black screen after waking from sleep

have a 2009 Intel-based iMac that wake properly from sleep if more than 30 minutes. It is a screen 24 '', 5 GB RAM and processor Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz, 256 GB SSD drive and was just upgraded to El Capitan at the start of this behavior. The extra RAM and SSD have been installed a few days before the upgrade of El Caitan, so am not sure that the upgrade of the OS was the culprit, but it seemed to work normally after the SSD and RAM have been added. After that the computer sleep long enough to power down disks, etc., the screen remains dark when the computer wakes. If you put it to sleep then it wake up immediately he returns normally without problems. You can hear the startup sound and can even connect and enter the password and hear the mail and other programs that are running, giving their notification sounds, etc.. However, the screen remains dark. If you restart it 10 or 15 times the screen will start normally and the computer works perfectly. diagnosis seems to indicate normal operation. I tried to reset the SMC and the NVRAM and start in safe mode, but these things have no effect. Is it possible to get help with this?


I run Apple Hardware Test and found no hardware problem under standard test or extended. I ran the first aid on the SSD, but no permissions problem have been found. It is not as if I have a hardware problem, but a problem of software not defined.

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  • Satellite P300 - white screen after waking from sleep state

    I'm having this problem:
    The LCD screen may be empty when the computer is "awakened" from the sleep state. Nothing is visible on the internal LCD or an external monitor.

    There seems to be a solution:
    An update of the firmware for a component in the main circuit of the computer solves this problem. This update must be performed by an authorized Toshiba (ASP) Service provider. Until arrangements are made for the update, restart the computer by pressing the power on button for a few seconds.

    described here: [white screen after awakening from fallback status |]
    I also found this, but it didn't really help me much further.
    [Satellite P200D and WinXP: no display after waking from sleep mode |]
    In fact, I think I'm able to solve myself, and I don't like not my laptop to be gone for two weeks or more. I just need some advice on where to find a correct upgrade. Is - this driver BIOS or graphics? Which version should download, where... etcetera. More tips on how to solve the problem are also welcome.

    Edit: link and no need for words of line. : s
    Edit2: grammar correction.


    > An update of firmware for a component in the main circuit of the computer solves this problem. This update must be performed by an authorized Toshiba (ASP) Service provider. Until arrangements are made for the update, restart the computer by pressing the power on button for a few seconds.
    If you check the Toshiba document you would see that your Satellite P300 is not related to this issue.

    In your case I would recommend upgrading the BIOS and graphics driver.
    In addition to keep your operating system up-to-date.

    I had this problem under Win XP and a MS patch and an update of the graphics card driver helped solve this problem.

  • TM2 - Win7 hangs at the splash screen after waking from sleep and hibernation

    I had intermittent problems with the mode 'sleep' on my laptop TM2T-2200 (Windows7 64-bit).  Wake up sleep & put into hibernation, the system will have problems with log-in intermittently.  Generally speaking, I'll be able to move my mouse cursor and enter my password - but pressing enter, the system hangs at the splash screen, requiring a hard - reboot (by pressing the power button).  Sometimes, I've not yet will be able to enter my password before it crashes.

    The problem seems to occur more in energy saving mode, but it occurred in '' HP recommended Mode '' once or twice now, too.  It looks a lot like the problems reported for other models HP here:

    Any suggestions?  Is it possible to know if a particular driver or a program that hangs?

    Update: my problems seem to be associated with protection against malware of Comcast constant guard and disappeared after uninstalling the program.

  • M6-w105dx envy: envy x 360 m6 convertible w105dx screen after waking from sleep


    Whenever I put my laptop to sleep (I almost cover) and I try to wake up (I open the lid) the screen is full of small squares (they resemble pixels). I don't see a little square that moves when I move the mouse.

    If I turn it off by pressing the power button and turn it on again, its perfect.

    My laptop is brand new.


    Hey! I just fix it! Called the phone to HP support and spoke to a very nice guy who fixed it for me. It took about 40 minutes on the phone (call is free) and now I don't have the problem more.

    It was something on the BIOS and the graphics card updates.

    Suggest you do the same.

  • Satellite A660-18 - powers off after waking from sleep mode

    My powers of Satellite A660-18 wide for 2-3 seconds after waking from sleep. I upgraded the memory from 4 GB to 8 GB, using the site of Crucial, so I know it is compatible. BIOS is updated to 2.00.

    Don't know what to do, how can I fix without turning off completely from mode "sleep"?

    Hey Buddy,

    > I upgraded the memory from 4 GB to 8 GB
    And have you had the problem before you upgrade memory too or as memory upgrade?

  • Satellite T110 - Defective Bluetooth after waking from sleep

    SATELLITE T110 Bluetooth will fail after awakening from sleep.
    The icon will be flick between white and green as he seeks my device (phone).

    I ve reduced the problem to the laptop, because if I try to pair again phone to the laptop it fails. It's almost like he has a block?

    Operate as planned, then I have to charge fully.
    Bluetooth connects then as planned.

    It only became a problem because I installed the latest BIOS v 2.40
    I use the 64-bit Version.

    When the problem occurs I run the Bluetooth Diagnostics and it comes back as fine no error reported. It s a pain now because I use the laptop mode "sleep" more off.

    This is due to the new update of the bios.

    Can you after waking from sleep just restart BT stack and try to connect to the mobile phone?
    You mean that with the old version of the BIOS, everything was OK?

    Last question: what was the reason for the update of the BIOS? I hope not the fact you want to have the latest version.

  • Photoshop CC 2014 quits unexpectedly after waking from sleep on Mac OS x. How can I stop this?

    Photoshop CC 2014 quits unexpectedly after waking from sleep on Mac OS x. How can I stop this?

    suturenet wrote:

    It's a stupid system, it won't let me post more of the report.

    Yes, the forum software is stupid, but you are insulting the wrong people.


    Do not be abusive or aggressive in your tone

    A post of sounding aggressive, demanding, accusatory or abusive will often evoke a response aggressive or abusive and unnecessary.

    Remember, you do not discuss Adobe here in the user forums.  You ask the help of users of volunteers like you who give their time for free. Nobody has any obligation to answer your questions.

  • Black screen after the mode 'sleep'

    My laptop never wakes fashion "Eve" and just keep with the dreaded black screen.

    If anyone has had this problem or have solutions?

    I am currently using a hardware, operating system.

    This message can help,

  • Windows 8 - start screen tiles are black after waking from sleep

    Recently installed Windows 8 Pro x 64. Whenever I have wake my computer from sleep and go to the home screen all the tiles are black, and the upper right corner where it shows my login and my avatar is missing. The rest start screen works as expected, and hovering just mouse over the tiles (or allowing the more alive to receive an update) will have show correctly.

    I was running the pre-release of windows 8 without this problem.

    My pc is completely up to date with drivers.

    Data sheet:

    I7 920

    Gigabyte ex-58-extreme (bios f12)

    2 x nvidia geforce gtx 580 in sli (310.97 driver whql)

    Samsung 840 pro 256 GB ssd (windows disk)

    2 x wd caviar black 2 TB

    Creative xfi titanium hd (newest driver 3_00_2004)

    Between the previews and update windows 8 retail I made a few changes, the only hardware change is the addition of the samsung SSD (previously on a wd raptor drive). The pilot 310.97 nvidia is also new, I was using an older version before.

    I couldn't find anyone else with this issue a web search or a search here.

    Anyone able to shed some light on this?

    Screenshot:! 107

    I solved this problem by updating the video card drivers. I lived this question about the version of the nvidia geforce 310.97 driver, but upgrading to 313.96 has solved the problem.

  • Satellite L40-139: new graphics driver is causing the problem after waking from sleep

    I have a three month old Toshiba Satellite L40-139 (PSL40E) with 1 GB of RAM with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed. This laptop worked very well for me for the basic headquarters far tasks, and I would have no problem recommending.

    In the last days I've updated the software and drivers from the Microsoft Update web site.

    Since the update driver Mobile Intel(r) 945 Express Chipset Family (to version, dated October 18, 2007), the screen resolution at 800 x 600 after awakening from the sleep state. The only way I found to fix it is to restart the PC.

    Other articles published on the web, I understand that this particular driver (Mobile Intel(r) 945 Express Chipset Family driver version) has caused many other problems on a variety of hardware and software platforms.

    Does anyone have a definitive solution for Satellite L40?

    I looked at four options.

    1. let the new installed driver and restart Windows each time after waking up from sleep mode. Rather, I must not do this.

    2. using the Restore Point created by Windows Update before the update of the driver, roll back to an earlier time. This seems to be a good course if it works.

    3 download an older version of the driver and reinstall it. I don't know which version would work but note that others have had success with the version. I guess a similar version could be included in the driver Package that can be downloaded from Toshiba Europe site, but have heard that the time required to download this software can exceed ten hours and am therefore reluctant to try.

    4. the fourth option is not really possible. I should be able to "Roll-Back" the driver in Device Manager, but the button is disabled.

    Although only a minor problem, it is very irritating and I would like to address them without causing other problems. Does anyone else have this problem? Someone has fixed it successfully?

    Hello Peter

    If I understand correctly, you use your usual laptop for daily work and you don't need any computer high-performance notebook. If I'm right I have to say that you should be happy if the laptop works well and stable.

    I don't really see any reason why you wanted to update chipset driver. In any case, you should try to roll back the BONES of time earlier and I hope everything will work again. There is absolutely no risk, and you can test it.

    Please post the result.

  • 10.11.4 position of the window off the screen after awakening from sleep + external display

    Does anyone else have problems with windows being placed off screen when waking up their MacBook Pro from sleep mode or when using an external monitor?

    I have a 15 "rMBP and regularly connect with lid closed to a Dell screen 4K P2715Q. Whenever I wake up from sleep, many of my windows are off-center and move the windows from the edge of the rightmost to the Center.

    I can't say with certainty if it is specific to the application or for all windows, but and Messages certainly do.

    I will do some tests later and post updates. Thank you!


    I take this in system preferences > displays the mirror effect is on?

    What resolutions are two screens to?

    How to wake up the laptop from sleep?

    If it is by lifting the lid is on the Mac you see it?

    If it's the position carries no report available to the larger screen?  (i.e. If the laptop could match the larger screen resolution would be the 'shift' appear in the same place, as the laptop was a cut from the larger screen).

    In system preferences > displays which is the screen to 'drive '?

    21:17 Wednesday. May 4, 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     iPhone and iPad (2)

  • black screen after waking up

    Hi, 4 k iMac screen remains black after waking up.  There are things happening in the background as I hear the hd and the mouse works it is just that the screen is black

    Any ideas?

    Try resetting the SMC

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • L750D-1DQ satellite - black screen after the mode 'sleep'

    My new laptop L750D 1DQ does not start correctly after the return of the mode "Eve".
    The screen is very dark, I can't seem to clear up.

    I tried the combination FN + F7, but it does not work (and other shortcut keys do not work ether).
    When I restart, the screen works again.

    What must I do, so I can start to work after returning from the mode "sleep"?


    You are able to change the brightness in Power Options Win 7?

    Check this box:

    You can choose a power plant that is enabled in the profile of power you use.
    You will see the option to adjust the brightness of the plan.
    Set the control to the right to increase the brightness. Do this for setting battery and area setting

    In addition, you should go to advanced-> display settings
    Here, you must choose the brightness of the display and need to change the value of %. This defined the default display brightness when battery and AC power running

  • Desktop computer does not display the computers on the network after waking from sleep.

    Both computers work on Vista Home Basic. Problem started after computers, the router and a DSL modem has been turned off and unplugged. After the awakening of the day before, the Office would display only the router and the laptop, but the way that he could not establish. Initially, a reboot of the desktop computer has solved the problem.

    Reset and re-installed the router. The three elements of the network were visible after the start, but IE 8 soon at the opening of the homepage. Again, after "standby" mode, only the router and the laptop displayed.

    After additional restart, only the router is displayed. The laptop shows all three elements and accessing office files.


    Hi Syed,

    I did a full reset/reinstall the router, carefully following the manufacturer's instructions. Both computers are displayed in each of their respective lists of network, even after waking up from sleep mode.

    This issue is resolved.

    Thank you


  • Bluetooth is not ready after waking from sleep on Windows 7

    After updating my Tecra M10 Windows Vista x 64 Enterprise to Windows 7 x 64 enterprise, sometimes, when I wake up the laptop from sleep, Bluetooth is not ready.

    Hibernation does not solve the problem, he needs a reset which is a problem for me because I usually have a lot of open applications.
    In this case, the only Bluetooth devices in Device Manager are:

    * Bluetooth RFCOMM
    * Bluetooth USB Controller-5 at TOSHIBA

    When everything works well, the Bluetooth devices in Device Manager are:

    * Bluetooth RFBUS
    * Bluetooth RFCOMM
    * Bluetooth RFHID
    * Bluetooth USB Controller-5 at TOSHIBA

    How can I restart Bluetooth without having to restart the entire system? Turn wireless on and off the silder side does not work.

    Thank you
    Paulo Morgado

    Thanks for sharing!

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