BlackBerry smartphone Password Lock/keyboard Lock on Blackberry 8520

So I have updated my curve to the new version 5. I noticed that there wasn't any more keyboard Lock/Password Lock. My previous software, it was named keyboard lock and I put it as one of my convenience keys. After the update, I noticed that he had ceased to exist. A friend of mine bought a new Curve 8520 with the update already installed of course. She had the locking of the keyboard, but he was named Password Lock instead. I have been looking for ways to get this feature to my Blackberry because I think it's more practical, rather than the button ' silent mode / mute "located on the top of my unit. The shortcut to lock my phone which is the 'A' on my keyboard quickly "locks" my keyboard only. I would like the feature set to be blocked if.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!


The keypad lock is the A"" key. To unlock press on and hold the Mute button on top of your Bay for at least half a second. If you set a password under Options/Security, a new padlock icon appears. This can be set to a touch of comfort.

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    Help! I have a password configured to illuminate only after 10 min. to lock my phone and now somehow when I press the key (a) to lock my screen turns off and it blocks just the keyboard.  What needs changed so that I can lock my phone by using the a key again?  I don't know how got same keyboard lock turned on.  Thank you!

    Try this KB.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones cannot lock the keyboard

    I just upgraded my 8520 to and can not find the lock on keyboard anywhere. I used to have assigned it to the left button and it gives me more is this option.

    Can anyone tell me please where to find the keyboard lock please

    Your previous lock icon is now only enabled when you have set a password on the device.

    If you have not set a password on the 85xx you can press on and hold the mute (on the upper part of the unit) to lock the keyboard. Or, you can press and hold down the a button * to lock.

    When you set a password, then your icon will return to the screen and is called Password Lock.

    Also, try this keyboard blocking third-party application.

  • Smartphone blackBerry OS with the top PASSWORD Lock button


    To begin, I HATE how the top button snaps no more. I just updated my OS to the latest version.

    I would like to know the most recent operating system that still has the lock button high locking with password lock.

    NO ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION (for example press alt + entry, set the convenience etc keys)

    I used to have a, and now it's or something. I did some research and I think that the newer operating system with the password lock is

    Can anyone confirm or deny? I have to go with an older OS?

    loaded on the phone and the locking password works.

  • BlackBerry smartphone password does not

    I just updated my blackberry curve and then installed the software blackberry on my new computer. When this is complete, he asked my blackberry user ID and password. I did have one, so I put one up successffully.

    Then I tried to plug my camera on my computer with a USB cable I could not continue with the wireless connection. It requires a wired connection. Once I did that, he asked the password for my device. I assumed that it was the security password that I used to go to my phone. I walked in this digitally of the key number several times and it didn't work.

    Then, I went back to my phone and entered there and it worked so I tried again to the computer, but even once, it did not work. Then I thought that was maybe missing my blackberry ID password so I tried and it doesn't work. Thinking that I maybe entered my password wrong ID blackberry I have successfully changed and tried again this password. It did not work. So, I went back to try the password of security for my phone. That would not work either.

    Frustrated I then went back to the phone and noted that now when I try to enter my password as the characters appear they don't not before and I need to press the ALT key to give numbers. Nothing seems to work.

    I wonder if, when you plug in the device, it missed my device security password or my blackberry ID password? I have an attempt to the left, and then my phone will be wiped clean of data that I really need. I tried to configure things so that I could get back data up to when it started to happen.

    My last thought was that when I would normally enter the password on my phone I would just key numbers that I use without hitting the ALT key. Now I think that if I implemented this way maybe I have actually set up the password with letters instead of numbers. I'm afraid to try because this is my last attempt before losing all data. I first want to know if the unit is now looking for the blackberry ID password or the password of security? The password ID blackberry is now the password used for my device as well? If not then I'll try the letters and try my luck.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I fear that, with just the one attempt remaining, there is no hope. What you are saying is everything is correct... unless you use the ALT key for each digital character, which you wind upward with is just a numeric character followed by the alpha characters where you thought you were typing numbers. But, at this distance of the internet, we have no way to tell you what is correct or not correct. I know, it's that this IS NOT your password BBID... strictly username password locking device, created originally on the device and unlock whenever it locks. The same password must be used on the PC to connect to the desktop software. But, the content of the password, alpha or numeric, must match exactly... and if indeed as you fear, you could have involved the use of the ALT key on the device, then you may never be able to know what your password was never really. With just one attempt left, all I can advise is to use the BB to re-enter, but you only get the one chance of doing things.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry torch Smartphone touch screen and Smartphone password


    I activated the smartphone password to lock my bb when I try to unlock the mobile by the keyboard to touch screen, I still get a wrong password error! If I use the keyboard, everything works fine!

    I tried to update the software (I have the latest version), tried to recharge the mobile, to restore the operating system... But still the same problem!

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    I bet you think that it is in numbers on the keyboard, while they are letters.

    don't forget to use a number your must hit the ALT key first

  • Curve Smartphones blackBerry 8520 connected to network bb

    I have a blackberry 8520 connected wireless to my ISP BT

    It will connect to the internet and allows you to surf the internet, but won't let me sign in yahoo mail. When I try the login box appears for a few seconds, then disappears behind an ad that comes immediately after it and the lock on the top of the page changes straight to an orange padlock.  I disconnected the e-mail on the pc and logged in again to see what is happening there. The exact same announcement came, but the login box was above it, allowing me to connect.

    The phone is connected to the network and works well.  I was able to connect with no problem.  The only thing I can find is now on the phone itself. Check connections, my homehub watch is on, but also shows a white dash, which means that it is not connected to the network.  I can't find anything in the help files on how to reconnect to the network.

    Can someone point my in the right direction.

    Thanks for reading and in advance for any help offered.

    Interesting. But if it is said that, just try clicking on Yes. And just, the PSK is the pre-shared key, or the wifi password.

    If it still does not respond, the solution may be to back up your phone using the BlackBerry Desktop Software and do a security wipe. To do this, go to Options > Security Options > Security wipe. Do a wipe of the application data. Once it is finished, perform a selective restore by using the BlackBerry Desktop Software and restore only the databases you need (e.g. messages, address book, calendar, etc.).

    Then you should be able to start from scratch.

  • How to reset the password lock screen? I know the current password only wanting to change it.

    I only know that the password, now I want to change it.  How can I reset the password lock screen of my iPad?

    Try the settings > password > change password.

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    How to password lock a file with documents in windows vista?


    You cannot use the password to protect the files in Windows Vista. However, you can encrypt the file.

    Encryption is a way to enhance the security of a message or file by scrambling the contents so that it can be read only by someone who has the appropriate encryption key to decrypt it.

    For more information you can check the link below: can I protect files or folders with a password? :

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  • BlackBerry 8520 Smartphone does not work

    My Blackberry 8520 has a flashy red lights when the battery is inserted in the phone after 5 seconds, it will go on a completely white screen with nothing on it no reset button or an error code so I tried upgrading the software on the pc it will come back with impossible to connect to your device, please Reconnect your device and enter the password if necessary. What's wrong with it Nuked Bricked White Screen Of Death or dead?


    I was told to put it more in detail, so I did and ive already has someone me message to tell me to take it off I do not know what to do on here im new to him so I make mistakes

  • Prompt password lock

    I was wondering if it was possible to prompt password lock, in order to use it, you will need to enter one different password. If so, how?

    Also remember that whatever it is that the person can work at the command prompt, they can operate using PowerShell, or the box run (in general) or other means.

    The best way to prevent someone from taking action, is to not give them an account with privileges to take such measures.  For example, if you don't want someone to change your network settings, do not make an administrator.  Then they can not touch the network settings, not even with the command prompt.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry 8520 wiped and does not show error 507

    Hi, I recently wiped my blackberry 8520 OS with BBSAK and started to install another OS, in the process, the USB cable somehow has been disconnected and installation has failed. Now the phone just to start, turn on for about 3 seconds shows nothing and then turns off. It does not show same error 507. Help, please

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    You may need to use these tips:

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry 8520

    Hi, I love my Blackberry 8520. Had it a year now, but am I alone in thinking that the camera on this device is totally desperate. The images have no definition, and are too blurry. The installation of "zoom" appears completely dead. Everything else is great, but I would not recommend this model to use as a camera phone. Anyone who has views on my comments?




    My 8330 takes great shots!

    Like what anyone else providing a little maintenance and watch the memory usage will do wonders for your device.

    Thank you


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    Is could someone please tell me if the screen on the Blackberry 8520 easily broken? I used to have the Nokia N96 and Nokia N95 and when I put them in my bag in hand I've always had to make sure they were in a deal covering the screen.  My N95 had to be repaired as she knocked against something in my bag which broke the screen.  I have a case for my curve, but don't want to use it unless I have to like the phone want to show!


    I think the BlackBerry 8520 screen is plastic hard like all keyboard BlackBerry devices (= anything but storm/Storm2). It is possible to get scratches if you try hard on the teeth of a key of the door, but other than that it is as strong as you can expect from a mobile phone. In addition, the device is very thin and has a small footprint.

    On the N95/N96 that both models are known for their really fragile screen, rather than the quality usually provided by Nokia.

  • Change of Smartphones Blackberry 8520 blackBerry housing/façade

    Recently, the top front of my Blackberry 8520 broken leaving the buttons of media and the party revealed.
    I have insurance on this subject, but I don't know if it would be covered by it or should I buy and replace the housing all myself?


    Yes you can ask whether it is insured.

    It's the problem of the Panel of the equipment, which cannot be resolved with discussion Forum.

    So you recommend this kindly authorized tour BlackBerry service for better handling of the issue.

    I hope that solves your problem!

    If your problem has been resolved then would you be asked to click 'Like' and accept as a solution so that other advisors invest it times on this Message more.

    Thank you.

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