BlackBerry Smartphone camera Focus loss

Hi guys: a few weeks ago, I realized that my camera is no longer able to focus.  If anyone has experienced this problem and can it be resolved?



Guy: Please disregard, I got it sorted, resetting the device to be fixed.

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones camera does not start

    It is said ' could not start the camera. Close other applications and try opening the camera again. »

    Hi rachleatherland

    Please go through this Knowledge Base Article and follow the instructions, see if that helps:

    " KB15544 :" could not lunch camera app "error message when opening the camera on the BlackBerry smartphone. "





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  • BlackBerry Smartphones camera does not focus at point-blank range

    I just got the bold 9900 and the camra does not focus on the fine print is it a way to solve this problem?

    Oh that sucks BIG time oh well * beep * happens other then this problem, it's a great phone thanks for your help with my problem

  • BlackBerry smartphone CAMERA NOT TORCH 9860

    Hello to you all,.

    I'm buying a CAMERA NO Bold 9930, but I would have preferred a CAMERA NO 9860 torch.  Does anyone know if the RIM is making them?  If they are, please let me know where to get them.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm trying to upgrade a 9650 NO CAMERA that gave me years of great service, but now want a touchscreen phone of Blackberry.  I work in a field that limits the camera phones.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    [email protected]

  • BlackBerry Smartphones camera works does not suddenly

    Hi all

    I tried to take a picture yesterday to find that when I select the camera on my phone, I have just a white screen and the camera icon is gray shaded and cannot be hired?

    I always get the flash and geo tagging icon / scene mode icons and I am able to use them simply not capture icon.

    I had a range of different messages arrived saying that another application is using the camera etc and when I select video camera I get the message "the camera is use by another application, cannot start the video camera viewfinder."

    I ran the self test (which was a bit pointless) and he has just confirmed that the camera was not working.

    I tried to pull the battery with the phone on, but that does not solve anything.

    At my phone plugged on charge last night and when I woke up this morning and turned on I checked the camera again and it seems to work!

    I could take a picture and then I just got the blank screen again and were not able to make it work again since.

    I have not recently added all the apps or made any changes to the phone and it seems to have happened completely at random, as I did nothing extraordinary.

    I would really like to solve this problem without having to delete and re install the OS if possible but its is not in good shape.

    BlackBerry Torch 9800

    6.0 bundle 2647 (v6.0.0.600, platform

    Look forward to any help that anyone can provide.

    Thanks for the tips, but for some reason any 9th / 10th (I lost count) battery pull I've done seems to have done the trick.
    Left the battery for an hour and the camera has been authorized since!
    Appreciate your response and good advice

  • BlackBerry Smartphones camera won't zoom in on Pearl 8220?

    I can't get my camera to zoom in.  When I go in the menu while in camera mod there is no zoom function.  I use the ball, but nothing happens.  I used all the other buttons that are alternatives still nothing.  What camera function shows only one more sign.  It worked until today.  Any ideas?

    Hello and welcome on the Blackberry Forum

    Reset the device, take out the battery (with the device on) for 30 seconds and reinstall again, try the zoom and let me know.

  • Gps & blackBerry Smartphone camera not working not

    I have 2 problems, 1, is that my camera will not open... need to close other applications... How can I fix this so the camera works? 2 my gps worked has now stopped... when I click on browser att icon it says "Error starting Module telenav55 'releaseLib55' not found" any help is appreciated... TY


    You must stop the opening of new threads for the same question. Please stick to one of them because no one will be able to follow/help you. I've already posted on a previous thread on your part regarding the gps here:

    You did not go back on the question of if you tried my suggestions! No one will be able to help you if you continue to do that as you start new threads and ignore the 'old' who always pending proposals. If you want your thread to the top of the list of threads, you must send a message to this subject, otherwise it keeps leaving fall to the bottom of the list as other threads are making their way to the top and new threads are created.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones camera will not work

    When I try to use the camera on the blackberry, I get the following message: "unable to DΘmarrer the camera.  "Close other applications and try to reopen the camera."

    I don't know how to make sure that other applications are not open in the background.  How can I check for running Applications and how to stop them so I can use the camera?

    Yes, I'm new to Storm.


    rml1708 wrote:

    I spend a looser Radio and press the red phone button to quit an application, and it does not disappear to the Ribbon to switch applications.

    What I am doing wrong

    You are not out of the application.

    Instead, choose MENU > close or exit.

    By pressing the call key end red mask only the application in the background.

    Perform the battery pull reboot... and to report on the camera?

  • Error message blackBerry Smartphone camera "BOLD" - "could not start...". Close other applications.

    New user - message "could not start...". Close other applications"appears.  Any ideas?  Thank you.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    The camera has ever worked?  You have a lot of applications open?

    Please read the attached link:

    Thank you

  • The 8520 blackBerry Smartphones camera zoom

    Hey all my camera zoom is now does not work while he was before

    Perform a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart. A reboot in this way is prescirbed for most the gltiches and operating system errors, and you will lose any data on the device doing so.

    Now to try the camera > zoom again.

  • BlackBerry Smartphone camera Zoom does not

    My trackball works fine in other applications; However, he no longer controls the zoom during the

    camera function is launched.  Is there some solution or locked key to bring the ability to zoom?

    Thank you!!

    In general, a soft reset will solve this problem. Remove the battery from the device (while it's still on) for 10 seconds, then insert it again. That should fix it.

  • BlackBerry Smartphone camera missing icon, could not be found.

    How can I get my icon of the camera back. Could not locate anywhere on the phone. Simply disappeared.

    1. on your home screen, press Menu > SHOW ALL, so that ALL DISPLAY is checked.
    2. look in EVERY folder on your device... Applications, instant messaging, downloads, etc.

  • BlackBerry Smartphone camera Zoom

    I'm having some trouble with the camera on my curve.  It won't zoom, with the trackball or volume keys.  Not sure what the problem is.  I used the zoom earlier, but now it doesn't seem to work at all.  I would be grateful all possible solutions...

    Try a 30 second battery pull.

  • BlackBerry Smartphone camera icon has disappeared from the home screen. How can I add it back?

    My camera icon has disappeared from all my screens.

    If I use the search function, I can locate and use it.

    Why can't I put the camera icon, press the button of my bb and have an option "add to home screen"?

    I think that 'reset all my icons"can solve the problem, but leaves me with a bunch of fun re-customization.

    Are there no better solution?

    Thank you very much!

    When I did it before, he has not yet shown on the list I think you should MENTION and I checked the properties to, somehow, and the 'hidden' checkbox was not checked.

    But when I tried it now, I see that it is a little different from what I had tried - it worked! Thank you!

  • BlackBerry Smartphone camera shutter sound

    Can I turn off the camera sounds?

    If your 8300 is upgraded to OS 4.5, you can place the unit on silent or vibrate to mute the sound of the camera.

    Or get a third party application to do, like CameraMute

Maybe you are looking for

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