BlackBerry smartphone how to enter my PIN code?

I just changed on my brand new 9000 "BOLD". The first thing I'm being prompted to enter is to enter my PIN code in 3 tests. I have 2 left.

I guess that's the PIN that came with the BB and not the SIM card pin, right? (1)

I'm new to BB and unfamiliar with the keyboard. My main concern is to know how to switch between letters and numbers? (2)

There is a '123' in the upper right corner of the screen, which I think shows the num lock mode. According to the "Getting Started Guide" by pressing the 'alt' should turn on lock num - but not on my BB mode, at least not not before entering the PIN code.

How can I get the unit off NumLock mode? (3)

.. and when I get out of lock mode number, which must be pressed to enter a number, the 'alt' or the 'sym '? (4)

Press the 'alt' or 'sym' must be held down while pressing the number key or does it just to push first? (5)

Thanx, Jesper


Hey. Thanks for the reply.

I understand it now, but I got a SIM card locked in the process :-)

First, it was of course the SIM card pin code and not the BB pin code which is asked to enter. The misfortune is that you can't control your device at all until you enter the right pin only 3 attempts. This means that you need to understand how the use of the aerodrome of keys works on this neverseen before keyboard the first time you use it. There is no help, and you don't see what you write, because it is simply displayed as *. In addition to that, you sit down with this new cool device and you're really impatient. It took me 10 minutes to lock the card!

5 minutes later with another sim card, I learned that I had to just press the [sym] open a graphics pad with which easily enter you the digital PIN using the trackball.

I wish that this was mentioned in the "Start Guide".

Cheers, Jesper

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  • BlackBerry smartphone how to enter pin code? said 'left 3' but pin is 4 digits

    Sorry, I write this in welcome, what is bad, so I'm it again here.

    I am a beginner.

    I have a new Curve 9300.

    My ISP gave me a card that I put in the phone.

    My phone now wants me to enter my PIN, which is 4 digits long.

    Somehow I must have accidentally pressed the first digit already

    because it says "3 to the left".

    I tried to remove this first digit with the delete key, but it still says "left 3.

    I also tried out the battery and card and put them backwards,

    but he always says '3 left', even though I did not yet support a number yet.

    How to remove the first digit, or how to start the phone without

    the first digit of the pin code already pressed to have accidentally?

    That means "3 attempts left", you have already entered a wrong, I think.

    In this case, it seems to be for your SIM unlock PIN, a four digit number that you have assigned through your SIM card to lock. This isn't the normal security password unlock.

    Good luck.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how verizon categorize messages "pin", anyone know?

    Nobody knows the answer to that?  When I send a pin message, it comes to my messages, not the text file, even if the messages appear to be similar.  Does anyone know if this means that pin messages count as data rather than text?  It would be cool, don't have to use all my text messages when I send a message from pins instead.

    I know that bb messanger son County under the name of data but would really like to know these.

    Thanks in advance!

    PIN messages are part of the data plan, so they are not counted as text messages. PIN messages are used for BlackBerry to BlackBerry communications. Devices not BlackBerry will not be able to receive messages from PIN.

  • BlackBerry Sprint 8830 BlackBerry Smartphones - how reach us mode debugging...?

    I searched for two days in the world and cannot locate how we enter in to the way of debugging on the 8830.

    I need to access the Ec/lo Rx and the SID #, currently I can get on the home screen signal strength by pressing the ALT + NMLL (changes the graphics signal to digital, i.e. - indicator 80)

    Please, I could really use some help with this so we can diagnose repeaters on our campus for the company.

    Thank you


    Well, to answer my own question, I now found the answer.

    Unfortunately, the 8830 and some other newer BlackBerrys do not easy to get this type of technical information.

    You must:

    1. Have a login/password to (last updated 05/30/2008)
    2. On the BlackBerry meadows ALT + CAP + H and leave it on this screen.
    3. Once connected to the # 1 link, you will be asked to enter your PIN code #, Uptime and postal code of the corresponding to your device.
    4. You will then receive an unlock code that is specific to this information (if you leave this on the blackberry help screen, the number of operating time will be different, so your code will be different.)
    5. Then enter the code for unlocking on BlackBerry, now the ALT key for numbers, the capitals are not necissary.
    6. This will give you access to the app Mode Trace Engineering
    7. 'Radio Engineering' selection screen
    8. Select screen "CDMA Engineering"
    9. Select "Operational information" (ec/io of 2nd line 3rd line rss)
    10. Scroll down to 'Neighbor set details' and get 1st line driver active, 2nd to the 20th will give nearby sites with ec/io for each.

    * Copy the following code will work for 30 days, then you will need to get a new code in the same way.

    I hope this helps everyone!

  • How to enter an activation code, with a trial download?

    My free trial period has expired.  I have an activation code of detail Acrobat Pro XI (bought from a dealer).  How to enter the activation code?

    On launch, you will get the "software license" option to the trial expiration page, click on it and enter the serial number.

  • Three Smartphones blackBerry devices and detachment of his PIN code

    I have 3 blackberry 8520.9790 devices & device BB10 Alpha. But my profile shows only a PIN devices. How to enter PIN code for all my devices

    Simply enter the extra PIN on another line in your profile.

    ALSO: You have your phone number listed on your 'My Mobile provider' or the carrier. Put your phone number on the internet on these public forums for the world to see, is not wise. To change this, at the top of this page, click my settings > personal profile > personal information and in the entrance of the block of type 'Carrier' the name of your mobile operator.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how do I know if my PIN is free or locked?

    I bought a used unlocked blackberry, I use it only as a phone right now

    I not have data on it but will be "hanging upwards" to data complete blackberry in a few months when I return a book BB.

    How can I find out if the PIN on this one is locked or free?

    Right now I can still return it to the seller if there is a problem, but in a month if I try to connect it and can't, I'll be out of luck.

    The guy gave me the receipt original and said it was never connected, but I want to be sure.  I tried to contact my provider (Fido), but the guy knew nothing about a PIN code.

    Thank you

    Are you referring to make sure your phone is unlocked? If so, if the phone is a Rogers phone, and you currently have it work on Fido, it is an unlocked phone. Unlocking the phone is required to use the phone on any other carrier.

    Now then, if you want to make sure that the STEM was not put to the index as a stolen phone, thereby ensuring that your BlackBerry data will work later in time, the easiest way would be to contact the original wireless services provider (one that displays on the splash screen when the phone starts first). You can then explain to them that you bought the used device and I want to just make sure that the phone is not stolen and so on the blacklist, at their end. They should be able to find this information quite easily. Note: you will need to probably the device IMEI, which is located behind the battery or you can also get it by going to Options > device > device and state information.

    I hope that info helps!

  • Change of PIN ASSET in the redirector again combined PIN blackBerry Smartphones how

    I recently installed Desktop Manager 4.7 for my new 9000 "BOLD".  I can sync everything except the e-mail in Outlook 2003 (SP3).  Redirector comes up with my previous curve handset PIN.  When I run the Desktop Manager application, it recognizes and asks if he should change the active device to device.  I click Yes but nothing happens.  Where can I change the pin of the device 'ACTIVE '?

    I can't get redirector to work becvause I can't change the PIN code.

    I had the same problem. I googled: "blackberry redirector change pin code" and found many people with the same problem. Software not only sloppy, I am amazed to see no response from anyone to BB on this forum.

    Here's what worked for me:

    1 uninstalled the Blackberry Desktop software.

    2 restarted.

    3 reinstalled new version (4.7) of Blackberry desktop software.

    4 restarted.

    5 connected my phone via USB. This time, he turned off the PIN.

    If the above does not work, you can just remove all branches of the registry with the Blackberry Research in Motion... you're on your own if you do this. A simpler solution is to create a new connection on the Windows System...

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to read QR codes w/9780?

    I am a new user of BB. How to read a QR code with my 9780? Find anything in the manual or online support

    Thank you

    Open your camera and take a picture of the QR code, just focus on the QR code... the camera recognize the code.

  • Wipe data security blackBerry Smartphones - how to restore the mail application?

    Feature: BB Torch 9800.

    Provider: t-mobile.

    I had problems with my gmail set up.  I could not send / receive.  Message "blocked service."

    I did a Wipe of security under option.  Now, my Mail app icon is gone.

    If I go into setup - mail accounts, I see the Internet mail option.  It asks me to enter the account of the company, I do not agree.

    1. how to restore the Mail app?

    2. is it possible to do a hard reset of the device to factory default as a new phone?

    3. wonder if I can use this BB torch for email via Wifi only (not the cell provider data service) as an iPod Touch?

    Thanks for your help!

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    email_dc wrote:

    1. how to restore the Mail app?

    With a strong carrier network (for example, not only WiFi), I suggest the following steps, in order, even if they seem redundant to what you have already tried (steps 1 and 2, each should result in a message from your BB... Please wait just before moving on to the next step):

    1) register HRT

    • KB00510 How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with wireless network
    • Please wait a 'registration' message reach your Messages application

    2) Remove and return Service books

    • KB05000 Remove the maintenance book for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account in the BlackBerry smartphone
    • If you do not have access CMIME, continue deleting
    • KB02830 Send the directories for the BlackBerry Internet Service
    • Please wait "the Activation' Messages, one per already configured e-mail account, arrive in your Messages. If you have not already configured email accounts, please wait 1 hour.

    3) restart

    • With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot-~ 5 minutes...
    • See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    I hope that will move things again for you! If this isn't the case, then you should contact your mobile provider for formal support.

    email_dc wrote:


    2. is it possible to do a hard reset of the device to factory default as a new phone?

    There are several methods (which, BTW, no I believe to be useful to your situation):

    • KB16307 Actions performed by the BlackBerry smartphone during the removal of the user stored and application data
    • KB14058 How to delete all data and applications in the smartphone BlackBerry using the security option wipe
    • KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings
    • KB29847 How to charge a BlackBerry smartphone without using the BlackBerry Desktop Software

    email_dc wrote:



    3. wonder if I can use this BB torch for email via Wifi only (not the cell provider data service) as an iPod Touch?

    N ° of BB devices lack a complete email client on them. Instead, they depend on the BIS service to provide messaging functionality. BIS is active when you have also listed Internet/personal email where you currently see only Enterprise. All services of BIS, are sent to the device via data carrier network... contact them are therefore the right approach to discover why their network is no longer to deliver to you the services that you pay for.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how can I do a factory reset without going into the blackberry software?


    My Blackberry Curve 8520 I just "App Error 523".

    Whether the bust means that I have to do a FACTORY RESET, but I was wondering how to do this without using the Blackberry Desktop software?

    I wonder if the blue keys inside Blackberry anything on this subject.

    What blue keys inside?

    You'll need a Windows PC. Period.

    (1) make sure that you have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed.
    (2) on your PC, go to start > run and copy and paste the following line exactly (i.e. with quotation marks):

    'c:\program files\common research in motion\apploader\loader.exe' /nojvm

    (3) the Application Loader Wizard will appear - click on "next".
    (4) in the ' connection: ' drop-down menu, you should see "USB - PIN: UNKNOWN". Click on the button "next".
    (5) you should see a list of applications ready to be installed for your Blackberry. Press Next and finish, and that you are well on your way to get your Blackberry to life. Congratulations! Just unplug and let the process finish completely.

    NOTE: If you do not display the list of applications mentioned in step 5 and instead to see the message "the Blackberry Desktop Software has no Blackberry Device Software for the device you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator', then you must download the Blackberry operating system for your support and your device.

    BlackBerry Device Operating System downloads:
    Simply select the model of the device in the list and download the latest version. Install this download and follow the steps above again and you should be on the right track.

    IF the above does not work or help, you need to use JL_Cmder to wipe the device and then load the operating system on the device. Follow the instructions here:

    Download JL_Cmder
    or download BBSAK

    If JL_Cmder does not work, you can try this:
    and this: KB20371

    Additional information: "Error 523", "App Error 523", or "JVM 523" is displayed on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Item number:
    KB10144 how to force detect the BlackBerry smartphone using the Application Loader

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to remove it from my Torch 9800 policy

    I have a Torch 9800 formerly - used for emails from the company. According to our company policy, there was a COMPUTER policy that is installed on the device where would force the user to set password protecting the unit.

    Now, this device has been removed and I like using it only for regular phone calls like so no password protection. My question is:

    How to remove the it strategy of the device?

    I tried to slide the unit several times, but the policy still exists. Need help...

    Hi dontsou

    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    Now, if you have this device, first make a backup of your contacts using Desktop software then first try this Knowledge Base:

    KB31291  :   How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings


    After a reset, please note not all restore from your backup, restore only you contacts, entered in calendars, Memo, etc. Otherwise these strategies COMPUTER can be restored on that device and you must repeat these steps...

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how easily control / access tool BIS

    Hi all

    I hope this will help some of you out there. What I am about to show you will help you easily access your BIS tool for most of the major suppliers. If you are replacing an old appliance with a new blackberry, the link will update your PIN / IMEI automatically in the BIS tool. This will bypass also need to connect via the username / password.

    We wish to follow the link from your BlackBerry smartphone:, where you see (MARK), you want to replace it with your provider.

    Common brands are:


    cingularme (AT & T)

    VZW (Verizon Wireless)

    TMobile (T-Mobile)

    Sprint (Sprint)


    Rogers (Rogers)

    TELUS (Telus)

    Once you have done so, you will have full access to check, move the emails etc. You can move / check your emails in any simply hittings the move button next to your emails and entering your password to the E-Mail address.

    From what I've seen it works absolutely any BlackBerry model.

    Hope this helps,



    I wanted other people to be able to see this, so since no one else Announces I will mark it as resolved. Hope this isn't a problem.


  • BlackBerry smartphone how to add BlackBerry Messenger Contacts?

    I recently bought the phone BlackBerry 8300 World Edition and found the tutorial online to be quite useful.  Unfortunately, I found myself stalled because I want to add contacts so that I can start conversations on the BlackBerry Messenger network.  Can anyone tell how to add contacts and send a message to them?

    Kind regards


    Click the icon of your BB Messenger.

    Highlight Contacts > press menu (button to the left of the trackball)

    Click "add to Contacts".

    This will take you to the address book... Scroll to the top, click "Use once"

    Press menu again and select... "Request email" type their e-mail address.  This will send the request to the selected recipient.


    Choose 'Ask pine', if you already know its pin code #.

    In both cases, the request must be accepted by the recipient before you can have added them as a contact.


    They will appear as "pending" until they agreed.


    Hope this helps,



  • BlackBerry Smartphones how can I get a Blackberry Enterprise account? How to fix SMS/MMS?

    Hi to all members of the forums community bb.

    How can I get a business account (blackberry), time than my bb does ' don't have a data plan for surfing the web, so I need to use the WIFI to my home router, wondering becsause I cannot set up my email on my bb because I do not have a business account.

    Also, I wanted to know how to configure my BB to send and receive SMS/MMS messages, because I can't atm.

    Thanks in advance,


    BlackBerry: Curve 8350i

    Company: NEXTEL MEXICO

    BB PIN CODE: 4027428A

    Without the data by the carrier Plan, you won't be able to send and receive the Messages of pine.

    Follow the thread below to see if you can activate SMS/MMS.

    Good luck!

Maybe you are looking for