BBM cannot connect to your BlackBerry ID account


My apologies if this situation is dealt with elsewhere, I have done some simple research and could not find a solution.

I have a BB 9790 (os: 7.1.0 Bundle 2039) sim-free on O2 to the United Kingdom.

I made the mistake of updating BBM on 27 Nov (I can't tell you the new version because I can't access it).

When I tried to access BBM, I was told that I had to updated BlackBerry ID, I did.

I can connect is BlackBerry ID via BBM, BlackBerry World or Options/device/BlackBerry ID.

I enter my email address and password, and (finally) arrive:

Unable to connect to your BlackBerry ID account

I've traveled (on PC) at

and managed to log in fine. I have confirmed my BlackBerry ID via an email confirmation without problem.

BlackBerry ID reflects my new 'security question '.

I rebooted (battery outgoing/incoming) and which did not help.

It is excellent that BBM works now on IOS and Android, how about you now run on BlackBerry?



Hi all

Thanks for your help and advice, I am now in place and running with BlackBerry ID connected.

Yesterday, I contacted O2 support and they talked me through re-registration my BB with the O2 network.

This is me did not help with connection BlackBerry ID but actually disabled my e-mail account on the BB.

Now, with little or coward, I made a new backup of the BB and made security wipe (if it did not help I was)

intend to return to my sleep bb 8900).

But it worked, connected to the BlackBerry ID on my first attempt. BBM and email re-setup

and backup restored on my phone.

As I do not know exactly what was wrong with my BB in the first place I could not 100% recommend

Security wipe as the solution for everyone, but it worked for me.

See you soon,.


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    Hi Ira. I have a problem. My BlackBerry ID was stolen and every time I connect it says enter valid username. Also I can not connect in my BBM and other applications associated with BBM. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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