Black poster frame for a subitem

Creation of a large number of subitems of media (.mts) AVCHD and some of the sub-elements of poster frames are black except if the subelement is selected in the project window. I can set the poster image to another image with the button set the picture post, but there is still black, unless it is selected. Still, what happens to the single 'some' of the sub-elements, others display normally.

Tried to empty the cache memory in PPro CC2015, closing body and remove all files from the cache, you re-create the subitems without result.

Does anyone else know this?

Click the menu drop down and uncheck the photos show the applied effects.

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  • Defining a poster frame for iCloud, photo sharing

    The Question:

    How to set a custom frame displays for videos shared via iCloud, photo sharing?

    Use case:

    I have converted old home movies VHS into segments of small 3-5 minutes and you want to share these clips to my family via iCloud, photo sharing. This will allow the videos to travel with them on their iPhone.

    The problem:

    These segments are stored in the Photos app. I have chosen some of these segments and chose an image poster - it works. I right click, choose sharing to iCloud, photo sharing. The file appears in a newly shared album, but the poster frame is returned to the first frame of the video. In the case of the VHS, it's a blurred image, or a framework that does not clearly show the content (for example, a sofa, or heaven).

    Right-clicking on a video gray shared on the option to reselect a poster frame.

    What you need to do is clip from the first few frames of video in PHotos. Double-click on the video to open it in read mode.  Click on the speed on the right button and select Trim.

    Turn the left side of the yellow box to the right to remove foires executives

    Click on the button on the right.

    Now try to add to the shared album.

  • How to choose the poster frame for websites like YouTube or SmugMug?

    I have a video ended up in first Pro CC, when I export it automatically selects an image to use as the thumbnail on the front of my video. I would like to manually select the thumbnail displayed, how can I do?

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    The site chooses at random the poster frame.  YT does the same.

  • Movie poster frame flashes at the beginning of the slide in Keynote.

    I have movies as part of my presentation that start with black and then fade toward the top (the build is in the film, not applied in KeyNote). I put a poster frame for the movies it's seconds, after having melted upward, so that I can tell what movie it is.

    However, in Keynote, the poster frame flashes briefly, and then the film plays with degraded sound of black. How can I avoid Flash first of the poster frame, but have always displayed in the box of my presenter?

    It is a by-product of the unfortunate to use a poster frame which is not the first frame of the video.

    One solution is to:

    • place a rectangle on a new slide and dimensions form to cover all of the video image
    • Add the video to the slide
    • Set the color black or another color if appropriate
    • Add a Build Out with a dissolution or blur effect (Inspector > Animation > build on)
    • Click the build command and move the form to the top
    • define the shape with the previous generation
    • set the video work with Build 1
  • Poster frame change in order

    I have a sequence with nested sequences. For several of the sequences, the poster frame (or is it a "miniature"?) is black because the individual sequence has a 'fade' in so it starts with a black frame - see screen capture below. This means that I can't follow visually what sequence is that. Can I change the poster frame and select a new that is more representative of the sequence?

    Screenshot 2013-11-09 08.13.32.png

    There is no way to set what thumbnail appears at the head of a clip in the timeline panel. That may be enough for you, however, is to set the timeline to display thumbnails of continuous video, that you set in the drop-down menu of the timeline at the top right of the frame.

    By the way, with the new update (CC 7.1), when the project icon display panel, it shows now the poster frame, which is a definable by the user, rather than a generic icon sequence and sequence thumbnails can be rubbed in the project panel like any other video assets.

  • Please help with a poster frame

    I imported a FLV Flash by using "Import video" and select a pre-built skin that gives reading, caption and volume. The film a autoplay turned off when I saw on the Web page, it displays a black screen first and the skin below. I would like to insert a poster frame which will hide when the user presses play on the skin. I was a novice with 1 ACE and 3.0 makes me facepalm. Need help please, I already tried Flashkit and and not gotten any responses. Thank you!!

    Just add a listener for your component.  for example, if your component instance name flv:

    flv.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, f):

    function f(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    removeChil ((yourpic_mc);


  • CS6 Poster frame questions

    I do a blu - ray with several videos player, and for the menus pop up I put of poster frames. As you can see in the picture, I put the poster frames appear as I had intended, but when I put blu - ray in a blu - ray player, only some of the frameworks posters appear, while others show that at the beginning of each video. Does anyone know a possible fix for this? I know to set the poster frame, you must select the first chapter (so it's red) then scroll up to where you want the poster frame and set it.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 4.29.26 PM.png

    Update: I thought that this would work, and he did. I just rebooted again (after, of course) and then burned blu - ray again, and the reinforcement of poster work very well. I figured because the poster frames that worked, I did until I got saved/restarted the app pretty stupid bug, but well.

  • Poster frame ignored by Media Encoder


    I'm having a bad day with the "Set poster Time' in AE.    All my compositions are made to Media Encoder and the poster frame is completely ignored.  My client is chewing a new because "it wasn't like that before... you ruined.

    If indeed, the player used to display the last frame of the video when the player finishes, but now he plays at the end of the video and when it ceases grabs a frame in the middle of the animation as it displays.  I look like an idiot because I can't fix it.

    I even tried making it in AE and sending the Media Encoder .avi... same thing.    There must be a way to override this setting.

    Thank you


    Word of Adobe support:

    "It is not possible to export video files, it is possible for the DVD or Blueray using again, where we can put end Action."

    The end.

  • Poster frames does not not in the model still

    Hi, I am creating a DVD and use the "trip Multipage Menu" and "Submenu Multipage trip" still models. I'll put my chapter menu using two of the submenus MultiPage. I could put my poster frames to use as thumbnails for the first three images on every page of submenu. For some reason any the last "polaroid" thumbnail does not display the appropriate image. It is just left blank. I'm following the steps I did for the other 6 but for some reason any the last vignette "polaroid" on each page remains empty after setting the poster frame. Y at - it sort of setting that I am missing or error that I do. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    'Multipage' menus contain more than one 'page' menu in a file single psd (photoshop format). For a DVD, they are converted to the menus page ordinary, simple, but can cause problems if you don't really understand what you are doing with them. You can have a lot of menus - just use one page ones.

    Each chapter has already a poster frame. Change the poster frame does nothing for your link. The exception is a blank poster image will not appear.

  • Poster frame still of first Pro/Encore CC

    Someone tried to get a poster frame in a video in Encore menu using first Pro CC?  I've never used in CS6, but wanted to start trying in my new projects.

    I used a menu with the video buttons, created a poster frame, dropped the timline in the button and it goes all black?   The menu does the view, it's just that the video button does not work?

    I guess the editor you are referring to is the visualization Menu.

    I just did a little test. Was in a project of Bluray, but not a m4v. If I add links to videos using the pickwhip, or dragging a chronology to the button, I get the same result: if I put a poster frame to the initial black frame of a video, I see black. If I put a visible image of the video, I see this image of the video.

    The menu rendering, everything is OK - no black in the query. However, as long as I put the poster frame to a different bit of the scenario, I see that video with a set of frame poster uses this image poster, while one who was black uses the first non-black image to render the movement.

    The hypothesis of the "thing work properly" would that your poster frames are not defined, or at least are still in the dark.

    There are, of course, a variety of problems that are possible, but if your poster frames are defined, it shouldn't behave as it is.

  • Re: Satellite A660 - 12 p - can't find the right poster driver for Win XP

    Hey everyone, I need help with this one:

    I have a dual boot Win7 (x 64) / XP (x 86) on my laptop, but I can't find the right poster drivers for compatible video controller VGA on XP.

    Anyone know where I can find them?

    Thank you very much


    As far as I know the Satellite A660 laptop - 12 p belongs to the PSAW3E series and it was equipped with the chip to display NVIDIA GeForce GT330M.

    You can try to check the drivers provided by pages:

    But in both cases, the use if these drivers are at your own risk since these drivers don t contain overheating protection!

  • Product by 'blocking' not able to post it for sale

    Hey can someone be able to help me with that. My tictactoekids app refused due to the bad signature. After submission, that he agreed and I got all the emails etc. told me to post it for sale. Research in appworld on the usuall square where the post for sale link was until I saw move to the project. After I waited a few days I tried this, but now I see that: send for review. When I click on it it says there is no rejection in need of a review. PlayBook begins selling tomorrow, and I'd love to have it for sale right there. I tried e-mail about a week ago, but still have no answer so it's kinda my last resort ^^

    Hi willyyr,

    Found - I'm uncertain why he was blocked, but it moved along.  You should be able to log into the portal provider and post-its to sell now.

  • Where is use Google Chrome Frame for IE, 6,7,8. in Adobe Edge animate CC 2014?

    Hi everyone, I can't find use Google Chrome Frame for IE, 6,7,8. in the new Adobe Edge animate CC 2014

    Please help me

    Thanks in advance

    Sorry, but Google abandoned the service Google Chrome Frame:

    Chromium blog: pension frame Chrome

    Kind regards


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    Unfortunately, it is not possible to have multiple layouts of details for your blog by site, at this point.

    Kind regards


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    My suggestion would be to add a feature to the brushes as Z-Brush, paint in symmetry perfect in real time on the X, Y, or both axes. Is it possible to do currently? It would be very useful for many designers to create patterns repeated in real time and these other things like character layout blue-prints, etc. It's only a small request if there isn't and I don't know that it would be not so hard to impliment somhow.

    Thank you, Ricky

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