bb10 Simulator in chrome still exist?

There's only native Simulator

Simulator of html bb10 (CRX package for chrome) still exist?

I think I need to download .crx file and add to chrome


BlackBerry has removed the option of the Simulator in chrome?

Your comments welcome


At the bottom of the download page, you can click on the user interface that asks you if you want to access WebWorks 1.0. This will show tools WebWorks 1.0 that includes ripple. That said, we have not updated ripple WebWorks 2.0, so if you have moved to WebWorks 2.0 you will not be able to work with ripple

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  • Requirement of the graphics card dedicated for BB10 simulator

    Hi, the blackvery website developer, I found the infromation that BB10 Simulator requires NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher to an ATI Radeon HD 2600 or higher graphic. This affects when even if the pc has the graphics card integrated rather than required. I mean I can run the Simulator very well, but this will affect anyway if I run an opengl project in the Simulator? Thank you.

    The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Simulator uses OpenGL 2.0.  If your graphics card does not support it you can have problems (some only show a black screen).

    If you see a black screen you can try the software rendering mode (choose option 2 before boots simulator), but you could still see some rendering issues using this mode.  In addition, it is going to be slower.

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    It would not be the end of the world if I forget my data and reinstall windows, but I would like to grow as a last resort because it would be an immense pain while I can re - download a lot of things many things will be permanently lost.

    If anyone has an idea how to access my data in windows boot camp once again, because it is obviously still existing, I would appreciate hearing it.

    I think I can just re - install windows. I learned that I could shoot the files that I would lose in finder. I went to Boot Camp and drag these files on my mac. Hooray!

  • My husband doesn't like the itunes account is under my name.  I have a way that he can have his own name and sign on with her and still exist on the family account?

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    Yes it can have its own ID and share your content via the family sharing, he needs to sign out of your ID and to create his own, then one of you needs to invite another family sharing.

    You don't need to use 2 verification step, if you want you can disable to my Apple ID

  • Chrome still does support OSX 10.9.5

    Chrome still does support OSX 10.9.5?

    According to the page of the Google Chrome browser, this version of Chrome is said

    in support of Mac OS X to present 10.11.5 10.9.5. Chrome - the Google browser

    However, the questions and problems that Chrome continues to show Mac users,

    indicate that it is not a wise choice for Macs.  Users have found Chrome to be

    a resource eater, which affects the performance of OS X.

    We'll find a better browser to Mozilla Firefox; also Safari is always supported by

    Apple at the moment (my OS X 10.9.5 a recent version of Safari; I prefer Firefox.)

    • How to download and install Firefox on Mac - using Mozilla Firefox:

    Browser like SeaMonkey (Mozilla) has also a customer of e-mail with browser for 10.9.5.

    A few others are probably OK, that won't cost you performance elsewhere.

    Good luck & happy computing!

  • Hotmail still exist?

    My favorite that I used every day for years heading to outlook.

    Hotmail still exist?

    MS rebadged as and moved all Hotmail accounts Hotmail to

    NB is completely different from MS Outlook e-mail program that has MS Office in some suites

  • When you install the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2), I still received the error code 646... I tried to download the RegCure as advised, but the problem still exists... Please help me with this problem... Thank you


    • When you install the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2), I still received the error code 646... I tried to download the RegCure as advised, but the problem still exists... Please help me with this problem... Thank you

    I tried to download the RegCure as advised, but the problem still exists...

    Who advised you to 'download... '. RegCure? Doing so could only worse issues! If you ever think that your registry database must be cleaned, repaired, boosted or optimized (it isn't), read and draw your own conclusions.

    See ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • The adjustable BB10 Simulator it is date and time automatically?

    I have the installer of BB10 Simulator (10_2_1_2234) and works generally well on my Mac OSX (10.9.2 Maverics) system using VMWare Fusion 6.0.2 (1398658).  Everthing is in the latest versions as far as I can tell.

    However, even if in the settings / Date and time, the "Set Date and time automatically" switch to "On", whenever I start it, it displays the last time I used it.

    I need to manually enter settings / Date and time, turn the "Set Date and time" automatically to 'Off', set the date and time manually, then I turn the "Set Date and time automatically" button return to 'On '.

    My application itself is able to send and receive data over the network.  I can use the "Browser" application to see the web sites.

    How can I do set the date and time automatically?  Y at - it VMWare Fusion setting, I need to change?

    Thank you

    Ed Federmeyer

    If you resume your virtual machine session, the time that the virtual machine has been suspended is used.  If you "Power Off" the simulator it will update it's time to start.

  • BB10 Simulator on Mac hangs just at startup - Parallels 7

    The BB10 Simulator works on Parallels 7?

    I was able to get the things installed but when I run it it crashes. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    This is not a tested configuration.  The Simulator can run in native mode in VMWare Player on Mac, so you should use Parallels.

  • BB10 Simulator on Vmware ESXi

    I'm trying to get the BB10 Simulator to work on a VMWare ESXi server. Here's what I've done so far:

    1. Installed the Simulator on yhe development machine, started VMWare workstation, open the vmx file and downloaded the VM on the ESXi server.
    2. Disabled 3D acceleration on the machine virtual (on ESX) and selected 'Full touch safe mode' after starting the virtual machine.

    At this point, the virtual computer screen displays the IP 'telnet ftp ssh qconn', the axis of the device and the build number.

    The next step is to connect the Momentics IDE to this virtual machine.

    The Simulator is in need of a vmx file configuration dialog box (likely to run vmware specific commands). In the configuration of ESXi, there is no vmx file.

    If I try to connect to the virtual machine by IP address, I need a device password, I did not.

    Someone at - it suggestions on what do I do now?

    In response to my own question because I found the answer:

    Now that I have the IP address, I just follow the steps described in

    Because I had never set up a password for the Simulator, I left the empty password field.

    Copy-paste the details:

    Of your IDE

    -Right click on your project in the Project Explorer

    -Go to Blackberry tools and click on configure target...

    -Click Add new target it... button and enter the IP address of your Simulator in the host name or IP address field, enter your password if you have one then click on finish

    To run your application on the Simulator:

    -In the Project Explorer view, double click on file bar - descriptor.xml, then click on chip Debug Set button to set the author of the application information.

    -Set the configuration of the correct version for the Simulator first by right-clicking on your project and selecting Configurations of Build > Set Active > 4 Simulator-Debug.

    -In the Project Explorer view, right-click the project and select build project.

    -Right click on the project again, and then select run as > BlackBerry Application C/C++.

  • BB10 Simulator speed is low

    Hi all

    I had a problem about the very slow speed of the BB10 Simulator. I installed VMware 5 and the BB10 simulator 10_0_09-1101. The hardware configuration of VMware to run the Simulator was the following: memory: 1.5 G, number of processor cores: 2. I run the software on my laptop HP pavilion dv5 (corei3 2.27 G, 3 G Ram, graphics intel HD).

    Is the configuration of my laptop, not enough to run the Simulator or I don't have some setting or configuration? I'm looking forward to your media.

    Thank you

    have you enabled virtualization in the bios of your computer?

  • I have already uninstall the program but the tile still exist in the Apps directory... I want to remove it...

    I have already uninstall the Prototype but... the tile in the Apps directory still exist under the games... I want to delete manually... Please help me...

    You can reinstall the program, and then maybe you can uninstall correctly, via programs and features?

    Programs folder delete The Program Files is not recommended as it leaves pieces in the registry and in other places.

    If you cannot reinstall, or after any reinstallation successful, you cannot uninstall, then post back with you receive the exact error message.

  • Hi, on some sites of adobe muse, when I load, I get a mobile version of the site (on a laptop). I tried to remove the 'phone' and the words after that on the address bar and even cleaned my browser, but the problem still exists. What can be the reason? I'

    Hi, on some sites of adobe muse, when I load, I get a mobile version of the site (on a laptop). I tried to remove the 'phone' and the words after that on the address bar and even cleaned my browser, but the problem still exists. What can be the reason? I am using Lenovo y50... help me please

    The y50 Lenovo is a hybrid and that manufacturers are especially ThinkPads, I guess that Adobe sees it as such is why you get the phone display.

    However, you can delete the 5876 to get a view of the desktop and all do it muse site

    for example, the home page

    change the /phone/index.html to to see the office... I suppect you forgot the slash so delete/phone phone not only

    Office ex = yourweb page | Home

  • Black lines in the content of landscape still exist in v.32.4.4!


    Adobe must have been fixing this bug in 32.4.4, they did it for the Adobe Content viewer.

    But this bug still exists in applications submitted by DPS App Builder worm 32.4.4.

    Adobe, please do hot problem URGENT

    Thank you


    If you rebuild your application with the option "activate the auto-hide the scroll bar vertical folio ' checked this problem does not appear. Who will not work for your application?

    We plan to publish a fix for this on our next version of regular point, in about a week and a half.

  • RMAN backup files are still exist for a long time, how to remove?

    Dear Sir;

    I use the script below to do a daily backup, however, there are several rman backup files are still exist and consumes HD size, how can remove these files in daily? some files dated Feb, MAR, Apr,

    = Daily RMAN script =.

    RMAN target / < <!
    level incremental backup = 0 as compressed backupset database format ' / u15/rman/full_backup_%U.rman';
    backup ARCHIVELOG all not saved 2 time format ' / u15/rman/arc_backup_%U.rman';
    current backup controlfile as ' / u15/rman/control_%U.rman';
    delete archivelog all backed up 2 times on the peripheral disc is completed before ' sysdate-7 ";
    delete noprompt obsolete;


    Thank you and best regards


    Before running the command obsolete report, run:

    RMAN > crosscheck backup;

    Kind regards.

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