BlackBerry signing key IO exception when you save the new key to the file

I have blackberry signing key IO exception when you save the new key file when trying to get my keys. I read the other post - I do not use Windows Vista and JDE component package is installed on my machine. What now?


It was a windows 7 resolved permission problem

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  • When you save the files, it also gives the ability to save to Invu.

    Original title: modifying the file save options

    I use Invu to watch the old images.  I no longer use it for the new scans.  When you save the files, it gives me the option to save in the normal file type such as Word, Excel etc.  It also gives the ability to save to Invu.  How can I get rid of this option without uninstalling Invu?

    Hi EmRaggy,

    It is not possible. When you set the file, it will display all related programs to open the files installed on the computer.

  • When you save the file GIF grace to save for Web how can I save the original?


    When you save the file GIF grace to save for Web how can I save the original?

    I need the original and not optimized.  Help, please

    ilyag58620179 wrote:

    But I need to GiF animation file

    And by definition, a GIF image is optimized! A GIF is not the same size of the PSD file, and you are mistaken in thinking that you want it to be. If you are trying to achieve the slightest loss of quality, regardless of the size of the file, then you need to adjust your settings to save for Web.

  • Why DAQmx read 200714 error when you save the file?

    In particular vi that I created, I have 3 analog inputs coming in and are graphically represented.  If I choose to save the information to a file, a dialog box appears and I can choose what to save it under.  If I take too long to save the file (aka about 8-10 seconds if the sample read rate is 500/s) then I get this error once the file has been saved:

    Error-200714 occurred at .vi DAQmx Read (analog 1-d NChan DBL 1Samp)
    Possible reasons:
    Acquisition stopped because the driver could not transfer the data from the device to the computer's memory rather quickly. This was due to limitations of the computer system.
    Reduce your sample clock rate, the number of channels in the task, or the number of programs on your computer that is running simultaneously.

    Why the DAQmx bed vi I have this problem when the vi has been idle for 10 seconds then I choose where to save the file?  How can I fix this error?

    Hi child of pre-school age,

    I think your error might be caused by the read buffer overflow. my suggestions for you would be to either the following four ideas:

    1. stop the acquisition before writing the file. This should mean that the DAQmx Read function will no longer be reading and therefore does not generate an error.

    2. If you still want to read the data but also write data as well, I think you'd be best suited for use live TDMS. TDMS allows the user to stream to a reading of filewhilst.

    3. the configuration backup dialog box file before starting the acquisition. Download the user to enter all data in the file before you start to acquire.

    4. change the buffer to unlimited so that you have enough time to navigate the record window.

    If you send your VI I can advise others

    Let me know how you go,

  • Illustrator CS6 mode does not respond when you save the file


    For the past two weeks Illustrator switch mode not responding whenever I want to save a file. He stays like that for all 30secs and then he finally saves the file / changes / updates.

    I use Adobe CS6 Design & Web Premium edition for Windows.

    I have uninstall and install the software several times but nothing seems to work.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    Just to be sure: is there a printer correctly installed, connected and turned on if it's a physical printer (you can use Adobe PDF/Acrobat Distiller as a printer by default without the need to have a printer on, of course you will need to specify when you really need print on paper)?

  • CS6 Pshop - alerts at startup; "All readable Documents" do not failing at opening; Format of file name not identical to the list of Format when you save the file

    Just downloaded CS6 Design Standard. System - OS10.6.8 (about to upgrade to 10.8), iMac 27 i5Intel 4core 12GBram clocked at 2.66 Ghz

    Pshop opens, I get three alerts...

    1 - Unable to load module e/s asynchronous activate because does not work with this version of Photoshop

    2. impossible to load the multiprocessor support plug-in because does not work with this version of Photoshop

    3. unable to load the module of FastCore Routines because does not work with this version of Photoshop

    Then asks if I want to be connected to the internet or something like that. Then Pshop opens before even I click OK

    None of them arrived with CS5.5

    I realize that CS6 is 64-bit. I have fixed 32-bit because of the CS5.5 plugins.

    Two questions, I've noticed so far with CS6.

    1. that I open a document, the Enable selection drop down at the bottom of the window is not set to anything. I always selects the Documents readable by all. Not the case in CS5.5, who was always default readable to all documents. Could not find anything in the Prefs to this question.

    2. When you save a document, RGB or CMYK, the drop-size selection are not accurate. The first three or four read properly correlated with the suffix (.jpg, .tif, etc.) in the name of the file at the top of the window. But then the selections later format below one third or fourth read than above the list.

    for example: as a RGB file: economy through BMP indicates even in filename above (.bmp). However, the following below that, Gif, choice still shows as .bmp in filename at the top. And so on down the list. Even with the CMYK file.

    Never seen this in CS5.5.

    When I initially installed CS6, I noticed that only items in the Plugins folder was folder Panels... without other plugins. I thought this to be an error in download of some sort and moved 5.5 database plugins to 6 Plugins folder. Could be the problem? Otherwise, I would have SOME plugins in CS6

    I downloaded CS6 think twice now first has been altered. I used two download options on the Adobe - Akamai and standard page

    Same questions at once. One country replied this to be a problem of plugins. I uninstalled 'after market' 5.5 and 6 SuperBladePro plugins was the only one. CS6 restarted. Still the same problem. Only the elements of Plugins are what came with the program.

    Yes, I think that the problem is caused by putting the cs5 plugins in the folder plugins photoshop cs6.

    Delete the plugins and cs6 should work much better.

    The reason why you don't see the plugins in the plugins folder, it is that adobe installs all the plugins bundled with photoshop cs6 to the necessary folder inside the Adobe Photoshop

    and the empty plugins folder that you saw's plug-ins third as SuperBladePro.

  • Size of the strange changes when you save the file to the jpeg format

    Hi all!

    I have a small question (I think!). I have some images I save as jpeg files. So, I noted today that alone (it worked fine yesterday) when I go to save the file on the web, the size of the image changes of 400 high px to 430 px high. I select nothing do each file change like that. There is a white box at the top of the image (which is not well 4 my image). When I reduce the size of the jpeg - it reduces the image (so the rest of the white area).

    Does anyone have a suggestion? What happened with more than one image.

    Thanks 4 your help, Marty

    If you have to convert to jpg images, use photoshop.

    If white is on top is 30 pixels, then you have a point in your document or something that is not visible, but adds the frame enclosing the image. Make a command Y in illustrator to see if something is there. Also, if you place images in Illustrator, your original image can have a clipping path or something that adds to your bounding box.

  • Dreamweaver crashes when you save the file

    I have no problem in Dreamweaver, but whenever I want to save the file, it crashes.

    Any idea on how to prevent it from crashing?

    Thank you.

    Yes, this is on a shared location.

    But I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app and it worked!

  • How to return a step towards the column in mac when you save the file

    Often when I save files to the web, I want to go back just one step of a subfolder for the column instead of going all the way back to the folder root in the sidebar. How can I return just one step?

    Order arrow up.

    In a file dialog box, you can also click on the drop-down control that lists the current directory. This will show you the hierarchical path. In the Finder, control-click on the title of the window.

  • Photoshop CC 2015 slow when you save the file PSD on MAC

    I have a MacPro to 2013 with 16gbs of ram and fast SSD and thunderbolt drives.  When I try save a PSD with only a number reasonable layers... say 5 below, it can literally take two minutes to save... What in the world is happening?

    Sigtech salvation,

    Could if it you please let me know if you experience slowness when recording in PSD format or any what file format?

    Also, please visit the following link and steps in it: do in Photoshop more quickly with these simple - settings omen

    Let me know if it helps.

    Kind regards


  • Implementation for the Apps Error signature: "ioexception when you save the new key pair".

    I'm following the instructions of setting up registration your apps:

    After typing the password and move the mouse around, I get a message, "ioexception when you save the new key pair". BB forums say that the problem is that my JDE is not installed, but it is. I'm also not using windows 7. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    As for all my messages, within the hour to ask, I always find the solution.

    However, it is normal that the instructions on the page webworks lack incredibly. I went with anger poster yesterday on the development of how awful all for blackberry is, and how absurd it is that there is no phone tech support. I decided yesterday against him because I felt bad for RIM as they seem to get into financial trouble. I've been on the fence about BB, and I tried to tell my friends that the newest smartphone looks like it could be promising. While it is true, I have not developed for BB 10 again, if it's developers resources also lack 7 are, I have no doubt that soon she will fail and I will give is more no support.

  • Is it possible when you save the psd file to put an automatic jpg file saved at the same time?

    My job is to prepare images for print viewers and window facilities.  My clients need to approve in advance the photos before printing.

    I generally save my psd files, but because the files are very large in this format I usually save another copy in a jpg file which has a much smaller file size.  This makes it possible for me to add to a presentation and and send them to my client.

    Is possible when you save the psd file to put an automatic jpg file saved at the same time?  Or that I always have to do it manually?

    Use the Image Processor in Photoshop or install the free Dr. Brown Services.

  • When you save the Photoshop elements 11 catalogue, which is saved exactly?

    When you save the catalog, which is saved exactly?

    Title of the message was edited by: Brett N

    Rolf - Jürgen wrote:

    When you save the catalog, which is saved exactly?

    Two things:

    -all your images

    -your catalog (the database and its associated files like caches)

    The catalog is physically located in its own folder; You can find its location in the menu help/information system.

  • Problem regarding content previously highlighted when you view the file in Acrobat DC.

    I have a problem with the content previously highlighted when you view the file in Acrobat DC. There is no problem in earlier versions of Acrobat. I pointed out the portions many documents with a point culminating opacity 50% and now shows the text in black and white and highlighted portions are not readable. This only became an issue when I recently installed Acrobat DC. The system is Windows 7. Y at - it a setting I need to select to make the text readable again?

    To change the color and opacity of the commentary on the matches of the current document, you can use script below.

    Note : this script will replace the opacity settings and the color of all the comments of highlight for PDF files open. Please save documents before store you settings to highlight comments. This script can be used until a fix is available.

    Steps to follow:

    1. open all PDFs in Acrobat DC comments are present in the games.

    2. press Ctrl + j

    3. in the lower part of the text, copy the Script below.

    4. Select all of the text copied in the previous step, and then press Ctrl + Enter

    5 opacity of all comment games goes to 100% and change color to light gray.


    var hightlightColor = color.ltGray;

    var highlightOpacity = 1.0;

    DDP = app.activeDocs;

    for (docNum = 0; docNum)< pdd.length;="">

    commentArray = DP [docNum] .getAnnots ();

    for (i = 0; i< commentarray.length;="">

    If (commentArray [i] .Guy == "Highlight": game commentArray [i] == "HighlightNote") {}

    commentArray [i] .opacity = highlightOpacity;

    commentArray [i] .strokeColor = hightlightColor;





    You can change the opacity (highlightOpacity in above script ) for any value between 0.0 and 1.0, where 0.0 is transparent and 1.0 is opaque.

    Some possible values for the highlight color (hightlightColor in above script) are:, color.cyan, color.yellow, color.gray, color.magenta,,


  • Libraries open automatically when you open the file HAVE?

    Whenever I open HAVE, I need to restore the libraries in which I want to work with.  Is it possible to get them to connect/open automatically when you open the file?  Thank you!

    Use the new Document profiles in HD > Users > (yourname) (Mac) > library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe Illustrator CS3 > new Document profiles. For CS4 add en_US before new Document profiles. Open the one you use the most. Open libraries that you want to appear and each Panel dialog box persist. Save the file and restart HAVE. Choose file > new and the new document should have these libraries available.

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