BlackBerry smartphone Email VS icon Messages

OK I'm confused a little. I have two icons on my blackberry, they say the Messages and the other has a custom name for my email. When I receive by email, it shows two boxes to the letters. The personalized e-mail box (lloks like Earth w / a yellow envelope) appeared when I set up my pop3 account. I want to receive my emails in a box and nothing else. I know that I can separate messages SMS/MMS from the box "Messages". Is it possible to disable the e-mail for messages box and simply allow the history of calls and messages SMS/MMS only and leave email on the only custom icon? ... or I'm looking into this way too and there is a simpler way to do it.

Thank you

I simpy hide the specific e-mail icon. There is no real need for it, but it is created with the account.

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    I love my 8900 but recently is has started to make me mad for two reasons and I wonder if you can help.

    • I continue to receive emails, and it is said in the subject: RIM_bca28a80-e9c0 - 11 d 1-87fe-00600811c6a2. These emails are sent by: [email protected]

    How can I stop coming through.

    • At least once a week, my screen goes white with data error message and I have to restart the phone. Any ideas why this is?

    Thank you all for your help.


    Article ID: KB21849 Network@etp messages have been received in the mail and on the BlackBerry smartphone application

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    My email icon disappeared from my screen.  My verizon email account is listed in the "setup."  I tried turning the power on/off the phone; no change.  I have remove the e-mail account setup and then entered it again and still no luck.  How can I get the email icon to reappear on my phone?  Help!

    The first thing to do is to press your menu button and select Show all or show that one is available. If who does not show your icon, you will need to reload your OS. Not to worry, it's really easy to do. Plug your phone into BlackBerry Desktop Software, click Device > backup and make a backup of your data. Once this is done, click again on the device, and then click on restore. Find the backup file that you just created and load it onto your phone. This will restore your email to your home screen icon. It's a good idea to do regular backups so make a habit to backup your phone at least once a month.

    See you soon.

  • BlackBerry® Smartphones email and text messaging

    Welcme the supprt frums and sure you can! Go to your MESSAGES icon, press the BLACKBERRY button or Menu, go - go to OPTIONS - GENERAL OPTIONS - key down to SMS and E-MAIL, and then click SEPARATE!

    ENJy your BlackBerry!

  • BlackBerry smartphone email alert icon not showing on Email folder?

    I chose the option to separate my SMS / email messages.  I understand that copies of ALL my messages go to my folder 'messages' standard, but the red alert icon shows only on my 'messages' folder when I receive a new e-mail message.  It does not appear on my e-mail folder.  On my 8830, I could hide my 'messages' folder and manage all my messages SMS & Email to their respective folders, and whenever I got a new email, the small red alert icon would show up through my e-mail folder.  I talked to others on tour in other forums who say that their to work properly.  Their red alert icon will appear next to their EMAIL folder when you receive a new email.  But mine is displayed by my standard 'MESSAGES' folder, so I have to keep the 2 folders side-by-side on my home page, which is very annoying.  E-mail messages still land in my EMAIL account correctly and I can work on this issue, but I don't know where the message was if I didn't keep the handy 'MESSAGES' folder because the alert icon will appear next to that one instead.  Thanks for any help or direction.

    You are welcome.

    I think that is how it is planned... on the main messages folder.

  • Stuck blackBerry Smartphone email status icon

    Hi all.  I just started a new plan with Sprint last Friday and bought a BB Curve 8330 m (red, not that it matters, but it is really easy on the eyes). I was a guy of mobile windows for years... I am always with my line of work (Samsung Omnia/Verizon)...but I really like the BB experience so far.

    In any case, on the issue.

    I have set up my various email accounts; 1 hotmail, yahoo 1, 1 gmail.  Everything goes well with the installation program, but now I'm having a problem with my e-mail status icon.  I have noticed that the icon should always be 1 email.  I went to each account and earlier marked as read, always 1 notification.  I went back in and deleted front of each account, still shown on the icon 1.  I went through all call lists and the app facebook, marked all read, then deleted. Always have the icon showing 1 email.  After looking a little closer, I realized when I go on the hotmail icon he showed (1), but the opening was nothing in there.  So I deleted my hotmail account and released in market the phone but still have the icon.  Since then, I've deleted all 3 accounts and added them and I still have this 1 email notification.  AGGHHH.

    So I'm out of ideas at this point, short a complete reset of the phone.  I just thought I ask here before wiping.  Is this something that escapes me?


    8330 m (Platform

    Thank you


    Connect DTM, click backup/restore, click Advanced

    delete the database of messages and remove the battery

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    I'm a french user of BB 9810 2 years last week there was a problem: the e-mail notification icon always stay with the white on red circle (new point icon) star although all emails are read.

    Do you know a tricks to turn off the White Star on red circle?

    Thanks for your reply due diligence must


    Each time a random strange behavior or slow creeps, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.


  • BlackBerry Smartphone email notification icon

    always on display that I have an email not open even after all msg have been removed. How can I get the icon go?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Email account icons...

    Is it possible that the e-mail accounts that we have configured would have their own icons as Gmail must have its own icon, that goes the same for yahoo and hotmail, email because right now all email accounts have the same icons displayed.

    I have the curve 8900 with OS update

    smhsn wrote:

    cant get us these otherwise?

    Nope. As I said, they are pushed by your BIS through your carrier. You can't "bring" another way.

  • Help blackBerry Smartphones! -Lack of message, emails, icons of the camera on "BOLD" 9000

    Saturday night my battery apparently lack of power completely.  When I tried to start, but there was no answer so I plugged and rebooted.  When it is turned on, the message text, the e-mail icon, icon of the camera icon and the cat icon Blackberry where everything is gone, on the screen.  Also the 'sound' icon in the upper left corner, you know that to control if the ring is strong, sweet, or vibrate, etc., is absent.  I had the screen saver is off.  But a photo in Blackberry default is now the screensaver.  I have some pictures and important texts and emails I need restored.  I also spent hitting the button on the bottom of the phone, and a message icon appeared or reappears, however, he only registered to Blackberry on the phone, a message registeration emails when I registered on 24 January and back in 28 Oct.  I bought the phone with an ATT store and they said it was new.  None of my previous electronic appear under this "new" message icon

    Just curious to know if anyone knows of any quick fix until I have to waste my time online, then have a cust rep, who knows as much as this phone than me, tell me it will have to be shipped to a place and "restored".  Thank you very much.


    PS - I just noticed the www browser is missing also.

    Thanks for the reply.  A friend told me to stop the BB, remove the battery and then turn it back on.  The BB took a few mintues to come back but it worked and everything was restored.  He explained that the BB goes through a process of battery conservation and stop all programs in order to save energy.  He thinks that the current BB software is apparently not restored these programs stop you.  Maybe the upgrade of the software you suggested will do just that (?).  In any case, thanks for the effort.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones Email icon help please

    Help, please. My email icon remains the same when there is no emails. To only show 56 emails when there is none even after resets hard.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    I suggest a search of message:

    • KB21879 How to search messages unread on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Email icon


    My practically new blackberry shows the symbol of e-mail on the home screen with the number 2 next to him as if I have 2No. unread emails in my Inbox. But I have no email in my Inbox? Any ideas... Thanks in advance

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Messages can take many forms, with emails using only a subset of the possible types total of messages. So, I suggest a search of message:

    • KB21879 How to search messages unread on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones emails and Messages of mixture that can be resolved?

    Is there a way to stop my e-mails and messages in the mixture it is very annoying to have to remove twice. I also need help on how to download ringtones I did what the book said to do but without success, I also tried to connect it to my computer, someone please help!

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with my little problem.

    Did you mean that your emails and text messages are coming in the same folder? If so then try the following-

    Separate messages-> Options-> General Options-> E-mail and SMS: separate

    If you mean your different built-in emails appearing in mail and separate mail folder then please be informed that this default happenes. BlackBerry smartphone is designed as such if you think this is awkward, can hide Messages folder (press the Alt button-> click-> Menu select hide).

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    Have a 9900 and despite all the messages being deleted, my phone now indicates that there are 2 messages not deleted.  For a long time, he said, there was 1 message, however after getting my phone back to Blackberry for a minor repair, initially the message indicator was correct.  However, shortly after getting the phone back, he turned to displaying 1 unsuppressed message.  This morning he started to display "2".  Thanks for the help

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I suggest a search of message:

    • KB21879 How to search messages unread on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Good luck and let us know!

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    Today I created my email on my BB Torch...

    One of my two emails, the icon is gray and transparent... not in colors... What does that mean?

    Please find attached a photo


    It could be hidden, highlight it, press your Menu button > UNhide.

    It becomes normal?

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