BlackBerry 10 new event on lock screen

someone knows how to fix this? his Facebook, but in editing parameters he says same 'birthday reminder' and 'none', but even when his game against zero recall still exists, so what I did I turned off sync and it went away, but now another new event appeared and the funny part at this time is its someone I don't even know , I have no friends under the name of lincoln and his telling me its his birthday in 2 days... need help please this is not a big problem but the fact is, it's his doesn't work how I want it to be.

Thank you


Kevinc88 wrote:

someone knows how to fix this? his Facebook, but in editing parameters he says same 'birthday reminder' and 'none', but even when his game against zero recall still exists, so what I did I turned off sync and it went away, but now another new event appeared and the funny part at this time is its someone I don't even know , I have no friends under the name of lincoln and his telling me its his birthday in 2 days... need help please this is not a big problem but the fact is, it's his doesn't work how I want it to be.

Thank you

I actually just talking about that the other day. Unfortunately, the timing is all or nothing. I have connected, but more deleted contacts from Facebook. I still get alerts on their birthdays. I don't want notifications for each group, only some of them. I decided that I should just disable all this, which has resolved for now. If all goes well at some point in the future, we can select which show people, or at least have more control over the notifications on the lock screen.

Re: your 'friend' Lincoln... do you by chance a calendar with the parties on this subject? Tuesday's (president Abraham) Lincoln's birthday.

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    So how are they here, and what applications of functions do belong to?  How are they useful for me?

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    Looks like they have been added to the screen used for the lock screen background image. Try to change your lock screen background and see if the icons disappear.

    Settings > wallpaper > choose a new wallpaper

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    Any suggestions?

    Hi @raymartin01

    If you disable lock screen Notifications, your device will always show your next appointment on calendar on the lock screen, but it will show no details, he'll just tell next event

    The other icons that appear and show the number of unread notifications and emails you always appears if this setting is disabled, BUT they cannot be used to view the details.

    Does that help? Thank you!

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    Hello Ganesh

    1. I use local windows account.

    2. all the icons on the login page is disable. So I can't use power option in the lower right of the login screen.

    3. when I contact the manufacturer of the computer, they said to the only option is "OS to load again" and then I lose all data.

    But, my problem is now solved with another technique.  I want to share. Then someone else get help.

    1 shut down your system.

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    -In my case, I installed a jdk latest software last weekend while I had the old version of the jdk (I was not aware of his presence) and that caused the problem in the end of this week.

    - So, if you install software that is already present in your system. (be it in the previous version)
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    -I would suggest Microsoft; In window 8 it must be provided some warning if someone tries to install software that is already present in the system. So this problem cannot arise.

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    You can have it on your ray bya any official method

    But those informal requiring root access

  • BlackBerry Smartphones new icon on the screen

    Hi all

    recently, I noticed a new icon/symbol on my screen when I have a call in progress. I have never seen this.  He appears in the upper right of the current call screen and looks like a rectangle with 5 points of diagnal inside the rectangle.  any ideas?  I tried to understand.  I'm stuck. Help!

    Looks like you have the opportunity to improve call lit. Check that, by going to your phone icon, click the menu button and go in the Options. From there, go to the General Options. See if you have the choice, called "enhance call Audio ' or ' enhance headset call Audio. If so, change the settings to normal.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones new icon on the screen circle - yellow with white lines with a 1 next to it - what is it please?


    News to hear so please bear with me...

    I had my blackberry for about a month and a new icon has appeared (alongside the message icon where normally). It shows a '1' next to a yellow circle with white lines through it... I have the feeling that it's to do with e-mail, but don't know what it is or how to get rid of it... I have no new messages to read...

    your help would be much appreicated.


    Check your browser or WAP push messages.

    Messages folder > Options > folders, and then search for in your WAP push and push browser files.

    Read and erase the message.

  • Passport for blackBerry lock screen stuck

    my passport for blackberry is blocked on the lock screen and does not allow me to enter my password once it comes to enter the characters appearing on the screen keyboard. I tried to restart and reset the phone via the volume and power buttons, but he returned to the same scene. the device doesn't erase itself after more than 10 wrong attempts (since for some reason it does not pass number 6) nor possible to do the same thing with USB connection through link blackberry because I can not enter a password sort (link suggestion does not work due to either the phone was bought on amazon , but on the product support once the PIN code is entered the system responds that this is NOT AN AMAZON PURCHASE. So basically with a new phone (just 3 months) no support what so ever?

    I want to be sure, I understand. You are able to slide up and reveal the password input box. Is this correct? I had the problem (no passport) where dragging up does nothing. But slide up in your case works, to the point where you can not enter the password characters that require you to use the software keyboard. What is the situation?

    As far as being stick to 6 incorrect entries, it's probably safety device that requires the user to enter the blackberry before the device allows the user to try again the password.

  • BlackBerry 10 lock screen Notifications

    I use a Blackberry "BOLD" on BB 10 OS ( and have the following problem... I don't want to get notifications on my screen lock... no messages to display a preview, no icon informing me of a new message. I just want to see my messages by going to the application or the Blackberry hub.

    Under settings, I already turned off notifications... also on some applications that all notifications have been disabled, and I have also disabled all notifications in the settings of the lock screen. I restarted my phone and there's always some icons mail, Linked In, Whatsapp, demonstrating the existence of a new message.

    Is there anything to make them disappear... it is really annoying that I can't get rid of him.

    Help, please...

    Thank you


    Ok thank you. The way I understand it, is that you can control how these icons (for example, to view a list of new things, or do nothing), but you cannot remove them from the display on the lock screen. In the configuration you describe, all they do is you say there is something new in these applications... but with the locked screen, there is no way to see more details.

    It's just how it works.

  • BlackBerry Torch 9810 Smartphones: how to "lock" screen when not in use

    Hi all.
    New Blackberry owner here.  I don't see anywhere in the manual (or parameters) how to "lock" screen when you use do not (so as to not buttons pushed when I put it in my pocket). I prefer not having to wait at the minimum 10 seconds for the screen to turn off - and even in this case, I do not know how to walk AWAY from it.  A lot of 'butt dialing' and launch apps when I don't want him!
    Please let me know how manually to "lock" screen.
    Thank you


    If I remember, it has a lock button on the top of the unit.

  • BlackBerry Q5 display on lock screen wallpaper will not change (with aprental controls off-road and without)

    The following took place in my quest to solve the meanless screen too high.  That's why I serched for several Blackberry World and internet screen savers.

    At some point, I downloaded a wallpaper of the internet where I have the image itself has been doenloaded in images and from there I clicked it and got options to use as paper screen wallpaper and wall of a lock.

    Later, I found the other wallpaers and succeeded him.  However, it has not changed the lock screen wallpaper.

    I did it with the parental control is turned off.  Later, when I changed the wallpaper that's not going away from the lock screen, the icons were changed and new wallpaper was left out leaving a black background.

    But this process has not changed the lock screen.

    I deleted the uploaded image independent of photos and the lock screen still shows the wallpaper I'm changing.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, I've thought about it.  It's the fact that the original file was set as wallpaper screen and lock of bot.  I changed just walpapers thanks walpaper software added to the Q5.

  • Lock screen classic classic blackBerry

    I have a classic about 3 months now and have regularly used the password lock screen during these periods, but the other day, it does not recognize my password! So, two or three don't attempts later still no joy and now left me with 7 chances before erasing total due! To search as there may be a problem, I continued until he had received 6/10 but now won't this number what I do. I typed "blackberry" as requested, then tried same but followed by passwords etc. Still no joy. Since then tried to contact warehouse of car online and telephone phone as point was purchsed online with live - so you don't have to go to one of it stores because ther are not interested I got the most Almighty fiasco trying to get a sense out of anybody reclassification this question. The phone is turned on with EA which I am very happy with a 24 month contract, but they are the airtime provider are lying to help with the services of material. After trying same contact Blackberry by phone and mail is close so impossible.

    I am extremely disappointed with this ridiculous service so far and currently have complaints to CPW who are about to be advanced legal advise next week if they don't get the law ther together!

    Does anyone know how to bring this matter the point of erasure of data that I have no problem with it, as this can be programmed again--but I feel Traoré is a fault now rather than a condition or a minor technical problem - as they say in the manual you need to access data reset to clear it before the handset works and I simply can't!

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    At this point, I would recommend that you use a browser of the computer/internet and newspapers in the website to protect using BBID credentials that are associated with the device (note carefully that this is NOT the same as your device lock password). Once you are there, you should see a selection that will allow you to try to change remote password locking device to something else, I hope that something that you can type successfully on the device to unlock.

    There is no way to bypass the password lock... None. Quite simply, you must find a way to type it correctly. It is in terms that you can not past 6 attempt, however... you must type blackberry successfully in order to continue. There is no alternative.

    Failing that, you should be able to use the website protect your device remote wipe, but note that you still have problems later if, for example, is your keyboard malfunctioning.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Priv resend message with double tap on the lock screen

    The Priv I just got a weird problem that I have no idea how do I turn off.

    When I get a notification to an email on my lock screen and I double tap , it goes to my home screen and does not open the message. Instead, it actually returns email to all people from my address. he does not, he resends and makes it look as if I sent the original.

    Several colleagues of mine mentioned that they see the results of my double tap, which is not good.

    Has anyone seen this? How in the world can get rid of this weird feature?

    Thank you!

    Solved. I redownloaded and updated hub and blackberry services. Now, it doesn't seem to be a problem.

    Thank you!

  • Hello from blackBerry Smartphones. Message on the lock screen.

    Hello, everyone

    When I configure: Option-> display-> Message on the lock screen:

    Maxim of vita

    Innate pharma SA

    + 330430303030

    [email protected]

    When I lock my Blackberry with the button at the bottom, this information does not appear on my screen...

    I need to configure-> password safe-> activate... If I want this information.

    My Blackberry Bold 9700 displays this information without setting up the security-> password-> activate...

    Thank you.

    Yes, I think, os - 7.0.0.xx cannot display message on the lock screen if pasword not set.

    same with mine

  • Classic BlackBerry lock screen button does not lock screen by say (takes 45 sec)

    I'm having a problem where when I press the "Lock Screen" button on the top of the unit, the screen will Dim (as it should), but if I can operate the unit and sliding upward it opens without requiring a password to enter.

    Is it possible to set this so that when you click on the lock screen button it blocks actually screen and requires the password to enter when he wakes up and slide up on the device?

    Note: I have a set device password and locking the device after is set to 1 minute and screen time set to 30 seconds.

    I timed and tested it and it appears awaits device ~ 45 seconds before asking for the password, I guess that's a convienence parameter but is there a way to to that when you click on lock it locks and requires the password to access again?

    To lock the unit immediately without having to wait for the locking mechanism after the value, press in and hold the locking button, then selecting Lock.

    I'll pass along your comments, well on the added option "lock the device and request the password if you press the key for.

    Thank you!

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