BlackBerry 8703 to 8330 smartphones

I had a Blackberry 8703 which of my contact list on my office would be to dial an extension of contacts if the person had a clicking on the roller on the answering machine phone line wheel. Very nice when you drive. Is it possible to set up on my new 8330?

Re-read my post above. It's pretty self-explanatory.

I'll try again:

1. New Contact.

2. highlight a phone number entry box.

3. Enter the main number of the company.

4. tap on Menu

5. tap on add WAIT (you will see a symbol in the dial entered string to represent the waiting)

6. Enter the extension number.

7. Press menu.

8. SAVE.

When you dial this number, the call will dial the main number and then wait FOR you to press a key to continue the numbering name extension.

Good luck.

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  • BlackBerry BB Curve 8330 Smartphones and Palm Tungsten E2 - sync and use the Office to

    I have a new BB Curve 8330.

    Before I used a cell and a Palm Tungsten E2.

    I managed to export/import data from Palm to BB (via Microsoft Outlook).

    I thought that the Blackberry will be delivered with its software for calendar/contacts/tasks - but I see only synchronize with Outlook.

    I want to continue to use the Palm Desktop software and sync it on Blackberry.

    It seems that it's not possible.

    Is it?

    I have the habit of the Palm E2 and never used Outlook before. I like the features of Palm but BB does not work with it. Why does this work?

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!



    You will not be able to use the Palm and Blackberry at the same time. BB does the synchronization only with Outlook. But the good news is that Palm will also sync with Outlook. If nothing is lost.

    Sync the Palm to Outlook, and then synchronize the Blackberry to Outlook. Continue to use Outlook. You will have no need of the Palm is useless since once you have all the info in your Blackberry.

    The functionality that a single out of the BB, it's that you don't have a portable documents, as it is in the Palm. I hope that manufacturers will think about fixing that in a couple of new editions to come.

    I love my Blackberry and it is easy to forget that it is so different from the Palm.

    If you like your Palm and can not get used to the BB then I suggest you get a Palm of Cingular ATT phone.

    is much larger that the Curve 8330 I have.

    I love my BB Curve 8330.

    I've learned it's pretty fast and I gave my cousin my Palm E2.

    Now, everything depends on how fast learner you are and how open you are to new.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry - new user 8330 Smartphones help

    New on the bbery, new to the forum, but I read a little and appreciate what the community is doing. I figured out how to sync my BlackBerry gmail account, but I'm frustrated that I get messages and email in mail.  I have an icon for my gmail account - e:mails appear well - and another icon for messages, I thought would be SMS and voicemail notifications, but the e:mails are appearing there as well.  It is not only redundant, it's boring.  Is it possible to keep the e: mails limited to e-mail icon and ask them to not appear in the messages icon?

    Thank you.  Wasn't the answer I was looking for, but you answered my question. ;-)   More important still, I found another icon - there is a separate for SMS/MMS, which is basically exactly what I need.  Thank you!

  • BlackBerry bold Curve 8330 smartphones

    I was wondering if there are two LEDs of different color on the device. Mine is only to show a red light, but I was wondering if there is another color. Thanks in advance!

    In the BlackBerry device, there are 4 types of LED indiateur (light). LED means Light Emitting Diode. The light flashes in different colours to offer different notifications to the BlackBerry user.

    Flashes RED

    The light flashes red when you have messages inbound/waiting communication on your phone - new call call/gaps, new BlackBerry Messenger message, new SMS, new email, etc.

    Flashing GREEN
    Light coverage. This lets you know that you are connected to a network.
    If you want to disable the green light blinks, go to Options > keyboard/screen and turn cover seeing off.

    Flashing BLUE

    Lets you know that your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device such as a Bluetooth headset.

    Flashing YELLOW

    Plug it! A flashing yellow light means that it is time to recharge your BlackBerry that you are running low on battery.

  • Tellme for blackBerry for the 8330 Smartphones Microsoft

    Can someone tell me if it works on my phone or when the updates for this model may be available?  I was with my kids this weekend and they have on their phones - beautiful - application?

    The sad is if you have Verizon. It won't work because they have the GPS locked!

  • BlackBerry Curve 8330 Smartphones memory?

    General question... What is the capacity of the hard disk of the Curve 8330?  I can't find the specification anywhere, I was wondering how much data it can hold.  Appreciate any info you can share!


    There is no hard drive on modern smartphones. It's a Flash drive.
    On the Curve 8330, the internal memory is written on spec for the Curve series page: 96 MB, C221, S2

    memory internal, also known under the name of the memory of the device. It has these uses:

    • keep the BONES (can handle up to 40MB)
    • Ordinary things to work RAM
    • wear of all applications and their data
    • store multimedia files (bad idea)

    In addition, you have the 'memory card': a slot for a microSD card / microSDHC card. You can put a card as big as you want, but according to the version of your operating system, your device will see only a part of it. There is an article on the database of knowledge of the public about the limits. For a 4.2.2 the limit is 4 GB. For a 4.5, it is much much more.

  • BlackBerry 8330 smartphones used to synchronize with Outlook

    When hang on my Curve 8330 to my cell phone synchronization does not work. I get no error messages either.  I don't have this problem until I installed Blackberry theme Builder.  I had to uninstall the Desktop Manager so that the theme generator complete installation.  NOT worth to install, incidentally.  Generator theme uninstalled, reinstalled Desktop Manager, uninstalled, reinstalled, etc..  No chance it to synchronize.  Verizon could not solve the problem either, by sending me a new device.  Don't know if it's a problem of device or a laptop.

    Desktop Manager version 5.0.1

    Curve 8330 os

    Verizon Wireless

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Okie dokie... now try these:

    • KB10178 No data is synchronized during the synchronization of data using BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and there is no errors
    • KB01451 How to enable Sync advanced logging if a wired synchronization fails
    • KB11827 Intellisync does not synchronize information on the BlackBerry smartphone and does not display an error message

    and see if something happens to be useful.

    See you soon!

  • Problem of appointment blackBerry 8330 Smartphones?

    Hi all

    My wife and I just got an 8330, and we have a problem.  I can make an appointment in my calendar, but I don't seem to be able to understand how to send the appointment on the phone to my wife while we will know both what is happening.  I'm pulling what I left little hair.  This should not be difficult, and I must just be missing something.  HELP PLEASE!  Thanks in advance...

    On Outlook, it is just in the appointment under the topic and the site window. But I don't speak of Blackberry.

    When you are in the calendar and create a new appointment:

    1. first line is being
    2. second line is the location
    3. Press the Menu key and select the line "invite participants".

    It is a basic use of the Blackberry; I urge you to read the getting started guide that was provided in your box of bladckberry. You will discover how to capture the power of this small handheld computer. You can also read the help on your Blackberry.

    For example: Calendar app > help > meetings > schedule a meeting

    gives you all the information you need to book an appointment with your wife.

  • BlackBerry Curve 8330 Smartphone saves files in the device memory

    I am an experienced BlackBerry user and currently have a 8330.  I have a micro-SD 4 GB installed and no matter how many times I select 'save on the memory card media', after a few days or an unknown event, the unit will automatically return to the option 'save the media in the device memory.  Sounds like a software problem, then I want to see if anyone else has had the issue.

    Well, there is no problem in the database. My thought is to return the service directories and update the device options. The next would be to charge your device OS.


  • Bb user new blackBerry Curve 8330 Smartphones help with installation of the Email

    I can't understand this. "I have a new 8330 and when I go into the configuration Email options I have 2 options: I want to use a professional email with Blackberry Enterprise Server account" and I want to ignore the e-mail configuration. Shouldn't there be an option to configure an existing e-mail account? I want my Outlook of email to pass on to my BB, but can't seem to find a way to do it. I have setup a BIS account which seems to be configured correctly. I use Desktop manager 4.6 and Outlook 2007 HELPPpp please... It seems there is no option in Fund Manager to implement. And when I set up the synchronization options, it only shows the calendar (which works)

    To configure your email go to your phone via the Blackberry Internet Service, there are really only two options: 1) the installer of your phone; or (2) the installer through the website of your mobile phone service provider.  From your phone, search for "Setting up Internet E-Mail" icon, select and it will take you through the steps until the establishment of consumer email.  If you don't see this icon, go to main Menu > Options > Advanced Options > host Routing Table, press the menu key to the left of your trackball and select "register now".  Pull your battery, wait a few seconds and pop and then reconnecting, which should automatically start the phone.  If the icon is not there, contact your mobile phone service provider, because it cannot be fully implemented in their system yet.

    If you try to set up the email on the Blackberry Desktop Manager and you see an 'E-mail settings' icon, and then you installed the BES, not the version BIS of the BB Desktop Manager and you will need to uninstall and reinstall the software.  The key is to choose the second option, the installation options that is for BRI.

    I hope that helps!

  • BlackBerry sync MS Outlook 2007 e-mail with Curve 8330 smartphones

    I am a rookie in Blackberry... Can someone explain please how to sync wireless my emails in MS Outlook 2007 office with my new Blackberry Curve 8330? I have the email all the settings and get very well on both devices, but if I delete an e-mail to one or the other, they are so inconsistent. Treo used to do this. What is Blackberry? I use a pop thanks e-mail account!

    Email reconciliation is not possible on a personal configuration of the BIS account.

    You can synchronize the address book, memos, calendar and tasks via USB > Desktop Manager.

    You need BES for the wireless.

  • The blackBerry 8330 Smartphone why not connect to Internet?

    I just bought a BB 8330 Telus Mobility and for some reason any that it is said that it is not connected for the Web or email, even if it was yesterday.  Is there a setting that I may be changed by mistake?

    With the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

  • BlackBerry 8330 Smartphones do not push my GMAILS on the phone? something is wrong - please help - I've tried everything!

    PROBLEM: My 8330 don't push my gmails on the phone. I get messages from 1 of 4 pushed towards the phone. I have re-sent service books, I deleted and added gmail to my bb (thru BIS). I deleted the gmail off my outloook as well from my PC.

    I downloaded GMAIL to Google blckberry and that works, but I like my gmail to combine in my Inbox.

    I need a blackberry on this expert help.

    Support VERIZON was not able to solve this problem.

    In ADDITION the filter of gmail for duplicate messages does not work on my blackberry, which means that the messages I send on or my BB back immediately as duplicates.

    I got 10 blackberry so I am not novice, Please HELP!

    It's so frustrating!

    Thank you in advance!


    I'll try what you did... entirely delete the account of the BIS Gmail account.

    - Then on your BB, Options > Advanced > Service books. Remove ALL instances of your Gmail email account there.

    -With the BlackBerry device powered time, remove the battery a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    -Then add the Gmail account to your configuration of BIS. And click on send Service directories while you're there.

    HOWEVER, I would do nothing of this earlier, as there are currently this morning a RIM BIS account integration power outage, or downtime. Wait a few hours until that which is cleared up.

  • BlackBerry blackberry Curve 8330 Smartphones windows live

    Hi all, I am new to the world of blackberry, only had mine for 1 week.  The question I need to know is I have a blackberry curve 8330, it came with messenger blackberry on this, but I don't really like it, so I don't know if I'm wrong, but I put windows live for blackberry on this... seems to work very well, now that I have it now I wonder if I should have done it, I could have problems on the road.

    Thanks, that helps.

  • Memory card blackBerry 8330 Smartphone

    I have a 8330 that plug a micro SD memory card.  However, I'm considering a micro sdhc card.  No problem in the 8330 with the large capacity memory card?  Or should I stay with the base sd card?

    I didn't use microSDHC in my pocket, but of different forum, I learned that micro SDHC will work in BB. But officially suite is the details on the support of memory-

    Maximum Media Support depends on the version of the device software you are using.

    BlackBerry Device Software Media card size limit

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.0 up to 2GB

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.1 up to 4 GB

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.2 up to 4 GB

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.3.0 up to 8GB

    All are microSD.

Maybe you are looking for