Big problems with USB devices

Since I upgraded to El Capitan I have several, serious problems with USB devices:

1 USB hard drive: everything by watching a video from an external hard drive, the hard drive will be to disassemble all the minutes, the video will be of course hang and it takes 45-60 seconds until the drive reconnects. I also can not boot from any external hard drive more. Booting from a USB key works fine.

2. I can't transfer my Sunny BT11 of beam data more. The Sunny Beam is a device that records the data of my photovoltaic plant. The overview of the system he sees when connected via USB, however he is not recognized and so I can't transfer data files. Also, it makes not a difference if it is connected via a USB hub or directly, the two versions do NOT work. In the Finder preferences, all devices are controlled to display on the desktop.

The two scenarios always perfectly work with my Mac mini that has not been updated and uses Mac OS X 10.10.


Hello Gulliver,

It seems that if you live with loss of connection of your USB devices since the installation of Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, is that correct?

I suggest that you are troubleshooting by following the steps in this article - OS X El Capitan: If a USB device does not work

Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.


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    I have a Palm Zire 21 that I use with ACT! Contact Manager to keep track of my appointments.  I was able to sync the Palm with my ACT database until this week. The device appears on the list of USB devices, but does not connect to Windows XP mode.

    I used this device in XP Mode since August without any problem.  Last week, I started having problems with the integration of XP features and had to uninstall and reinstall the integration features a few times.  I think I have a corrupted somewhere driver.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    No need to comment unless you have more insight.

    I solved the problem myself.  In XP mode, I went to the Device Manager and scroll down to USB controllers.  A virtualization USB bus drivers showed a problem.   I uninstalled this device and then managed to reinstall my Palm correctly after connecting it to the USB port, and then going back to the menu at the top of the XP USB mode screen and hit connect when I saw my camera.  The device connected in XP automatically and I was off to the races.

  • Satellite M70-190 - problem with USB

    After you uninstall Windows XP and BIOS update, I have a problem with the USB ports. My work does ' t of USB flash drive. Windows also find a USB flash drive, but I can't find it in "my computer".
    If anyone idea about this problem?
    PS, External HARD drive works perfectly, as the USB mouse and USB WiMax modem.
    I m hoping someone out there can help with this problem.

    If I understand you well you don't have problem with USB port, but with a single USB device. Right?

  • Window vista xps 420 problem with USB ports.

    I have problems with window vista dell xps 420 machine, all USB ports are not recognized, unless the computer is restarted or rebooted. anyone has a suggestion.

    Hi Miguelsmith,

    1. When did you start to question?

    2. you remember to make changes to the computer recently?

    You can uninstall and reinstall all USB device manager entries and check if it helps.

    a. Click Start and typedevmgmt.msc and then click OK. Device Manager opens.

    b. expand Bus USB controllers.

    Note: You will need to scroll down to find this point.

    c. the first USB controller under Bus USB controllers right click and then click on uninstall to remove it.

    d. Repeat steps above for each controller USB is listed under Bus USB controllers.

    e. restart the computer. After the computer starts, Windows will automatically check for changes on the hardware and reinstall all USB controllers that you uninstalled.

    f. check the USB device to see if it works

    You can also consult the following article:

    Tips for solving problems of USB devices

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Problem with USB HUB using Windows 7 on Bootcamp

    I have an iMac when I installed Win 7 with Bootcamp. I have problem with USB hub. If I connect USB devices (printer, iphone... etc...) directly to my computer, it works without any problem. But if I connect them through USB hub, that they do not work properly. The sound instantly invites you, but certain peripheral functions partially and some not at all. I tried several USB hubs... same problem for all. Any solution? Thanks a lot for your answer.


    I suggest you to see link and check.

    Tips for solving common driver problems

    I also suggest you to contact the apple support and check.

  • Problem with USB Redirection on Horizon View Client v2.3.0 for Linux

    I had a problem on the USB Redirection when connecting to the Server of VMware View by Horizon View Client v2.3.0.

    1. Here is our configuration:
      1. Server:
        1. Horizon View Server 5.5 + Windows 7 Enterprise VDI
      2. Client:
        1. Thin client (TI ARM platform - 8148)
        2. Horizon View Client v2. 3 for Linux
        3. USB Flash: Kingston 8 GB USB 2.0, FAT32
    2. The issue: USB flash can not redirect to VDI successfully.
    3. Some status on our test:
    • The USB is plugged USB port on workstation before connecting to Horizon view Server 5.5
    • Light client can recognize and use USB flash to the local site.
    • When we connect to VDI, we can see the USB driver is responsible for research and installation, but windows VDI() reports fail to install the USB driver finally. It seems that VDI trying to acknowledge the failure of USB flash but finally.
    • It is held even Let's restart the workstation and VDI.
    • Attached file is the log of the Horizon of the VMware View Client.

    All welcomed to this topic?

    Unfortunately the newspapers show much... (note: they do not contain client-side logs)

    one thing I thought well... since he is a computer thinClient - we have seen the questions that manufacturers computer thinClient some of their own 'management' software install on the client. He often tries to do things with usb devices (maybe try to share them between a receiver client citrix application and view client app or maybe just there is a citrix receiver application installed too). In our experience, we've seen these apps interfere between them as they try to hang the bottom of usb devices down into the kernel.

    as such, could you try stop any 3rd party services - either citrix or your provider of thin client and then try again.

    If the problem persists, can you be sure to also collect these log files from the computer thinclient:

    Windows client

    • %ProgramData%\VMware\VDM\logs\debug-*.txt
    • C:\Windows\Temp\vmware-SYSTEM\vmware-usbarb-*.log

    Linux client

    • default /tmp/vmware-root/VMware-view-Usbd-*.log
    • / Library/Logs/VMware/vmware-usbarbitrator -.log

    for reference, the Agent-side usb connects:

    • %ProgramData%\VMware\VDM\logs\debug-*.txt

    see you soon


  • Problem with playback device?

    Video call in progress version 3 days ago made in New Zealand was in line for 40mins no problem what ever. as soon as I ended up call message problem with playback device. and as soon as I use either call or video call immediately, the page returns to the home page and does not appeal. checked devices audio all working correctly, no update of windows for the last 3 weeks. using Skype on my asus laptop 5 years on widows 7

    Hello, do not know what I did but trhe message has diasppeared, and the test call also works OK now.

  • I can't call anyone on Skype, he said only: "problem with recording device" help?

    Could someone help me? my lack of Skype let me call anyone, when I try to call or answer a call it comes a message saying "problem with recording device"-does anyone know how to fix this help please!

    You can install this "driver - Lyd" (Realtek High-definition-lyddriver (HD)) =

  • Help: problem with playback device


    My dell latitude e7240

    and my headset logitech g150

    does not connect it says: problem with playback device

    It calls for 1 second then ends

    and when my friends try to call the said

    contact can only receive instant messages

    Help, please

    and fast

    Thank you very much

    I did a diagnostic test and other results are here

    and Skype is the last

    Thank you

    answer soon


    Topic/title edited for clarity.

    Still no trace of your helmet and Avnex Virtual Audio Device is always installed.

    The specified Audio Capture Source only is Avnex Virtual Audio Device

    audio Capture Sources :

    Microphone (Avnex Virtual Audio Device), 0 x 00200000, 0, 0, qcap.dll, 6.06.9600.16384

    Open the Windows Device Manager. Are there looking for this virtual audio capture device, then uninstall it.

  • Problem with recording devices and call issues

    Until recently I had a few problems with my microphone on Skype. Whenever I start my PC, everything will be fine, but every time I change the microphone source (from my webcam for stereo mix so I can play sounds in calls) and leave the call, I get weird questions. First if I still have the stereo mix as the source micro fine, but if I change it to my micro webcam when I click on answer call nothing happens and if I call someone it won't fail to connect and it will say: problem with the device registration, which is strange because it has nothing to do with the connection. Also if I change the source to microphone during a call, the call will be disconnected as if I turned on the internet and post something about the sound card errors. Can anyone help?

    I found the problem, clown fish was not working with Skype and it ceased to use the microphone and I thought since I had removed so I don't think that was the problem, but for some reason any, it is been installed, in any case I removed it and now Skype works fine.

  • Big problem with voice XT1068

    Hello! Sorry for my English not good!

    In my XT1068, I have a big problem with the voice: I set up the volume to hear (after call to answer etc.) other different Max-> always I hear MAX Volume headset (no helmet)! Next-> low volume - but next call... MAX AGAIN!

    Please help me!

    5 Android, XT1068, Dual Sim, of Poland but the phone is purchased in detail of the Germany.

    Try safe mode - if this solves the problem, then it's probably an app you have installed.

  • Big problem with Windows XP, IE8

    I have a big problem with windows xp. Many things do not work as they had passed him. For example the personal setting are not recalled from session to session. IE 8 does not funtion properly (icons on the desktop are re-arraged, toolbars cannot be deleted or I'm unable to load pages from the internet). Programs do not work, the files will not open. When I look at my hard C disk folders and files are hidden.

    Recently, IE has been upgraded to IE8 and I installed Norton 360 but I don't mean that they caused the problem. However, whenever the Norton scan executes a "error 8 506 421" stands up and says me that I have to uninstall and re install Norton.» But I lost the ADMIN privileges so I am not able to uninstall or go back to a restore point.

    I can't go in safe mode. Pressing F8 takes me to the quick screen C not the windows safe mode screen. I can't go in safe BOOT mode. INI or the other.

    If I switch to another user, everything seems fine but I don't have ADMIN privileges with this user to be able to make changes.

    Is this a problem with norton? IE8? A virus?

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    Lost without a computer

    It sounds like you have a corrupted for your user to administrator user profile.

    You may be able to recover using System Restore to restore to a point in time before your problem.  Based on the F8 key, you bring in a command prompt window, try to start restoring the system to the command prompt by using the following procedure:

    "How to start the System Restore tool by using the option of safe mode with prompt theCommand in Windows XP"

    <> >

    If this does not work, you can still be able to recover by performing a check disk to your command prompt window operation (after that you press the F8 key).  Enter the following command:

    CHKDSK c: /R

    If you are in the Recovery Console, it can simply begin, or you may need to restart before it will start.  Corrupt profiles are most often caused by the Corruption of system files, so a chkdsk operation should be performed little matter how you end up recovery.  Note that this can take a few hours to run.

    "How to perform disk error in Windows XP check"

    <> >



  • "the problem with playback device" with Skype.

    receive 'problem with playback device' with Skype.  When I go to the Control Panel on my pc dell under sounds, etc., there is no option of reading before it takes.  have spent hours on Skype and my pc. Help!

    Hi BeverlyBowers,

    Facing any problem with the sound on the computer other than on Skype?

    Problem with playback device means that Skype cannot find a speaker or a headset that is properly configured on your machine in order to make a call.

    Method 1:
    I suggest you to run the Fixit and check if it helps.

    Automatically diagnose and fix the audio problems and Skype webcam

    Method 2:
    If the problem persists, I suggest that you make sure that speaker or headphones are selected by default.

    a. go to Start and click on Control Panel.
    b. click on her, then a new window will open.
    (c) in the new window click on the tab "recording" and right click in the window and click Show disabled devices.
    d. now check if the speaker or headset is listed here and right click above and choose Activate.
    e. highlight the speaker or headphones and click on 'Set as default'.

    Method 3:
    If the problem persists, I suggest you install the latest audio drivers on the manufacturer's Web site and check if it helps.

    Hope this information helps. Answer the post with an up-to-date issue report to help you further.

  • My dear friends, I have Acer s2oo smart phone. I have a big problem with it

    My dear friens, I have an Acer s 200 smartphone. I used it for many years. but now I have a big problem with it. Dears when I turn it on it is the acer logo appears on the screen, but then it keeps this process. I mean after 5 or 6 hours, when I look at my phone always logo Asher on the screen never turn off or work. then I have it connected to my computer in order to re program the windows installation, but my computer does not connect to it. My dear please help me

    How can I get it back. What kind of program will help connect my computer. If such a program exists please could you give me the link of it for download. Please help me. Take care.

    Wow this is a very old smartphone

    I suggest you take a look at this forum to find some tools useful/rom:

    Here you can find some ROMs to use to try to repair your S200:


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