BlackBerry smartphones... .a little phone settings

Hi, I have a few questions about the BB 9000 handset on our BES server.

is 1 - possible to define a shortcut/link to the alarm on the main screen without going through the clock?

2 - How do you do your private number?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!

Those who are not really questions BES...

1. you can set a convenience on the side of the clock key. This isn't what you asked, but it will work. There is not another pop-up on-screen.

2. to call and showing the appellant 'private' or 'unknown' recipient?

Press the Green dial key to enter the call log > Menu key > Options > General Options > restrict my identity = Yes

And save.

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  • How to remove BlackBerry Smartphones company BB 9780 settings

    Please help me remove bb 9780 company settings to remove.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    First of all, you must make sure that the BES server to which your BB has been activated has more your BB configured... otherwise, even after erase you it from the BB, the BES could reach out and the turn it back on, and you'd be right where you started.

    Then take a full backup, but whenever you restore, DO NOT make a full restore... just restore these things, you need (for example, messages, contacts, calendar, etc.). Otherwise, restore you the COMPUTER policy and again be right back where you started.

    With this, see this:

    •  KB14202 How to remove a policy from IT to a BlackBerry smartphone

    I recommend method 3.

    Good luck!

  • Data not updated blackBerry Smartphones when inactive phone

    Hi all

    Recently, I removed my main of my device e-mail address while he is on vacation.

    I just put back it, but now I find that data (emails and BBM) are not updated when the phone was in bag for awhile.

    If I put myself in response to or sending emails or BBM of unit all starts update again and all emails in circulation and BMMs come out at the same time.

    Everything working the normal flow is restored, but after being in the Pocket for awhile everything stops again.

    Any ideas?

    I noticed the problem when I started getting these archaic messages called SMS asking me why I do not answer to my BBM... naturally the idea of not receiving them is scaring me senseless!

    Kind regards


    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    We need to know what version of the software on your device.

    Check the version of operating system of the device, and then use the correct steps to register your device. Basically, you refresh your network connection and the software to control the connection on your device.

    Thank you


    KB23393 How to check the version of the BlackBerry Device Software installed on the BlackBerry smartphone

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    Thank you so much, but now I have installed firmware for it... I tried like reseting my device via the Manager Office bb... but now got the os installed firmware.

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    I am again using the Blackberry Curve, I'm changing the ringer on the phone and I can not find how to do someone help someone?

    OK, I have seen that on manual, but which one is profiles on hand?

  • Update device software BOLD 9780 blackBerry smartphone does my phone useless

    I upgraded my software for phones device yesterday after receiving a message to HIGH PRIORITY of my service provider to make a upgrade(EE/Orange). They stated that it was a mandatory update for Blackberry.

    After trying for hours to do on the network, it did not indicate "can't connect to the server upodate, please upgrade using your PC using Blackberry Desktop Manager".

    This was my next step.

    * I have backed up my device (yesterday) via BDM (desktop Manager)

    * Click on search updates

    * follow all the links on my BOLD 9780 device through blackberry Web site

    * Click on the link to check my device to update, get informed me "an update is available"

    * A method to update.

    The update returned with an error stating: "Options only 19 times out of 20 have been restored"

    Since then, my phone is unusable. The menu freezes, I can't highlight the options I get no blue outline around the menu options. my text does not work, I can not enter anything, type anything, the phone is constantly freezing and reset.

    I tried to reinstall the update that crashed the phone completely with "" "white screen of death'" ' showing error 507...  Please visit

    This page does not exist!

    I tried again to make an update and got my phone back, but with all the same problems of menu.

    I did restore my device from yesterday. Got my return of data personal, but phone still jumps in all directions, text messaging does not at all.

    I unplugged the battery lasts repeatedly reset and soft reset.

    I tried again to reinstall several times the device software and useless.

    I haved called my service provider and they said his broken blackberry, name of the contact.

    I contacted blackberry support pay crisis (01753 558410). They me redirected to support orange tech who were still more useless than before!

    they gave me the web address: which was not helpful

    So I did spend the whole day. Finally, picking at the drop of water that brings me here (even tried twitter!)

    I can't do yet a security wipe because I can not enter "blackberry" because he is back with "input error, field application for closure" and even if I type, I can not see the text and continue by clicking on "wipe security."

    current software status is:


    B.O.S. 6.0 bundle 2949







    My phone worked ok before that!

    A little advice.

    Not to go near the upgrade:


    For 9780's "BOLD"



    After BBSAk to wipe your phone.

    It works it seems so far... perfectly...

    There may be bugs in rel 2949

  • Format of blackBerry Smartphones to factory default settings?


    I have a blackberry 8520 I intend to give to someone else.

    Question: How can I format it so that they are returned to it's "out of the box" settings/status?


    Is it possible to choose to keep rather some applications when you reset it back?

    Thank you

    Discretion, security, wipe the security. You can check the box to keep the App or by email acccont or data thereon. Not some App its all or nothing. The person who you give the phone to, will have to put in place there own blackberry, I.D. on the phone App World as well, so they can start downloading the PPA and other things

  • BlackBerry smartphones hangs on phone Options

    I have a BB 8520 and it crashes on 'Phone Options' and when it hangs I can not pass and on the BB... I'll have to remove the battery and put it back to restart the BB...

    Help, please...

    Try to do a clean reload of your operating system.
    Read this:

  • BlackBerry Smartphones save my phone

    Why I only get no response when I try to save my woth BlackBerry phone?

    You need a plan BIS in order to save your BlackBerry on the network. For more information, contact your service provider.

  • BlackBerry smartphones had my phone 5 minutes and it already broke

    So my last blackberry which was exactly the same model (9360) was broken, so I called my provider and they sent me a new handset today and I just put my phone and he broke already, the first thing I noticed was wrong with it was after about 1 minute to have, when it wouldn't let me scroll among the trays with all the applications on the top bar where I can access to the options and then he decided to work but it froze quickly again, this time the trackpad was paralyzed and I could not scroll at all, but the phone it's self has not been frozen because I could always select return etc.

    I tried the battery pull and has not always helped and I'm about to throw my phone out the window...

    Is that what I can do to fix this problem or do I call BACK to the top of my career and have ANOTHER replacement sent to me after not even half an hour to receive my first replacement?

    I would like to do a reboot on the BlackBerry this way simple: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    Then after that it is clearly restarted, leaving the camera for five minutes for the activity of initial data stop and the device should be usable.

    I hope that you have not received a replacement with a bad trackpad, but if you have, you definitely have a grievance with your mobile operator for replacement and get an Exchange once more. Sometimes things are just snake bit.

  • Images of transfer of blackBerry Smartphones from my phone to my laptop

    I have a Blackberry pearl and I would like to transfer photos from my phone to my laptop, how do I do this, is it possible, so I can print these?

    Your phone came with a software to install the Desktop Manager, you must install it and make sure that you install the aswell of media. This will give you the "Roxio Media Manager" that will allow you to move photos between your PC and your phone. If in case, you do not have this software,


  • Alpha of blackBerry Smartphones creeping in phone numbers prevents calls

    I have several entries in my Contacts list where I have a phone and telephone1 telephone2.  To make them easy to identify what was, I followed every phone number with a space and a name, IE: "John 111-222-3333".

    This worked fine in Windows Mobile, but the BB 8120 (and probably all BB models) do not limit the appeal to all the numbers, but uses instead the entire field.

    There are some characters that I can place after the numbers that could cut the rest of the field and make the correct call?

    Thanks for the help.

    Xandrex wrote: see Help: Home screen > phone > phone basics > make a call > tasks > add a pause or a wait to a phone number

    Thank you, Xandrex.  Maybe my device has a different menu... I could not find the section related tasks .

    However, I found the answer through a little experimentation.  Instead of 111-222-3333 John I finally entered John # 111-222-3333, and that did the trick.

  • Help blackBerry Smartphones! My phone could have been ruined.

    I was in the middle of the update to my phone for 4.5. During the update, it froze at the time, it was removing applications. Now I just see a circular loading plan. Now, it will reconnect to my computer and if I take the battery back in it keeps cycling. Is there something I can do?

    Can try to reload the operating system using one of the following methods:

    2. http://BlackBerryFAQ.NET/index.php/How_do_I_wipe_the_BlackBerry_using_Jl_Cmder%3F
  • BlackBerry Smartphones wiping broken phone before selling

    The screen is broken on my phone, so I decided to upgrade.  I sell the phone broke to pieces.  How can I clear my information out of it before I give it to someone else?

    Use Blackberry Protect to erase all data from your device or perform a factory reset (;jsessionid=232E58B49A945F25E234A9FD0DDF80E4?...

  • BlackBerry Smartphones unlock my phone to allow for the transfer of the network


    I'm trying to transfer between networks.  My old network (t-mobile) have cancelled my account and I received my new SIM from my new network (3).  The problem is that my phone does not accept my new sim card because I need a subsidy PIN to unlock my t-mobile blackberry.  I got in touch with them, but the account is now canceled they no longer can give me the required pin code.  Instead, they asked me to contact blackberry directly to get the phone unlocked.  Can you help me?

    Thank you

    BlackBerry is not open devices. Your carrier can do it for free, or you can buy an unlock code low cost.

    See my link below for more information and a highly recommended unlocking service.

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