Beyond a simple text on the Clipboard in the text using the key field


You would tell me is it possible of past a simple text on the Clipboard into a field of text using button with javascript or something else?

What is my problem?

I have prepared a simple form using adobe acrobat dc. This form will be used in the local network. so, we can open the form of google chrome. There is a large text field in this form and we have passed the text to the Clipboard in there.

normal, when we are using adobe acrobat to open the form, it is easy to right click and select "PASTE". but we need open the form using google chrome. in this case, no item to paste from the Clipboard.

Please help me.


In General, no, it's not possible.

However, if you apply a certain change in the registry then work could . I told you how do it here: paste it from the Clipboard text box in form

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    Edited by: Etbin on 28.7.2012 10:13

    merge into tb b
    using (select id,
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  • Sequence step results in the report in Simple text format

    I use Teststand 2012 and that you have installed the plugin from model simple text report.

    My main test sequence called a number of subsequences that contain the test steps and contain also several subsequences. A number of the subsequences is only stocks. My test result file contains all the results of measures of test as expected, but it also contains a line of output for each call of sequences - makes it difficult to see the results that count. I would only record the test steps.

    Looking at the code SimpleTextReport.dll in CVI I see it is stepping into the results and updated list in the form of each line (I changed some of the formatting). Is this the right place to filter the levels of appeal of sequence or can I stop the call sequence steps to be added to the list of results?

    You can put it in the sequential model. Just use ProcessModelPostResultListEntry with the same code. If it's in the template, you won't need it in other files. In addition, he is probably already stuff in the model. You'll have to code around it. This is how they do it on the fly.

  • configuration of the plugin simple text report

    I am updating a project of Teststand 4.2 for 2012. The original was a text via a report updated the sequential model and ICB code. I have trying to find current best practices to achieve a similar report.

    I installed the plugin to report simple text example but can find no documentation on how to configure it.

    The example works fine, but the columns have no limits or the measured value and have other items that I didn't need.

    Looking through the code I can see these are defined in the settings of the plugin, but I do not see where in my project to put.

    I'll also have to configure the report header and the name of the file.


    What exactly do you mean by "key values"? Are you referring to the Key property in the NI_SimpleTextReport_CVI.seq?

    In order to get the type of comparison of a numerical limit test, for example, you can use an Expression like this post:

    Locals.ComparisonType = Step.Comp

    This would amount to "FROZEN".

    Regarding the addition of the results of the report, the key values are a string of research compared to a result object. In this case, you can add what you want to log on to the other results of this approach. Then, you can add a new column to the report in the NI_SimpleTextReport_CVI.seq file and the value of the key:

    AdditionalResults ["NameOfAdditonalResult"]

  • The context of invocation. Simple text sharing problem


    I would like to have an option of sharing simple text on my request. To do this, I use this code in my. QML file:

    ActionItem {
         attachedObjects: [
              Invocation {
                   id: invoke
                   query: InvokeQuery {
                        id: invokeQuery
                        mimeType: "text/plain"
                        data: "This is a text text"
         title: qsTr("Share")
         imageSource: "asset:///images/share.png"
         ActionBar.placement: ActionBarPlacement.OnBar
         onTriggered: {

    With the above text, I can see the hardcoded text appear in all applications that I can share for (bold line), however, if I use the following line to change the text dynamically to the current item of the list instead I get nothing. No text is common to all:

    data: ListItemData.description

    Do you have someone was able to share a dynamic text?

    Thank you

    Well, I managed to find a solution, but I had to use C++ instead of QML. You have here, just in case some of you have the same problem:

    void MyApp::share(QString name, QString surname, QString age)
         printf("Share invoked");
         m_pInvocation = Invocation::create(
               .data(name.toUtf8() + surname.toUtf8() + age.toUtf8()));
          QObject::connect(m_pInvocation, SIGNAL(armed()),
            this, SLOT(onArmed()));
          QObject::connect(m_pInvocation, SIGNAL(finished()),
            m_pInvocation, SLOT(deleteLater()));
    // Declare the following method as SLOT on your .hpp file
    void MyApp::onArmed() {
  • simple text to the acceptability of url?

    I want to convert the spaces containing simple text, url, so that he can bhi added to the browser

    as I am adding text to share the Tweets: TWITTER_URL + "Hello this is sample text."

    But how can I convert the string in characters acceptable browser?

     * Adapted from J2SE
    public class URLEncoder {
      public static String encode(String s, String enc)
        throws UnsupportedEncodingException {
        boolean needToChange = false;
        boolean wroteUnencodedChar = false;
        int maxBytesPerChar = 10; // rather arbitrary limit, but safe for now
          StringBuffer out = new StringBuffer(s.length());
        ByteArrayOutputStream buf = new ByteArrayOutputStream(maxBytesPerChar);
        OutputStreamWriter writer = new OutputStreamWriter(buf, enc);
        for (int i = 0; i < s.length(); i++) {
            int c = (int) s.charAt(i);
            //System.out.println("Examining character: " + c);
            if (dontNeedEncoding(c)) {
            if (c == ' ') {
                c = '+';
                needToChange = true;
            //System.out.println("Storing: " + c);
            wroteUnencodedChar = true;
            } else {
            // convert to external encoding before hex conversion
            try {
                if (wroteUnencodedChar) { // Fix for 4407610
                    writer = new OutputStreamWriter(buf, enc);
                wroteUnencodedChar = false;
                 * If this character represents the start of a Unicode
                 * surrogate pair, then pass in two characters. It's not
                 * clear what should be done if a bytes reserved in the
                 * surrogate pairs range occurs outside of a legal
                 * surrogate pair. For now, just treat it as if it were
                 * any other character.
                if (c >= 0xD800 && c <= 0xDBFF) {
                  + " is high surrogate");
                if ( (i+1) < s.length()) {
                    int d = (int) s.charAt(i+1);
                      System.out.println("\tExamining "
                      + Integer.toHexString(d));
                    if (d >= 0xDC00 && d <= 0xDFFF) {
                      + Integer.toHexString(d)
                      + " is low surrogate");
            } catch(IOException e) {
            byte[] ba = buf.toByteArray();
            for (int j = 0; j < ba.length; j++) {
                char ch = CCharacter.forDigit((ba[j] >> 4) & 0xF, 16);
                // converting to use uppercase letter as part of
                // the hex value if ch is a letter.
    //            if (Character.isLetter(ch)) {
    //            ch -= caseDiff;
    //            }
                ch = CCharacter.forDigit(ba[j] & 0xF, 16);
    //            if (Character.isLetter(ch)) {
    //            ch -= caseDiff;
    //            }
            needToChange = true;
        return (needToChange? out.toString() : s);
     static class CCharacter {
        public static char forDigit(int digit, int radix) {
          if ((digit >= radix) || (digit < 0)) {
              return '\0';
          if ((radix < Character.MIN_RADIX) || (radix > Character.MAX_RADIX)) {
              return '\0';
          if (digit < 10) {
              return (char)('0' + digit);
          return (char)('a' - 10 + digit);
      public static boolean dontNeedEncoding(int ch){
        int len = _dontNeedEncoding.length();
        boolean en = false;
        for(int i =0;i< len;i++){
          if(_dontNeedEncoding.charAt(i) == ch)
            en = true;
        return en;
      //private static final int caseDiff = ('a' - 'A');
      private static String _dontNeedEncoding = "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ -_.*";
       * @param args  test string
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        String s = args[0];
        try {
        } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {
  • former Illustrator files will open only in the form of Simple Text Documents

    I went back to an old project Adobe Illustrator I have not opened for years but suddenly need to recovery. To my horror, I discovered that I can not open ONE of these old files HAVE. In the finder, each of these files is shown not as an .ai file, but as a "simple text document. When opening, it does is display a text code page, not my graphics HAVE. I'm currently running AI CS5 on Mac OSX 10.8.5. I would greatly appreciate all useful advice - what someone might have on this subject. Y at - it HAVE a plug-in available for update old files? No matter what?

    Thanks for your help!

    Frank Gresham

    Hi everyone who responded, or interested:

    I think I found the fix, courtesy of the Mac guru at the University where I teach. If I just add the suffix .ai on behalf of all of my files, they instantly change to read Adobe Illustrator files! Couldn't be simpler, although it raises a question. These files will open very well without needing to be done with the file at the end of each title designations. Now, suddenly, they need ".ai" after them to open properly. Well. At least, I have a solution to this problem.  Thanks for all the good advice!

    Frank G.

  • Executable error Excel VI simple text

    I have just upgraded to Windows 7 today and that you have installed Labview 2009 on the machine. Some of the VI, I must support using the vi simple text Excel. When I go to test my changes, my VI States that the Excel sub vi simple text is not executable. I am at a loss. This who could I have missed in the installation?

    Hi BadAzzS10,

    The assumption that it had to do with Excell 2010 is correct. The 2009 edition of the report generation toolkit is only compatible with the versions of MS Office 2007.

    Here is an article in the knowledge base that passes on the compatibility of the reporting tool.

    Report Generation Toolkit compatibility with Microsoft Office and LabVIEW

    If you have two options.

    -You can upgrade to LabVIEW 2010 toolkit and reporting 2010 (gen 2010 report does not work with LabVIEW 2009)


    -Install MS Office 2007 on your computer.

    It is possible to have two versions of MS Office on the same machine so that you won't lose MS 2010 by doing this, however the steps that Microsoft gives an overview on their website.

    How to run multiple versions of Office on one computer

  • Report in simple text format

    Hi everyone, I am trying to use the report as simple text, to create an Excel file, I want to print a table, can someone explain to me how do?

    I looked again at your message noticed and original that you use a VI Express (Build Table2) that I do not recognize and cannot find on my Palette of function.  You have included also a photo, instead of a real VI (or a piece of a VI, a "excerpt") that I could open in LabVIEW and examine for myself.  In particular, I can't say what is in the Red wire thick Table to the Registro general - I thought it was simply a 2D channels table.

    Here's the code that's going to take a table of strings and output in a table 2D 2D in Excel.  You will notice that it is exactly as I mentioned in my previous post.

    Either way, it is a snippet.  If you have LabVIEW 2014, open a new VI, go in the block diagram, then drag the image, above, on the block where, NOR magic diagram, it will turn into LabVIEW code that you can run.  Save (and name) of the VI, then run it - it'll be Report.xlsx demo in the same folder that you used to save the VI and it will contain the contents of the table 3-for-4 above.

    Bob Schor

  • Access denied, need permission to record a simple text file

    I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600.  This pc is a pc private home with no one else having access or all other user accounts.

    Even something as simple as change, then by recording a Notepad text file is not suitable.

    Things, I tried to solve this problem:

    1 taking possession; It shows that I am the owner
    2 set the permissions for the 'total control '; shows all the boxes ticked in permissions
    3 set my profile only on this pc to be called w/admin Admin privileges
    4 - Set the slider all the way up to minimum level UAC
    5 used "control of userpassword2" to disable login by username
    6 tried to set sharing to other users; was not allowed to do this.

    I was able to save/edit this text file, while in Mode without failure.  However, when I login to my account the singular admin, I am not allowed to save a plain text file.

    I read extensively on this issue as well as snobs "admin" who think that I should not have full control of the files/folders that I have control over.  It's my pc, and if I accidentally ruin, then so be it.

    UAC is an understandable feature for Rookie pc users.  However, the option should be there for pc users experienced changes on their personal computers without harassment by Redwood.

    Rant aside, does anyone have a real solution to a simple text file can be edited and saved without going into Safe Mode and connecting to the main account?

    Thank you.


    If you log in using the hidden Windows administrator account, you should have no trouble.
    1, log in using your normal account
    2, open the command line by right-clicking on the icon and run as admin.
    3, type "net user administrator / Active: Yes" and press enter
    4, log off your user account and when the login screen appears you should now see a new admin logon.
    5, once connected to this account, you should be OK to change your files.
    6, before closing this admin account back to the cmd prompt and
    Type "net user administrator / active: No.»
    7, sign out, then work I hope.
    Good luck
  • BlackBerry classic a simple text to an e-mail Forwarding

    My current BB Bold 9900 has a very useful feature whereby if I get a simple text, I have a choice if I want to transfer in another text or as an email forward. My question is can the new BB classic perform the SAME function without having to copy and paste like other mobile manufacturers. I would be grateful for input from anyone on this subject, because I tried the Z10 and it cannot perform the function above as the thanks a lot BB9900

    Tony5050 wrote:

    So to the best of your knowledge, the new CLASSIC phone to do what I want in what aspect of continuity to hold the entire contents of a message text (including the original mobile phone number) when passed/shared under an e-mail please?

    No, it is not possible today, the forwarded message will not include the consignment number.

    May I ask what you often transfer text messages?

    I'm asking because there might be something we're missing as an option.

  • Simple text with automatic scrolling Widget?


    I'm a newbie in the world of Dev BB10 and try to write a little app with a simple text Console for test purposes.

    The text of the Console is an area of text inside a ScrollView and a button to add text to the console (s. below).

    My problem: How can I reach that the console scrolls automatically at the end of the console after each addition of text?

    Thank you!

    import bb.cascades 1.2
    Page {
        Container {
            id: root
            function doIt(value) {
                id: myScrollView
                    TextArea {
                        id: tempOutput
                        text: "OK"
                        minHeight: 640
                        maxHeight: 640
            Button {
                text: "DoIt"
                onClicked: {
                    root.doIt("Hello, world!");
            function log(value) {
                tempOutput.setText(tempOutput.text + "\n" + value);

    OK, I found a better solution here:

  • a simple form with the "submit" button: can it look better?

    Hi all

    I did not imagine that a simple form (with Textfields and ChoiceFields) could do a lot of problems:

    I would like to ask a few basic questions about it. First the code (Simplified):

       GridFieldManager formfm;    
            EditField surname = new EditField("", "-", 25, Field.FIELD_LEFT | Field.FIELD_VCENTER | EditField.FILTER_DEFAULT);
        EditField email = new EditField("", "-", 25, Field.FIELD_LEFT | Field.FIELD_VCENTER | EditField.FILTER_EMAIL);
        public FormFieldManager(){
            formfm = new GridFieldManager(2,0);
            formfm.add(new LabelField("who: ", Field.FIELD_RIGHT | Field.FIELD_VCENTER));
            String[] choicewho = new String[] { "Mr", "Mrs", "Miss" };
            ObjectChoiceField who = new ObjectChoiceField("", choicewho, 0, Field.FIELD_LEFT |Field.FIELD_VCENTER);
        formfm.add(new LabelField("Surname :", Field.FIELD_RIGHT | Field.FIELD_VCENTER));
        formfm.add(new LabelField("E-Mail :", Field.FIELD_RIGHT | Field.FIELD_VCENTER));
        ButtonField sendButton = new ButtonField("Send", Field.FIELD_HCENTER|ButtonField.CONSUME_CLICK);
        FieldChangeListener listenerSendButton = new FieldChangeListener() {
        public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context) {
        try {
            String data = "send=true&surname=" +surname.getText();
            data += "&email=" + email.getText();      httpPost("http://bla/sendData.php", data);
        } catch (IOException e1) {
        formfm.add(new LabelField("Grazie!"));

    now my questions:

    (1) don't miss something (style) for the EditFields? At the present time, it is possible to change them, but the behavior (9700 Simulator) is strange: it is 'difficult' to get from one field to the other and everything moves sometimes when editing...

    How do you define a standard form that seems 'normal' and can be completed as expected in other applications? (Swifts nothing, it is possible to access the next field with the expected key / trackpad (I have no touch screen)) and so on?

    The EditFields do not even have a border, but I guess that's the standard case on BlackBerry.

    (2) the ObjectChoiceField is also very ugly... It's too big... Is it not possible to reduce the size without much effort? (I couldn't everride it correctly). (I also tried with radio buttons, but unfortunately I can't add a RadioButtonGroup to my LayoutManager, strange)

    (3) it is perhaps a stupid question: I can't get the text selected from the ObjectChoiceField (to send it can in data).

    AM EditField, it's simple:


    But how is it with my ChoiceField?

    I found getSelectedIndex() but it provides a value int not text...

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


    1. you have defined fields as follows:

    EditField family name = new EditField ("vorname:", "-", 20, EditField.FILTER_DEFAULT);

    The 20 means 20 characters, so it's all the field allows you to enter.

    2. Yes, the mail filter is pretty useless.  Use the EmailAddressEditField instead

    3. you can play with the scroll, but the best thing to do is to set the focus on the first field that you want people to pull together - usually the upper part of the form.

Maybe you are looking for

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