BlackBerry Curve 8310 email smartphone icon question

The e-mail icon will not disappear on the screen.  It shows that I have a single message.  Well, I went and deleted all of the messages on my phone, but it still appears.  Next to the messages on the screen it says (1 unread).  Anyone have any ideas.


Tips to clear the message unread... try them in the order.

If you have a new icon rogue Message on your home screen, or a negative number (-1), one of these solutions could erase or reset:

Try these options:
* Hard Reset BlackBerry by holding ALT CAP (right Shift key) and DEL (or removing and reinserting the battery)
Messages > saved Messages
Messages > view folders, check each folder (calls, SMS and MMS, and boxes, saved missed boxes, browser, phone logs etc.)
* Scroll at the top of the folder, on the title menu, click or tap to MARK PRIOR OPEN date
Change your theme and see if it persists and return to your desired theme. (Options > theme > select.)
* Clean and reload your OS.

Good luck.

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  • Memory of blackBerry Curve 8310 for Smartphones

    I want to add some memory on my phone but I see conflicting information as to what type to get.  Can someone PLEASE suggest the correct type and size of my Curve 8310?  I hope I can put a 8 GB card in but I have a feeling that's not going to fly

    Thank you and I think that this place rocks!


    as far as im aware, the 8310 can only support SD. next to this, to check your available on board memory, go to Options > status. It will show you your memory in bytes, divide this number by 1024, and then THIS number by 1024 to find your data available in MBs.

    Note: This does not show the available media space map

  • BlackBerry Curve 8310 unlocked smartphones and software update

    If I update the OS on my Blackberry 8310 will it still be unlocked? It is marked as ATT but I use it with T-Mobile and T-Mobile does support not the 8310, so I'll have to install the update from att.

    Welcome to the skully13 forums

    No, the phone OS update should not affect your phone somehow. As a general rule, you can refresh using any carrier version as long as it's for the same phone model number. The only thing you need to do is delete the Vendor.xml file located in C:\Program Files\Common search in Motion\AppLoader before using Desktop Manager to do the update

  • BlackBerry Curve 8330 of Smartphones icons disappear!

    My icons disappeared a few weeks there, on a trip... removed battery and everything was ok... this weekend it happened again... the battery did nothing, but now I get an error 523, verizon said they have never heard of... didn't call technical support no help yet once... online and updated the software was better for 24 hours and it happened again... Verizon just sent me a new phone... and I replaced my info using the bb desktop manager backup and support... GUESS WHAT - it happened again.   I have a large black circle and four small gray flat circles on my screen.   I can switch to a program by using the alt/back buttons then switching applications to join only my bb Messenger, messages, browser or telephone.  I don't have a home screen.    I've updated the software for this phone too and nothing... I also scanned the two phones for virus and came up with nothing... Please help me I have now two phones useless!

    WHOOOO HOOOOOO what I did!  Thanks for all your support... used the original bb did all updates etc out of the web... sync was using ASCII - rasthaus the new phone and one a path of folder to design and voila it worked!

  • BlackBerry Curve 8310 OS smartphone

    Can I upgrade the operating system of 4.5 to 5.0?

    Sorry, no.  There is no OS 5.0 for the devices.

  • BlackBerry Curve 8310 camera smartphone

    Looking to solve this problem.  Lost 1 x, 3 x, 5 x, cababilty zoom when you take a picture. I have to restart the phone to get it back. It will work for some time and then freeze and just take a picture with the zoom value in that it froze. Is there any solution for this? Thanks in advance for your help.

    As all computing devices, BB is subject to leaks memory, application conflicts and a host of other things. As time passes between reboots, things are deteriorating.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones update Blackberry Curve 8310 and lost all data

    Help, please!

    I received a text message that I needed to update my Blackberry Curve 8310 4.3 (I think).  I went to my computer and connected to and did the update.  The message then said that I had to update my Desktop Manager.  I've done both.  But she erased ALL my contacts and data.  No emails and worse still no address. My screen is completely different.  My Office Manager was not my old data.

    It was a bad day, has laid off and now all my contacts are gone.

    If someone knows a way to retrieve my contacts, I would be very grateful.


    It worked!  It's a good day, found the RPI buried on the disk and retrieved.  I must somehow be saved from a month ago.

    Thank you!!!

  • Music of blackBerry Smartphones with blackberry curve 8310

    So I bought a used blackberry curve 8310 off ebay a few months but never changed any information that the previous owner had here other than my name and such. on the blackberry desktop manager, he still has his information, how can I update my phone to put music on it without losing all my contacts and information that I already put on here? If that makes sense

    The SIM card is located under the battery, you will see a metal locking slider. The memory card is not the same as the SIM card. Make sure you align the contacts of the same side. Close the guide wire and reglissez in place.

  • Video of Blackberry Curve 8310 blackBerry Smartphones


    I have a Blackberry Curve 8310 and I'm not sure if I can take video films with her. Is someone can you please tell me what I can do to make it work.


    What version of device operating system that you are using? Devie OS 4.5 is able to capture the video. To check the latest version of the OS go to Options -> about.

  • Help blackBerry Smartphones impossible installation that Curve 8310 - email

    Well I have Aproblem and I feel stuck, so I need help. I fight a second hand curve 8310 and it seems still had the old users email attached to it. I know this because as soon as I signed up for the BIS, told me he already has an e-mail address associated with the device and I have also received emails that were not mine. However, I wiped the phone and delete email addresses by going to options-anvanced options-book. Which lead me to no longer receive emails from old users and I thought that I could set myself up now. However, I have tried and have always error indicating that the device already has an email associated with it. I contacted the owner who said that she would call cingular and delete. She told me that she called twice and they say that the e-mail address is is more associated with my pin code. I keep trying the installer and your email address and I even wiped the phone and removed the battery several times but always the same message on the existing email address. My provider says that when they check the system, it still shows the device attached to cingular and they cannot make any changes to that. They say that cingular for this.

    I contaacted ^ previous owner again and she said she will talk with them again. Is there another way I can clear my PIN and set up my access to e-mail? Please, someone must know another way because it's been a few days now and no access to the e-mail for me on my Berry.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Nope - the carrier is prior must release the ANKLE of their system... There is no other way.

    FWIW - This is the recommended procedure for buyers and sellers of used BB...

    Good luck!

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Curve 8310 on T-Mobile UK - upgrade your service... message

    Downloaded App World to my Curve 8310, downloaded and installed fine. If I try to launch it, I get the message:

    "Improve your service to a plan that includes browsing and discover a world of possibilities at BlackBerry App World." Contact your service provider for more details. »

    Device: Curve 8310

    Carrier: T-Mobile UK

    OS version: (Platform

    Service: BIS

    Plan includes unlimited Web "walk (surfing the internet) and e-mail Blackberry." Have no problem using the internet, navigation, to receive emails or using other programs who plan needs database work, so don't understand is not this error.

    I have reported this to T-Mobile, though, becauseI believes that the error was some kind of problem between the RIM and the British company, I had seen reports of users using all UK carriers with the same or similar messages. But after reading the answer ffrom rim on another thread for the same problem on the Vodafone network and telling them that it was a problem of Vodafone, I wonder if I should ring T-Mobile.

    A response from a member of the cabin CREW would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


    I got to work, here's what I did: -.

    Spoke in support of T-Mobile who said they do not support the App until it has been tested, but they said they had some success in helping customers get return service directories. So I have them return their but before I did I battery traction I removed the Appworld (Options > Advanced Options > Applications select Blackberry App World, press menu, select Remove) once removed, I pulled the battery and waited for about a min. Once rebooted I have re-uploaded the application using the link from the email I had, then installed. App World now opens.

    Hope this helps anyone with the same problem

  • BlackBerry Curve 8310 Smartphone: calendar (not installed)

    Came back from vacation and I noticed that my curve cannot sync with my CRM because my calendar seems to be (not installed).

    According to BB Desktop Software, on the tab of the Organizer, all other elements of the organiser are present with the exception of the calendar - which prevents the ability to sync with my CRM.

    How to re-install the calendar on my Curve 8310.  It doesn't matter if my calendar data are wiped out, as this will be too written by my sync software.

    Thanks for your help!



    Your calendar is woring fine now...

    For all 3 questions you were notified, one is the cause for n 2nd number 3... for that check with your ISP... once u get the BIS connected, your 2nd number 3 will be solved automatically.

  • BlackBerry Curve 8310 Smartphone: keys Glitching several


    Just got a phone Curve 8310 used (which is updated to the latest version of OS - and after using it only for two days, I'm starting to meet small, but annoying glitches.

    The first is (was) really no reason, several hit started acting as they should not: BlackBerry button, T, Y and a few others did not do what they are supposed to do--they acted as capital Y and after that as Yi combination of letters, which was resolved just out of battery for a few minutes and then put it back in.

    The second is still there and it seems to be here to stay - every time when I write letters W, E, R, U, O, P, it saves correctly, but just after that automatically performs a pop-up that offers you to send or close the message. Every time I press the back button-, it does not have a return, but rather written "Hl" message, lol.

    This happens as a composer of Message (SMS), both in the software WhatsApp (or anywhere else where I can write).

    So, I was wondering - what could cause these terrible key overflows? I mean, I did something specific with it - yesterday wrote a few SMS, some WhatsApp messages and there is no such problems. Any experiences with the settings or software.

    Would it be cold outside (now forrest.) For about 5-6 hours per day to about-5, temperature of-15 C) or who should not cause these problems? What can I do to get rid of these problems?

    Sorry for the bad English - if something is not clear, I will try to explain better

    Edit: after some time looking for the forums, I found this forum thread where some users have found that it could be the reaction of condensation in the phone. If this could be true - is there a way to prevent the phone from getting wet or pick up condensation inside?

    As I suspected, the problem was with the condensate in the phone. Put and battery removed my phone on hot heater for about 15-20 minutes to dry out and now everything works fine.

    Just letting you know that (at least Curve 8310) is not really like the winters of the Baltic and North - same - 10 c outside could possibly spoil things. So, be careful!

  • BlackBerry Curve 8520 SMS smartphone to PC question

    Is there a method (or program) I could use which will allow me to transfer my SMS messages on my PC and allow me to save in a format that I can read easily, for example a document word etc...?

    I have about 100 messages and I'm not fond of the idea of having to stay here and copy and paste in an email!

    Thanks in advance!

    Ive no idea if these won't work:

    See you soon!

  • Update of Smartphones from blackBerry Curve 8310

    Hello. I realize that there are a lot of topics explaining OE to upgrade these smartphones. However, none of them address the issue I am experiencing.

    I'm trying to upgrade Blackberry Curve my wife v4.2.2.181 (Platform to the latest OS (v4.5.0.302).

    It's an O2 handset unlocked running on Vodafone UK.

    I run the Desktop v6 software. It recognizes the phone without problem, but will not accept that there is an upgrade available.

    I downloaded the new OS and deleted the file vendor.xml without success.

    The opening of the list of applications in the desktop software, it shows only three applications: Bloss (Status: mandatory); Bloss One Click (Status: mandatory); and Google Sync (Status: installed).


    I get the same list of apps in the app Loader program. I know that from my own phone (Curve 8320 which walking without probs) it should show the OS and various other softphone.

    I would be grateful for any idea that anyone can give!


    I advice you jump in front of Desktop software (with the exception of the backup/restore). From a PC, you can install any bundle of BONES to a BB via this procedure:

    Note that although written for "reload", it can be used to upgrade, downgrade, or recharge - it depends on the OS package you download and install on your PC. You can even use a different OS package carriers simply insert, between steps 1 and 2, the deletion, on your PC, a file named PROVIDER. XML. remember that you remove, since any other devices OS BB as packages with more than one installed on the PC, your PC may result in conflicts with this procedure.

    If you are on a MAC, you are limited to only your sanctioned carriers OS packages... but can still use any level they currently have to sanction. See this procedure:

    • KB19915 How to perform a clean reload of the smartphone BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software application software

    Good luck and let us know!

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