BlackBerry smartphone how to activate bbm in my 8520?

I need to activate the plan of 298 bbm. But I do not get sent to receive mails. Please help me...



You will want to contact your carrier for a BlackBerry data plan while ensuring that it has been activated on your plan. Note, there are different types of plans available, depending on your operator, so be sure to get the for your needs. If you want a plan with BBM and emails, you will need a plan of comprehensive data, otherwise, you may be able to select a limited plan if your provider offers it.

I hope that helps!

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  • BlackBerry smartphone how to open BBM bak. file Please HELP!

    Help, please!

    I have a BB Bold 9900 and must open my backup files in urgent BBM!

    I can easily open the file history through Excel on my laptop, but I can't open the backup files, and it is these conversations that I need.

    The files appear like this for example...

    for example. BBM-(12-08-31-10-53).bak

    I also need to open the history files stored in Whatsapp, once again, I can't open these files.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated..!  Thank you!

    Hi pellosmith and welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums!

    BBM and BlackBerry smartphone backup cannot be opened and read on your computer. These files are intended only to restore the BlackBerry smartphone or the application itself.

    Thank you.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to activate internet on Blackberry Curve 9220?

    BlackBerry 9220 Curve

    Hello Harsharaora29528

    To activate Internet on your device, you will need to contact your carrier Airtel, they can add it to your account. And if you want to enjoy applications BlackBerry like BBM, push e-mail service, Facebook for BlackBerry etc her you must have specific BlackBerry data plan not a generic data plan, you carrier can add it on your account.



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  • BlackBerry smartphone how to activate email afterwards security?


    I did a scan of security after the backup, then I restored my Blackbery Bold 9700 but I'm not able to activate my emails even after I type the password for the e-mail activation. all help will be greatly appreciated.

    Call Fido and tell them you want to get set up on their site online of the BIS, .  Once you have set up, you can add addresses email on your phone, delete them, validate the passwords for them, etc.  Whenever you have to make everything about the email addresses on your phone, you log it and take care of business yourself.

    Give them a call for the resolution of this problem.

    I hope that I helped you.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to activate Internet on BES navigation

    Hi all

    I'm trying to activate internet browsing from Blackberry devices. Joana re connect a BES Server version, and I have about 60 users. This is a new server is a new domain. I confirmed that devices are capable, because they are all previously belonging to another area, that was the BES server already configured for internet access.

    My BES connects through a proxy server for internet. I have not fully understood all areas that need to be configured, and I'm getting a "error Http 403: Forbidden" error.

    I already configured the BES as follows - I am I missing?

    Properties of the field of BB
    Create an extraction rule, add group,
    Rules of the user, add users to the Group
    Create a URL schema, http *. *
    The URL scheme rules, check 'allow' for the Group
    Properties of MDS connection service
    HTTP - support HTTP auth = true
    Proxy - direct and other maps

    I found a way to do it now...

    Basically, I got the below appropriate configuration. The problem was that my proxy server has been the traffic stop. I added a new ISA access rule to allow traffic from my BES server on ports 80 and 443, and it works.

    I am not sure that the "HTTP - supported HTTP auth = true' value is really necessary, but I'll play with it later. I hope that everyone in the research on this topic will find this post, then save them from time to time I spent.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones unable to use BBM

    I can't use BBM on my curve 9320 such as a message informs you that exception; java.lang.NullPointer as follows Eception Exception. What's this & how can I get rid of him?

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    There is virtually no diagnosis of those - they are the equivalent of random errors in Windows for which trace the root cause is futile. Basically, here's the last out in the programming code - some event occurred for which there is no event handler in the code. The patch is an update of the code that handles the event... but, again, what is the event is almost impossible. So, there are a few things to try:

    Sometimes, the code simply is damaged and needs to be updated - just like a reboot:

    • Each time a random strange behavior or slow creeps, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    If it doesn't boot properly, then you need to try Safe Mode:

    • KB17877 How to start a BlackBerry smartphone in safe mode

    There may be a code updated to the value of the carrier - check out them through this Portal:

    The toughest possible causes are a bad application behave. To find it, there are two options. Is to see if you can read the log file:

    Go to the home screen. Hold down the "alt" key and type "lglg". (You won't see anything as you type). This will bring up the log file. Scroll down (probably a lot of pages) until you see a line that says "eception execption. Click on this line. The application name will be in the info. Alternative methods to implement the newspapers are in this KB:

    • KB05349 How to activate, view, and extract the the event logs on a BlackBerry smartphone

    The other method is to remove the apps one at a time, wait a while between the two (I usually recommend a week), until the problem stops... revealing the offending application. Yet another method is to recharge the BB OS itself, leaving little time between the addition of other applications on the BB in order to be able to determine exactly what is the cause.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how restore server BB Phone again BB 9720


    I need help. I just got a new 9720 BB after that my old BB 9220 phone stopped working. Before the old defective phone, I got my data backed up on the server by using BB BB protect.

    I signed into my new BB using my BB ID and my BBM restored 9720 my BBM contacts. However all data like contacts, Notepad, messages, e-mails and whatsapp are not restored.
    Whenever I go to BB protect app, it does not give me the option to restore, rather they want to back up my current phone.

    Can anyone help me to restore all my data saved on my old BB Phone on the BB to BB Server protect in my new BB Phone?

    Hello fsina

    Sorry, I use no more BBOS device, but you can find something useful in this article: How to use BlackBerry Protect to restore data to a BlackBerry smartphone

    Good luck.

  • BlackBerry smartphones I want my BBM back! BBM contacts switched between two phones I own, my wife and me

    Hey, my wife's friends are nice, but I can't be in their discussions... I have 2 bb Torch 9800. For no apparent reason about 3 months ago the bbm contacts exchanged between them without any reason. I've been in contact with my phone provider, and they are perplexed and said that it is a problem of bb... How can I get the bbm is switched back to good phones?

    I tried to remove and reinstall applications, same old contacts...

    Note: I share the same e-mail address on both phones, this could be and question? When I got the phones of MTS, a few years ago, they said it was very good and quite work very well to the top until there are a couple / few months.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Sharing the same e-mail address is no problem... e-mail systems is generally accessed from multiple customers, and the application of enamel on the BB is just another type of e-mail client.

    But, if you meant that you share the same BBID on both devices, then it indeed is probably the cause of the problem. It is inadvisable to associate a BBID to more than a SmartPhone BB. Strange things can happen, including the tangle of BBM contacts, as has happened to you.

    Since BBM7, BBM contacts are not stored on the device itself... on the contrary, they are stored "in the cloud" with the BBID. Before BBM7 (indeed, "a couple of years"), the BBM contacts were stored on the device itself and therefore would not mingle if a BBID has been shared between several BB devices.

    Here's what you need to do:

    1. Decide which of the two devices will retain the existing BBID
    2. Manually clean the BBM contacts to reflect only what desires this device
    3. On the other BB, you need to prepare by making a full backup of the device, because the "fix" will wipe
      • See the link in my sig auto on this post for instructions to complete backup
    4. Once you have this backup, you should separate this another BB the BBID existing and create a new brand for the single device
      • KB26694 How to change the BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet
    5. Once this is done, you can switch to manually re-create all BBM contacts on the 2nd device (no, there is no way to automate this process for you)

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Boost Mobile 9310 BBM works not


    I recently bought two 9310's to I activated phones and have the phone service and SMS. Pins and MMS do not work.

    After completing the race of customer service Boost Mobile (called six times to unable to people who do not have the slightest idea how to diagnose my problem), I spoke finally someone who discovered that the PIN is recorded as a Sprint not a PIN brooch Boostmobile. For this reason, Boost system will not my access phone to BBM.

    According to two different techniques, support people, a Boost pin has letters in line and my two new phones to have not all letters in the axis. This is what tech to rush to stop support because they thought I tried to record a Sprint Blackberry.

    For the last week, I was not able to get the boost to activate BBM because of this problem. Given that I bought two new phones and they have this problem, I do not think that send them back to get more than two phones will probably solve my problem.

    Does anyone know how to get Boost to activate my BBM service? Apparently their system won't let not my phones access BBM because the system thinks that they are the Sprint phones, but Boost has told me they do not know how to solve this problem.

    I can't begin to tell you how frustrated I am with Boost on the many hours of time I spent on the phone still does not get a resolution.

    I spoke with the support of Blackberry, and they told me that they cannot help me because it is a problem of Boost. But has no RIM to Boost power supply with the phone that has the pin of Sprint?

    Frustrated. Help, please.

    A few days ago, Boost Mobile Tech Support called me to let me know that the solution to the problem is that I need new phones. The phones that I have conducted with a PIN Spint. A big boost Blackberry has a PIN that has letters in the spindle. Since my Blackberry has not all the letters in the axis, it was done properly and I need to return two phones to Brightpoint order new phones.

    I don't have confidence in the present, because I assumed that my chances were good enough get two more of the same since I was initially two phones with the same question. But after 10 calls to boost, hours on the phone with people clueless and not getting anywhere, I saw no other choice.

    Last night, I received a call from Boost Mobile Tech Support to solve this problem. I told the person who told me that the phones were made with a Sprint pin and I needed to get new phones again. He was surprised to hear that, and then he told me that this was not correct. He asked if I was OK with him pass my plan to a different plan then return it restores on my orignial plan. It was supposed to pass by the activation of BBM twice to get BBM activated their system.

    It worked!

    Here are a few things I learned on the Boost Mobile Tech Support:

    (1) the people you talk to are not technical. In fact, they were pretty clueless and do their best to avoid disturbing the staff limited to engineers. At best, they are a conduit for the engineers.

    (2) If you can not get a resolution after hours on the phone, insisting that a 'ticket' is written on your problem and note the number of the ticket.

    (3) make sure that you get the ticket number. If you do not, there is a strong possibility that they said they wrote a ticket but do not have. For some reason, they really don't want to write a ticket. I had to insist to talk to the principal contractor to get a ticket started. This was my 6th time that I called for support and it had not yet started recording.

    (4) make sure that what they have written information about the problem on the ticket. The supervisor wrote the ticket because my phone has no cell service. When I called the next day to learn more, I got the person read the ticket for me and I found that my BBM problem has not been registered.

    (5) make sure that the information contained in the ticket are to the point. Engineers use this information to give a technical support more ideas on how to solve the problem. Then support will call you to try the idea of the engineer. Remember, technical support is an intermediary to the engineer. If technical support writes a wrong description on the ticket, the engineer will not be able to give good advice.

    (6) If no ticket is written when you get off the phone and the problem is not resolved, then you will have lost all of your time on the phone. Next time you call, you'll be all over again. It took me five calls until I discovered this.

    (7) the false information to support tech clueless that they believe are true, but not sure if it's true or not. You call then return another day, while the next person to whom you are speaking is in disagreement with what the previous person. You call then return another day, and you get yet another contradiction. I couldn't on how this happened.

  • BlackBerry smartphones how show appointments today on the home screen

    The 8220 is my first BB. I used to have the cingular 3125 smartphone and was one of the most important features for me to have my next appointment show on the home screen. Then would come the point upward (that is to say 15 minutes) I would hit reject and would show the next appointment.

    T Mobile BB technicians tell me that this option is available on all other BB, but they do not know how to activate it on the pearl flip 8220.

    Did somebody to understand yet?
    Thank you

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Try the settings options Page 166.

    Thank you

    Don't forget to adjust your thread. Put the check mark in the green box containing your answer! Thank you

  • BlackBerry Smartphones my Curve 8900 bbm will not work!

    Hi, I really need quick fight info how to use bbm and other blackberry services. I use H2O Wireless (prepaid international). can someone help me? Because it is really important. I tried everything already and it still doesn't work. And I was hoping that you like support community blackberry could help me. My data plans are not no longer works. So, I'm really happy if you can solve my problem. Thank you.

    I don't know how your carrier wait you will activate your plan data manually - it's something that they need to do so give them a call and talk to someone else.

  • Wipe data security blackBerry Smartphones - how to restore the mail application?

    Feature: BB Torch 9800.

    Provider: t-mobile.

    I had problems with my gmail set up.  I could not send / receive.  Message "blocked service."

    I did a Wipe of security under option.  Now, my Mail app icon is gone.

    If I go into setup - mail accounts, I see the Internet mail option.  It asks me to enter the account of the company, I do not agree.

    1. how to restore the Mail app?

    2. is it possible to do a hard reset of the device to factory default as a new phone?

    3. wonder if I can use this BB torch for email via Wifi only (not the cell provider data service) as an iPod Touch?

    Thanks for your help!

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    email_dc wrote:

    1. how to restore the Mail app?

    With a strong carrier network (for example, not only WiFi), I suggest the following steps, in order, even if they seem redundant to what you have already tried (steps 1 and 2, each should result in a message from your BB... Please wait just before moving on to the next step):

    1) register HRT

    • KB00510 How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with wireless network
    • Please wait a 'registration' message reach your Messages application

    2) Remove and return Service books

    • KB05000 Remove the maintenance book for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account in the BlackBerry smartphone
    • If you do not have access CMIME, continue deleting
    • KB02830 Send the directories for the BlackBerry Internet Service
    • Please wait "the Activation' Messages, one per already configured e-mail account, arrive in your Messages. If you have not already configured email accounts, please wait 1 hour.

    3) restart

    • With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot-~ 5 minutes...
    • See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    I hope that will move things again for you! If this isn't the case, then you should contact your mobile provider for formal support.

    email_dc wrote:


    2. is it possible to do a hard reset of the device to factory default as a new phone?

    There are several methods (which, BTW, no I believe to be useful to your situation):

    • KB16307 Actions performed by the BlackBerry smartphone during the removal of the user stored and application data
    • KB14058 How to delete all data and applications in the smartphone BlackBerry using the security option wipe
    • KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings
    • KB29847 How to charge a BlackBerry smartphone without using the BlackBerry Desktop Software

    email_dc wrote:



    3. wonder if I can use this BB torch for email via Wifi only (not the cell provider data service) as an iPod Touch?

    N ° of BB devices lack a complete email client on them. Instead, they depend on the BIS service to provide messaging functionality. BIS is active when you have also listed Internet/personal email where you currently see only Enterprise. All services of BIS, are sent to the device via data carrier network... contact them are therefore the right approach to discover why their network is no longer to deliver to you the services that you pay for.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how can I do a factory reset without going into the blackberry software?


    My Blackberry Curve 8520 I just "App Error 523".

    Whether the bust means that I have to do a FACTORY RESET, but I was wondering how to do this without using the Blackberry Desktop software?

    I wonder if the blue keys inside Blackberry anything on this subject.

    What blue keys inside?

    You'll need a Windows PC. Period.

    (1) make sure that you have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed.
    (2) on your PC, go to start > run and copy and paste the following line exactly (i.e. with quotation marks):

    'c:\program files\common research in motion\apploader\loader.exe' /nojvm

    (3) the Application Loader Wizard will appear - click on "next".
    (4) in the ' connection: ' drop-down menu, you should see "USB - PIN: UNKNOWN". Click on the button "next".
    (5) you should see a list of applications ready to be installed for your Blackberry. Press Next and finish, and that you are well on your way to get your Blackberry to life. Congratulations! Just unplug and let the process finish completely.

    NOTE: If you do not display the list of applications mentioned in step 5 and instead to see the message "the Blackberry Desktop Software has no Blackberry Device Software for the device you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator', then you must download the Blackberry operating system for your support and your device.

    BlackBerry Device Operating System downloads:
    Simply select the model of the device in the list and download the latest version. Install this download and follow the steps above again and you should be on the right track.

    IF the above does not work or help, you need to use JL_Cmder to wipe the device and then load the operating system on the device. Follow the instructions here:

    Download JL_Cmder
    or download BBSAK

    If JL_Cmder does not work, you can try this:
    and this: KB20371

    Additional information: "Error 523", "App Error 523", or "JVM 523" is displayed on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Item number:
    KB10144 how to force detect the BlackBerry smartphone using the Application Loader

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to find BlackBerry backup voice note files?

    I don't know where my BlackBerry backup files are?  If I find I can look to see if a series of voicenotes I did in October/November is there & can I restore these?


    Voice memos are not elements of database and therefore are not part of the backup procedure... see this:

    • KB03974 List of database for the blackBerry smartphone

    These databases are what manages the backup process. With some versions of the Desktop software, you could include the content of the memory of the device... so if your voice memos were stored there, then they should thus be included in the backup file... and you had a selective memory of the device only restore to restore (keeping in mind that it will restore ALL the memory of the device not only the voice Notes).

    You can use a drive IPD/BBB, part 3 on your PC... I heard good things about MagicBerry... to analyze your backup file to see exactly what it contains.

    If the files in question are not contained in the IPD/BBB file and were not copied separately (for example, via the mass storage Mode) to the PC, then if they are also cleared from the BB, then files are unfortunately gone for good.

    Overall, my own personal for my weekly Desktop software backup process is to make the backup with the desktop software, but then more, via the mass storage Mode, copy all the contents of my device memory and Media Card on my PC as well... just in case... you never know what might happen. Oh... and I included a manual backup of my BBM contacts to my media card as well.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how can I fix my frozen blackberry curve?

    Everyone says the battery and put it again, but it is still frozen. someone please help! I need my blackberry working!

    LaDaesha wrote:

    Yes I had downloaded a music downloader app and now the screen is frozen saying loading. and I can't use the phone.

    Start your smartphone in safe mode, and delete this app. And then see if the problem persists.

    See: How to start in Safe Mode BlackBerry smartphone

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