BlackBerry Smartphone keyboard lock icon disappeared (curve 8520)


I have recently supported a Blackberry Curve 8520 - I noticed that, once I had connected to my PC via Blackberry Desktop Manager, the icon for the keyboard lock has been removed from the menu.  I looked in the obvious places in the Options to try to restore the icon but can't see anywhere that allow me to ths.  I was also looking for hidden objects, but nothing seems more to be hidden.

Is it possible to restore the icon?

Thank you all.

You may update the software? The lock has changed in the latest versions of the software in all areas for the devices.

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    Greetings! -recently improved 8520 handset to the software device to 5.0 - all very well except that the icon I use most - the "Lock keyboard" icon has disappeared. Looked everywhere - icons hidden etc - no luck. Someone at - it a similar problem?

    For the keypad lock icon, you must have a password enabled on the device.

    You can lock the keypad by pressing the mute on the top of the unit.

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    Read this article from RIM's Knowledge Base to reset your device to factory settings.
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  • Lost blackBerry Smartphone keyboard lock

    I have restored my BB Curve and the first restore point, IE: when I got it. Unfortunately this did not restore the original software for the keyboard lock is still missing.

    Can someone please say in simple terms how to roll back the upgrade? I tried some of the suggestions and still end upward with the update installed. I have had this phone for 2 weeks and I am disappointed that BB decided to change things without warning. STINKS like Microsoft and BIG BROTHER.


    To load any level of the operating system on your BB, these instructions are the best I've seen:

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphone App world icon disappeared after the BB ID update

    Ten days ago, I got a prompt to update my BB ID. After I did the same thing & restarted, global icon disappeared.

    I have uninstalled & reinstalled app world through the management of applications, several times, but again I couldn't the world icon to appear.

    I'm unable to download new applications since then, pls help!


    Check the KB article below-

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  • BlackBerry smartphone keyboard Lock GONE after update? What, no locking keyboard?

    That's right, a nightmare come true. I did the "necessary" updates last night and now my BB has NO available keyboard lock. What should I do? Anyone?

    Nightmare? Really?

    (This was reported of dozens of times already)

    Your previous lock icon is now only enabled when you have set a password on the device.

    If you have not set a password on the 85xx you can press on and hold the mute (on the upper part of the unit) to lock the keyboard. Or, you can press and hold down the a button * to lock.

    When you set a password, then your icon will return to the screen and is called Password Lock.

    Sweet dreams!

  • OS Downgrade from 5 to 4.7 blackBerry Smartphones or lower in the Curve 8520

    Hye everyone, need some help here to downgrade my curve 8520 from device OS 5 software to lower version coz I hate version say especially when sms resembles coz cat cannot hide messages, sometimes I need saparate sms on different dates, cannot change as former...

    but then my problem I dunt have low version OS, where to download that and step... really need assistance as soon as possible... Thanks to the advance guys ~

    areyap wrote:

    Blackberry Device Software Updater just... DATS what I need to delete?

    No, do not delete that. Let him.

    If you have no previous operating system installed on your computer, go to step 2.

  • BlackBerry smartphones no synchronization between the curve 8520 & outlook 2010

    Hello community!

    I'm a newbie on this forum; I'm french, so my English is perhaps confused...

    Here's my problem detailed below:

    Info on the device

    carrier: Orange France - but I don't have internet on my laptop (I use it on the phone...)

    Information model: curve 8520; OS version: v4.6.1.314 (no provision)

    Apps and free space

    File: 142691188 bytes

    Installed apps and their version if possible.   (Go to settings, then Options, then applications): no

    The BT model/version device (you have to look at the BT device): what is it?

    BB Desktop Software: v7.1.0.41

    My question

    I checked some-related posts on this, but it's a little different.

    For my settings, I choose to sync from my PC to the Terminal, the only contacts & calendar with outlook profile.

    When you synchronize, it seems to fill up in the reading of the stage of the Microsoft Outlook calendar, and desktop software (v4.6) then goes very slow to play a recording and crashes after the reading of 222 results; then, it opens a window with 'Rim.Desktop.exe application error - the application generated an unhandled exception' (in french). I checked with the forums without finding a good solution.

    I followed the advice to cleanly uninstall Desktop Software with my previous settings, download the last (but identical to the one I had) version, re-installed, re-set my settings, and it hangs again.

    Any suggestions would be VERY APPRECIATED!

    Sincerely yours



    I am pleased to tell you that my pb seems resolved!

    What have I done?

    One of my colleagues told me that I could have too many folders in my calendar.


    -J' copied my outlook 2010 calendar - to have a backup, just in case...

    -J' erased all records of 1 August 2013: to do this, I searched for all meetings, sorted by end date and choose the one I want to remove (I noticed that I had a record displays a huge amount of time, but has not taken the time to study)

    - and I started the synchronization; I have no more error message, I noticed that I was still about 1000 records schedule, but it synced without any pb

    -J' checked on my device and recordings are here!

    so, I don't know if it's a problem with the number of records, or with registration multiplied by XXX...

    As it seems to work now, I won't try your solution yet ("if it ain't broke... ») !

    Thank you very much for your help! I'll keep this thread in my archives!

    best regards to you all

    Bruno alias weyb

  • BlackBerry smartphone keyboard lock forgot password

    Phone was originally a working phone, now personal.  But initially set up to change the keyboard locking every 90 days and have 6 attempts.  Work is implemented with BES so that they cannot help?

    For the first time, I changed the keyboard lock code and now can't remember.  He have used 5 of 6 attempts and I am now on the last attempt,

    I can't lose all my data.  Is there anyway on this earth to reset the keypad lock, or get more than 6 attempts.  I'm desperate


    There is no way to reset the password or a backdoor to the password. It must simply retain it.

    If you have made a backup of your data, you can restore it to the device once he wipes on the 10th entry of incorrect password.

    Are you sure that you do not know the password of all... no idea? Or maybe you have just entered the password incorrectly known? Often users with more than one digit in their password will only press the ALT key to the first digit and not those who follow, so for example, if your password "1234", you could put pressure on 'Alt 1234 "on the device, making the real password to be"1st".

    Who is? It sounds familiar to your use?

    In order to verify the manner in which you enter your password on the device... do you think that you enter several numbers, but in fact are not?

  • BlackBerry smartphone keyboard locks when you use the media player


    I use the built-in Media Player to listen to the MP3, while I'm working.

    Because I am constantly moving away from my Office I must pause and start the music quite often.

    Sometimes the keyboard will lock everything playing, and I would like to avoid this. As I know the "BOLD" is not an option to automatically block the keyboard.

    Please can someone advise how can I stop this?

    Thank you


    Hi guys,.

    Thank you both for your responses.

    I managed to find a solution to my problem, so I thought I would post, not only for the benefit of third parties, but because I thought it was funny when I realized what was causing the keyboard lock.

    When I have my BB out on my desk, I put on the case. I noticed the other day it was light as soon as I picked it up and goes dark as soon as I put it down.

    I checked for password, settings etc. of the screen and couldn't work on what was going on.

    Then I realized, because I rely on the case in the same way that he would lie if it was in the Holster, the magnets (I think there are magnets in the Holster?) were lining up at the BB and she believed that it was inside the case.

    Solution: I know put on the case, but turned around 90 degrees so its cross-cutting installation. Solved :-)


  • BlackBerry Smartphones SMS/MMS ICON DISAPPEARED

    I can't sand all SMS/MMS messeges more!  My icon disappeared completely in the menu! .. .Please HELP.

    I try to change the THEME and its still not here. Just before the itdisappeared I reset BB using the combination: alt, right shift, del press at the same time left...

    Open your Messages folder > Menu > compose SMS.

    I have it?

    Look at the Messages > Menu > Options > General Options > SMS and e-mail address must be separate.

  • BlackBerry smartphone keyboard lock missing

    Just upgraded to 5.0 and keyboard lock is missing. Shortcut as well as the convenience keys. Does anyone have a solution for this short of reinstalling the old software?

    I don't know if you would say that a bug in the OS or glitch or what, but...

    If you have a defined password then you can always lock the device with 'K '.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones bb appworld icon disappeared after 6.0os update!

    Need help please, I upgraded to 6.0 yesterday on my curve 9300, found most everything is intact with the exception of the global icon. I went to reinstall it, but it says its already installed I want to install the same version on it. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    I had the same problem with my "BOLD".    I don't know if same fix will work on your curve or not, but under the options on your phone, there is a field of applications installed, I'm not sure where his establishment on the curve, you find, then delete app world.   Then from the browser on your phone, go to and re download.

    It worked for me.

  • BlackBerry Smartphone keyboard lock

    I just bought a Blackberry 9800 in my company for his personal use. I find that that's what I think is called a "IT lock" on this subject. I can't remove the blocking the activation/deactivation is blocked. My company say that they can help the account is dead. How can I remove this lock feature? I get a letter from the company stating that I have the phobic quite legitimately.

    I can't seem to access to all Blackberry at all that they would be able to help I know.

    Can someone tell me how to unlock the phone or how to get I touch with someone to Blackberry who could do?

    Thank you


    BBSAK well remove it too

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