BlackBerry smartphone how to send photos or videos for non-blackberry phones

Hi all!  How can I send photos or videos for non-blackberry phones?  My daughter has a T-Mobile phone and I can't send her pictures from my blackberry.

Thank you to Lorrie information.  This seems to happen when you try to send photos or videos to all phones except Blackberry.  I'll also contact Sprint and see if they have any other suggestions.

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    Im having two problems (if you exclude being computer delayed!) I know not how to send photos and videos by email that ive taken via my dell webcam, in addition, after using the webcam, ive fidddled with assistance or something because the screen is now almost completely black when I click on the webcam icon and try the video or taking pictures, pls help

    Hey Martina 1982,
    To attach files to your email, simply click on the play icon attached once you have the message at the top (the icon is generally that of a paper clip).
    This will open a window that allows you to browse (look around) for the file that you want to send.
    Find this location of file on your computer and click it to add it to the window and select OK.
    Depending on the size of the file, it loads a few seconds and then you will see the file attached to your email.
    Finish the email as usual and send.
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    Now regarding the display options or absence of Cam you, I would say communicating with the dell printer.
    It should be on their website troubleshooting steps:

    Eddie B.

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    Hi Ali,

    Video preview for looks is not currently supported on Android. Your feature request was noted by the team.

    In the meantime, there is a video on the device you want to use as an overview, I would recommend taking a perforated CAP and still image as loading preview.



  • BlackBerry Smartphones how save taken Photos of BB to computer?

    I believe that I have already downloaded the USB driver, I think.  On the "my computer", there is a drive F and under that is a folder called Blackerry with 4 subfolders.  There are no pictures in the photo folder.


    (1) how to save Photos taken of BB to computer?

    (2) how do you put all the photos you take of BB to go into the microSD automatically and make records?

    I did a search but have not found the exact topic.  Maybe it was too easy.

    On the BlackBerry, go to Options | Media Media Card recommended parameters are:

    Media card support: WE
    Encryption mode: NO
    Mass storage support: WE
    Auto enable mass storage Mode when connected: YES

    Mass storage mode allows your BlackBerry to act as an extra drive when it is connected to your PC. It will appear as an extra drive letter in Windows Explorer. So you can just drag/release the multimedia files on your memory card. So you should see 2 discs - an it's for BlackBerry memory, the other for a press card.

    I think that you will need to copy/paste Windows to move the photos from the memory of BlackBerry on the memory card. But for future photos you just go into your camera application. Click the menu button, then choose Options. Near the bottom, there is a setting for 'Bank of images '. You can change Media card. Then all the multimedia files will be automatically saved on the press card.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not send photos to FB

    I used to always be able to take a picture, press the BB button, select share or send, select Facebook. But now when I do and select share or send, there is only the option of contact Email, MMS or Messengar. Not facebook.

    I still have facebook on my phone. Didn't something on my phone again. He worked one day, and now it is not.

    Does anyone know how to fix? Please help if you do. Thank you

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Each time a random strange behavior or slow creeps, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    In addition, you could try FaceBook removal and reinstallation.

    Honestly, I gave up on FB photos direct download. Instead, I got my email address (from FB) personal upload and I now only send photos to FB via this e-mail rather than direct download. Much more flexible and more reliable, I found. For more, making e-mail makes a sort of background on the BB, which allows me to move to other things, then the sending of the email.


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  • BlackBerry smartphones how to obtain the latest device for the 7100v platform software?

    How to get the latest device for the 7100v software (platform is, which is relevant?)?

    Thanks for your help!

    Cheers, cazz


    Your provider through this Portal:

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  • How to make photos of camera for mac air2

    Used just plug in camera for Mac and the camera app open. Now with the new air2 nothing happens when I plug. What should I do to import the photos in the camera on my Mac?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    See the section "Import to your Mac" to import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Note the section where it says that you may need to manually open the Photos app.

  • How to send to apple iphone for repair of the screen

    Hi, I bought an iphone over 6s (64 GB) two weeks ago, the screen has been hacked by accident.

    I looked up on the apple site the cost of repair in the citation is $ 249

    However, when will organize a repair via the apple website he's trying to make me pay more than $500 Ouch!

    I think it's because they want to send me authorized service center apple not themselves, someone has a solution to this question and a suggestion how I can get this repaired for $249.  IE, how to send to apple authorized reseller.

    I'm in Darwin in Australia

    With our thanks



    Contact Apple support (mail service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation to repair screen.

  • I have an Air of MacBk 2010 & I get the mssg "system is out of memory of the application", so it is impossible to open the Mail, Safari, etc.. But sometimes I can't. I deleted photos or videos for free space; no luck. What should do?

    I get the message "your system has wearied of the memory of the Application." So I can not open Mail, Safari, or any application.  However, I can periodically, the first thing in the morning, after I Shut Down & power up, not after a reboot.  I deleted a lot of photos and videos to free up space, but not luck.  IPhotos, I get the mssg. "cannot import pictures because not enough free space on the volume containing the iPhoto library."     The problem might be related to: 1 overheating, 2 PureVPN although I installed about 5 months ago and it was very good; 3. the MB Air was diverted (I'm worried that PureVPN may have something to do with it).  Or is this a sign that I need to get a new laptop?  Thanks for any help you can offer!

    release disk space and short-term memory are two different things. If your computer is running more disk space, it will have a negative effect on your system.

    Please post a report of etrecheck for further analysis.

  • How to find a music video for the movement in an area of the video


    I use a lot of adobe products in the field of security.  I use the Premier for helping with video, Photoshop for the cleaning of images fixed, and more.

    I want to know if there is a way that I can also use Adobe for analytic video.

    Specifically, is it possible to select a region in a video and make it back to me boot images where the movement is found in the video for the selected region?

    Thank you


    Not automatically.  You need to browse the images and look at him.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Newby: How to send photos?

    When I try to send pictures, until is displayed a 'contacts' window that is empty.  Cannot figure out how to complete this.  Looks like I should be able to see my contact list...

    You're not after what we say...

    You are trying to send to a BlackBerry Messenger contact. Apparently, you do not have BlackBerry Messenger contacts. BlackBerry Messenger is a separate type of the IM app on the BlackBerry ONLY for communication between the BlackBerry users.

    IF you want to send the photo, select the option to send email...

  • BlackBerry Smartphones send photos that I take other mobile phones.

    I would like to know if there is a way to send picutres I take with my BB to other mobile phones, instead of their email. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE.

    First download and install from here Office Manager (4.7 without Media Manager is recommended):

    Then download and install the software from here:

    Then try to reload the operating system by connecting the device to your computer, open the Desktop Manager, then go to the Application Loader. This will open a wizard who travels to reload the operating system on your device. More detailed instructions can be found here:

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to transfer photos to laptop blackberry storm

    I was on the phone today with my mobile carrier for 1 hour only for erroneous information.

    While I was with a representative of blackberry for 1 1/2 hours. After which my media card would not work.

    I lost all my photos and cannot format my media card. I removed it once at the time with blackberry rep and after the pictures were all gone.  I said Ok. We will continue to go we tried to format the card and it has failed. I'm now waiting for a new card. If all goes well, there is a problem with the card. I can't imagine what happened when I took it out a second which did stop working.

    My question is that I found on the site how to use the blackberry as a USB connection. He says I have to install drivers for my computer to recognize it. The only problem is that the instructions are old and not for my phone model.

    All day today, they tell me then when I connect my blackberry storm 9630 it should appear in my COMPUTER. Then, I should be able to drag photos from the phone to my pictures on my computer.

    The memory on my phone has the prompt value in mass media storage.

    The storm never appears in my computer. We have checked and it is available as material for USB connections it also works perfectly with the Office Manager.

    Photos take up so much time using this software I want to find an easier way to do it.

    I want to use the Fund Manager to transfer my outlook stuff again.

    If anyone has any suggestions on the media card stuff please let me know as well.

    Hello melody, I had similar problems in the past (and still - just cannot view files on my press card when it is connected to the storm for some reason any).  What I did is that I found a microSD card reader and when I want to transfer my files to my computer, I just remove the card from my storm, then plug it into my microSD card reader and plug it into my computer and transfer the files using Windows Explorer (just as one would any other flash drive or external hard drive).

    While not ideal (as you need to find the card reader), it is actually the best way to transfer files to and from your computer and the microSD card.

    And given that you have already tried a lot of things both a BlackBerry Tech and your operator support line, that would be my suggestion.

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