BlackBerry App Dropbox classic Blackberry does not

Anyone else having problems with Dropbox displays only not the files in the file manager... I use Classic Blackberry, it worked and now it has stopped. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling of dropbox.


Hello! Wanted to just chime and confirm that this problem has been resolved yesterday. Thank you!

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  • Why blackberry does not support flash?

    Why blackberry does not support flash?

    We do it.


    You can activate it in the browser via the settings menu. As you have probably heard talk, Flash is going by the wayside in favor of a successful solution of non IE: etc. of audio/video/Web HTML.

  • My photo booth app [version8.0 (806)] does not work. Sometimes, shows a message saying: "there is no camera connected" and others shows just a black or white screen. I can't do anything about it.

    My photo booth app [version8.0 (806)] does not work. Sometimes, shows a message saying: "there is no camera connected" and others shows just a black or white screen. I can't do anything about it.

    More than likely your MBP has a hardware problem that cannot be properly addressed at an Apple store genius bar.

    You can try to reinstall an OSX, but I doubt if that will be successful.


  • app store for Windows does not not om my pc

    my store work stopped windows it opens and then closes it self unexpected

    0116ER wrote:

    my store work stopped windows it opens and then closes it self unexpected


    Please follow this tutorial quickly to solve the problem:

    Difficulty Apps Store and tiles does not work or answers in Windows 8 and 8.1



  • Cannot update apps. Impossible to reach on the adobe servers. What continues? Its bad enough I have to rent the apps now and it does not work yet. Ive turned off the firewall and my internet connection works perfectly. How to upgrade my applications?

    Cannot update apps. Impossible to reach on the adobe servers. What continues? Its bad enough I have to rent the apps now and it does not work yet. Ive turned off the firewall and my internet connection works perfectly. How to upgrade my applications?

    Hey, if the problem has finally been fixed! I thought you would like to know the solution.

    Select Preferences - network - system - advanced - DNS network - click + symbol - Type - Ok - apply.

    That's all. Works perfectly now. Very much appreciate your help, thank you.

  • BlackBerry smartphone App World and Facebook does not!

    After the operating system update - My Facebook and AppWorld does not give the error "you do not have a sufficient wireless coverage or your connection to the wireless network is turned off" - App World... "You are currently on a service plan that does not support its application. If you want to use this application, please contact your service provider to upgrade your data Plan "-Facebook..." But my phone is connected to a working Wifi - Twitter App and browser work well

    Ereeamazing wrote:
    Not connected

    No BBM service on the device... a quick search of the forums here would have told you, since you're "Great contributor", you need to know how to search the forums for others solved same issues you encounter.

    On your BlackBerry device, go to:

    1. on OS5 devices: Options > advanced > host Routing Table > Menu > register.

    On OS6 devices: Options > device > advanced > host Routing Table
    2 send your service from your carrier's BIS site books:
    Of your handheld:

    Go to the Personal Email Set Up icon and sign. Then under help!, select Service books and select send service Books.From your desktop PC: American carriers - scroll to select your carrier
    Carriers worldwide - find your operator from the list

    3. with the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart. This restart, even if you have already done this, is often necessary to install the service books.

  • Applications for Smartphones blackBerry does not download with the bb app world

    I just got a new bb bold 9780. I get errors when I try to download apps. I've deleted and reinstalled world app bb twice, and that did not help. I am able to look for apps and click Download, then I get a series of errors:

    1. sometimes it is just about starting to download for hours/days

    2 legal, I get an error that says: this application not available for download on the bb app world (I even got this error when you try to download an update for the bb app world! lol)

    3. sometimes, I get an error message saying cannot connect to the bb app world, please check your connection

    My connection is good, as I can browse the internet without problem. There isn't any app problem individual because I have tried several apps.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    So, I found the solution!

    Basically it seems to be a problem in the world of bbapp. I know that I was using the right email and password I used several times to download new applications. This combination is no longer works somehow. To solve the problem simply:

    Sign up for a new world bbapp ID!

    That's all! You will need to use a new email address, so it's annoying, but it works.

    It's a very simple solution!

    The old e-mail/password combination is in no. man s land. Can't explain this part. Also, I can't explain why it didn't come with an error when I enter the password it is not working. It shows that I have registered, it just does not allow me to download anyting.

    In any case, can't complain too much because it's Aussie a simple solution.

    good luck to all!

    If you don't know how to register for a new BBappworld ID do the following:

    -Click on the bbappworld icon

    -Select the icon of my world

    -Click on the button of menu while in my world

    -Select disconnect

    -Select the icon for my new world

    -Scroll down to create a BlackBerry ID.

    That's all!

  • BlackBerry Smartphone App World reset password does not

    I have a user who has forgotten his password app world. Bein the BES admin, she came to me to get it fixed.

    When I try what she thinks, it is the answer to the question of the challenge of the app world login screen, it says it is incorrect.

    I can connect to the blackberry website and send a password reset e-mail to his address, the site says he sent it but no email came.  It has been so far a half hour.

    She uses app world 3, a latest today.

    Can anyone help me to reset his password?

    According to KB, it does not have the issue of the challenge... and is specially designed for the situation where the question of the challenge is not known. Now, that said, I actually did all of the steps in this KB, but it says nothing about the question of the challenge at all...

  • Z30 Z30 blackBerry does not load unless it is rebooted and does not connect to the link

    My Z30 will load only if it is connected to an AC charger and the Z30 is restarted. My Z30 does not connect to my PC via USB. My Z30 running OS I did a soft reset (how I learned that it charges a restart), and recently completed a wipe of the device security. I bought the phone on October 5, 2014, and now is not working today. My dealer I come to, their store policy is only good for 30 days after purchase and referred me to go look at the manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is for 1 year. I just went this year a few weeks ago. Doubly upset right now!

    Hmmm... except maybe Pinterest, it is difficult to infer any specific causal event of this sequence; I hope that you have already tried to remove this app to see if things have improved. But before more destructive measures, please run the BBVE on the device to see if it provides any useful information:

    Also, that you take a LINK backup in order to recover? For example, if you know your configuration selections, the home screen configuration, add apps, claim, etc., then you can skip the backup and reconfigure simply from scratch. But note that it also requires that use you the best practice method for Contacts and calendar, in that your device does not have the data source 'master' for those, but rather some services online (e.g., Google,, etc.) is the master, and so when you reconfigure these data will simply restore servers, no LINK restore to get the data on your device.

    Let us know.

  • Network Wifi Z3 blackBerry does not detect


    My Blackberry Z3 does not detect any wifi networks. Whenever I have to restart my phone to connect to WIFI.

    Please solve this problem

    Thank you


    These are the 3rd party applications.

    Sometimes they collide with things. I would remove bookmyshow, kiwi world, voice recorder and cutepress from others I know and usually do not cause any problems. WhatsApp has been known to cause other issues, but not necessarily the issue.

    If remove these apps and restarting the device do not help then I would consider doing a full backup with link and then do a security wipe on the device.

  • Z10 blackBerry does not start

    My z10 it starts not reaches 99% and then it does not move. I tried bblink ollso but it takes a lot of time as a time of 4hrs of 28%.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Something is very wrong, most likely with your operating system itself - corruption or something similar. If you have waited for a long time (e.g., measured in hours, not minutes) and start never ends, then please first simply remove the battery and wait 15 minutes. Then insert the battery and allow it to start again.

    If this fails, you may have to reload your OS. Given the conditions you describe, I believe that an autoloader has a chance of success for you:

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Z10 Z10 crahses Blackberry BlackBerry; does not turn off button, and struggles to access the hub

    I just got a new blackberry Z10. which I believe has been refurbishing My Vodafone provider.

    The blackberry is so bad that they actually sent me a knew phone and does not want this return of blackberry but I am frustrated by the latter.

    When receiveing the blackberry, I got the unlock code to unlock it, it worked perfectly.  Once unlocked, I entered my Vodafone SIM that didn't do not need to still use it with another sim card.

    First, I updated the blackberry for the last version of the software and complete the set up process.

    Then I restored my old data from my previous Blackberry Z10, which also does not (various issues)

    The phone blocks (blocks) and did different things; the screen freezes and does not even turn it off the button, I have to take the battery out to restart it, or I have to screen does not freeze, but you cannot access texts/emails or contacts and he says 'prepare the hub' but never really in it.

    Sometimes it will allow me to use the off button, but especially, I have to take the battery out and put back starting.

    It is possible to make a call sometimes, but he cuts during the call.

    I have reset the blackberry back to the factory settings and even tried to use with on a restoration, just in case my data has been corrupted somehow.

    I tried to use it with a different network sim card and also tried it with a sim card, just so use it on wifi, the same problems.

    I was sent a new battery so tried both batteries.

    I have reset to factory several times.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    It happens to any type of equipment.

  • Q10 Q10 My BlackBerry does not illuminate

    Hello, I really need your help. I just updated my OS to (do not remember specifically version, sorry), but after the update is complete, the phone will not reboot. I try to connect to anything (battery, sim card, memory card) and reinsert the battery to turn it back on, but nothing happens. I also tried to charge the battery of the phone using the universal charger, but of course the same result occurred. And for more information when I try to connect the phone with the charger, the led is not activated. Please help, what should I do about it?

    Make sure you use a real BB charger and let it plugged.

    If it still does not work, you can try to connect to your computer without the battery and see if you can install an autoloader:

  • Z10 Z10 blackBerry does not start since then try a secure erase

    I had problems where none of my text messages have been moved during the previous Blackberry, such as reported earlier today. I was also disappointed by the speed of handset, BBM for example would take at least 5 seconds to load (now on my old torch), so I made a secure erase so I could try the installation again. This seems to have been a mistake, as the handset now does not start. I see "Blackberry" appear for a second, then get a logo that seems to be asking me to connect the unit to a PC. It does nothing - the PC does even not record that a device has been plugged in. After a minute or so, the screen fades and the handset appears just to turn off. I'm very disappointed in my first day with the handset - far from a smooth experience as it should be, I was left the impression that OS10 is still in early beta development.

    What can I do to remedy this?

    kb33480 should help you.

  • Software link blackBerry does not transfer data to new Z10

    Just got my new Z10.

    My old 9800 Curve works very well.

    Installed the link.  Connected the 9800 and it created a backup file.

    Connected the Z10 and it was recognized.

    The backup file appears, can be selected and it shows 11.4 MB

    When I click on restore, it tells me it is restore, however it shows only transfer 399 k

    There is no data from the old phone appearing on the Z10 after restoring.

    Am I missing something?

    Since the Z10 does not do these basic as Outlook synchronization functions, transfer the old installation of the BB program or work with some e-mail systems, I went back today to Rogers and told them to push!

    I consider the BB 10 once again the functionality at least equal to older units.

    Having the iPhone as features are nice, having the functionality of basic business, we are used to is a must!


  • Z10 Z10 ILA BlackBerry does not display the name of the caller of the stored contacts.

    My Z10 does not display the names of the callers stored in contacts with a prefix or area code. For example, an incoming call on contact JOHN SMITH, whose number is stored as + 44 7976 667668 shows not her name but just 07976 667668, but if the number of JOHN SMITH has been stored as 07976 667668 (without + 44) then the incoming call appears her name. Does anyone know how to remedy this? or is it a design error / omission by RIM?

    This is a known issue with the software currently.  Please visit KB33685

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