behavior of folder

(1) using an iMac 2009

El cap 10.11.4 running

and (the fool that I am) can not "for the life of me" "" how to remove the column on the right side of the folder window?

looked at.

System Preferences

preferences from the Finder and CLICKED RIGHT folder toolbar

Google and youtube would be

behavior of folder in windows apple / apple folder window behavior (and / or such similar variations) and now, try here

no doubt it will be a simple answer, but only if you know LOL

(2) anyone know a way of setting up on the window to make all windows have the same (or the suggestion of senior year is, seems a little drastic the only method)

(3) anyone knows anything to highlight items IN the file of how the 100_PANA is in the attachment, or is it just an IMPOSSIBILITY now :-((

Yet once the only app I've come across talks about the need for change of Terminal (yet once feels a bit drastic just to be able to highlight items)

I love love LOVE Apple, but sometimes they exasperate me to tears (not me started LOL)

Thanks in advance :-)))


Select 'Show the Options' under the menu Finder view or command + J, uncheck the box "see the preview column."

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    I just did a clean install of Mac OS Sierra and opened my main catalogue in a new download of Lightroom. All right. But when I started to import new images, the display of folders in library mode is incorrect (or at least, I think it is). I have a screenshot below of the folders pane after the import. I ordered the Lightroom import to import into a subfolder. In this case, I highlighted the appeal of RAW in the Destination pane, clicked on the box folder "in the subfolder" and called the new subfolder Hurd Barn Dance. After importation, the folders pane shows a new folder called RAW with Hurd Barn Dance as a subfolder. However, it should be presented as a subfolder of the/2016/RAW. When I right click on the new folder and select Show in Finder shows it in its correct position (in .../2016/raw). When I try to move Lightroom tells me that a "one folder named Hurd Barn Dance" already exists in this place. I use the 2015.7 version.

    Anyone seen this before?

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    Please read the reply Jim de Wilde #4 and #8 of the ehch response in this thread

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  • Strange folder icons [unrecognized icons]


    Last week, I noticed that the icons for my records in the two storage drives that I have connected to my computer display the unknown icon next to them, instead of the folder icon which should be present. Here is an example:

    This image is from files in the C:\Windows folder. This icon appears on every folder in the system, including those on the desktop:

    However, I noticed a things on the behavior of these folder icons on my system. Here is what I noticed:

    If I change the display of my folders of content, medium icons, large icons or large icons, tiles, the image folder is displayed correctly., with the exception of a few icons that are always displayed in form of unrecognized icon. Here is a picture of the same part of my content with the view defined for C:\Windows folder:

    Another thing I noticed (which applies only to the desktop), it's that when I place a file inside of a filer on the desktop, the correct icon for the folder will appear:

    I placed a blank Word document within the folder.

    Currently, that's all, I noticed on my behavior of folder icon.

    If anyone here can help me difficulty these icons to their expected image (the folder icon), it would be greatly appreciated. If I could achieve this without using 3rd party applications it would be even more appreciated. Thank you very much

    - MitchAI

    Sorry for the long post, I wanted to explain my problem. If this discussion is in the wrong topic, I'm sorry.

    Hello again, it was a while.

    I had another problem. I don't know if it's to do with the custom theme, but I'll tell you about it here.

    An automatic update installed for Windows a few days ago. The night before the problems happened the PC was fine. I shut down the computer and it configured updates (such as windows usually does when it is updated). The next day, I turned the computer and it would not be at the logon screen boot. I tried the Safe Mode. Same thing. I was getting a blue screen. I don't remember the mistake of all, but the main matter was "Page fault in non paged area" I think it's to do with memory, I checked my RAM using a tool that I found on the boot screen options (?) (I don't remember exactly how I did it), and it was just beautiful. Even the system restore was not fixing it. Finally, I took my Windows CD and somehow fixed by restoring the System Image. I'm sorry if that didn't make much sense, but it was quite all right, and I don't remember all the details.

    In any case, now that my system works again, I wondered why the blue screen kept appearing. And I think that it is to make the recent Windows updates I installed the day before to (not 100% sure if). I turned off "auto update" and I have no problems now. But I know, it is recommended to install all the recent updates, but I'm a little afraid that if I install them the blue screen will return.

    I don't know if anyone of you could explain this? Thank you

    I don't know if it's the same problem you are having, but can be useful.

    See this:

  • Behavior of swap default Image

    Is it possible to change the behavior to swap a default Image. It takes by default on mouse over, and I always use On Mouse Up.
    Thank you

    Thanks for the branch...
    In the Programfiles/dreamweaver/configuration/behaviors/actions folder, I opened "Swap Image.js" and then sought the "onMouseOver" text which is the current default value, and I changed the text to "OnMouseUp" and saved the. JS file. Now, everything is as I want.

  • See 5.3.1 and local CD/DVD

    I can't only to find old posts on this topic... View 5.3.1 n I am unable to use a local CD / DVD of the customer of Horizon view.  This is expected behavior when using PCoIP?

    Thank you

    The f

    Yes, this is the expected behavior. the folder/drive mapping is not currently supported in view of the Horizon Explorer5.x or 6.0

    see you soon


  • iOS 10 Mail: moving Messages, inconsistent behavior when you tapoterez folder icon

    iPhone 6, iOS 10

    I see inconsistent behavior when I try to move a message in Mail from in the message.

    In previous versions of iOS, during playback of an e-mail message, I could tap the icon of the folder at the bottom of the messages, and which would lead to the top of the hierarchy of the folders for the email of the message account. From there on, it was just a matter of tapping on the file I want to move the message to, and he settled there the message and look back to the Inbox display (or the folder view I moved this message of).

    In iOS 10, when I hit this folder icon, two things happen: it happens the same thing I described above, or sometimes, rather than see the hierarchy of folders, I see three buttons slide up from the bottom of the screen. The top button allows me to move the message directly to a folder in my account called 'Action' I created (I don't know why he chose this particular file to the default value for this button - maybe because it is first in alphabetical order of all my folders created by the user), the second button says "Another mailbox" and when it takes me to the hierarchy of the mailbox as described above, and the third button is a Cancel button.

    I can't understand what dictates which of those two things happening. I tried again and again on a bunch of different messages. Some do happen, some do the other thing happens, and sometimes I'll have a different behavior in the message even if I try again later.

    I prefer the old way. But I could get used to the new way, if I could at least choose what default folder appears in the first box.

    Anyone else seeing this?

    Someone knows how to change the default folder in the first box of this new process?

    Thank you!

    I seem to have solved the problem on my own. I went to settings > Mail, and in the "Threading" section, I have disabled "Complete Threads."

  • Delete the folder behavior

    I have a paintings of master / detail, pk and fk, but fk has no option "On Delete Cascade"

    -in the form of two tables listed above, I changed the "Delete Record" behavior to "cascading,"

    i surprised he deleted the master records and details of the form and tables too.

    is this a normal behavior?

    Yes, it is a normal behavior.

    "Delete folder behavior" = "cascading" means forms deletes all associated detail records - you don't need "On Delete Cascade" option on the database side.

    See using forms:

    ' Delete the property behavior recording - editing cascading:

    Allows the main record should be deleted and automatically removes the detail records in the base table of this block details at the time.

    In a master relationship / detail-detail, where relationships are nested, only in the block of immediate detail records are deleted (destruction in is not cascade on several levels of a chain of relationship automatically).

    Kind regards


  • Folder Panel behavior is different in LR3 library

    I installed LR3 a couple of days and just noticed a behavior that is different from LR2 in the folders Panel. The view of folder and subfolder is static when LR3 opens. In other words, if I minimize a set of subfolders, close the application and open it again, the subfolders appear expanded. Some do and others don't. It's as if LR3 took a picture of the 'State' of the files Panel in LR2 when it imported the catalog and now he always comes to the top in the same way. LR2 remember the last State of the files Panel when open - LR3 does not work!  I don't like this. I have a LOT of folders/subfolders! I don't want to see some of them always open! There is a new preference that I don't know?


    This is a bug.  Make sure that all subfolders are closed if you want the parent folder to close the launch.  To do this, the easiest method is to alt-click on a folder that opens or closes and all of its subfolders.

    I have all them close before I go out and this does not happen to me.

  • Accumulate multiple copies of the same message in the drafts folder. How fix us this behavior?

    My wife is the buyer for our company. She will begin an email to a provider at some point in the day and will build on it all day, alternating between enamel and the sites of system and catalogues and supplier of Point of sale (and other unrelated things) until she is satisfied with its agenda, then it will send it offshore. It seems that whenever she leaves the message that she made a copy of it is made in the drafts folder. Her, she'll have a dozen or several copies of the same project accumulating in there. This makes it cluttered and confusing - especially since she often ten different e-mails that she works on all day. (It's a complex world and she is a complex person!) The drafts folder becomes very full.

    Normally, if she gets a message that she is working on the composition (a project), he asks if she wants to save it. She said yes, but still, all these earlier copies exist and do not disappear until she removes them manually. It can take a lot of time, and from time to time, she accidentally removes the most recent copy.

    There may be a setting that fixes this, but I'm not. From our point of view, something is broken. Curiously, he does not on my system, but doing it on the computer in our store, too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Summary to reproduce:
    1. start a new email and add text.
    2. go off and do other work.
    3 come back and add a little more to it.
    4 make a few loops # 2 then go.
    5. the email without sending output. Click on "save a copy in the drafts.
    6 go to the drafts folder and it will have several earlier drafts of the same message.
    7. While manually removing the excess drafts, accidentally delete the newest one.
    8 jump up and down, cursing and throwing something to your spouse who has been unable to solve this problem on its own.

    In the menu bar, select Tools-Options-Composition-General

    Turn off the automatic backup option or set a time you can live with that.

    No menu bar? Press the ALT key.

  • Quizzing bizarre behavior and by killing the preference folder

    I asked this before...

    I have a machine that when I try to import questions quiz it keep the bottom of the first quiz question and post it on all the remaining slides.  It does this to empty slides as a result of the questions on the quiz too.  I have disabled all circles and I tried to put a different master slide on the quiz questions, nothing worked.  I erased the cach and I think it was Rod Ward, who suggested killing the preference folder, but when I wrote asking how to do that I don't have an answer.

    I would like suggestions.


    Try the instructions in this thread:

    Also try disabling all the Compression options in the preferences and if it still does not respond, try the optimized quality of all slides or high quality.

  • bad behavior files in the folder root.

    Hi people,

    I am using CS3 with success for several months after 5 years on v.4. A new problem comes up, and it makes my life very difficult.

    Html files in my folder - more disturbing, the whole site index - stopped aperture, control input/output, uploading... everything that I'm trying to do, Dreamweaver stands out. All files inside another folder on the site are very good. (I have rebuilt the site cache and I did a cleaning to the computer in general without effect).

    Web files are hosted on a local network and accessed by a total of 5 people, 2 of us every day. The other daily user has the same problem with these a few html files. Others do need these files in the root folder.

    I CAN'T seem to open the html files using the command 'open' and can change/Save as usual. But if I double click on the file in Dreamweaver or try to use the Put command... * ACCIDENT *.

    Thank you!

    OK, tried many things, finally, here's what has worked in the most simple terms! :

    -In DW Manage Sites, exported and then deleted the site for the "broken" site definitions (do not end up using definitions of ancient sites, but wanted a backup of just-in-case). DW closed
    -DW NO:
    * created an empty folder, without a title on my local server with a doc test.html empty inside
    * Open the record of the old site and the new site without name folder
    * copied and pasted root-level HTML files from the old folder to the new
    * moved all other root-level files and all files from the old site folder again
    * delete the old site folder
    * re-named file with a new site name Untitled - don't use same name as the old folder root
    -In DW, has created a new site. In Manage Sites, typed in all circles of old site and new game root
    -DW helped create the new cache
    -DW closed

    Things are working properly this morning. I just need to go back 2 other machines to the new root. This relatively easy solution took a week to figure out, so let's hope it's permanent!

    Good day all.

  • Different behavior of LOV dependent when copying folder

    Dear gurus,

    I use Jdeveloper

    method 1 is the new method that I wrote today, the record copy and depend on LOV is also refreshing about changing the parent value LOV LOV dependent same bit is also populated as the Franchise of the brand and the Type of mark, but the problem with this is little InputTextLOV load value is not complete when you copy as ASM SM, RFAM, RSM, TYPE of ACTIVITY, the NAME of the HIERARCHY and BRAND MANAGER who is highlighted in yellow.  as shown in the image below.

    Transient attribute with update = never is commented in the method 1. even tried transitional attribute update = ALWAYS,

                  public void copyProposal(javax.faces.event.ActionEvent actionEvent) {
                  // Add event code here...
                   System.out.println("Inside copyProposal Method::::");
                    AdfFacesContext adfctx = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
                    java.util.Map pageFlowScope = adfctx.getPageFlowScope();
                    String userName = (String) pageFlowScope.get("user").toString();
                    Date date = new Date();
                    System.out.println("date::: " +date);
                    String date1 = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MMM-yyyy").format(new Date()).toString();
                    System.out.println("date1::: " +date1);
                    String date2 = new SimpleDateFormat("mm/dd/yyyy").format(new Date()).toString();
                    Calendar currenttime = Calendar.getInstance();
                        Date sqldate = new Date((currenttime.getTime()).getTime());
                        System.out.println("current Date_Time::: " +sqldate);
                    AppModuleImpl am = this.getAm();
                    ViewObject proposalHeaderVO = am.getProposalHeaderView2();    
                    //        ViewObjectImpl proposalHeaderVO = this.getProposalHeaderView2();
                    Row propHeaderCurrentRow = proposalHeaderVO.getCurrentRow();
                    String[] propHeaderAttrs = propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttributeNames();
                    //Skip copying the primay key attributes or any attributes which you want to skip
                    String[] skipAttrs = new String[] {"BranchProposalNumber", "BranchHoSerial","ProposalId","ProposalDate","CreationDate","ApprovalStatus","Attribute9","Attribute10",
                                                       "ProposalAmt","ApprovalRemarks","ApproverRemarkTemp","BudgetAmt","ConsumedAmt","RemainingAmt","AmountUtilized", "TotalLineAmount",
                    List skipAttrList = Arrays.asList(skipAttrs);
                    //creating a new duplicate row
                    Row dupRow = proposalHeaderVO.createRow();
            dupRow.setAttribute("ProposalDate", sqldate);
            dupRow.setAttribute("ProposalType", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ProposalType"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("EffectiveStartDate", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("EffectiveStartDate"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("EffectiveEndDate", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("EffectiveEndDate"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("BranchId", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("BranchId"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("BranchName", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("BranchName"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("State", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("State"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("BusinessLine", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("BusinessLine"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("BrandFranchise", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("BrandFranchise"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("BrandType", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("BrandType"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("ApprovalStatus", "Pending");
            dupRow.setAttribute("BrandManager", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("BrandManager"));
           dupRow.setAttribute("ProposalAction", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ProposalAction"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("ActionRemarks", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ActionRemarks"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("ActivityTypeId", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ActivityTypeId"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("ActivityType", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ActivityType"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Attribute1", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Attribute1"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Attribute2", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Attribute2"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Attribute3", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Attribute3"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Attribute4", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Attribute4"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("BusinessLineName", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("BusinessLineName"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("BudgetAmt", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("BudgetAmt"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("ConsumedAmt", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ConsumedAmt"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("RemainingAmt", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("RemainingAmt"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("ProposalAmt", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ProposalAmt"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("ProposalDescription", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ProposalDescription"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("CreatedBy", userName);
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("CreationDate",sqldate);
            dupRow.setAttribute("LastUpdatedBy", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("LastUpdatedBy"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("LastUpdateDate", sqldate);
            dupRow.setAttribute("AdfCreatedBy", userName);
            dupRow.setAttribute("ApprovalRemarks", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ApprovalRemarks"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Attribute6", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Attribute6"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Attachment", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Attachment"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Attribute7", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Attribute7"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Attribute8", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Attribute8"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Attribute9", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Attribute9"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Attribute10", userName);
            dupRow.setAttribute("Segment1", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Segment1"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Segment2", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Segment2"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Segment3", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Segment3"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Segment4", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Segment4"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Segment5", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Segment5"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Segment6", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Segment6"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("L1Approver", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L1Approver"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("L2Approver", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L2Approver"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("L3Approver", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L3Approver"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("L1Code", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L1Code"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("L2Code", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L2Code"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("L3Code", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L3Code"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("ExpenceCategory", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ExpenceCategory"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("ExpenceCategoryId", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ExpenceCategoryId"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("HierarchyName", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("HierarchyName"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("FinYear", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("FinYear"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Posm", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Posm"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("HiqBrandManager", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("HiqBrandManager"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("Projectcode", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("Projectcode"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("PendingAppName", userName);
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("InHierarchy", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("InHierarchy"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("CurrentUser", userName);
            dupRow.setAttribute("CurrencyCode", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("CurrencyCode"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("ExchangeRate", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ExchangeRate"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("ApStatus", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ApStatus"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("StateCodeName", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("StateCodeName"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("BudgetLevel", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("BudgetLevel"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("StateName", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("StateName"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("TotalLineAmount", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("TotalLineAmount"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("ExpenceMainCategory", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ExpenceMainCategory"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("TotalBudgetAmount", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("TotalBudgetAmount"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("TotalRemainingAmount", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("TotalRemainingAmount"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("TotalConsumedAmount", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("TotalConsumedAmount"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("BudgetId", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("BudgetId"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("ExpenseCategorySwitcher", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ExpenseCategorySwitcher"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("AmountUtilized", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("AmountUtilized"));
    //        dupRow.setAttribute("ApproverRemarkTemp", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ApproverRemarkTemp"));
            dupRow.setAttribute("SpotLightAtt", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("SpotLightAtt"));
                    //Inserting the duplicate row
                    //EXECUTING SETPARAM for SelectActivities..
                    String activityType = (String)propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ActivityType");
                      activityType =   activityType.substring(0,activityType.indexOf("-",0));
                      System.out.println("value in activity Type::: " +activityType);

    and here's the method 2

    method 2 is to copy all the fields, but change of LOV dependent parent or child LOV don't is not re-rested

    public void copyProposal(javax.faces.event.ActionEvent actionEvent) {
    // Add event code here...
            System.out.println("Inside copyProposal Method::::");
                    AdfFacesContext adfctx = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
                    java.util.Map pageFlowScope = adfctx.getPageFlowScope();
                    String userName = (String) pageFlowScope.get("user").toString();
                    Date date = new Date();
                    System.out.println("date::: " +date);
                    String date1 = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MMM-yyyy").format(new Date()).toString();
                    System.out.println("date1::: " +date1);
                    String date2 = new SimpleDateFormat("mm/dd/yyyy").format(new Date()).toString();
                    Calendar currenttime = Calendar.getInstance();
                        Date sqldate = new Date((currenttime.getTime()).getTime());
                        System.out.println("current Date_Time::: " +sqldate);
                    AppModuleImpl am = this.getAm();
                    ViewObject proposalHeaderVO = am.getProposalHeaderView2();    
                    //        ViewObjectImpl proposalHeaderVO = this.getProposalHeaderView2();
                    Row propHeaderCurrentRow = proposalHeaderVO.getCurrentRow();
                    String[] propHeaderAttrs = propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttributeNames();
                    //Skip copying the primay key attributes or any attributes which you want to skip
                    String[] skipAttrs = new String[] {"BranchProposalNumber", "BranchHoSerial","ProposalId","ProposalDate","CreationDate","ApprovalStatus","Attribute9","Attribute10",
                                                       "ProposalAmt","ApprovalRemarks","ApproverRemarkTemp","BudgetAmt","ConsumedAmt","RemainingAmt","AmountUtilized"};  //,"L1Approver","L2Approver","L3Approver","L1Code","L2Code","L3Code"
                    List skipAttrList = Arrays.asList(skipAttrs);
                    //creating a new duplicate row
                    Row dupRow = proposalHeaderVO.createRow();
                    //copying all attributes one by one
                    for (int i = 0; i < propHeaderAttrs.length; i++) {
                        String propHeaderAttrName = propHeaderAttrs[i];
                        if ("ProposalDate".equals(propHeaderAttrName))
                            dupRow.setAttribute(propHeaderAttrName, sqldate);
                        int attrIndex = dupRow.getAttributeIndexOf(propHeaderAttrName);
                        //Checking if the attribute is in the skip attribute list and the attribute is updatable
                        if (!skipAttrList.contains(propHeaderAttrName) &&
                            //Setting the value for the attributes
                        System.out.println("nm,"+propHeaderAttrName+" k, j," +" " +propHeaderAttrName+" , ");
                    dupRow.setAttribute("ApprovalStatus", "Pending");
                    dupRow.setAttribute("L1Approver", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L1Approver"));
                    dupRow.setAttribute("L1Code", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L1Code"));
                    dupRow.setAttribute("L2Approver", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L2Approver"));
                    dupRow.setAttribute("L2Code", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L2Code"));
                    dupRow.setAttribute("L3Approver", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L3Approver"));
                    dupRow.setAttribute("L3Code", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("L3Code"));
                    dupRow.setAttribute("ActivityType", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ActivityType"));
                    dupRow.setAttribute("HierarchyName", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("HierarchyName"));
                    dupRow.setAttribute("HiqBrandManager", propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("HiqBrandManager"));
                    //Inserting the duplicate row
                    //EXECUTING SETPARAM for SelectActivities..
                    String activityType = (String)propHeaderCurrentRow.getAttribute("ActivityType");
                      activityType =   activityType.substring(0,activityType.indexOf("-",0));
                      System.out.println("value in activity Type::: " +activityType);

    kindly help me to get the copy feature and feature update dependent lov.

    Best regards,

    MD Jahangir Pasha

    Dear gurus,

    Thank you for your support and answers.

    Problem solved, I added view accessors name in the attribute skip list. now it does not work as expected.

    Kind regards

  • Sierra: Changed the behavior of file Finder selection

    After upgrading to Sierra I can't select files in the Finder using the keyboard as before. When you try to select multiple files using SHIFT and arrow keys, it simply does not work properly (if you've experienced, you know what I mean).

    I already tried to remove the file in my Library/Preferences folder and reboot, nothing helps.

    (An example of the problem is on this post to Reddit: n_behavior_me / )

    Post edited by: DiGrifter

    Yes same behavior here with Sierra.

    Best thing to do send your feedback via apparently if 100 users report the same problem, it will attract attention. Yes, 1 down, 99 to go

  • Can I change the default folder for new documents Pages?

    When I run the application Pages, the first thing I see is a Finder window. For some reason, this Finder window invariably opens, not with the Documents folder, but in a specific subfolder of the folder images. Sometimes I use this folder as source for the photos that I insert into documents, but I don't want to see this folder every time I run the application Pages.

    How can I control this behavior? I see nothing in the preferences page to set a default value.

    When you launch Pages, you will be presented with a file picker (not the actual Finder). The left sidebar will be a folder of Documents, you must select. At this point, you can simply stop Pages. He will remember to open in the last selected folder and on the content of the Document folder, you will see a file chooser. As long you open, edit, save, or export documents in the Documents folder, it will remember this folder.

    If you change the location of the folder memory, whether it is in the file picker, or save or export to another location of the folder, and then the next launch of Pages will direct you to the last used folder location and not the location of the Documents folder.

    There is no user parameter which can be set to always override the behavior of Pages above.

  • Mail app: can't see the IMAP shared folder in iOS10

    Since I updated my iPhone to iOS10 I see the shared folder of the IMAP in the Mail application. IOS9 until the Mail app displays all folders shared IMAP that you were able to subscribe. It was dependent on the setting of the IMAP path prefix. Even I have try different settings I don't recognize any different behavior.

    I have found no comment from Apple for this.

    Someone at - he noticed the same problem? Is there an attempt to solution?

    Same question, very exasperating.  I noticed one thing was that if you delete the account and start over, shared folders are there, at least initially.  If you leave the app and come back later, they are gone.  I suspect that a prefix is stored in the application state that prevents later shared folders to be seen.  I noticed that other applications also have problems, see the shared folders, including by aircraft and shipping, though.  I really liked having access to those from before this update - difficulty please!

Maybe you are looking for

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    I would like to use the ChnLinScale function as a curvetransformation in DIAdem report. I created the sub in my file of the user controls: Void ScaleAndOffset (dCustScale, dCustOffset) Call ChnCopy (CurveTransfInX, CurveTransfOutX)Call ChnLinScale (C

  • Open and close the Panel the Subvi front

    Hi all Run LabVIEW 2011 on Windows 7 x 64.  I am trying to get a Subvi front to open from my main PC with the touch of a button, then close with a button press in the Subvi.  Here's the piece of my main FP who calls the VI and opens the FP Locations

  • Clarification of the question that release of file is denied

    I'm not sure that this is the right place to ask this question, but I was instructed to come here so here I am. I have difficulties to reproduce described failure related to 701513 tickets. Can I have more details or ideally the screenshots to help m

  • How to deploy a simple application on the actual device?

    Hi people, I have a question for you all. I try to deploy my simple application on the actual playbook, but blackberry - deploy rising error Info: Sending request: Install Info: Action: Install Info: File size: 14427 Info: Installing ... Info: Proces