BlackBerry smartphone email a problem with my Torch 9800.

I have a problem with my Torch 9800. When you try to configure the e-mail account on the torch, my companion of techno geniuses who ran in while I was reading upward on the ins and outs selected the company option and then tried to enter the e-mail address and the password. When she came back invalid, I had just read the correct option. Now the torch will not support to give me the Internet e-mail account option. or company. I made the default I saw through the command prompt and options, nothing seems to work when he gets online after the restoration, select email overall upward and it's always the newspaper and projection of password to the company. This phone is only 4 days old, I'm not impressed that I can't go back to the option, or am I missing something?

Help will be appreciated.

See you soon


Thanks for the tip on the service provider. Turns out there was to be a $10 monthly fee paid to blackberry to activate the service.

All good and working

See you soon

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  • BlackBerry smartphones, what's up with the Torch 9800 OS

    Hello again!
    Is someone can you please tell me what is the new update OS of the Torch 9800? I use 9800/ bundle 695. I want to upgrade my OS to (my first upgrade - if ever), but first of all, I want to know what has been added to the old operating system. Thank you!

    An upgrade of this nature is generally bug fixes. If your device works well for you, there is no need to upgrade. You won't get all the new features.

  • "Détarer" problem with the Torch 9800/Device Simulator

    Hello everyone,

    Im a very strange problem with the Torch 9800 (OS 6).

    I have an application developed with 5.0 SDK. Throughout the process of synchronization of this app, there is a point he gets a. tar.gz file that is unziped. For this purporse (in fact, the tar part / "détarer"), we use a tar / "détarer" 'library' we found here in the forum ( This library works fine in all phones with OS 5.0 that we try and even on the simulators of somo 6.0.

    But there seems to be a problem with the torch. During the uncompress, there are an exception, because what is the reading of the structure of the tar (from the industry), load the bytes that are invalid, corrupt, dirty, memory, and it fails.

    The strange thing of all is that if I have only the routine détarer to the file (in the torch), it works! But when I run all my sinchronization, which open and close httpconnections and process the file on some points (sometimes the same point, others of different) fails.

    My question is... are at - it a known bug, issue, etc. with the BONE of the torch (touch device)? Of course, the first thing that jump to mind is "my code is incorrect, memory leaks (in Java, but perhaps odd that a stream was not getting close properly)" and so on, but I can't seam to find the problem. And like I said before, this application works fine with the same file tar.gz in other devices like the 8520 OS 5, 9780 OS 6, 8900 (OS 5).

    IM completely stuck with this problem and any help/test will be greatly appreciated.

    Here some code, the method that makes him détarer and calls the détarer/tar library:

    public static boolean "détarer" (String tarFileUrl, String destUrl) bird Exception {}

    FileConnection fconn = null;
    FileConnection tarFileConn = null;
    TarInputStream tis = null;
    Boolean bRet = false;

    try {}
    fconn = (FileConnection) (destUrl, Connector.READ_WRITE);
    If (! fconn.exists ())
    fconn.mkdir ();   Create the folder if it does not exist
    fconn. Close();
    fconn = null;
    Create a TarInputStream
    tarFileConn = (FileConnection) (tarFileUrl);
    TIS = new TarInputStream (tarFileConn.openInputStream ());
    tarFileConn.close ();

    Entry TarEntry;
    int count;
    data Byte = null;
    While ((input = tis.getNextEntry ())! = null) {}
    Count = 0;
    data = new ubyte [2048];

    fconn = (FileConnection) (destUrl + entry.getName (), Connector.READ_WRITE);
    If (! fconn.exists ())
    fconn. Create();   create the file if it doesn't exist
    else {}
    fconn. Delete();    Create a new
    fconn. Create();

    OutputStream os = fconn.openDataOutputStream ();
    While ((count = (data))! = - 1) {}
    OS. Write (data, 0, count);

    OS. Flush();
    OS. Close();
    fconn. Close();
    fconn = null;

    TIS. Close();
    TIS = null;
    bRet = true;
    } catch (Exception e) {}
    e.printStackTrace ();
    throw e;
    } {Finally
    try {}
    If (tis! = null)
    TIS. Close();
    If (tarFileConn! = null)
    tarFileConn.close ();
    If (fconn! = null)
    fconn. Close();
    } catch (Exception e) {}
    Return bRet;

    Thank you!



    It is a problem with the OS 6.  I've posted about this before here:

    Basically, corruption may occur if you write to the stream simultaneously in different threads.  The solution is to ensure that a single file operation is occurring at a given time.  Some people have had the chance to control the size of the buffer to something as a multiple of (64 * 1024)-1. e.g. 65535.  In addition, you can rinse after each write to the buffer.  I have had no luck with this, but others.  If you look at the bug in JIRA, there is also no activity on this:

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB Desktop software will see Torch 9800

    I installed BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1 (twice from different sources) on my Windows 10 PC.

    1. after starting, I always get the request to connect the BlackBerry smartphone. I did with a USB cable, the application does not disappear.

    The Blackberry is recognized, Windows Explorer opens and displays the files on drive F:\

    2 blackBerry Desktop Software is worrisome to running applications. 2013 Outlook gets an error after certain actions (I close it), same Excel application is destroyed.

    3. I use the Windows Firewall and Avast Antivir. If I turn it off, there is no difference.

    4. There are the 'BlackBerry Device Manager' three times running background processes.

    Are the only things I want to do: get my list of Outlook contacts, possibly calendar or software updates.

    Y at - it an alternate option to load the list of contacts to my BlackBerry Torch?

    Thank you for your help

    MOD EDIT: Subject changed to reflect a new topic

    An Assistant came and did all right!

    Everything works very well, I don't know why and I don't really have the time to research.

    If it was a human sorcerer thank him/herself.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones big problem with the torch 9800

    Hi mangment

    I have me Saudi Arabia, my services blackberry torch bay is STC

    but I have more problem needing urgent fixed yoyr end to avoid any problems with the client

    I give you the problem:

    -slow Internet a few open time nd not to open some time must be restart my phone

    Facebook - last worm is not working nd nd nd rss my spase twtier

    -software update blackberry form each time give no avalbel update

    -hang up

    -the slow volume

    -the world of the app does not work in Saudi Arabia

    -My worm's last but still you are not average to resolv urgnet need resolve or

    I need torch nd my mony due am customer feedback

    thnks alharbi

    Yes, you should be able to update the device without problem.

    For other questions, please contact your technical service provider support. If they cannot help you resolve anything, ask them to bring the issue to a level RIM tech support person.

    Good luck

  • BlackBerry smartphones of the problems with the e-mail service?


    Is anyone else having problems with receiving emails on their Blackberry this morning?

    Thank you

    No here.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB8320 Internet problem with the upgrade to version 4.5

    I installed the software for my bb8320 with wifi.  Everything seemed to be going well with the upgrade.  Now I try to use my wifi and connect to the wireless router is fine.  When I try to connect to the internet, it gives me a problem.  It said unable to connect to the internet...

    I did have a problem with my wifi connection before the upgrade.  My bb does not plan for the data.

    If anyone has this problem and know how to solve this problem, please help me.

    Thank you

    You are trying to connect to one or more Web sites.

    in the BB browser, enter in this


    What is going on?

  • Dead pixel blackBerry Smartphones and the problem with the case of my BlackBerry 9780

    Hello world

    Recently, I bought a BlackBerry 9780 by Vodafone Spain (23 December) and I found a few problems.

    One of them is the presence of a dead pixel in the upper right and the feeling of the case a little weak in the left side that, when you touch it you can feel it creaks a bit.

    I would like to know if the warranty of BlackBerry or Vodafone Spain will cover this problem or if some of the new users of this model of BlackBerry noticied some of these problems and knows how to solve this problem.

    Sorry if they have problems with spelling. My usual language is Spanish .

    Thank you very much.

    A dead pixel is a hardware fault, and there is no miracle for her.

    Check if you can get a replacement.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones having HUGE problem with the screen

    Please help me people... My flipberry went completely crazy...
    I ' l try to explain the problem with as much detail as I can remember...
    Since last week or both internal as external screen my phone acted crazy...
    for the start of a few days, the problem started with the internal display will red sometimes, or show the half of the screen with stripes of colors... I thought it was a passing phase...
    but after a few days, the screen went completely black... both screens external and internal... until this time, as I ran the firmware
    so that day I sat down and wiped my phone completely and loaded the latest firmware in order to completely black screens are returned to the way they were... sometimes ok, sometimes showing abstract things and weird colors...

    and even today both screens went completely black... so I'm currently trying to get back to the version as recommended by t-mobile...

    and I have not dropped my phone once again since I bought it 4 months ago... need help

    usually the phone will come with a free warranty of one year.  The best thing I can suggest is to return to the top of any data you left phone and bring it back for a replacement or sent it to be repaired because it seems to me that your phone is defective.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones anyone have problems with sections of your screen?

    Even if there are some problems with the operating system as has been noted by several previous discussions, I am satisfied my storm because of its hardware capabilities and am willing to be patient as RIM solves problems in software.  The problem I have is that the left side of the bottom of my screen does not feel the same clicking positive like the rest of the screen.  I spoke with someone at a local verizon store and they explained that it is common and that there nothing wrong with mine, or at least that there was no different than most.  I also checked the demos of two storms they had on display and both units seemed to have a defect similar to the screen.  Storm of my wife, however, is perfect, with the same positive feeling by clicking on parts of the screen.  I would not be concerned with it except that when I type in the lower-left corner of the screen I have errors or reduces typing speed because of the absence of "click".  Finally, my question is can I Exchange it for another and hope that the following better, or just simply keep in mine because it's like most of the units and get a perfect as my wife is the luck of the draw?  Thank you

    Your screen should click systematically everywhere like your wives Storm.  Basically, the problem with your phone by clicking on not everywhere is a tight screw or screws.  When you remove the cover of your battery, you will notice two torx screws.  We'll have a red and white sticker underneath the battery and the other on the opposite side will not.  If you have a torx T-6 screwdriver you can correct this problem by turning the screw or screw to the left to unscrew the screws.  You can try half of the towers at a time and test your screen to ensure uniformity to click after each turn to don't not to loosen the screws too.  Here is a link that has been posted on crackberry dot com that others have used this procedure to correct their screen by clicking on the problem:

    If your Storm is perfect except the screen click problem, I suggest trying the fix published previously.  If you feel uncomfortable, try this, I will ask a new device that clicks on evenly all over the way it should be.

  • BlackBerry smartphones a few questions on the Torch 9800

    a friend recently gave me her old flame and I wiped it created a new BBID and deleted reinstalled BBM and it still does not work, I don't have a data plan but bbm should work on my home network. Another thing when adding an email, how do you find the "password for activation" this is my email password... any help would be appreciated

    Hi James Gover.

    I was a fanatic user of Torch 9800, 9810 (very similar), so I hope to be useful.

    • to open your mailbox, of course you need his password. Otherwise, someone could connect to it, which would be absurd.
    • If I were you, I wouldn't delete BBM: it's an integrated application. But normally, it is possible to re - download from BB world. I understand that you have done this. I tried to configure BBM with a friend who was a BB user, but we have no success. I admit that it is a relatively complicated application.


    1. First, do a format of all the data on the BlackBerry. Before that, make sure that you have made a backup; You can do this with BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac or Windows 7.1, which you can find on the BB site (Software section of the home screen). So yes, format. In: Options/Security/safety cleaning (if I translate well to the french).
    2. Ask your provider or operator. In my case, I had a basic membership for this BlackBerry and an additional option (and even today still with a better subscription) "Option BlackBerry" for anything over the phone and SMS, so exactly BlackBerry Messenger and e-mail, at a cost of CHF 10. -

    After having done these two things, I think you'll be ready!

  • Physical keyboard of blackBerry Smartphones does not not on new Torch 9800

    Hi, I got a new BB torch 9800 a few days ago and the physical keyboard does not work (and has never worked) when I slip out.  Does anyone know if there is a setting somewhere that I have to activate, or is likely to have a defect of the device?  (By the way, I downloaded the last updated and rebooted and took out the battery etc...)  Everything else seems to work very well.  Any help is appreciated!  Thank you

    @odonnec, if you have removed the battery while the phone is turned on and the keyboard still does not work, it would be a hardware defect and you should talk to your business to get a phone that works.

    @mikebrazil, try to remove the battery while your phone is on the replace and then a few seconds later.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Email account problems

    Hi, im depserate for any advice that can help with this problem... I have a Blackberry 9000 and it was working fine for a month or two... One day, it restarts and my email accounts have disappeared from the home screen. I had set up and only 3 of seems now works now. It doesn't have its own icon, but messages appear in the messages section.

    If I go to the e-mail set up, need me is no longer on the page that he used which was page accounts to delete or change my email accounts. He directs me to a page with new users, which if I say I'm already registered, or a user existing, who, if I try to log in with one of my email accounts still say details are bad and need to check.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Orange UK?

    If so, try here:

  • BlackBerry Smartphone email settings problem

    I have 3 addresses on my Torch - a Gmail account that works, a Blackberry that works also, and an email company that used to work. Recently my company changed its web servers, and the new server requires that the username email address complete '[email protected]', but I can't put anything other than the 'abc' share is entered automatically during the installation process account and apparently cannot be changed once created.

    I even deleted the account and tried it again to create from scratch, but no luck.

    Is it possible to change this so that I can get my email working again?

    I finally got to the right person at my service provider, and they managed to enter the correct username for me, so my email now works as it should.

    Thanks for your help!

  • BlackBerry smartphones HELP! problems with text messaging? for blackberry bold 9900

    I just got the phone today and I have a problem!

    On text messaging, I try type but it comes up with a long, narrow bar instead of a rectangular shape, and I don't see what I'm typing!

    Then I go back and I CAN see, but it goes back!

    I can't delete texts and I can't see all of the messages with each person.

    AND. My Network DOESN'T work?

    Help, please!

    Perform a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart. A reboot in this manner is prescribed for most defects and errors of operating system, and you will lose any data on the device doing so.

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