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On the version 4.3 and above (and maybe less), I noticed that if you type in a string of alpha characters in the native phone input and press the SEND key, the action seems to be ignored (nothing happens). However, when you create an instance of PhoneArguments, if I pass in a string of alphabetic characters such as the dialStringArg, then, these characters are converted to numbers somehow and this number is dialled. I was just wondering why there is an inconsistency between running through the API action and who executes the action in the user interface.

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The PhoneArguments convert the text until the correct number entries.  You can do the same thing in the application phone by holding down the ALT key when you type a letter (letter is converted to the correct number).

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  • File system/memory of the BlackBerry phone system


    I'm new on the Blackberry phone and development. A phone Blackberry contains BOTH memory device & SD memory? Or does have one of the two depending on the model of the device. I noticed 8300 has only the memory of the device. I ask this is because I'm supposed to develop an application that will search media within a Blackberry phone, and so I'm wondering if I need to analyze the file:///SDCard/BlackBerry/ and the file:///store/home/user/.

    Thank you!

    Depending on the device, the Application memory does not exist and is simply included inside the memory of the device. This is the case for the Curve 8300 peripheral for example.

  • Is there a way to get the owner of BlackBerry phone to the BlackBerry browser number?

    We are trying to identify the user by their BlackBerry phone number in a web application Java running on a WebSphere version 6.1 application server (JDK5.0). BlackBerry users access the application through BlackBerry browser. Is it possible to get the phone from the owner of the number with type of JavaScript code and pass the phone back number to the Web server? Has anyone done this type of programming?

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    Thank you in advance.

    It is not possible to read the phone number of the user of the BlackBerry browser application.  There is no object of JavaScript in the context of the browser which allows a web site to access this type of information (or the browser exposes this info).

    However, during the incorporation of an object browser in a Java application (for example using the framework WebWorks, or creating an application of Java-Web hybrid from scratch), you have the ability to access the necessary telephone API which allows you to read the active phone number.

    One suggestion would be to create a BlackBerry application using the WebWorks platform, which support your JSP page.  Your users then install and use this client on their BlackBerry (instead to access the content via the browser), and then you can use device API such as the phone API to add functionality for your application.



  • Can we get all the contacts that are in the Blackberry phone using the PIM functionality that is, JSR 75?

    Hello guys,.

    I need to develop an application that should support devices such as the Bold 9700 and Pearl, Storm, Blackberry Curve 8900. If I go for j2me / MIDP, what will be the limits that I face in blackberry? Is it recommended to go for j2me or device-specific development of RIM.

    Can we get all contacts into the Blackberry phone using PIM JSR 75 i.e and other native features features if developing an application in j2me for blackberry. I guess that the user interface will be completely different, but we support all the controls that supports the JDE?

    Is someone can you please tell me if I can get access to all contacts present in the Blackberry phone using 'javax.microedition.pim' API - that is not specific to the RIM. Has anyone tried this one virtually on the phone or emulator?

    Y at - it something like a website where I can test my application on Blackberry devices as in the Nokia Forum Sites?

    Thanks in advance.

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    JSR75 is supported

    However, there are some extensions specific "Blackberry" for the base PIM classes. These add a few extension Blackberry PIM data. I think that you can only use the JSR 75 classes as long as you don't need BB extensions.

    For the test, the development environment provides the device simulators.

  • Download of blackBerry Smartphones Application

    When I download apps from Blackberry AppWorld is strictly use the internal memory (256 MB) or can I use my card for it? I'm new to using Blackberry phones for all expert advice will help!

    Thank you!

    Application are installed only on the memory of the device.  At the moment no apps are still installed on the card.

  • You will have an app for the Blackberry phone, anytime soon so I can use my 2 printers eprint

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    ePrint works by e-mail, so if you can send and receive mail through your blackberry and your printer has an internet connection, you can use ePrint.

  • When I plug my blackberry phone to my computer dell laptop it dosent conect

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    1. you receive an error message when you connect the phone to the laptop?

    2. What is the serial number and model of the blackberry phone?

    3. you try to connect the phone using the USB cable?

    4. don't be other devices not detected by the laptop?

    You can try to connect the phone to another laptop or a computer running on Windows 7 and check if the device is detected or not.

    Method 1:
    You can also view the steps provide in the link below in case you use a USB cable to connect the phone.

    Method 2:

    You can also try to download the last set of drivers for the phone, and then try to connect and check if that helps.

  • Xperia M4 aqua does not display the names of contact on the phone application

    Hi all

    I jave an Xperia M4 aqua E2306 running Android 5.0. The problem I have is that the Contacts application shows all my contacts synchronize accounts such as Facebook or Google, but the application of the phone itself does not show the names of contacts only contact phone numbers, I went through the settings and I can't find something that will allow me to change this behavior, I deleted the cache of the phone on the settings and rebooted my phone application , but who doesn't. I have many applications installed and downloaded and lots of settings so that I don't want to factory default my phone unless I extremely need of. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


    Factory reset worked just fine. Thank you all :-)

  • Another key feature missing? Phone application remembers that output to use.

    Everyone knows this? I'll have a fine conversation by using my bluetooth headset, hang up and close the phone app. Later, I receive a call, but when I pick up, it is not routed to my helmet! I have to click on the phone application and tell it to go to my helmet. It is a real disappointment. I think it's the same thing for audio phone pumped to the 3.5 mm jack; It'll work a call automatically (say, when you use pandora in the car) and then the next call will be routed to the handset, causing a bad start a conversation uncomfortable.

    Just told me that it is a characteristic and that it is caused by answering the call by touching the screen of the phone.

    This solved my problem of helmet, but not my problem w / pick up the call through the 3.5 mm jack socket. I need an audio cable with a response to pock the call button up there?

    Thank you.

  • How to install the BlackBerry Java application in BlackBerry 10 Dev alpha


    Does anyone know how to install the BlackBerry Java application in BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha. I am able to wear an Android app in worms BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10. But there is no idea to install application developed with BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1 in verse 10 BlackBerry Dev alpha.

    Thanks in advance.

    I guess what pradeep_ch is correct,


    Thank you

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    Thank you and best regards.

    I will not be able to solve this problem using techniques integrated... In any case I analyzed it manually...

    Thankng you all for you answer!

  • What new blackberry phone will launch this year 2013?

    What new blackberry phone will launch this year 2013?

    Its seems... BB10 launch BB phone at the end of January this year...

  • is the fontFamily "BBAlpha sΘrif" available on all blackberry phones

    I use following the font family

    try {}
    FontFamily fontFamily = FontFamily.forName ("BBAlpha SéRIF");
    } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {}
    e.printStackTrace ();

    This code will work on all blackberry phones. I mean if the fontFamily "BBAlpha sΘrif" is available for all phones BB. If not, please let me know good fontFamily that is available for all phones

    No one can guarantee if this font is available on all BlackBerry devices as new phone of the future does not have it.

    The way I would like to address the issue is by checking if the font family is available at startup.

    Use the FontFamily.getFontFamilies () method and the loop through all the fonts.

    If you find it, then use it. If you do not find it, then use a different font.

    Hope this helps

  • is blackberry 10 dev alpha one smart 10 blackberry phone?

    is blackberry 10 dev alpha one smart 10 blackberry phone?

    lalitve wrote:

    is blackberry 10 dev alpha one smart 10 blackberry phone?

    No, it isn't entirely free of BlackBerry10 unit which will be launched on 30 January.

    It is purely a developer alpha hardware and software device... not at all to be confused with the final device.

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