BIOS 2.4 for Satellite P100 - 10 p (PSPAG)


Anyone know where I could find for my toshiba 2.4 bios (PSPAG: P100 - 10 p)? I searched the site of toshiba, but I have not found anything else but 3.80.



Why do you need the Bios 2.4 for your P100? I'm just a question because I thought its better to upgrade to the latest version...
You can try it here, Canadians have sometimes things that the European Don t have:

See you soon

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  • Forgotten password user for Satellite P100-313

    [email protected],
    I forgot the password of the user for Satellite P100-313. Can I remove the password without professional help. Please help me.

    Good bye

    Hi Lukas.

    If it's the BIOS password you have forgotten, then you will need to take your laptop to a repairer authorized to have the BIOS reset.

    If it's just your username password in Windows you've forgotten, then you can start in safe mode and use the "Administrator" account to reset your password. Just press F8 during the boot sequence to get the option to boot into node without DANGER.


  • For 2 k for Satellite P100-425 modem drivers

    Need Modem drivers for 2 k for Satellite P100-425.
    This driver can be provided soon? So need!


    Certainly it s a silly question, but why you install the W2k OS on this Vista laptop?

    All that seems page driver Toshiba does not provide drivers W2k for this new notebook but don t give up DUDE ;)

    This unit uses a modem Conexant chip.

    In order to check this page from

    Please report if you have been successful or not ;)

    Good luck

  • What has changed in the Bios 1.50 for Satellite M70 (PSM71)

    If possible, I need some info on the new bios 1.50 for Satellite M70 (PSM71).
    What is the "change log"?

    Thank you very much!


    Toshiba does not have any s official information on the updates to the BIOS on European laptops.
    I found some info on the Toshiba site us but nothing about the designed BIOS for laptops European.

  • What's new in the update of the BIOS v2.00 for Satellite L505-144

    What's new in the update of the BIOS v2.00 for Satellite l505-144

    Thank you

    Hi mate

    As much as I know European Toshiba driver page does provide no details what has been changed in the BIOS.
    But I found some details on the Toshiba U.S. page.
    It seems that Fn + N + 1/2/3/4 function of debugging has been removed in 2.0 BIOS to avoid the abnormal behavior of the keyboard.

    Welcome them

  • Need to update Bios for Satellite P100-284

    My Satellite P100-284 has the number PSPA3E
    This does not correspond exactly with any BIOS update files for download from Toshiba.
    Please can someone confirm if the correct file is available?

    Hey Buddy,

    I Don t understand your problem. Just go to this site:

    Choose the correct product type (Notebook), family (Satellite), series of products (series P Satellite) and the model (Satellite P100 PSPA3E).

    Download the WINBIOS file and update your bios...
    So now I ask you again, what is the problem? :)

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  • Need for a disk to boot flash BIOS for Satellite P100-240

    I need to Flash my Satellite P100-240 on a bootable CD.
    The BIOS only I can find on this site must be run from windows.
    I have seen BIOS 4.40 for P100 on another Toshiba sites, for example: 524xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 56504155 & stateId = 0% 200% 56506013 20

    But do not know if it is appropriate for P100-240.
    They seem to be named completely differently. Not sure if that's a thing based country.

    The BIOS in the mentioned link will be allowed to run on my p100-240?

    Your laptop is NOT American series but the European series and you must use the BIOS from the European driver Toshiba page!
    The incorrect BIOS may damage the BIOS ROM of portable module! And this would lead to the point where you wouldn t be able to boot the machine!
    This is why you should ALWAYS use the BIOS designed for this series of laptop!

    In addition, you won't find updates of the traditional BIOS on Toshiba page!
    There are only updates to the BIOS windows-based and you can update ONLY run under windows.

    If the notebook WHAT BIOS s cannot be updated to the Windows operating system, then you must contact the Toshiba technician and must ask for help!

    That's all you can do

  • Need old bios version 4.0 or 4.1 for Satellite P100

    I tried now to update my bios on 4.2 32 bit

    However, this result without DECO fan in windows.
    My good warm sound.
    SpeedFan said about 100 degrees Celsius.

    If someone don't know where I can download older versions of bios.
    I have a PSPA3 satellite P100-293

    In the bios, the FAN is functioning normally but when windows starts the fan stops.
    I tried to reinstall with XP and Vista and the problem is still there.

    So I really hope someone has a url or local @ their pc file.
    I tried reading the forums here and see many mistakes after the update to 4.2 either stop fan or he runs at full speed.


    Thus, as a first step: 100 degrees celsius are false. SpeedFan and another of programs like this are usually 20 to 30 degrees higher then in real-time. We checked this home with another brand of laptop with a similar problem and we he measured with special equipment.

    Regarding your problem: do you have that you have installed some third-party drivers from other sites? Finally, it would be a reason why the FAN won´t burp more since the VGA drivers play a really important role concerning the whole cooling system in your machine.

    Please try with the original toshiba drivers or recover your machine, maybe it helps...

    Welcome them

  • Problem running 4,80 Bios Update on the Satellite P100-473

    I have a satellite P100-473 enriched with 4 GB of ram, using ubuntu 10.04 lucid 64 with nvidia driver.

    Problem with often increase GPU to high temperature (over 100 ° C) using sensors applet to check.

    I guess that's a BIOS and a driver problem.

    Windows 7 x 64 I don't have this problem with the latest nvidia driver (using speedfan to check the temperature)

    I tried to Flash the bios with the latest version => _Update.exe BD1_BIOS (V4.80) version 4.0, I actually and all flashing same mistake you Error - 121. update of DXE etc...

    While the .exe to extract the contents of the flash on your c:\tmp I'll try a bios flash with a bootable usb key and phlash.exe with the BD13C43. WPH.

    The problem is to find the phlash.exe official back... Phoenix does not provide such tools ;(

    I understand the need of simple bios flash on windows... but I don't understand the .iso missing for flashing at the start when the operating system does not match...

    If you have an idea thanks ;)

    Toshiba has offered traditional old BIOS updated (diskette), a long time ago. Now you can find WIN updates only.
    You can try to contact the closest service Toshiba and ask if they have traditional BIOS update.

  • A few questions about his, BIOS and drivers on Satellite P100


    Just bought the Satellite P100-188, thought I'd go with a top brand machine, however, on commissioning I am a little concerned about the quality of the speakers who tend to sizzle and distort. If right or wrong I thought that Harman Kardon would deliver the goods. I tried the reset options in the Panel, but being a novice when it comes to search in the "engine room", I'm worried I have settle something important or worse clear settings. Can someone advise.

    NVidia also uncertain whether to update the drivers if early machine bought this week, I notice an update of the driver is available, the driver that is currently installed is version

    Can anyone tell if the BIOS updates are also needed, once again an update 2.10 is shown available but with a WARNING of WTH UPDATE message. This sort of thing is far beyond my understanding of computers, so I would be grateful for anyone offering a perfect beginner tips.


    The quality of the sound on the speakers depends on the design of laptops and laptop performance. As far as I know the speaker are a bit smaller than on multimedia laptops.
    If you want to change some of its settings Iwould recommend to go into the control panel and you should find the Manager Realtek HD sound effects. Here it is possible to change an option in the demo audio 3d.

    You also asked for a graphics card driver. You know that driver graphic Toshiba are not similar to the nVidia drivers. In addition the original nVidia drivers are not designed for the use of the laptop but for desktop PC.

    The update of the BIOS is not a simple thing. If you use bad BIOS or update procedure wrong so it is possible that you may damage the motherboard. So if the BIOS update is not necessary, you shouldn't t do.

  • BIOS update fails on Satellite P100-429

    I had a bad flash on my Satellite P100-429.
    The utility crashed which left me with a bookend. Not happy

    I ve created a floppy crisis recovery disk & bought a USB floppy drive after a lot of internet hunting for info.
    Problem is that I need to check on the exact key combination for my laptop to the crisis recovery mode reverie.
    Power on I have the usual symptoms, LED flash, power for CD-rom, click on power of floppy etc...
    I just need to check the correct sequence for the combinations of keys.

    Can anyone help?
    Win - f, victory-b, f - fn, fn - b, victory-esc, fn-escape doesn t seem to work for me

    The waiting time for floppy drive boot after combination etc?


    I n t have experience with these tools of recovery of the BIOS because I think it s a little too risky. There is no official way to recover a BIOS and I don t want to destroy the whole ROM module.

    In my opinion if a BIOS update n t successful, you should go to an authorized service provider. Contact a technician for laptop and explain your situation. The technician can try to reflash it and they have more experience. I think that this should t be a problem to connect with one. ;)

    Good luck!

  • BIOS update failed on Satellite P100

    Hello! I have a Satellite P100.
    Yesterday, I updated the bios with the latest version launch windows Xp. But unfortunately windows crashed with BSoD (blue screen) during the update process.
    Now I brick my laptop. When I try to turn it on, the power LED light but that all.
    What can I do to solve my problem?
    I am in Israel, and they are no Toshiba support.
    I fell alone... help me
    Help me..


    Sorry, he says, but there is not much to do. You will need to contact the ASP (authorized service provider) in your country for assistance.
    If you are a lucky man, motherboard maybe isn't the damage and the ROM module must be flashed only.

    You will also find the Toshiba AEP in Israel.
    Please check this page of Toshiba and search for ASP in Middle East-> Israel

    Good luck

  • Versions of BIOS and upgrades for Satellite Pro 4200


    I have search on the Toshiba site, but is no reference to the BIOS information for Satellite Pro 4200 systems (or one of the machines non - letters). can someone point me to where I can see if my BIOS is the last (v2.7) and the location on the site Web BIOD'ZYL downloads.

    See you soon,.



    BIOS downloads are found here.

    Enter the BIOS settings at first upward and check the version of the BIOS. You should be able to find it.

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite P100-429

    I had to reinstall windows XP on my gf Satellite P100-429, but she lost the original disc, then when I installed the new XP there are the following devices lack drivers (they have the yellow question mark next to them) and I can not connect to the laptop to the internet.

    1. audio device on Bus High Definition Audio
    2. Ethernet controller
    3. mass storage controller
    4 controller Netwrok
    5. SM Bus controller
    6 video controller (VGA Compatible)

    Can anyone tell me where I can find these drivers, I searched all day for them.
    I guess if I can find it is just a case of putting them on a disk or USB and install them?

    Thank you 1 million.

    All the drivers, you can find on Toshiba download page under > support & downloads > Support home page. In the lower part are download drivers section.

    Archive option choose product type. Make sure you choose well model using just the part number PAxxx.

    Good bye

  • Re: Need driver for Satellite P100-346 card reader / PSPAAE / Windows Vista

    Could you please help me and post a link where I can download a driver for the Satellite P100-346 card reader / PSPAAE / Windows Vista 32 bit?


    Please, check here:

Maybe you are looking for