Black screen, caps lock flashes on startup

Dear everybody. I know there are already a lot of similar topics, but none seem to portray exactly my situation, so I hope someone will be able to land a helpful hand.

Then. A few months ago I had to move to Japan in my country (Italy). The warranty on my HP dv7 6189 sl expired while I was here, but since my laptop was having really bad cooling problems, I have documented my self with videos and guides to the internet and everything I coul find and decided to take it apart myself. I cleaned all the dust from the fan, the basic form of thermal paste on the processor and the Ati HD 6770. Then again once, back to paying attention to put it all together as it was (HOPEFULLY). Anyway, when I tried to start on the laptop, I found it now black screen guard. The light F-12 (wlan connection) continues, keeps flashing orange (like no wi - fi connection) and the CAPS LOCK. It seems to me it blinks THREE times before stopping a few lil lil and then repeat the cycle again. Anyone know what can be the problem? I'm desperate... Thanks in advance...


Based on the codes of following indicators:

You must:

(a) reinstall the memory.
(b) If you continue to experience this error code after the reinstallation of the memory, the problem may be with the memory itself. Grab the new memory of the computer, put back original memory in the computer, and then test again it.

Good luck.

PS we have a rule in our data centers: do not touch the machine without a static Anti bracelet.

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