Beware of the android market to google - google does not support

Beware of purchases on the Google Android Market, if you make a material data reset on your phone, which is very likely, you might lose the application and be required to buy it again.

In collaboration with T-Mobile and Motorola support staff, I was required to do a factory data reset my phone as a condition to receive technical support. T-Mobile and Motorola and another poster on forum fletch33 representatives assured me I would not charged again if I downloaded the same google checkout account applications.

Fortunately, I used American Express, who quickly withdrew the duplicate payments because google checkout does NOT support customer. I have provided screen shots attached to google which show that the initial purchase and recovery of the software that I bought were the same google checkout account.


Just take it slow and it should work for you. It seems more difficult than it is. The worst is that there are applications for this, but you need to root the phone to use. If you root voiding you any warranty, that's how the developers. Good luck, let me know if make you it work. Can't wait to see some screenshots on your part.

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