BlackBerry on Q10 Q10, how can you close a pop-up that will not reduce its size so that you can close on?

Hello world

I have the blackberry Q10 and I noticed a problem that I can't solve the web browsing. For some Web sites, pop up ads come upwards, even if I disabled the on my Web browser setting. It is fine as long as I can narrow down the pop up and locate the button 'X' or 'close '. However, there are ads that don't shrink and so it is impossible to locate the 'close' or the 'X' button to close the pop up. The software I use is the Is there anyway to fix this?

I have two approaches: use the player or leave the site and never come back.

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    You should be able to hit alt, press the space bar.

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    Thanks for your quick response! I found a program on CNET too. It's free for 15 days, so I could burn for the next two weeks midnite oil ) then I'll probably switch to Audacity to my bb. I have another phone non - bb also, so I'll have to see if Audacity works for it as well (Nokia N73).

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    Case No.

    Hi, from my research forums and Google serches, there is no control manual or settings for the backlight on the keyboard, only for display.


    If this answers your question please solve the post.

    If you need more information, please ask.

    Thank you!

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