BlackBerry Smartphones Amazon app updated for BlackBerry Storm - but can not download...?

Amazon has updated its app for the BlackBerry Storm, but when I try to download it - it tells me there is a problem with the download...?

I checked a bit in this and apparently there are problems with the download link.  Try to download again the link now (on your Storm).  Apparently people had issues, but it seems to work now.  If this does not work, let me know and we can try a few other things.  And just in case, clear your cache browser or do a battery pull before installation to ensure that it's not going to a version cached (and so wrong) of the page.  Also, make sure that your browser ID is set to BlackBerry (and not Internet Explorer or Firefox).

I hope that helps!

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    If the menu bar is hidden, then press the F10 key or hold down the Alt key to make the call of menu bar.

    Make sure the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible: "view > toolbars".

    • Open the Customize via "view > toolbars > customize.

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  • BlackBerry smartphones can not download or install 'new' app version if on BB App World My app (as deleted / Archives)

    If we compare the Blackberry App World website for local storm App World, the versions do not match.  Seems that I am obliged to "Reinstall" my 'old' applications previously deleted/archived compared to download and install the latest version.

    2 questions:

    1. When you reinstall an app to archive, the unit first checks to see if there is a newer version available for install?

    2. How can I install the latest version of an application if the old version is listed in Blackberry App World My (as deleted or archived)

    My example

    I used QuickPull Lite on my Storm 4.70... QuickPull Lite version was 2.2.1.  I've updated my Storm to 5.0.  Now I want to install QuickPull Lite 3.5, but my only option via Blackberry App World My Storm is the 2.2.1 version.  Why can't I install version 3.5!  I need to install 2.2.1 then upgrade to 3.5?  What happens if the 2.2.1 is incompatible (with OS 5)?  Any ideas?

    Storm OS 5.0 (Verizon version)

    App World

    Thank you!

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    The list of applications that you see on this catalogue is the list complete and unfiltered applications for all BB models. The list that you see in the interface for device is filtered for your specific device model and the OS. So what you see in the interface for device is a subset - and it is they who are at your disposal. If a developer does not release an app/version for your device, it does not display in your device to AppWorld interface, although it has shown in the web catalogue.

    I'd say go ahead and Unarchive/reinstall the earlier version. Then go to MyWorld and it will show you if there is an update... If so, update. Then, as the old version is now replaced by the new in MyWorld, you can still archive it like the old version will have been erased.

    It it gives you problems, there are other tricks to try...

    In some cases, it was discovered that updates (from got AppWorld apps) require additional steps in order to install the update. If the update will not install, please try this:

    1. Homescreen > Options > Advanced Options > Applications > highlight the app > BBKey > delete
    2. AppWorld > MyWorld > Login > highlight the app (if she shows at all, in any State) > BBKey > delete
    3. Use your PC (via the mass storage Mode) or your BB (via Media > BBKey > Explore) and find all references (folders, files) to the app delete everything you find. Search the memory of your device and your press card as well.
    4. Use this link to user guide AppWorld for re - install the app - then predict a new activation/registration key

    Hope that helps!

    Clear the application cache:

    1. open the App World

    2. go to my world

    3. for the BB keyboard-oriented - hold down the ALT key and press on, in the sequence R, then S, then T

    3. for Storm/Pearl - hold the num-lock (! 123 button) so that it hangs and then press on, in the sequence 3, then 4, then)

    4A. If your BB locks after issuing clear cache, do a battery pull reboot

    I hope something here get you again.

    See you soon!

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not download Blackberry app world

    I tried to update the BlackBerry because I could not download applications, when I open it. He sends me to update the bb app world.

    However, I get this msg: Sorry, your session has expired. Please close all browser windows and then return to the home page.

    Surely my BB is supported by the App World. and my current plan in Nigeria supports the wrld app. How can I solve this?

    Hi agtsih

    If you encounter problems with the BlackBerry world update then try this way:

    On your home screen to Options > device > application > locate and remove Blackberry World of this list.

    KB10040  : How to display or remove installed application on a blackberry smartphone   

    Once you have removed perform a battery pull reboot by removing the battery while your unit is powered on wait a minimum then reinsert back.

    Finally, use your BlackBerry browser and navigate to and download the most recent version available.

  • Smartphone blackBerry storm works do not at all

    Hi my Storm after 4 weeks of work very well (loved) now is completely dead. I need to return it, but can not find the details of the guarantee. Where can I find a replacement?

    I have searched all over the site, but cannot find it anywhere.

    Thank you very much


    What you describe seems something like a battery empty.  Have you tried Plug and let him stay connected to a wall outlet for 12 to 15 hours?

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