BlackBerry BBM stickers cat Q10 - how opt-out? Get rid of this message?


I'm a blackberry user because I do not play games or do eat very well.  I want a functional machine.

How can I get rid of this offer "Send stickers" that appears after you have configured my Q10?  There is also a malware?

By clicking on exit does not prevent the offer again to come.

Forcing "anime"or any software for that matter, about users is not acceptable.  I need to turn it off.

Help, please!


Hit the right exit leaves the BBM. Hitting continue will take you right to BBM. Stickers is just a new feature in BBM BlackBerry wants you to know. You don't have to use them and you won't get anything boring. When you click on the smilies button when in a chat, there will be an icon to go to stickers if you want.

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