bk 2011 pro Mac dvd player spits out dvd

I have a 15 inch 2011 mac book pro. The dvd player does not work. When you insert a dvd into the computer, the computer acts like it's going to run it, but then he spits. She also shows an error message of the dvd drive on the launch pad. I use the dvd player / cd player a lot. Help, please.


Hey glerouxwende,

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I understand from your post that your MacBook Pro is not mounting dics and is just spit them back.  It's probably what is originally an error of the DVD player.  To help solve this problem, I would like to you please follow the steps below:

Accepts discs, but they do not install or are ejected automatically

  1. Make sure that the drive is not placed in reverse. The aluminum case must be upward as shown in section 1.
  2. Check the surface of the disc for scratches and dirt, as these things can prevent the disk on the desktop.
  3. Connect the SuperDrive for MacBook Air drive directly to the USB port of the computer instead a USB hub.
  4. Reset the controller management system (SCM).
  5. Make sure that your drive can read the disc type. The System Profiler or an Information system can provide additional information on the subject of what is supported by your computer media.
    • OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or earlier: Open Apple System Profiler by choosing "about this Mac" from the Apple () menu. Then, click on details.
    • OS X Lion v10.7 and later: click the Apple () menu and hold down the Option key. Select system information in the menu.
  6. If the disc continues to not be recognized, Contact Apple or an provider of services authorized Appleor make an appointment with a Store Apple Store.

Get help with the SuperDrive slot on your Mac computer loading

Take care.

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    My Satellite Pro A210 dvd player does not load.
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    To my knowledge, the 39 error message appears if the CD/DVD drive is not visible in my computer.
    You can try this workaround:
    Go to Device Manager and remove the drive CD/DVD from the list of devices.
    Then go to the registry (regedit) and remove upper and lower key filters:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

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    I think this should help!

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    What kind of help do you expect?

    You mean he s a software problem?

    I doubt it because it sounds like a mechanical hardware problem and in this case, the disk must be replaced.

    The laptop seems to be is not very old, and I think that the guarantee must be valid
    How about you, communicating with ASP in your country and ask for a replacement WEIRD?

    I think this helps

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    P.S. your installed Flash Player version is up-to-date, so you get all these notifications from Adobe.

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    Disable these prefs.
    Extensions.blocklist.Enabled = change this pref to false
    Extensions.blocklist.URL = delete the url if Firefox can't find the server where this file is sent from

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    I read a lot here on the question relating to my problem, but not of exactly them and I examined all the alternatives, but nothing that do, it seems to solve my problem.

    OK, I have an old C660-2KK and it ran really slow down with various software issues so I decided to dig dvd recovery and rebuild the system. Everything was fine until the installation finished and the computer restarted. At startup, it wrong with "Boot failed" and immerse myself in the start menu. I did tons of research on here and elsewhere on the web but have yet to go to the bottom of this issue and any help greatly appreciated. Things I've tried so far:

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    Go to C: and I can see all the folders/files windows in

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    NOT SOLVED... arrrghh!

    Please help :-)

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    They may need Adobe Flash to run, go to Adobe.com and download Flash.

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    Step 1: Run the program as administrator.


    You can also post your queries about roxio community forum: http://forums.support.roxio.com/

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