Black wire

Hi all

I create a bitfile custom fpga and when creating analog inputs and only when I'm creating them, the sons of their boxes are black and continuous. It did not break. they are simply black.

What is the meaning of this?

There are only two types of black wire in LabVIEW:

1. a thread with no defined data type

2. a cut wire.

You can determine who know you by displaying the pop-up Help window and pointing the cursor on the wire.

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    I have a HP ENVY 750-177c and has been upgraded and 2 thin black wires were disconnected from the motherboard.  They have loops at the end of the wires that look like they might slip on the pins.  The wires connect to the upper part of the box of the computer.  Where to reconnect?

    Find this card in your system. It is the M2 half-bridge Wireless card.  The other end of the wires must always be fixed.  There are 2 heels left and right of the '2 '.  If everything is correct, it is your physical WI - FI antenna. Just re - stick inside the case.  The small clips are used for an external aerial connection.

    PS<> have a good day...

  • Black wire in the case p7-1154.

    Probably a very simple solution out there.

    recently upgraded the video card and power supply in my p7-1154. Updates work correctly. But while fixing the cables, I hit a single thread that connects the back of the computer to the motherboard to the front of the case. Not sure where it is supposed to connect to the motherboard or even what he does.

    No known functional issues with the computer itself right now. Just need to know where this thread should go.


    The single black wire looks like an antenna wire.  See the image below.

    If your PC is equipped with a NETWORK card wireless mini card, the wire must be attached to the card in the slot location.

  • The Green and black wire to three posts on HP POWER supply

    Hello!  I recently updated my old diet Pavilion 760n for a power SUPPLY ATX 500W PSU.  Everything worked very well.

    Uh, except that a small pig green and black of the former power supply... one that has been plugged in where it says 'PS - FAN' on my mobo.  I didn't have one of these same three grandsons connectors on the new power supply.

    And is even funnier, as the old power supply HP has a list on the side which shows what color wire has what voltage on it - red + 5V yellow is + 12V, black is ground, etc., but GREEN is not on the list!

    I opened my computer and big case fan is running (12VDC fan), the fan on the heatsink from the CPU works, the GPU card fan works... the only fan who is not running is the power supply fan (but I think it is because it is running when the power supply gets hot and she needs).

    Can someone tell me what this little piggy of son was for and what voltage it supplied, and how it is used? Thank you!

    It's your motherboard and I see that the outlet marked PS - FAN.  Apparently motherboard and bios controlled the speed of the fan to power supply.  It is the first time I heard of this, but then you have an older model of PC.  New power supplies have an internal fan.  The Green wire can be a signal wire.

  • My Officejet 4620 do not print black ink

    I replaced the black cartridge on my Officejet 4620 with a new high-capacity HP cartridge and it won't print black ink on the test page, any application or function of Copier.  I have reset the printer nothing helps.  The ink level indicates that it recognizes the new cartridge and says it's full.  Black ink out of the cartridge when I put my finger against the exit hole.  I cleaned and aligned the print heads, but still no go.

    just in case someone else has this problem, heres whats really past and heres how to fix this annoying problem. its relatively easy to do and more efficient than wasting money on a new printer or have that he repaired as most people eventually do.

    going on what? the ink has clogged print heads and solidifies closed. the function of "clean print heads" the printer comes with doesn't have the ability to solve this problem. This feature is to clean the heads Sales, not clogged heads. Why hp decided to make this model without a simple to remove the cradle is beyond me, but fortunately the cradle out and can be cleaned with hot water.

    theres a few items, you will need to get there easily, or you could just burst the branch loppers, like I did and vent your frustrations.

    you will need: a pair of slender beak pliers, a screwdriver torx T9 (selling auto parts stores them for a few dollars), paper towels and a space for work (its easier to do this in a corner of a room, on a small table or floor).  Keep in mind that you are dealing with ink, then change your clothes right just in case and also catch a paper plate or a few sheets of paper to print to set ink cartridges while you work.

    (1) ok. lets start. !!! FIRST UNPLUG THE PRINTER RIGHT NOW, IF YOU DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY DIE BY ELECTROCUTION!  I forgot and when I started unscrewing the first 6 screws, kept chime jump and im like * beep *? I was impressed by the security measures hp took as model engineering.

    (2) the printer is now disconnected and then go to your corner your work surface and place the printer, so there is a wall or a barrier on the left, and also, a wall or a fence behind it. This just in front of her as if you were about to use it.

    (3) now, what you have to do, is to open the printer as you will change the ink and on the right side, there is a plastic guide that prevents opening all the way to the top. Look on the side and you'll notice that he could jump off with fingers. pop off and open it completely open, so you can get to the screws of the cover you would have prevented access to.

    (4) press the scanner part and the upper part against the back wall.

    (5) all the screws you will be remove are the size T9H torx screws. There are ten total. There are 2 black screws in the top of the forehead and then 4 black screws in the top of the back. Remove them and put them on your paper plate.

    (6) following is 1 screw silver short located under the Control Panel, use your finger and feel under the * button. Unscrew, place it on the paper plate.

    (7) depending on whether you want to remove the face/Control Panel to get in the last 3 screws so locate the illustrations on the top of the printer, there are 2 on the lower left and 5 at the bottom right (1 and 2 on the left explain removals of paper jam and 1-5 on the right then explain change in ink cartridges). then about half an inch South of the illustration of the number 5 on the lip, is a plastic stand. six inches to the left is an another then 6 inches to the left, under the number of the illustration 2 (remove the paper jam) is a third support. Unscrew using your nails. Flip it up just like the hood of the car, and eten on the main top of the printer, keep the flat wire which is connected to the frame of the control panel (if the flat wire jumped because you got too loud, then simply insert it in when you go back).

    (8) then unscrew the 3 long silver screws that are located under the Panel you just popped off the coast. There is 1 on the left and 2 on the side rightish. mix 'em on the paper plate.

    (9) now that all the screws are removed, take the Panel front and partially pop it back together.

    (10) then take all over (the part with the small illustrations and lift like a hood of car, ONLY THIS TIME OPEN IT LEFT and he balanced on the edge of the printer, to lean over towards the wall or an obstacle on your left.) MAKE SURE NOT TO PULL ON THE STRIP OF COLORFUL SON FRUITS LEFT AND ALSO THE FLAT BLACK WIRE CONNECTING PART SCANNING FOR THE MAIN OF THE PRINTER PART.

    (11) then take the pliers to tapered spout and remove the 2 silver tension springs located behind the printer cartridges. Pay attention to where they were attached so you remember where they go during the Assembly. take a picture with your phone if you have to, or simply re - understand it like I did. mix 'em on the paper plate.

    (12) then disconnect the 2 large flat wire and 1 small flatwire attached to the back of the ink cart. take a picture or can remember like I did. I guess bad things can happen if you reverse the on re-Assembly. Pick up the phone and take a picture of quik to be sure.

    (13) now remove the cart ink, cartridges and all, by lifting the front first.  Be careful of the transparent tape little there that moves the carriage from left to right and vice versa. you don't want to damage this little guy. now take the transport to your paper plate. not some ink or accidentally get it on your fingers without knowing or will make a mess.

    (14) remove the ink cartridges and put them on the paper plate, side ink to avoid a mess, these things sometimes drip. put the plate side. its time to clean the print heads.

    (15) then go to the sink, to the distribution of empty ink and turn on the hot water and then let the transport of empty ink sitting there with the water mainly through the clogged color screen (inspect and make you is not a small rubber seal surrounding the small screen, if there is do not waste it. I didn't look too closely and I don't think that hp has them but I have a few other printers). It will stain the sink but water ink he comes out to be sure. notice there is also a small circuit attached to it. don't bang it upward but getting wet does not matter.

    (16) continue to do this until the water is clear.

    (17) then use your finger and rub the screen gently with your finger and then rinse it, taking ink until the water is clear. This continues until there is no more ink and screens are clean. do it for all the colors just for good measures. the color of problem that would not print, you'll notice takes longer to clean than the other colors.

    (18) now look on the lower side of the transport. these strange looking things are the leaders. Rinse in hot water and dry them with paper towels. then flip it over and the breath on the side of the screen again. also between the screenside and heads (on the side of the transport) is an opening which is also probably gunked up. It blows with water too. Then, turn it over and wipe the head again. Repeat this step until no fades or until you are sick and tired.

    (19) shake, then use paper towels to dry the entire unit. Make sure that the device is dry.  especially inside the female plugs. blow inside or out dry hair and dry gently. do not stand there and melt the but with the blow dryer. but the sooner it dries less your ink cartridges, sitting on the paper plate will dry out. the custom of the ink dry quickly just do not take a NAP or go on a date until you're back with part of the ink.

    (20) now you have finished cleaning the heads and probably don't need to do it again for the length of time, it was because you bought the printer. and just as a roadtrip you used a map to navigate, you will use these instructions in reverse for reassembly. but keep in mind when re - insert the 3 flatwires that you disconnected from the back of the ink cart, make sure you that have small metal contact on the flatwires points (side male) inserted so they affect small metal contact points on the caps of transport (feminine) side. ALSO BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE BLACK FLATWIRE CONNECTING THE SCANNER PART PART HAND PRINTER. THERE IS A SMALL GROOVE IN THE PLASTIC WHERE IT CAN SIT TO GUARANTEE NO CRIMPAGE. USE IT. also make sure that the 2 hinges to the scanner portion/cover are placed correctly before the fixing of the top with the 6 black screws.

    now raise the printer and reinstall the ink cartridges. then plug in the appliance and turn it on.  If you get notifications on the control panel telling the custom of transport move, then open the trunk and remove the ink cartridges, hustles and ensure that transport is installed and that the tensioner springs are in place correctly. Repeat the operation if necessary until notifications go away or just do a test print and do not take into account the notification if you messed with it a few times already. That's what happened to me and the notification went his own. Once its online, open the hp utility and press the button "clean the heads. do 2 x in a row and you will be in style, with colors extremely rich and "BOLD" and Yes, printed black raven.

    p. s.

    You can always take your aggression out with tree limb loppers or Tin shears like I did and cut the plastic Center keeps you to transport directly outside. Completely eliminates the disassembly and reassembly. Make sure you DO NOT CUT THE TRANSPARENT TAPE THAT MOVES BACK AND FORTH TRANSPORT. This way the next time it happens it takes you only 10 minutes before you are upward and printing.

    Enjoy!  -Porf

  • Power supply Delta

    I have food on my Mac Pro Delta; I suspect it is bad. He has four caps, all the black wires. What pins should I check everywhere for voltage? Do whatever it is must be jumped to start it? Are there common fixes? Thank you

    What model Mac Pro?

    Maybe: (A1289).

  • Swapping screens: Equium A60-181 &gt; Equium A60-199


    I'm trying to fix a laptop Equium EA60-199 with a LCD of bust. (Just to save it from the landfill because it works fine also.)
    I found and bought an Equium screen on eBay (the whole "cover", not just the bit in the middle), which apparently came from a model of EA60-181.
    It looked pretty similar to mine and is also 15 "so I thought I'd be a chance and it was worth risking it.

    When I received it today I started taking the lid broke my 199 (off the keyboard and by unscrewing the hinges) - there are two points where the screen connects the main unit: a white rectangular plug caps on a Board and a separate black wire that connects to another point is close (what is Earth?).
    However, the replacement of 181 I've got, is there an extra couple of wires (one black and one white) coming out of the lower part of the screen of the hinge.
    Does anyone know what that here are to - probably they are included in the big white plug on the 199 and 181 screen would not work unless they were connected?

    I'm starting to think that maybe a better option is to take the LCD screen on the cover and exchange the most (using one of the howtos I found on the internet) as I assume the connections to this end are pretty standard. However, I'm not very experienced messing around inside computers for all the tips are welcome!
    Really nothing to lose the computer's been written off by its owner in any case - just thought it would be nice to rehabilitate if possible!

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    HM, that only black and white cable sounds like a wireless antenna. To check if this is the case, you should check if on the end of this one thread an orange (or something like) a square is delivered which is then an antenna and should be all over the top of the lcd housing.

    If you're lucky, make a picture about it, place it somewhere on a free imagehoster and post the link here, then maybe I can tell you with certainty what could be exactly the wire.

    See you soon

  • S5-1200z cd door

    Trying to figure out where the black wire (2 pins) on the cover of the cd case connects to my motherboard. The wire

    allows you to open the door of cd case by pressing a button...

    I have a HP Slimeline s5-1200z with an AAHD2-HY(Holly2) motherboard

    Only 2 male pins that I see on the motherboard say LFO, but I can't find any documentation on what

    must be connected to him... don't want to blindly plug it as I don't want anything short.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    That's all... I have connected to the back of the dvd player and that solved the problem... Thank you!

  • Tecra S1 display problem

    Unfortnately my tecra s1 hit the table of coffee on the ground, the screen immediately turned white. When I rebooted there was no display at all (black only)
    The computer works as I plugged on a screen external and that was very good. I tried to follow various troubleshooting guides online showing how to disassemble the laptop and reinstall the connector of the display on the motherboard, but this did not remedy the problem.

    I noticed coming from the display was a big bunch of wires going into a connector that I reinstalled, on the right hand side of the screen is a white and black wire to a connector and a pink wire that seemed to just float, I couldn't not whence he came. Does anyone have ideas on the subject of this thread or other tips that can help me.

    Thanks in advance


    Unfortunately, mate, you won't find any manual disassembly here on the pages of Toshiba. These manuals are not for use public and designed only for the FSA.
    But I think you could google a bit and you should find a few details.

    I think that it is a display problem that I doubt that some loose cables could cause this problem
    In my view, the screen is broken and needs to be replaced
    To do this, you should get in touch with your technician ASP.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A200-1VP - new WiFi card does not work

    Hi all

    I just bought an intel 4965agn wireless card to replace the original card intel 3945abg. I bought the card on ebay, it's a computer dell laptop.

    I installed it (connecting the black wire on pin 2 and the white wire to Terminal 3). The device appears in the device manage correctly without any problem. I installed the latest driver from intel for this card.

    the problem is that no wireless connection cannot be captured. the utility intel built in diagnosis, the card seems to fail the test of material. The section troubleshooting said to check the Device Manager and install the appropriate drivers. I've done it before, so I'm not sure of the problem.

    any ideas?

    Thank you

    Hi ansarali,

    Why you traded a new WLAN draft N card if you can t use it? I want to say that your laptop was only equipped Intel abg card and for standard project you also need 3 antennas and as much as I know Satellite A200 are not equipped with 3 antennas

    In addition, the antenna cables must be connected correctly. This means that you must connect the white cable to the HAND and the black cable to the auxiliary voltage
    Check this box!

  • Card wireless replacement on the Satellite A500D - 11 c

    Excuse me for my English.
    I have a Satellite A500d - 11 c and my wireless card is dead.
    I want to know if the wireless card is connected to the motherboard and if I changed?

    If so, how can I do?



    In the past, I disassembled several Toshiba laptops but not A500. In General, the principle is the same, and you can find the wireless network under the keyboard map. It must be placed enough in the middle. You will recognize easily because the WLAN antenna is connected to the network without WIRE (black wire) card.

    Problem is that the keyboard is fixed with two screws placed at the bottom hidden under the battery.

    If you don t have experience with this sort of thing please don t do anything on your own and ask for professional help.

  • Y580 - white screen of death?

    I recently bought a used Y580. He had 3 USB ports (USB 3.0 I guess) does not screen had stopped coming on or even turning the power on, and an external monitor would work on this subject. When I first turned it on, the Lenovo logo came on the screen for one second and then he went. It was a cold start.

    First, I replaced the screen, which I should have known was not the problem because he came once. No improvement.

    Secondly, I replaced the cable from the monitor, which, again, I should have known was not the problem because he came once.

    That made it worse. Now, when I turn on the machine, the screen has no power for about 20 or 30 seconds. Then he powered away and turns very slowly to the white suit. It's as if the screen is all pixels turn slowly until they are all on, all white. I did two times but decided to turn it off for the sake of fear that I have would be detrimental to the screen.

    Oh, one last thing. When I opened it to the top, I found that someone had already been in the laptop and the right monitor hinge was broken. Screw external incoming in this area would not go out (just spun) and internally, the motherboard was missing a screw from the hinge. Then when I opened the upper part, the hinge support finished braking ripped off and came all the way upward and out of the Assembly section. There is a black wire that goes over there, but it is not connect on the screen in any way that I can see. I was wondering if it was a kind of ground, and when it is completely broken, it caused a problem.

    Any ideas what could cause white screen, it?

    Thank you.



    It turns out that the new screen, I bought was not good. I went back to my original screen, which was good, and of course, the screen now works, I decided.

    NOTE: the original monitor problem does have to do with the monitor cable not being plugged into the motherboard sure enough, that's why it would work briefly, then suddenly the screen turns off, as if she had no power.

    Thanks for the help!


  • improvement of power supply HP 500-164

    try to pass the power supply so I can install a new graphics card on a hp Pavilion 500-164. Need a cable to power additional pcie card. Got a corsair GS800 power went to install but do not have a 4-pin connector for CPU fan cpu on the motherboard connection. is there a cable adapter can get to connect to this processor cpu fan connnector? where can I find one? It has 2 Brown and 2 black wires to it. Not sure if I need a special or not. Thank you

    Thanks I feel stupid that I didn't really look at the connector. Split and it is working fine thanks

  • HP Compaq Desktop 6000 Elite: Replacement DVD-Rom drive with HP DVD + RW/CD-+ RW

    OK, I have a HP 6000 Elite with a DSVD-Rom (Multi Player) drive.  I would like to replace this drive with a model HP DVD + RW / CD + RW #447310-001. Drive TS-H653 410125-501.    Search for cases iside the PC, I find there's black wire to one (1) and a 1 connector with 2 black, a yellow, a red son.   No one knows it is all the cable/connector that is required for the DVD + RW / CD + RW drive market?

    I read where it is a connector cable BLUE on these units.  If so, where I buy this cable?

    Thank you


    Yes, you just put the existing cables from the old dvd drive to the new.  Nothing else is necessary.

    You can consider a used but tested and working one on eBay. Saves a lot of $$$ than buying again at HP.

    When I buy off lease HP business PC that do not come with a DVD - RW drive, that's what I do.

  • Want to 750 - xt 550 (CTO): Desktop problems Bang and Olufsen Sound of 750 - xt HP Envy with the brand-new office

    I bought a new system and it arrived yesterday, in the introduction, I have a 5.1 speakers Creative Labs system (which worked perfectly in my previous HP media center PC) I'm connected (using the catch green, black and Orange on the back of the system).  Using the Bang and Olufsen 'test' feature, I hear from "front speakers' (green connector), the Center and the subwoofer (Orange wire) no sound from the surround speakers (black wire).  The sound is HORRIBLE, roaring, low volume, just horrible.

    If I pass the black cable (surround) at the entrance to white (side speakers) I can hear the sound on the 5 speakers, it's always horrible and very, very disappointing!  I spent over 4 hours on the phone last night with HP Support who told me, in conclusion, that my system does not support sound 5.1, I will be able to use Stero (i.e., the Green connector).  My number is 3023344605, the discussion was just a mess.

    Can somone suggest please how can I get my sound working properly?

    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly post information and series numbers.
    If you are unfamiliar with works as a private of the Forum messages, this post has instructions.

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  • restore C drive

    I think I have a Trojan horse on my computer so I went to restore the drive back to its original State C, but the restore process doesn't let me get 22% in and then crashes. Eventally, it comes with a blue screen and says to hit ok and then themselve

  • Re: Satellite L755-13 q: WLAN N (802.11n) not visible, how to enable it?

    I have a Satellite L755-13 q which is sold with a compatible 802.11n wireless network WLAN but the WLAN n are not detected by my computer.The N-WLAN is detected on another computer. I have driver updates Realtek RTL8188CE since the download from Tosh

  • My SD card reader stop working, no idea how to solve this problem.

    SD card reader worked fine until I tried a new high speed one.  Now computer will not read any SD cards.  I closed the computer and restarted which did not solve the problem.  I have a Pavilion g7-1227 nr notebook PC