Beginner needs help with Aironet 1131 G Wireless Access Point

I have a new Cisco Aironet 1131 G wireless access point.  It takes an IP address and I can ping this address.  However, I can't access it via the graphical user interface based on the web or the CLI.  I preformed reset.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


I can't access that means? you are not able to go to the CONFIG T of the CLI prompt? and if you are in the same subnet as the AP, are you not able to open to the top of the GUI? If you are not able to then, with the command 'show version' on the AP CLI and see if your image is "RCVKW8". If so you will need to convert the same IOS using the method below.

Let me know if that answers your question...

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    Start your sounds in frame 2 and place stopAllSounds() on each keyframe where begins a movieclip.

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    First of all, make sure that you have assigned this name to the button using the properties panel, and then, don't forget to adjust the code so that it is not spread over several lines... normally it must be on a single line.  Do not nest the function where the listener either, so try the following (not necessary for import declarations)...

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  • Need help with adapters for T60 wireless


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    I'm not a genius when it comes to wireless cards, where they are and whether or not they are compatible, this is why I come to you! Will you please help me find a wireless adapter which is dual band, so I can connect more than 5 GHz. No price is too high.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    If you do not use the BIOS modded, search eBay or Google T 42, 0825 , which is Lenovo a/b/g/n card than some T60 delivered with original series.

  • Need help with my LAN adapter wireless and cable.

    After I installed Windows 7 I have experienced the following problem, connected my Acer Aspire 4736z laptop to the internet.

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    the drivers for the hardware istalled are Atheros AR5B91 Wireless Network adapt and Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCI - E Ethernet Controller and Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter.

    Windows Network Diagnostics

    Problem encountered There might be a problem with the driver for the Wireless N...

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    <>There might be a problem with the driver for the connection to the Local network map Windows could not automatically bind the Protocol IP on the network card stack.


    Network Diagnostics log file name: E86CD671-170C-42B3-B6F7-7DB88F9B6343. Repair.Admin.3.etl

    The wireless network adapter problems Windows Help and Support can provide more information about the resolution of driver or hardware problems.



    Set up the wired network adapter Configure the network adapter to communicate with the network. This ensures that the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) can be used on the network adapter.


    Network Diagnostics log file name: BFE9A7EC-918C-4453-B383-C45DEB6332D6. Repair.Admin.0.etl

    The wired network adapter problems Windows Help and Support can provide more information about the resolution of driver or hardware problems.

    the problem is solved, but I did not try anything. It seems he healed it self, can be via windows update something. Thank you guys

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    I apologize if this is a very basic question, but I am a newbie in Flash design. I created a basic animation in Flash CS5 and I need to add a clickable URL link. I tried a few tutorials that seemed promising, but none of them solved my problem. I tried a number of things, including the conversion to parts or all of the simple images buttons or movies and linking them this way as well as type in the code ActionScript 2 and 3, which none was successful. The animation plays correctly in my browser, but when I click it, the link does not work. I wish that the entire banner clickable to take viewers to the website linked instead to use the text of the hyperlink. Also, when I open the Code snippets window, it is empty, any image or image I selected. Do I need to import snippets of code somewhere or just will I things the wrong way? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    go to your help section and search the reference Guide of Action Script 3.  It is the repository of all the possibilities of ActionScript with Flash and Flex.  You can consult the alphabetical index URLRequest and navigateToUrl.  There could even be code samples included.  I haven't looked right, but you'll probably get before doing so.



  • need help with connection IntelPROset utility / wireless

    Hi all

    I have an Intel wireless card and the driver install this utility (Precision M4400 under XP Pro SP3). When I try to connect to a network secure, instead of asking for a WEP key it wonder about ownership of the device and indicates that I should be able to find this number on the device. In this field, that I can type only in number, therefore impossible to enter a normal alphanumeric key.

    How can I ask him just the correct password, just like the utility of Windows? I read through the instructions and I have not found the answer. There may be a setting somewhere buried?



    One of my employees has reported the same issue.   I never encountered this problem before, but it's been long that I used this utility.  I used workaround is to create a profile for the network wireless using the Intel PROset/Wireless configuration utility.   Double-click the Intel Wireless Radio icon in the bottom right of the screen.  Click the Add button to create a new profile. Enter a unique profile for the connecton and then the SSID name.  Choose "Network (Infrastructure)" choose the type of security (personal or business), then the security settings (is it for my connection WPA-Personal (AES-CCMP).)  Click on OK and then close the profiles window.  You should be able to connect automatically to the profile.  I hope that helps!

  • Beginner needs help with SimpleReadWrite

    After reviewing the NI-488.2\Examples\DotNet3.5\SimpleReadWrite\vb (which works fine) in "step" mode I can not yet discover the command which

    sends information on the device string. If I declare: BoardID As String = "0" Dim, Dim PrimaryAddress As String = "13", Dim SecondaryAddress As String =

    '0', Command1 dim As String = "* IDN?" what comes after?. Is this the right approach? What else do I need to know, and where and how I can find it?

    You did not add the assemblies to your project references list, as I have indicated in my note at the end of my answer lat. This is done through the project-> add a reference... menu item. Be sure to select the assemblies that are located in the folder of VS2008, where you have installed the support for multiple versions of .NET. This is distinct from the required Imports instructions. The Imports statement allows to simply do not have to write the full name of the class. So, having a NationalInstruments.NI4882 import you can declare a variable as

    GpibDevice private as a device

    instead of the full name

    Private GpibDevice As NationalInstruments.NI4882.Device

    What about the ReplaceCommonEscapeSequences error, well, you actually have this function in your form. This copy of the SimpleReadWrite example function.

    You should check that your device is expected for the command. Require a carriage return after the order? Require a line break? If so, you must change the definition of Cmd1 to include these characters, as is done in the SimpleReadWrite example.

    TesTech wrote:

    I will surely find a tutorial or take a book to learn more about VB.NET, as soon as I can get this thing going.

    It's just to make life 100 x harder for you. The above errors would have been clear, if you knew how to program in VB.NET.

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    Hi all
    I am a newbie to flash and have little experience with OBJECT oriented programming (and therefore of action script), so I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge. I think it is easy enough to fix, just don't know the syntax or if there is a better way to do it. Here's my problem:

    I created a flash file which has a card (like a layer of the base image) with 4 quadrants, I created separate layer (converted to a button) which corresponds to the limit of 1 of the 4 quadrants, and added a simple script, I copied and modified since a tutorial Adobe (see syntax). Instead of a new webpage to appear and the text output "I clicked" I want a new window appears with the plan of each quadrant (which is another image, jpg).

    I don't know what is the syntax to call this new image upward once your mouse over individual quadrant.

    Thank you

    Try this code. It should simplify what you want to do. Just replace the real names of new html documents that you want to open.

  • Need help with XML (bold/italic) attribute access


    I have a form that displays data in livecycle designer. When a person imports an xml file into the form in Adobe Acrobat format, it should be able to display data in the form of fat and some italicized based on the xml file.

    Here is an example of xml file

    < Table1 >

    < Row1 >

    < Cell1 style = 'none' > 1 < / Cell1 >

    < Cell2 style = "bold" > 2 < / Cell2 >

    < Cell3 style = "italic" > 3 < / Cell3 >

    < / Row1 >

    < / Table1 >

    And the output should be:

    1 2 3

    Can someone please! If the xml file must be designed differently, please let me know.

    Thank you!

    The implementation of Rich Text use xHTML to define the styles of fonts. I suggest you create a RichText Field on your form, set the text the way you want, then export the data to see how the styles are represented.


  • My HP Officejet 6500 E710a-f can communicate with the router or wireless access point

    I don't even know if my printer supports wireless or not there only ethernet logo on it and no wireless setting in its control panel as shown in the manual, I plugged on the router via a cable many years ago but now, for some reason, I need get the router of the printer if it can communicate with the Wireless router and if she can , how it will be, and to ensure in this... I have no parameters to talk wireless in the printer, but as I remember in his specification he supported wireless do not know if I got the wrong specifications or my printer is missing something.

    and it is my printer status


    Unfortunately, it is not a wireless printer:

    Kind regards.

  • Wireless installation need help with Photosmart c309a Mac OS x 10.6.8

    I lost my hard drive and am now reinstalling my drivers etc. for the HP Photosmart c309a Mac OS x 10.6.8. It will print if I connect via the USB port, but my office is across the room from the printer. At the same time, I was able to print and scan wireless. The last time I had to reinstall I lost the ability to scan wireless, so I think I originally had it network via airport, but used Bluetooth when I reinstalled.

    Now, I can print when connected by USB, but I can't make a wireless setup works. When I try to print it says I am offline, and when I try to connect it says I am connected via the URL: usb://HP/Photosmart%20C309a%20series?serial= [my serial number here shows].

    I am connected to Internet via WiFi to the installation service. I can also connect through our Verizon MiFi. I would like the ability to scan and print, but if I am limited to Bluetooth and print only, I would appreciate help with this setup as wireless printing is the most important.

    Oh, the manual shows how to configure a Windows wireless system in both directions, but I do not use Windows. Thank you for all you can offer instructions.


    This guide should guide you through the installation process and get you up and running wireless. Let us know if this helps:

    Good luck!

  • Need help with installation on Photosmart C7280 all-in-one

    I had my printer is installed and has been using the printer for 3 wireless laptops in my house.  Now, I can't even find my backup drive, so I have need help with downloading the software to use my printer and also get to use wireless.   I don't know what happened, but the fax for this printer is listed, but not the printer itself.   Help, please!

    Click here to download the software for your printer: & LC = on & CC = US & DLC = in & lang = to & CC = US

    has chosen the appropriate operating system that corresponds to your computer and download the full software features.

  • Need help with network home using Airport extreme

    I need help with my home network.  I'm not very aware when it comes to all things network.  Here's how my network is currently set up.

    Cable modem to Airport Extreme for Gigabit Switch.  Cables come out of the switch to all areas of the House.  I have 2 other extreme airport connected in other rooms of the House directly on the wall that dates back to the switch.  I hope I am explaining that properly.

    My problem is that this seems to have caused some of my connections cable does not work.  When everything is configured, it has worked well.  All connections in the House worked.  Then we have disconnected one of the extreme airport and moved to another location in the House to have the best wifi coverage.  Since that time, a lot of the ethernet wall plugs are not working.  For example, when I plug in my Macbook Pro in making ethernet in my kitchen, it says connected but it has an assigned ip address and cannot connect to the internet.

    Any help you can provide would be great.

    I would like to get the return tech to help you to...

    But it is likely that something (or someone) has tampered with the settings.

    The layout is fine... but you can cause problems with the network by creating a loop.

    This can happen because the AE you moved is connected wrongly... somewhere in the network it is connected to the switch again.

    Or AE is set to expand wireless... It's FAKE... It will loop the network on the back main EI wireless.

    Unplug the two AE you have that function as extensions...

    Turning off everything else... then it works again...

    Do it in this order.

    Modem... Wait 2 min

    AE... Wait 2 min


    Now check that the network is working properly... power of customers in various locations and make sure everything is good.

    If so, then manually reset the two AE of factory and redo their installation.

  • I just reinstalled windows xp sevice pack 3 in my laptop. l need help to set up the wireless modem. My laptop is IBM ThinkPad.

    I just reinstalled windows xp sevice pack 3 in my laptop. l need help to set up the wireless modem. My laptop is IBM ThinkPad and the modem is a construction in one. would appriciate ay help

    Hi bardhiboris,

    You can follow the steps from the link below: set up a wireless network:

    Other links, please refer to: 10 tips to help improve your wireless network:

    To set up automatic wireless network configuration:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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