Billboards on Tecra Z50 - has


does anyone know if the Billboard in the A-h-less expensive Tecra Z50 13 is the same as in those prices higher as the A - 12 K (so a slab IPS)?

For me and colleagues good vertical view angles are really important.



The Tecra Z50 A-h-13 was equipped with an IPS TFT Color LCD (not CSV) 15.6 display "(Full HD 1920 x 1080) LED window."

The same view was built in Tecra Z50 - A - 12 K as well as in other Z50 - A Tecra models.

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    My new Toshiba Tecra Z50-to-17 t constantly crashes on shutdown.

    At first I thought that it could connect to the Cisco all lie, as it appeared in the event viewer several times.
    After I deleted it went well for a while, but now the problem occurred again, but this time there is nothing to see in the event viewer.

    Can someone help me what is wrong and how can I fix it myself?

    Hi friendly smirou

    The laptop has been preloaded with Win 7 64 bit system.
    I guess that you are still using this system, I would recommend you to repair the system using the windows have auto repair function.

    Start Notepad, and then press F8.
    Now you should be able to access the Advanced menu.
    Here, you can choose between different options.

    You can choose the last known good configuration option.
    You can also choose the first option to fix your computer, which will open the next window, where you can access the Startup Repair feature.
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    Otherwise, it would be desirable to recover the computer laptop back to settings factory just to check if its a system single or maybe hardware problem related question

  • Tecra Z50-A-11V: new SSD but earn 8.1 does not detect

    We bought a M550 Crucial 256 GB drive and you want to replace in a Toshiba Tecra Z50 - Av1

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    But when you install Windows 8.1 doesn't detect any disk connected to the device and asked additional drivers. Windows does not detect the drive

    I have also tested with version lasted this driver (old F6 to start to locate the hard disk driver) w = f6flpy-x

    and with toshiba package
    You can see that I have the version 3.20 BIOS. Interestingly, I see that the last one is the Toshiba has released version 3.1

    But still the CRUCIAL drive is not recognized by the instalation of windows startup

    The problem is similar with ubunto, kubuntu,... the drive is detected by the BIOS, but not for the OS.

    any help?
    Thank you


    You solved this problem?
    Could you install system 8.1 Windows on this SSD drive?

    I think that the installation of additional drivers during the setting procedure isn't necessary since Win 8.1 should already contain pilots essential.
    From my point of view of the few, there could be a compatibility issue (maybe the SSD firmware update could solve that problem).

    What another SSD disk usage? You have the same problem with other SSDS from other manufacturers?

    Your comments would be appreciated.

  • Tecra Z50-A-169 - impossible to reinstall WiDi running Win7 64 bit

    I got WiDi running, but it crashed the Tecra Z50-A-169
    It is not possible, that I do not understand why of resettlement.

    Registry may be damaged.
    Try to do a restore of the system in a week or two.
    Or try a registry cleaner like CCleaner.

  • Tecra Z50-A-180 does not start using the new SSD OCZ Vertex 460


    I bought an SSD OCZ Vertex 460 for Tecra Z50-A-180 but the system only started only not with this device.

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    I cloned the old SSD HARD drive, but the system does not boot with SSD.

    I installed the firmware 1.03 on OCZ.

    I await response.

    Thank you to

    What program did you use to clone?
    Maybe it's not compatible with the version of Windows.

    If you load a new copy of Windows or Ubuntu on the SSD can it start?

  • Supervisor of unlocking Tecra Z50 - A - 16 d/remove password


    Last week, I bought a new Tecra Z50 - A - 16 d and I set a supervisor password. Now, I can not access the bios, because I can't unlock it.
    What is the key to unlock or remove the supervisor password? I read in the user's guide and google it, but he found nothing. In password utility I can put only a user password, but not of supervisor.

    Thanks in advance!

    Posted by theatre

    Last week, I bought a new Tecra Z50 - A - 16 d and I set a supervisor password. Now, I can not access the bios, because I can't unlock it.
    What is the key to unlock or remove the supervisor password? I read in the user's guide and google it, but he found nothing. In password utility I can put only a user password, but not of supervisor.

    Thanks in advance!

    I too have same question I know what I set it I just do not know how to remove/disable supervisor? I use the Satellite Pro R50 - B - 12 p and I have 10 of them with supervisor defined using the same password.

    Kind regards

  • Tecra Z50 - A can't see the mobile broadband network

    8.1 Windows does not recognize the Sierra LTE mobile braodband on my Tecra Z50.-a.
    There is no software on the Toshiba support site. Observer of Sierra drivers or AirCard.

    He can't see the material in my equipment manager.
    Can't see the mobile broadband in the network domain.

    Need help!

    Thx a lot

    Can you please send full model of your laptop Tecra name?
    By the way: do you use the original pre-installed OS that you got with your laptop?

  • Tecra Z50 - A - not available for downloading latest drivers

    I use TEMPRO to receive notifications on updates of driver for my Tecra Z50 - A (Windows 7-64 bit).
    But every notification contains download links pointing to the file wrong driver.

    For example, by using the following notification:


    the driver which can be downloaded is over 1 year ( and not as described in the notification.

    Also note that the same problem going on research drivers directly from:

    So for me there is no possibility of updating my laptop.

    Thank you for your support.

    See you soon.

    Drivers using the following Toshiba official page cannot be downloaded because URL locates the old files: .

    For example:

    Please fix the download links or offer another way to update.
    Thank you.

  • Tecra Z50-A-181-built in microphone not working/not found


    I recently bought for laptop Toshiba Tecra Z50-A-181 supplied with Windows 7 64 bit (have 8.1, too but never installed it).

    Anyway, once I started using it, I discovered that the microphone is not functional or not recognized at all.
    So, what happens is that, once that I plug my headphones into the audio handset Jack / micro, whoever I'm talking (on Skype, for example) to stop to hear me (and my camera is on).

    I tried several things mentioned in other topics, however, the problem does not turn off. In addition, there is no driver for the camera or the bed at the microphone, or whatever.

    In Device Manager there is no extra, unrecognized device and in sound recording options /, no other microphone to use appears.

    I will appreciate if someone can help.
    Thank you in advance!

    You have a problem using an external microphone?
    Your laptop is preinstalled with original image of recovery for all the necessary drivers must be installed.

    You can use internal mic? It should be listed under recording devices.

  • The Tecra Z50 future?


    I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Current Tecra Z50 is extremely close to what I want in a notebook, but the thing is, I currently don't really need and I don't have the time to put in place. Would buy an and I hang out until the end of the summer.

    If I get one now and there is a new model in the summer, I like even better, I would be very disappointed, but on the other hand if I want to buy a summer and there is a new one with fewer connectors, a brilliant screen with one of these extremely high resolutions, or perhaps without the pointing device, it would be even worse!

    So the question is: what can I expect from the Tecra Z50 in the future? I know that I probably won't get the information I need, but I still had this post.

    Thank you!

    Future of the Tecra Z50?
    From my experience, Toshiba releases different notebook series in the short space of time.
    In most cases, this applies to models of home every day as Satellite models.

    Life cycle produces portable computers belonging to the sector of activity as for example the Tecra series or Portege is much longer, so from my point of few Tecra Z50 should be available in the coming months.

    But even if the new models would be released, I think that the older models should be still provided by some online dealers

  • Tecra Z50 - mSATA SDS + 2.5 "HDD?


    I've seen in a Youtube video, that the SSD that come as standard are mSATA those and that there is space for a 2.5 drive "under.

    So my question is: if I buy a Toshiba Tecra Z50-A-12R, which comes with a 500 GB HARD drive, can I install an additional mSATA SSD as my system disk and using the 500 GB HARD drive as a second drive?

    Thank you

    Well, some models are equipped with an mSATA Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of one
    hard disk drive. The computer seems to supports a 128 GB and 512 GB disk SSD 256Go

    but as far as I know there is only a single SATA controller to connect a HARD drive or SSD.
    The mSATA SSD drive is connected to the controller using mSATA HOLDER ASSY.

    So this cpl carrier is necessary if you want to use an mSATA SSD.
    Of course, you n t need if you use common disk 2.5 SSD or HDD 2.5

  • Tecra Z50 A-h-13 - fan works half of the time


    I got a new Tecra Z50 A-h-13 (i5, 8 GB RAM).

    Although the processor is underemployed (approx. 20% of capacity), the fan works half of the time!

    When the fan is running the Toshiba PC Health Monitor shows approximately 44% CPU temp. and 36% system temp.

    When the fan works not the Toshiba PC Health Monitor shows similar values!

    What is it good for?

    In my opinion, the fan is not alone. I have not found a possibility to adjust the speed of the fan (PC Health Monitor always shows 45%) or the starting temperature. The current Version of BIOS is installed.

    Is it possible to get a SMART fan control?

    Best regards



    The manual fan control is very limited.
    What you can do is to change some parameters in the Windows power options.
    Go to the control panel? power options
    Select the power plan you use.
    Then choose Advanced settings.

    In the advanced power settings, you will find the option method Cooing and the performance of the processor.
    I recommend you degrade the performance of the max processor at 90-95% and to change the method of passive cooling (both for the battery and plugged)

  • Tecra Z50 - A - Intel Rapid Storage Technology does not

    Dear Sir

    We bought a lot of laptops Toshiba Tecra Z50 - A with a hybrid HDD (with SSD cache).

    The exact model:
    TECRA Z50 - A

    We staged and repartition laptops via SCCM.
    However, when you install all the drivers and the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software, I see that only rge WHAT HDD is used and no partition SSD with the Intel RST.

    How we enable this?
    The problem is that the performance is incredibly bad.
    Laptops are very slow, even if the specifications are good:
    CPU i5-4200U
    8 GB RAM
    Windows 7 x 64

    No idea how to turn this Intel RST?
    In the BIOS I find no option for RAID, as must be enabled for the RST to work.

    Thank you

    To be honest I n don't know what you mean exactly the RAID mode. There is no RAID mode.
    The laptop was equipped with a 500 GB SATA HDD HYBRID.

    The part of the HARD drive is used for writing, the SSD part for the reading of the data.
    The performance of SSHD can be placed between a HDD and SSD, but it s significantly slower than an SSD.

    If you have already installed the - Intel Rapid Storage Manager driver, then the service should work

    In the case where it does not run in the background, try to install the latest Intel RST page of Intel driver.

  • Tecra Z50-A-12 X is not properly connected to the Port Replicator III


    I just bought a TECRA Z50-A-12 X with HI-speed III 120 replicator Port Replicator.

    It works but the computer is not stable and I fear that this will eventually damage the port see me problems when using.

    Indeed, the PC sits well in the Replicator.

    Is there a solution or did not have this app?

    Thank you for your response.

    Nice day


    Please don't get me wrong, but you should clarify this with Toshiba directly. Here on this forum, you can hear some useful opinions and comments, but I think you should get info straight from Toshiba directly.

    You can also do is to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. You can visit ASP and demonstrate how it works and I hope that you will get a professional opinion on this problem.

    Long ago I had a Tecra laptop with port replicator, and he was well in place and really does so port replicator he not there no danger of damage to the small port located in the lower corner.

  • Tecra Z50 - A - 11 c: external display do not wake


    I've got Tecra Z50 - A - 11 c and an external display connected to the VGA port.
    I implemented the plan of power management to turn off the screen after 10 minutes.

    The monitor turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
    The problem is that is not wake the mouse or a key.

    I have to restart the laptop to put the image on the external monitor.
    The internal display works fine.

    It seems to me like a BIOS problem, but I have the latest version of the BIOS.
    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    What happens if you press the function key (Fn + F5) to change the display output? This combination activates the external monitor again?
    Have you noticed the same problem using the hibernation, or "sleep" mode?

    I m not very good if it really a laptop before issuing.
    I mean the internal display still works fine and it would be advisable to check this problem using different external monitors.

    By the way: the laptop supports Intel HD Graphics 4400. Try to install the latest Intel GPU driver:

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