BlackBerry 10 password remove for development mode

Is it possible to be in development mode and have not created a password? Z10 is my primary phone, and it annoys me that I have the password on every time I'm in development mode. I'll be in dev without password mode? It would be a little easier my life


Hello BojanKogoj,

Thank you for your question. There is unfortunately no way to support to have your device in development mode without having a defined password.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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  • Contacting palm to see if palm pre developer mode to the guarantee

    Have an e-mail address for palm to contact them. I really don't want to pay this question and I found a chat irc for palm room, but no one is, never. I looked up and down but still nothing.

    It does not void the warranty. I have my pre in this mode as well. Basically make it so you can install beta apps that you create or if you test a developer it allows to install it and test it.

    Also if you do a partial erase on the device it removes it developer mode if this is the cause of any technical problems you may have with the device. More so, just like you got the unit out of the box.

  • Is - this developer mode unlock empty guarantee?

    I just talked to sprint and they said it was upward, Palm and I looked around for the anwser online but haven't found anything together does anyone know?

    Thanks in advance

    thepoeta15 wrote:

    It does not void the warranty. I have my pre in this mode as well. Basically make it so you can install beta apps that you create or if you test a developer it allows to install it and test it.

    Also if you do a partial erase on the device it removes it developer mode if this is the cause of any technical problems you may have with the device. More so, just like you got the unit out of the box.

  • Z10 blackBerry development mode


    When I go into Settings/Security/Development mode, I can:

    • activate this,
    • specify an IP address for the development,
    • install a token "debug".

    (if I translate well to the french).

    Could someone tell me more about these options?

    Is there a security problem if I try and install the debugging token?

    The token lets connect you the phone via ssh (among a few other things.)  You don't always have root access on the same phone with installed.

    With mode on you can sideload apps debugging, but they must always be signed (by someone with a BlackBerry Developer certificate, which could be you.)  Without development mode on the phone will not allow direct loading of applications via the interface USB at all.

    For purposes of sldeloading, there is no need to install the debugging token.

  • I get the blue screen in the LR development mode, even though I have updated the driver for the graphics card on this new laptop. It's an AMD Radeon R5 M335 4 GB memory DDR3, core i7 6th gen processor. What should do?

    Hi guys, I get the blue screen in the LR development mode, even though I have updated the driver for the graphics card on this new laptop. It's an AMD Radeon R5 M335 4 GB memory DDR3, core i7 6th gen processor. What should do? Thank you

    This Eizo has a normal resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. I expect not to see a lot of benefits of using the GPU. You really see the advantage to screens that are at least 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) or more. On small screens, you can see some benefits with smoother updates if you ONLY use the base sliders to develop. If you use brushes, turning on the GPU can actually slow you down a bit. In most cases, loading images in develop is also slower when you activated! There are a few illustrative notes to an engineer from Adobe that you can read here: notes for Lightroom CC GPU (2015) in order to better understand what is happening. Currently, in most cases, I recommend leaving off the coast. I think that Adobe is trying to improve and have more cards supported, but it is not yet completely there.

  • Reset password for developer


    From time to time, I have to change my password to APEX development. How can I change so that I never need to reset it, or at least to increase the time between resets?

    Thank you


    The apex_admin application, navigate to home > manage Service > Security and set a value in the life of password of account field (days) that meets your requirements. For example, to allow the passwords go unchanged for 12 years, enter 4383.


  • BlackBerry - lost password code signing

    Could someone recover password lost for the signatory to the code? The PDF provides links to a support email where nobody has the faintest idea how to do that?

    No chance, someone of you found any help on the site of bb or service customer? It has been a month since I've been chasing these people for one simple password reset question.

    This is an old thread... but since it's one of the first results in a Google search, I wanted to bring an answer here.

    It is not possible to recover your password for BlackBerry Code signing keys.  However, you can choose a new if you reinstall your keys.  The first thing you need to do is to order a new set of keys (free) using the form below.

    Before installing your keys, find and delete the files below that will be present in the various BlackBerry development tools installation directories (location varies by tool).


    sigtool. CSK

    sigtool. Set

    You will now be able to install your new CSI files and choose a new password.

  • Otherwise for development if there is no java API?

    Hi, expert,

    Right now, we are trying to find out if we can set password policies, configure vpn profiles and configure the email on blackberry programmatically accounts.

    To establish password policies, it is confirmed that there is no API: .

    To set up e-mail, I saw this: and Say that there is no API to do.

    for the VPN profile this post receives no answer.  And this post said that it has no API to configure the VPN profile.

    So it doesn't look good at all. Just wonder if there is another way if there is no java api for development. There are some sellers who could really do more, as this company:, they could enforce the policies of the Exchange.

    I could think of is to use EventInjection of our application in e-mail blackberry UI configuration (which we would try to start as well). Not sure about good password policies.

    It would be really appreciated if someone points or thoughts for research which will seek us in future investigations.  Y at - it all unpublished API rim including some seller access to the (for example,

    I will close this thread because it seems that it is no other way to do this if there is not java API.

  • BlackBerry smartphone password reset after the end of support

    I have no more phone support.

    My old password does not work.

    I can't get my ID blackberry for work.

    I want to just this device to open.

    This means that you have your employers device, they have you removed from their network and forced a new password to you. You can call to ask what is the password.

    BUT, probably, their intention to reset the password is for you to do a wipe of the device security so that none of the persistent employer email, data, etc., remain on this device.

    After clearing security, you end up with essentially a new, fresh, device with no previous, ready to install as a personal device data.

    Read this article from RIM's Knowledge Base to reset your device to factory settings.
    KB18998 How to reset a factory default BlackBerry smartphone

    See the article in the Knowledge Base RIM here for more information about how to remove an it strategy. See method 3 in the link:

    KB14202 How to remove a policy from IT to a BlackBerry smartphone

  • How to find the password lost for asminester.

    find password lost for adminestrater. I'm Medallion out of my computer because I lost the pass word.please help me adminestrator


    You can try to remove your password by following these instructions.

    1. Safe boot mode.
    2. Sign in with the built-in Administrator account.
    3. Open the start menu, click your user account picture.
    4. Click on manage another account.
    5. Click on your account you want to remove the password.
    6. Click Remove password. Confirm the changes.
    7. Now, you will be able to log on to your user account.

    NOTE: You must create the password reset disk after you open a session to avoid losing access to your account.

  • Developer Mode error: outdated., the xxAM.xxVO1 view object contained no trace. The records displayed may have been deleted, or the current record of the view object is not properly initialized.

    Hi all

    I'm creating a Maunal search page.

    To do this, I created a view based on a custom display object.

    Page contains 2 parameters.

    If I give all settings and click the OK button.

    It gives the following error.

    Developer Mode error: outdated data

    This page contains outdated information. This error could have been caused by the use of the buttons of the browser (the browser back button, for example). If the browser navigation buttons were not used, this error may result from coding errors in the application code. Please check press the back button on the browser developer guide - view primary key object comparison section to review the main cause of this error and correct the mistakes of coding.

    The view BLTrinDisplayAM.ViewVO1 object did not contain any record. The records displayed may have been deleted, or the current record of the view object is not properly initialized.

    To visit, please click on the Home link at the top of the application page to return to the main menu. Next, go to this page using the app's navigation controls (menu, links and so on) rather than use the controls of the browser as rear or front.

    If I don't give any parameter and click go Button.The content of the view are displayed.

    So if I pass all parameters and click Go, then the corresponding record is displayed.

    Why, for the first time, if I give the parameter and click Go, obsolete data error is coming?

    Please help me.

    Grateful for your help!


    You use the object of the view for the search criteria and search results fields.

    I suggest you to remove references of VO fields of search criteria, item1 and item2.

    And in the event of the button 'Go' in the processFormRequest, get the criteria for field values entered by the user as below and run the object (ViewVO1) of the view by using these values.

    String buCode = pageContext.getParameter ("item1");

    String lsiCode = pageContext.getParameter ("item2");

    Thank you

  • How can I delete a combination login/password individual for one Web site? (Android)

    Let's say I have use a hotspot with a Web portal to connect to it on a regular basis (in my case, hotsplots). Connections are valid only for a certain period of time, so after a while, I need a new login and password. FF (latest version of Android, current Nexus 4) recorded it for me, but after a while, the drop-down list with all the login/password combinations took so long, it's hard to remember that it is the active connection and soon the list is longer as the size of the screen allows. I don't see a way to remove a login/password unique for an individual site, google search gave no results to my surprise. Please let me know if there is a case for bugzilla, I'd be happy of the present.

    True, but it is a workaround - and since some data private revelations are not as confidential as it may seem, I am hesitant to install third-party applications. I'll mark this as resolved issue and request a feature to the dev team - thank you.

  • Password lost for Satellite Pro 6100?

    Password lost for satellite pro 6100.


    You hear the BIOS password?

    If Yes, then you ve you have a problem because the BIOS password can be removed on the simply average.
    As far as I know the special procedure is needed to remove the old BIOS password.
    You will need to contact the ASP in your country. The technician can help you.


  • Chromebox: developer mode chromebox

    I recently bought a HP chromebox to use a kiosk application. However, to completely install the kiosk application in the way I need to, I need to switch to developer mode.  In accordance with the instructions that I have to

    To call the developer/restore mode, you insert a paperclip and press the RESET BUTTON (just beside the kensington lock) and press the power button. Release the RESET BUTTON after a second.

    Mode Dev first call you the recovery and to the recovery screen, press Ctrl-D (there is no prompt - must be made). It will ask you to confirm by pressing the reset BUTTON again.

    Dev-mode works as always: it will show the scary start screen and press Ctrl-D or wait 30 seconds for initialization.

    However, when I do this the box does not send any video signal to my HDMI screen so I am completely in the dark as to what is happening, if anything. I tried with a wired USB keyboard and a USB wireless keyboard, same result: nothing seems to happen.

    Who has an idea to switch to developer mode on thisHP chromebox? (Not a chromebook)

    Hi @StephanvR,

    Steps performed by you to switch to Dev Mode seems to be OK.

    As you mentioned that you have connected the display via HDMI and there is no display.

    Therefore, you can try to connect to display Port (DP) and check if there are any screen.

    I hope that answers your question.

    I am an employee of HP, the views expressed here are my personal opinions, not HP.

    Make it easier for others to find solutions, marking my answer "Accept as Solution" if it solves your problem.

    Click the "Thumbs up" button to the left side of my post to recognize the message *.

  • Not able to run standalone LabVIEW RT application cRIO (works well in development mode)

    Strange question.

    I'm trying to deploy an application of RT to a controller for cRIO-9074.  I developed the application in development mode and everything works and seems to be being debugged.  However, when I try to build and to deploy the application as the startup, the application seems to start running, then stop cold (based on the CPU usage as described in the Distribution System Manager OR).  At this point, I can't debug because the application is stopped (no updated variable).

    The problem seems to be related to the NI_AALPro.lvlib library, because if I turn off the function polynomial evaluation, the code will compile and start fine.  I'm tempted to recreate the necessary functions and create my own library, but I prefer to find the problem and fix it rather than re-create the wheel...

    Is it possible that the library badly uploaded to the controller?  If so, is it possible to force the appropriate library to be transferred to the controller?

    Thanks for any help.


    Thanks for the reply.

    I think I solved the problem.  For some strange reason, the functions inside the NI_AALPro.lvlib were not available on the cRIO at run time when the application tried to run in stand-alone mode.  I ended up adding the library to the section to always include the source files tab in build specification and the program runs now.  I'm not sure what it is, but it works.

    Thank you Morgan of NOR.

    Kind regards

    Big Ev

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