? Or please tell me the proper documentation.

    Thank you

    It is the starting point,

    There is an example of code here...

    Note: Looking at your previous posts it seems you just ask your question and then leave it at that.  If you want to encourage others to help in your problems then please get used to using the "as - thumbs up" next to the post office and closing your job offers by accepting one of the answers as the solution.

  • Example of thread

    Is there an example (simple and easy to understand) a process running in a thread. I'm a Java developer and I have read tons of documents on c son, but his little about Greek to me and I don't know anything about what libraries are available on the PB. I coiuld use a working on the PlayBook example. If such an animal exists.

    Channels on GitHub sample shows an app PlayBook with pthreads.

    NDK 2.0:

    BB10 Beta:

  • BBM ProfileBox icons - created by the user


    I connect my application to BBM and I was wondering if it is possible to have icons for profile box application to be generated by the user.

    For example, a user takes a photo of something he possesses, and I would like to use this photo as an icon with the id 1 for example (if the user changes their photo, I would record this new image with id 2 and so on).

    On another device, an icon with id = 1 would have led to a totally different picture, because the user would take a picture of something different.

    If this will work?

    I am concered because I read this (native basic docs):

    You can use any image you like for a profile box icon, as long as it's less than 333 x 333 in size (119 x 119 and less than 15 KB is the ideal size).  You need just to register the images before using.  See the example here.

    bbmprofilebox sample

Maybe you are looking for