BlackBerry App World Blackberry Smartphones must be closed.

Help, please! Just got my blackberry a few weeks back and now this message appeared whenever I try to open the Blackberry App World.

"There is a problem with Blackberry App World. BlackBerry app World must be closed"

someone knows what's the problem? How can I fix it long term?

Thank you!


Hi and welcome to the Forums!

Here's a knockout who deals with this error:

  • KB24457"there is a problem with BlackBerry App World. BlackBerry App World will be closed"appears, and BlackBerry App World closes unexpectedly

I hope that it contains something useful!

Good luck and let us know!

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    Is there something I can do if I can access BB App World from my phone?

    What version of the app world do you have?  try to download the latest version of

  • BlackBerry smartphones must have data plan?

    Why is Verizon requires the data but not Cingular plan not?  I would like to than the blackberry for features to have my outlook on my phone calendar.  I realize without wireless sync I have to use a cable on a daily basis to update.  I'm fine with, I don't however need recover emails from work on my phone all day while I'm sitting at my desk.  I know people with Cingular that have blackberrys without data plan and people with Verizon, which projected data automatically added to their bill when they bought the blackberry.  Verizon told me it's a question of RIM Blackberry, not a matter of Verizon. Why Blackberry have different policies with these two carriers?

    PDA/Smartphones and BlackBerry have a full web browser, are able to email and send and receive data. When these resources are used, the costs are incurred. The best way to control those costs is with a PDA nationally or Blackberrry Email Plan featuring unlimited internet and email. Blackberry devices must have a data plan that we have an agreement with their Builder.

    It's what Verizon told me today.  Thanks for your help though!  Now I have to decide whether to suck it up and get the unwanted data plan or move from Cingular...

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    Recommended freeware.



    Stinsonddog Web site

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    Given that RIM does not provide a PIM, you must have one to synchronize. The compatible PIM is listed here:

  • RIM blackBerry smartphones must strengthen the strategy of desktop software preconfigured for keep/gain of market share.

    Since there is no other way to communicate with the RIM on the strategy, let's go. CEO Jim Basillie should consider the following enhancements to the product immediately.

    (1) implement a feature in BlackBerry Desktop Software (BB DD) that allows a laptop/Netbook/tablet computer be used as a supersized BB user interface. BB ball should act as a pointing to the laptop/Netbook/tablet computer device (without disabling other native pointing devices).

    (2) enable tethering for the function of modem IP via WiFi from the laptop/Netbook/tablet computer and the BB (not just cable USB or Bluetooth).

    3) ensure that the Citrix product Receiver performs well in three modes:

    1. Running on the BB
    2. Running on the BB, but using the BB DS supersized BB user interface
    3. Running on the laptop/Netbook/Tablet computer with the BB in mode Modem IP

    4) ensure that the touch BB models can act as a mouse for the Citrix Receiver (just like the combination of the iPhone/iPad).

    (5) constitute a new operation mode/indicator (LED) which is visible on board aircraft which indicates that the cellular radio has been disabled so that the BB can be used in flight while keeping the Bluetooth or WiFi

    (6) do NOT invest in the implementation of a fellow Viewer/tablet/netbook. Let others beat their brains in commodity markets. Focus on fresh if possible software.

    Probably, your notes here will not be read by the ON-BOARD staff.

    Methods of contact:

    rograham wrote:

    (5) constitute a new operation mode/indicator (LED) which is visible on board aircraft which indicates that the cellular radio has been disabled so that the BB can be used in flight while keeping the Bluetooth or WiFi

    And then edumacate 10 k + airlilne attendants in the world on what integer means the LED.

  • BlackBerry smartphones must be replaced 9380 curve?

    So I have a Blackberry Curve 9380 - a touch - and I have encountered a few problems. I had dropped the phone and it caused touch screen issues such as all of the part of the right end (the part where is back button) is dead and a reagent at all, as if this isn't there at all. Now I don't know what to give to replaced the digitizer or real full screen? I don't want to not tk get all replaced due to personal problems, but please help someone!

    Thank you in advance!

    Ignore this one there is a mistake in the spelling

  • BlackBerry Smartphones must help BB8900 vs BB9700

    I won't be upgrading to a new phone, historically, I used a windows mobile (mda) and andriods (g1/mt3g) but I'm looking for in a bb. I went through several sites on bb comments and ratings, and I continue to walk away with the only differences between the 8900/9700 is the g3 speed. memory and chipset (am I right on my observations) or is it something else between the two (for example OS versions). Also, several rates the 8900 better then the 9700 (except speed). My only other questions would be the gps (which is enabled by default) in both models, ive read where gps is a monthly cost addon but I've seen conflicting reports. the field of user bb account allows you to manage/import contacts or you are controlled for contacts Office Manager and y at - it a video document of best practices outside the standard manuals.

    I would recommend the 9700

    -for the reasons you have stated.


    -OS 5 installed.

    GPS is installed on both. Both have working GPS for BlackBerry Maps, Google Maps, etc, and IF you want a TeleNav, you can get it. You do not have to pay for the plain ol ' GPS.

    You manage your contacts, calendar, etc., on your PC in Outlook (recommended) and sncing with the devcie via Desktop Manager.

    Good luck.

  • BlackBerry smartphones must clearly calendar

    How can I clear the calendar of the device? Somehow there 5500 entries. Need to start over

    It worked. Thank you. I know that I've tried that before... but the calendar option was not available for some reason any. Well, it's done now!

  • BlackBerry smartphones, I can't use the Web site and application app in the world


    I'm trying to use the app in the world in my BB Bold 9700 but I get this error:

    you are not connected to the wireless network

    I also tried to download applications from app World site but I get this error:

    Aircraft Radio off

    BlackBerry App World requires that your radio to the unit is turned on to continue.


    Is there any solution for this?


    BlackBerry App World works, you must have access to the BlackBerry data plan or Wi - Fi network. If you do not data BB plan then you must be connected to the Wi - Fi coverage. Also check and have the latest version of App World of

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry World is not available in your country

    I bought a 'new' curve 9300 on ebay.  When I try to access Blackberry World, he comes back with the message that it is not currently available in your country.  But I'm in the United Kingdom and the phone's GPS must be tell what.  Are there settings in the phone that needs to change or should I return it to the seller?   I tried to look through the menu options and searched the Internet without success.

    1. read this:


    BlackBerry Smartphone must be wiped before Security transfer of property

    2. don't you know that this device was working before? Or the seller sells you a device that he had the same problem with?

    3. do you have a SIM card in the device, and installation of the unit, do you have your BBID and your country, etc.. ?

  • BlackBerry smartphones, erasing the data off my 9320

    Hello, I'm selling my 9320 to my friend and would like to delete my personal info like address email and messages etc. I do a device wipe? How can I delete my information safely without deleting apps like facebook, etc?

    BlackBerry Smartphone must be Security wiped before transferring ownership

  • BlackBerry Smartphones user 1 time BB

    Hi guys,.

    I am a first time user, so I have a lot of questions on this BB curve. I bought a second hand curve and I have no idea how to set this phone (only bought the model, it has no manual and accessories). Here are my questions and thanks in advance to those who can answer:

    1. my IP address is - I can connect to the WiFi network but I can't browse the web

    2 if I have the program installation/create a bb here id, can I use it on my handheld?

    3. what an erasure of memory wipe exactly and an erasure of memory affect my id card/BBM SIM as well?

    Hi Alex121289

    Welcome aboard BlackBerry family and community

    First I would like to that you visit BlackBerry 101 and manual BlackBerry Curve - manuals and Guides for getting started

    Secondly if you have purchased a device used by one of your friend or any store online then it is always advice to do a security wipe to remove any objects associated with the previous user. You can see this help Article:

    KB28225 : BlackBerry Smartphone must be wiped before transferring the security property


    With regard to your questions:


    1 carrier little need short data even plan to navigate the Internet, even via wifi. So aske your operator if you need some sort of data plan to your account

    4: you can create a new BlackBerry ID on the site Web de BlackBerry ID that you can use on your device, see this KB:

    KB24062 : How to create a BlackBerry ID


    3. If you do a security wipe on your device it will remove all the installed user application, e-mail accounts so that your card memory if you insert memory card while doing a security wipe. Yes, it will remove the BlackBerry ID that is already associated with this device, after a wipe, you can use a new BlackBerry ID or even that you use before, but a security wipe has nothing to do with your SIM card.

    However... With your query 1"not able to navigate on the internet". Like you bought this device in some cases if your device has a COMPUTER policy then IT can prevent browser so my suggestion... Rather than to do a security wipe you reset your device to factory setting, this will remove all political and helps solve your problem.

    KB31291  :   How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings


    Let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones cannot lock the phone through blackberry ID


    I take a phone of my coleague who has left the company. For some reason, I can't able to connect on the phone. Firstly I didn't at first, the password of my coleague ex, I went online and changed the password. However, when I want to connect with my new password to unlock the phone, I have this message:

    "You have exceeded the number of attempts to connect.

    For security reasons, you have been locked for 15 minutes. "Click on forgotten password if you need create a new password.

    But after 15 minutes and try again, the message... helpppp

    You try the BlackBerryID, or the security password, on the device?

    It looks like the BlackBerryID if you are locked out for 15 minutes.

    A wrong entered security password would give you only a message something like «wrong password 2/10»

    Then, to change the BBID of this device and make it 'your own' device, you'll need to do a wipe of the device security. This will delete all the data in personal, contacts, calendar, etc. and restore the State of the plant basically.

    Read this: BlackBerry smartphone must be wiped before transferring the property Security

  • Problem with blackberry ID on my phone blackBerry Smartphones

    Hi - I have just taken on the curve of my son 9320 having one of my own before. I have 2 contracts, 1 with the Virgin and the other with orange (one for him) and one for me and, for various reasons, have allowed an upgrade to an Iphone on orange so that the Virgin blackberry support he had... but it won't let me connect with MY blackberry ID? What is the right fix for this problem please?

    You will need to security wipe his device in order to enter your BBID in him.

    BlackBerry Smartphone must be wiped before security transfer of property

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