Beyond 4 GB mem W520 fails in 1 location only

I have a dual core w520, initially with 2 x 4 GB. I'm moving to 2x8gb, but 8 GB dimm fails in a slot, but not the other. Same behavior with two DIMMs. Reported errors with memtest86 and weapons of mass destruction. Memtest reports different timings when even chip case is in different locations (lowest in the slot that fails).

Any ideas on why it's a failure?


In case anyone should find this and have had a similar problem... update BIOS to the latest version and performed hard reset (internal battery disconnected a bit) and issue went away. Tech of Crucial thought WHAT BIOS could have trouble with something on the more recent memory.

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    Lost normal Explorer... says failed... can only get the shortcut... How can I return... thanx

    You don't say what Explorer!
    There are Explorer Windows and Internet Explorer.

    Restore point:

    Do Safe Mode system restore, if it is impossible to do in Normal Mode.

    Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

    Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Reference Dell MEM installation fails

    Hi all

    Previously on my hosts ESXi 4.1 I could quite easily set up the MEM from Dell (1.1). Now, I am trying to install 1.2 on a 5.5 ESXI host (new installation always in eval mode).

    I have a new installation of vSphere-VMware-CLI - 5.5.0 - 2043780 however, every time that I run the

    for example - configure - server = 10.2.6.xx

    I get the following (tried on 3 different PCs).

    Volume in drive C has no label.
    Volume serial number is 34 c 0-7582

    Directory of C:\MEM


    16/12/2014-16:05 ...
    12/12/2014 09:08 503 327 110-6093 - R4_EN_MEM_Guide_web.pdf
    19/09/2013 01:20 3 983 015 dell-eql-mem-esx5 -
    19/09/2013 01:20 120 474 MEM - Fix_List.pdf
    19/09/2013 01:20 222 831 MEM - Release_Notes.pdf
    19/09/2013 01:20 503 327 MEM - User_Guide.pdf
    19/09/2013 README.txt 3 039 01:20
    19/09/2013 116 371 01:20
    7 file (s) on 5 452 384 bytes
    2 dir 4,946,833,408 bytes free

    C:\MEM> =
    Could not find SOAP/ in @INC (@INC contains: C:/Program Files (x 86) /VMware/)
    VMware vSphere CLI/Perl/site/lib C:/Program Files (x 86) / VMware/VMware vSphere CL
    I have/Perl/lib.) in C:/Program Files (x 86) / VMware/VMware vSphere CLI/Perl/lib/WSMan
    Line 5 of
    BEGIN failed--compilation abandoned to C:/Program Files VMware/VMware /(x86) vSpher
    e CLI/Perl/lib/WSMan/, line 5.
    Compilation failed in require to C:/Program Files (x 86) / VMware/VMware vSphere CL
    Line 3 of I/Perl/lib/WSMan/
    BEGIN failed--compilation abandoned to C:/Program Files VMware/VMware /(x86) vSpher
    e CLI/Perl/lib/WSMan/, line 3.
    Compilation failed in require on line 20 of the C:\MEM\
    BEGIN failed--compilation abandoned on line 20 of the C:\MEM\

    C:\MEM >

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Script using vSphere CLI which is based on PERL and the question is what minumum Version is necessary and if there is a reason why the SOAP package is missing, because it looks like it is already partially installed on your system.

    So go to and install the vSphere CLI or vSphere Perl SDK for WINDOWS. You can install only one version of this package. After that, open a new shell window and try again.

    Do not confuse on vSphere PowerCLI which is the Powershell Version of the vSphere API.

    BTW. We use VUM or esxcli to install the MeM, but you must configure the vNetworking and iSCSI binding manually or by using a profile of the host.

    Kind regards


  • MEM install fail


    I want to improve the MEM on my ESXi hosts, so I followed the doc tech "configure and install the plug-in of Multipathing equallogic." On my vMA, I've replaced the and dell-eql-MEM files with the new ones, using WinSCP.

    Now when I try to run - install - server =, I get an error "command not found".

    See screenshot:

    I'm not a Linux guru. but this error is really surprising that the procedure is quite simple.

    Thanks in advance for the help


    Try this link, it's a little clearer.

    Make a backup copy of $cp

    Then make a $vi

    The hit "escape" then do this: "

    : e ++ ff = back

    : setlocal ff = unix

    : wq

    It forces the text file, and then set it to unix.

    Then "wq" to write out the file again and quite

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    There is a solution of Microsoft (239135 Article ID), but shows only the troubleshooting steps for Windows 95 and 98.  I am running Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8, Outlook Express 6.
    These messages appear when I try to create a new Message.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Fixes for OE5X often apply to the OE6 and for this reason are not being updated. Do not apply to you.

    Courtesy of Michael Santovec:

    All of you who have the same cause.  Something is screwed up with your address book.

    It could be several specific problems, which include:
    -corrupted WAB file
    -damaged or incompatible DLL files for the addressbook
    -have OE set to use the Outlook98 / 2000 + contacts instead of the WAB
    folder and there is something wrong at the end of Outlook

    For more details, take a look at:

    Error message: the Message could not be sent. Some invalid recipients
    (Outlook Express: there was an error opening this message)
    (The address book failed to load. OE is configured incorrectly)
    (Corrupted or incompatible WAB32. DLL file)
    OLEXP: Error Message: failed to load address book
    (There was an error opening this message)
    OLEXP: MSIMN has caused an IPF in Module Wab32.dll
    Error message: failed to load address book, Outlook Express is...
    Error message: could not open address book, a component is missing

    The address book Windows (WAB)

    To share Contacts between Outlook and Outlook Express

    Bruce Hagen MS - MVP [Mail]

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    As this is a recent failure I have to wonder, that the Bank has given up the responsibility, if semiautomatic can be restored for this one site.

    Malcolm, I see no other reason for what the Bank allowing him more. In fact, I don't know of any bank site allowing the AutoComplete. If it you bugs a lot, I would suggest reseting Firefox, which removes all parameters specific to the site and all extensions, but keeps your history, bookmarks, passwords, etc.: there is a description for it here: Firefox Refresh - reset the parameters and modules

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    I worked with the device for a few weeks. About half an hour by adding another token of debugging it lights. Plugged into the charger in the morning and came in the afternoon. Still no light or light screen after now button or by clicking on the button at the top of the unit. Am able to see the unit record system when plugged into PC.

    Another thing to remember (suggested by an admin of this site) is to reset the device by pressing the power button for 15 seconds. In any case, the problem seems to be resolved.

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    Creative cloud only shows in as downloaded and updated Apps up-to-date.

    How can I try to download it again?

    10.9.3 OSX

    Office CC lists the applications as "up to date" when they are not


  • CRS 10.2 Linux fails on the location of the OCR

    New install for 2 node RAC system: RHEL5 2.6.18 - 92.el5 with SAN, using paths multiple devices. Configured OCFS2 1.4 according to and implementation of multi-channel suite features notes 564580.1 (configuration of raw devices (multipath) for Clusterware Oracle 10 g Release 2 (10.2.0) on RHEL5/OEL5). My plan is to use OCFS for OCR and voting disks. I have properly configured volumes, checked mount points, confirmed that the appropriate entries are in/etc/fstab and also received a file from a mount to a node point and could read successfully from the second. Running RunInstaller-ignoreSysPrereqs. When I get to the step that asked to specify the location of the OCR, when I add the point OCFS (ocr1/u02/and/u02/ocr2 for the mirror), I get an error of installation:
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    Have you tried to provide the name of the file something like/u02/ocr1/ocrfile01 and/u02/ocr2/ocrfile02 as his mirror?

  • CONTACT ID FAIL - iPHONE 6 (9.3.1)


    Recurring problems with the Touch ID on my iPhone 6, running the latest iOS (9.3.1).

    In short, it does not work. When you try to turn it on, you get the same error message - 'failed. Cannot complete installation contact ID. If please go back and try again. »

    I took my phone in the Apple store & he cannot understand what is wrong with it. They think it's a hardware problem, but I don't think it is. A hard reset does nothing, but when you reinstall the operating system, or configure the phone again, then the ID Touch starts to work.

    However, begin to use the phone as usual, and in a few days the Touch ID fails again. The only way to make it work is to completely clean the phone & reinstall everything (which is a major concern), but even in this case, the problem resurfaces surface after a few days.

    Guess I'll need to wait for the next software update & hope this fixes the problem for good... but if someone has a different fixed temp (beyond the above), then I'll gladly try them!

    Thank you very much


    edskii79 wrote:

    I took my phone in the Apple store & he cannot understand what is wrong with it. They think it's a hardware problem, but I don't think it's

    Why you would not believe them? If they thought it was a hardware problem, how are they going to solve? Is your phone under warranty? If so, they would replace it. If this isn't the case, you would probably qualify for out-of-warranty replacement.

    What happens if you restore the phone like new and don't put all of your data and content on? If she continues to run, the question would be a kind of corruption of your data.

    Waiting around another system update will not solve your problem, because this isn't a problem with the operating system 9.3.1. Wait for the next update solves something rarely other than the known problems that the next update is designed to address.

  • Tecra A3 - keyboard failed after BIOS update

    I updated the BIOS on my Tecra A3 with the package of 2, 30-VICTORY, and the keyboard has failed... Only a few touches of clam work and they do not even give the good sign... I guess that there must be a language problem or something?

    In any case... I can't go in the BIOS or my bootmenu because even the F2 and F12 keys does not work... The touchpad works very well though, if I Explorer win xp etc...

    How can I fix it?


    did you buy this PC in europe or elsewhere in Asia (, USA)?
    If you provide your serial number, we can check if the machine is a European model. If it is not then maybe you have bad BIOS installed.
    If the machine still works as you describe, then it should be possible to download the correct BIOS (if it was the wrong) and install it. It requires only the basic operation of mouse.



  • Satellite L300 - power fail

    I have two Satellite L300 (2 different models), but I had several failures of the supplies provided.

    The first computer laptop power supply has failed in the first week, the replacement, the supplier sent me (Ebuyer) did not work at all. After several weeks of disputes with Ebuyer I gave up and bought a replacement on Ebay. One failed after a week, but the replacement of one still works fine (after several months).

    First, the second power supply for laptop does not have after 8 months or more. It was very easy to get a replacement that I bought this laptop from Currys and thetechguys support was very good. However this replacement power supply for failed just before Christmas, only a few weeks after the warranty of 1 year has ended.

    I was extremely unlucky, or there is an inherent problem with feeds and L300 laptop computers.

    Everyone else had similar experiences?

    Any ideas of what I should buy to try to avoid more power power failures?

    Thanks in advance
    T N


    Interesting what s announcement mate but I can't agree with you. I m using the Satellite L300 too but for 1 year. I use it every day to check e-mail, Internet, etc.. I never had a problem with the laptop power or power. Everything works correctly and nothing has been changed because they.

    I think in your case you didn't have the chance. Normally after so little time you can get a replacement free of charge of an authorized service because it s under warranty. From Toshiba Web site displays a list of authorized service providers and the guys are friendly and always try to help you.

    I hope I could help a little and as you can see it's not a common problem.

  • Bird fails via enet/100 with ELCK on all other attempts

    I use my own code (C/C++) on linux which reads data from a RF Boonton Electronics 4300 running talkmode via a power meter box GPIB-ENET/100.  The first Bird command returns data properly but the second fails, and this trend continues thereafter.  Change in the amount of delay between the orders of Bird does not appear to have any effect.

    Ibsta shows ERR, TIMO, CMPL, and the error seems to be ELCK whenever he fails.  There is only one instrument connected to the box ENET/100 and that a copy of my program interact with it.  My program is multi-threaded, but I keep a mutex on the gpib lock of in the thread making the reading of the instrument.

    I connected one committed GPIB to ENET/100 box and I can only see good handshake and transfers of data from the instrument to the listener at the same frequency that I get good data in the application.

    Using a packet sniffer, I see what I guess it's the error response coming back from the box of ENET/100 on all other Bird attempts.

    Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?  I would try to run the power meter in another mode where I could ibwrt and get a unique response from the Bird, but I don't think that this mode exists.  Thank you.


    So I think I thought a solution to my problem... maybe someone could explain why this works?

    If I execute a command ibtrg before each Bird, I never receive any errors.  What confuses me, is that I thought that the talkmode supported by the instrument does not require an external trigger, but apparently he... half the time.

    BTW, I use older drivers or-488 to the situation above.  I also tried to use reminders ibnotify with 488.2 without success.


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    Failure of the alignment of cartridges HP Officejet g55 all-in-one printer.

    Please notify. Thank you.

    If you use cartridges done the alignment fails, you must use only the HP cartridge on HP printers.

  • W520 auto display brightness


    my new w520 arrived and he is only one unfortunate thing, automatic brightness and contrast.

    I searched all the menus and tools of lenovo and tried to find something in the windows controls, but nothing works.

    HOW and WHERE can I completely disable this? * Maybe I'll have to uninstall all the tools of lenovo.

    After a few more hours to research, I found this:

    Control Panel

    Intel Graphics properties > power > (choose the battery) > deselect auto brightness

    helped me I think.

    Its stupid function or I just do not realize the function of automatic mitigation.

    When im sitting in a dark and I opened a website for the display becomes brighter for

    I have to turn down the brightness of the screen because im getting blind.

    when im using a site dark turns darker, so I have to turn up.

    Intel and lenovo... Please take a look at automakers. Poster turns darker when driving in a tunnel or night... just as a hint

Maybe you are looking for

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    I was wonderng if someone can help me... I have a Dell W3706MC 37 '' widescreen TV. The batteries seemed went into the remote control (the remote control flashes periodically blue), so I replaced the. Now, although the remote control seems OK (stops

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