BBM blackBerry 10 on z10, the groups list is missing than before points, I added on my 9900

I swapped my sim in my new z10 and transfer data via the peripheral switching method sd card. I changed my id of the 9900 for the z10 bbm also.

I had been using a group of bbm and all lists are still visible. However, the elements than before, I added on my 9900 within the list are no longer there. Items added to my wife on his torch are still on my z10, but not my items. Same problem with group calendar items. I see hers, but not mine.

It perhaps does not synchronize the items added by the same user because of the assumption that the user would always have their own items already? Any way I can get these items synced on my z10?

FYI, I had to remove myself from the Group and then add me again. After that it synchronized all the elements, including those that I had added with the 9900.

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    I recently changed to the last Bold 9900 of torch.  Since the change, I have a 2 additional icons for my existing BBM groups (Fam & friends).  They have the status of "Waiting to join...." ».  I am able to access these groups and to discuss with members.  However, the 2 additional icons are really bugging me.  Any way to remove them?  I couldn't not remove option for these 2 icons.  Thank you.


    POH Huat

    Found the solution!  Just delete the application Blackberry Messenger via Options > device > application management.  Once deleted, reinstall Blackberry Messenger via App World.  Alto! 2 additional groups have disappeared!

    Note that you may need your group to withdraw from the Group and invite you.

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    Thank you for your response. New list appears, under address book.

  • BlackBerry smartphones following restore, the browser icon is missing...?

    I managed to find a way to restore my new phone, but after the restoration, I don't have an icon of browser...?

    Here are the basic things to try.

    1. Do a battery pull.  This can be sufficient, even if the chances are that you must perform the following steps.
    2. Re-register your device on the BlackBerry network by clicking the Options > Advanced Options > host Routing Table.  Press the BB Menu key, then select Save now.
    3. Return your service books.  If you are unable to access your BIS or BES account, contact your carrier or BES admin for what they send you service directories.
    4. Pull the battery again.

    If it still does not respond, they maybe missed a small step by transferring your data from your old phone to the new plan.  Give them one quick call from another phone, and they'll look at your account to make sure that everything has been set up right.  I know that when I got my replacement, the browser would not show until they overthrew basically one switch (so to speak).  You will know that this is the problem if the status of your connection in the corner top right reads like "1xev" instead of "1XEV".

    I hope this works!

  • validate the email - check for more than one point

    I'm looking to validate and address email and I found how to check for a simple point '[email protected]. . com' with email_txt.text.indexOf('.') < 0 but I want to also want to check to see if the user may have registered two points '[email protected]. . com ".

    I tried:

    email_txt.text.indexOf('.') < 0 |  email_txt. Text.IndexOf('.') > 2 but which in fact throw up all the time.

    I also tried:

    email_txt.text.indexOf('.') < 0 & & > 2 and one launched all sorts of errors.

    I don't know if I've ever seen someone check for that, so I might be a little more zealous, but I thought I'd give it a try.

    Thanks in advance

    function validateEmailF(inputEmail:String):Boolean {}
    Search for spaces
    If (inputEmail.indexOf("") > 0) {}
    Returns false;
    bust of the email part in what comes before the @ and what comes after
    var emailArray:Array = inputEmail.split("@");
    Make sure that there is exactly a symbol @.
    Also make sure that there is at least one character before and after the @.
    If (emailArray.length! = 2 | emailArray [0] .length == 0 | emailArray [1] .length == 0) {}
    Returns false;
    bust of share the stuff after the @ apart on any. characters
    var postArray: Array = emailArray [1].split(".");
    Make sure that there is at least one. After the @.
    If (postArray.length<2)>
    Returns false;
    Make sure that there is at least 1 character in each segment before, between and after each.
    for (var i: Number = 0; i
    If (postArray [i] .length<1)>
    Returns false;
    Download what's left after the last.
    suffix var = postArray [postArray.length - 1];
    Make sure the end segment is 2 or 3 characters
    If {(suffix.length<2 ||="" suffix.length="">3)}
    Returns false;
    It is passed all the tests, it is a valid email address
    Returns true;

  • When trying to click on the menu options drop-down on the websites list instantly lights up before I can click on anything anyone, unless I continue to empty the cache, cookies

    When I click on the drop-down lists for options on a Web site, the list disappears before I can click on any option. I find clear the cache and cookies every time, it will work only once before the compensation again. So it must be allowed for each unique click on an option.

    Thank you very much for posting back to us to know that it worked.

    Reset option is designed to be easy and simple to use, even if it is not something to be used as first choice, especially if you have a lot of changes and extensions.

  • Need to Smartphones blackBerry help to remove the email addresses of Curve 8320 before I spend it on someone else.

    Hi, I got a new BB and transferred all my info from my 8320 I give you my son.  Problem is that I can't seem to delete e-mail accounts, that I was transferred.  I don't want to do a general cleaning some of the information on the phone is already useful for the new owner.  I've hidden icons for now but I want to just delete them.  When I go to the configuration of email, I do not see the e-mails and all I get is an option for the new installation accounts.

    Help, please.

    Thank you


    Gotcha.  Call your carrier and ask them to remove your e-mail accounts in the unit.  They can use the FIS to you.

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    What version of Windows are you on and what service pack level?  Have you tried to install remove\re games yet?  If this is not the case try of removing\re - install games and see if this changes the behavior.  Also, be sure that you are current with all updates and hardware drivers as well. Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How do the group members list by using the portal api?


    the CDIP does not provide the means to members of the group list (users or groups), and I think that it is a common need among our community.
    Anyone know how to do with the portal api?

    Thanks for your help and your time.

  • Passport of the Blackberry link Switch of the Device VS blackBerry

    As I make my way data Iphone6 to my passport for Blackberry, I used the switch of the device and Device link (on my Mac Book Pro) to get my data on my passport for Blackberry.  I used the link for all other than the photos and the video data (I used Switch Device only because I couldn't get the video photo SNA to load).  It seems to me that the two methods is suppose to work.  The switch treats took about 6 hours to load my photos and video.


    What is the consensus for what you feel is the most quick and effective way to transfer data from my Blackberry passport for the new edition of the money that comes to me today?  Maybe 10 BlackBerry Blackberry 10 may be easier?

    As always, thanks for your help

    I installed my Z30 to a new Z30 with link and it was easy. has taken an hour with al lmy apps on it.

    I removed the card SD before making like that would be time-consuming to carry 60 GB of data on USB

  • The bulleted list number

    I is currently working on a WebHelp project in RoboHelp HTML (RH10) and use bulleted lists. The problem is that some of our bulleted lists use a picture for the first line and then the following bullet under should use the standard round ball. During development, within RoboHelp, there doesn't seem to be a problem with that; However, when I saw or build the project, the following lines under take on the properties of the first line leading to all the lines with the ball of the image.

    This is what it looks like during development (I removed the format of image for the following ball and apply the format of round ball - which is the format of the target).


    This is what it looks like when he has premiered and/or generated.


    Thanks in advance for your help, it is a very frustrating issue.


    HR is to write the code correctly. Note that the closing of the first list tag comes after the second list.

    It might work if you change the code, but I suspect that HR re-writing it. If so, then this is a bug, you're stuck with that. Report however. The more people who report a bug or request a feature, more likely, he will be executed. Please follow this link.

    As a temporary workaround solution, create one subsection called spacer or other style. Define police 1pt and no room upper or lower. After the 'list' with the image, add a line using this style, then back to normal, and create the second list. With only 1 point between she hopefully will be not noticeable.

    See for creating tips and RoboHelp


  • BBM Smartphones blackBerry of BB10 (Z10) to PRIV chat history


    How does a transfer BBM Chat history of BB10 (Z10) for the PRIV?

    History of cat BBM not under not the migration app.


    I'm sorry, but you can't. On iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10, the BBM app does not record the history of cats in an accessible location. Only the group chat history is transferred.

  • Z10 BBM blackBerry calendar sharing - error

    I just found a problem with the creation and sharing of inputs to a Z10 within a calendar group BBM...

    -I'm in a band that consists of two phones - my Z10 and BB Curve 9360 my wife, allows us to share the group calendar appointments.  She put the first group and therefore his phone is the group administrator.

    -If one of us creates a calendar BBM entry it shows an hour early on my phone.  On his phone, it displays correctly (for example.) 16:00 - 17:00, but on my phone to the appears as 15:00 - 16:00.

    -If I change it on my phone, and correct the time it shows correct for a few seconds until that both phones synchronize and then mine comes back wrong right from the beginning.

    -If I create a local calendar on my phone and then share by polls BBM, the local designation is still correct, but shows the shared appointment in my calendar this time initially.

    I checked that both phones are set to the same time zone London and auto-Update, I'm guessing that perhaps one version of BBM (curve = OS7.1 vs BB10) uses DST and the other Zulu time or something similar?

    If there is a difficulty of parameters I'd like to know, if Blackberry Please note!

    Everything worked perfectly when I got a torch and she had an earlier model curve.  This seems to be one of those things where every step that phones move actually means a step backwards in terms of being able to do something in a business like way.

    What became of the ability in the Goto Calendar today?  Surely, that should not be difficult?

    Hey sg-Homer.

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Thanks for the question.

    We are aware of this problem and there is no scheduled time when the issue is settled.  Just to clarify that affects only BBM calendar actions.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon.

  • Z10 Z10 Contact with BBM blackBerry problem

    I recently updated my Z10 via BB link to the version of the software and since then something strange happens with my contacts. I search for a name using the APP contact and dial the number of the office. After the call, the contact name is always displayed in my contacts list, but when I open the contacts to view the details, the name has been replaced with a BBM PIN code #. The PIN is also appearing in the list of calls instead of the name. The name is still in the list of contacts. Here's the weird thing in a case the BBM PIN # is for the BlackBerry phone staff people and not used for his work (the number in which I called him) he does not use his personal phone for business or work email. How did you personally BB PIN # end up on my phone?

    Hello Dale65

    Welcome to

    Follow the instructions to reload the BlackBerry OS link

    Plug into your BB10 and BBLink
    Then go to preferences and press on the optional software reloads

    Let the process do all your work, and then you begin to define your BB
    And load your backup.

    And let us know if your problem is persistence.

    You must have the latest version of the BlackBerry link installed

    Today updated the link for BlackBerry to version

    Download of BlackBerry link v1.2.1.31 (Windows OS)

    Download of BlackBerry link v1.1.1.39 (Mac OS)

    Stay on your side if you want again to 10.2

    Kind regards.

    VIA | gutijose14

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