BlackBerry Smartphones appointment recurring sync problem with Outlook

Outlook 2003 SP3 has been synchronized with my curve perfectly until a few weeks ago.  Suddenly the clock wants to remove all my recurring appointments in my calendar in Outlook - hundreds of them.  I opted for no synchronization.  After reviewing the forums, I found a recommendation to delete all files from my Intellisync folder and try again.  So I did, and then resync the value upward my Desktop Manager and started around.  Amen - he wanted to remove all my recurring appointments, so I advanced and accepted the additions to my Outlook.  Now I have duplicates of all appointments on my BB!  My vision is OK, but it did not get my BB calendar additions.  Sheesh!

Want to a * beep * (who really does not go through and remove all duplicates!), I would of course like to some lawyers!  Thank you in advance.


hook up desktop manager backup and restore-advanced-find calendar on the right side and click on the clear button (make sure that the device is plugged)

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  • BlackBerry smartphones is this a problem with my Bold 9700 flash memory?

    A few annoying problems recently with my Bold 9700.

    First, my Blackberry has suddenly started to massively delete recent appointments in my calendar, which will attempt to remove them from my Outlook calendar when I synchronize the device to my laptop.  This has not happened before, and I checked to make sure that the schedule is set to never delete nominations, and it is set correctly.

    Second, my Blackberry App World application (both on the device and online) does not display one of my installed applications, except one, but they are all still on the device and working properly.  I'm 18 apps installed from BB App World, beyond the pre-installed applications on the device, which are less than 10 MB in total size.

    The reason I think that the problem could be linked to the internal flash memory is that whenever I want to install an application, I usually get a message indicating there is enough memory and I have to uninstall some other applications to free up space.  When I checked my memory earlier, he said that had less than 1 MB.  I restarted the machine and now it tells me there is 12.2 MB of available space, which always seems incredibly low for me since I installed only about 10 MB of my own applications.  So, I delete the file all attachments of the device and do not keep e-mail on the device beyond 30 days, and all media is stored on flash cards, not in the device memory.

    The most important question I have to solve is how to prevent the device to delete data from calendar (it keeps recurring appointments, but has been deleted and everything before about two weeks ago).


    It's an automatic protection mechanism with BBs. During the AppMemory (not the device, no media memory card memory) get low, the BB must start deleting things to preserve its ability to operate. Unfortunately, he really can't go after data... it can't really go after installed applications. Here are some tips to use:

    • KB02843 What is the function of low memory manager on the BlackBerry smartphone
    • KB14320 How to maximize space and power battery life on the BlackBerry smartphone
      • KB14213 Call logs, SMS text and email messages are deleted from the BlackBerry smartphone
    • KB10183 E-mail messages are removed from the BlackBerry device until the messages expire

    In addition, it is always important to correctly close applications when you are finished with them. Using the back or on the red button won't do that - those leave the app to decide what to do... and some let themselves memory-resident, consumes resources on your BB, slowing down the overall performance. On the contrary, to close an application, tap on and select 'Close' or 'Quit'... which force the application to be closed, freeing resources for your new use it consumed. Some applications will always be running (in general - BBMessenger, browser, homescreen, phone and Messages)... but, you should always close them properly - especially the browser... If we leave on a web page, it will not consume only additional resources, but the power of the battery as well.

    Now, AppMemory is not just for the apps... the real BB operating system is here as well. Depending on the options you have included, which might be things bloating as well.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Software fails during synchronization with Outlook

    When I am syncing via USB my Storm with Outlook 2007 docking station, it fails when it reaches the timetable of the process part.  I use sync 2 channels on all of the components (tasks, contacts, calendar, etc.) and be successful, except when I accept a nomination of someone else in my Outlook calendar.  If I create an appointment in Outlook or on my BB, it syncs very well.  The only work around is send 1 channel from my computer to the Pocket PC and after that it's over, I turn it on to 2-way.  Of course, I could accidentally lose some entries and is certainly not a good workaround solution.

    I'm operating Desktop Software version 4.7 and my OS is Vista 64-bit.

    Hi and welcome to the jfetzer forums!

    See this link:

    Read the tif.log file after completing the Task 4 then go to task 5 once that the calendar entry deleted.

    Post back and let us know how it goes.

  • BlackBerry smartphones 'there is a problem with Blackberry App World. Please try again. »

    Whenever I try to download whatever app world or click on my world, he always says 'there is a problem with the Blackberry App World. Please try again. "I can't download apps because of this, and I have consulted with my carrier in this respect. They said I should be able to access the universe of the app by wifi since I'm subscribed to a data plan Blackberry (BBM). They don't know what to do with my problem anymore. Everything else works except the app world. Help, please. BTW, I'm trying to access the app through a mobile internet captive universe. That this has something to do with it?

    Hi trishthestranger

    Please uninstall AppWorld options > device > application management.

    Scroll down to BlackBerry AppWorld > delete.

    or KB10040 : how to view or delete the application installed on a blackberry smartphone

    Perform a restart on the BlackBerry this way: with the phone smart BlackBerry turned on, remove the battery for a min. and then reinsert the battery of waiting until it reboot.

    Now, since your browser BB go to and install again.

    After installation go to app world and see if you are able to download on a PC, you can also try to scan the barcode of this application, it will request a download link on your device. Please try it and let us know. But like I said try to download Over the Air.


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  • "BOLD" of blackBerry Smartphones crashes when BB calendar with Outlook calendar synchronization

    I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem:

    I receive by email from meeting requests in my BB email-> accept the meeting request so that it is added to my BB calendar-> I sync it with my MS Outlook 2007 calendar using the Desktop Manager 4.7 version = a crash.

    I went to the configuration of synchronization in DM v4.7 and having my calendar configuration currently for 2-way sync-> for only future point of transfer and erase all previous calendar items.  It still crashes.

    Please help if you have a solution or input to it.

    Please check if you have all the attachments in calendar entries

  • BlackBerry Smartphones calendar does not synchronize with Outlook

    Used to synchronize with Outlook 2003 calendar. Tasks, notes and contacts will be however. As part of the services by default, it lists Facebook as my calendar (CICAL). What should I do to change this so that my calendar syncs correctly?

    So much worse... fixed it by removing the for CICAL service book restarting DM. Hope it works at home...

  • Visual Voicemail for blackBerry Smartphones does not sync/reconcile with notification of the icon

    new blackberry... have the 9630 Tour and am very happy so far but I have a few problems with the Visual Voicemail:

    (1) the e-mail inbox voice Visual doesn't save new voice messages... I have to constantly manually "resync mailbox," even if I wait 20-30 minutes for a voice message record once I get a standard notification

    2) once I have listen to Visual Voicemail and delete it, the notification on the homescreen icon do not reconcile that they were listened to... even if I listened to their

    (3) I would prefer not to receive 3 a new VoiceMail notifications in my main Inbox... I get notification of 1) icon on the home screen, 2) of the "new voicemail" message and (when working) 3) of visual voicemail.  I looked but can't find how to set a preference to filter these redundant messages.

    any help would be appreciated!  Thank you!

    YES... Press the phone icon to get the phone, press the Menu, goto Options.  Select Call Logging, then choose 'None' will benefit more triple notifications, but missed calls still appears in the list of phone.

    With respect to the AVC and the Home icon reconcile... always disturbing.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Cust is having problems with Blackberry App world. BB App...

    Cust is having problems with Blackberry App world. BB App World says it has changed its device pin code too many times (exceeded pin code changes) and leaves him not download applications more


    Your request should be sent as follows. Go to this address:

    and complete the form. Use, in the "Please select a component:"on the ground, AppWorld billing/payment selection. " Don't forget to also include the reason why you have exceeded your maximum eligible PIN associations to AppWorld (for example, several RMA, warranty replacement, etc..).

    If this does not work, then please come back on these forums ( and create an account so that we can provide direct assistance.

    See you soon!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones recent contacts Sync problem

    Hi all

    I recently started having bad sync my contacts and calendar (Outlook and Windows Vista 32).  The trouble began shortly after the synchronization attempt with an error message "Can't read application information."  It happens exactly at the same place.  He's going to 'read' 193 all my contacts but stops at "transformation" 187 of 193 of these contacts.  Phone is a Curve 8320 with 4.5 recently upgraded to os level and DM v4.6, both downloaded from T-Mobile.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    P. S. thank you all for the help in my operating system upgraded, even if you didn't know that you gave it me.

    Hi and welcome to the forums...

    You have all null values in your Outlook address book? Usually, you can find them by sorting by name and look for empty entries. Also, you have an images associated with any of your contacts? (link to KB) If so, try to delete the photo.

    If your Outlook address book is the same as your phone, you can do this step.

    First, backup of your phone. If your address book is the same device and Outlook, use the BACKUP / ADVANCED and disable your address book on your Blackberry Handheld and re-synchronization. He must fill everything from Outlook to your BB.

    If this does not work or you have a difference on the number of addresses on the BB from Outlook, then you can delete (backup first) your address book using GUI BACKUP/ADVANCED and re - import your address book on your Blackberry Handheld, using the advanced graphical user interface. This backup - restore will be re - index address book DB and can correct the problems. Then try to re-sync.

    Let us know how you are doing...

  • BlackBerry Smartphone Contacts, Gmail, sync problem


    I'm in love with my new torch, but I have a problem.  I can't figure out how to sync my Gmail contacts in BB.   I use Windows 7 Home Premium. Contacts brought to the course in Gmail for a Nokia N97, but I can't get the BB to find the contacts of Gmail folder.  I saved a set of CSV data and any and only this one, but most data are lost, including telephone numbers, so this is clearly not the way to go.  Can anyone help in pointing me in the right direction.

    OMG it's so simple

    After searching this forum, I created my account Gmail on the BB and everything went without additional intervention from me.

    How smart is that

  • BlackBerry smartphones, I'm having problems with the download of Facebook AGAIN! (need desperate help!)

    OK, so I deleted Facebook yesterday with the idea to reinstall later. He played a few times to the top and said: I can't reinstall it because I can restore it as it is in my archives. Whenever I try to restore it, he'd go to reinstall... in any case, I got rid of Facebook from my archives (after a few tries, to connect it to my computer and do it like that) so I will reinstall by click on reinstall, but that's the problem... Once it has downloaded, it will install again and this message is constantly "There was a problem during installation" I click OK and it is always uninstalled! It is VERY frustrating!

    Any ideas?

    Very much appreciated (BTW I'm new :/)

    OK, the * beep * I'm just rendered account Facebook download of Blackberry App World is NOT the only way how to download Facebook... I went on facebook mobile!

    Derr, sorry

  • BlackBerry Smartphones 8830 world edition - problems with SMS text messaging

    Every now and then my phone randomly deletes my journal of history and appeal of texting. The only thing left in my folder of messages are emails I've sent or received. I can still send text messages, but I can't receive them, and then all of a sudden everything will be back to normal. I checked my media card and I still have 1.7 GB free space again so I don't think that it is a memory problem.

    Anyone know what is happening?

    Will be

    The items that you have saved on the media card do not count for the memory of the device. You can check the device memory by going to Options | Status and take note of your free file number. Then reset the unit by removing the battery and 1 min and replace it and let the device restarts. After that he did check and see if your free file number has increased.

    Also do you have a lot of third party applications on the device that you don't need? If so you can do in the Options | Advanced options | Applications and delete those you no longer need.

    See also the links JSanders provided on other ways to increase your memory

  • BlackBerry smartphones, what's the problem with Roxio Media Manager?

    I bought my first Black Friday Blackberry 8310 Curve. For some reason the Blackberry Desktop Manager installed and works quite well. However, when I open the screen Roxio Media Manager freezes and it does not even show my device. I have uninstalled cleanly and re-installed more than a dozen times and cannot operate. Also, we went and bought a graphics update and the sound card and installed them. The Roxio media manager ALWAYS freezes up and we must stop it.

    I do a lot of Paintshop Pro and have these programs as well as other graphic software. I wonder if it's a software conflict? I don't see one. Or if the Roxio is a point of sale as someone posted before.

    I spent hours and hours reading all I can on this subject and not online can not find an answer to anywhere. The main reason I want the Media Manager, is I want to make my own ringtones... that's all! The rest I can do without it. The BB Media Manager has the ability to make ringtones?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


    The computer I use is a server converted to the workstation.

    Intel Pentium 4; 3.20 GHZ

    1.50 GB RAM

    400 GB hard drive

    Windows XP Svc Pack 3 family

    Windows Media Player 11

    Sound card: Sound Blaster Audigy

    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

    under Windows, you can use any software for your mp3 to the part you want to cut.
    You can use mp3cutter or Audacity.

  • E-mail synchronization to blackBerry Smartphones to bb for laptop with outlook 2007

    I'm going on a cruise and want to be able to download my emails from my BB 8900 on my computer without having to go online with my computer.  any help?

    There is unfortunately no way to do it.  The only way to download emails to your computer will be to connect via wifi.  You can check with your cruise line though, as I'm pretty sure that many offer wifi on board.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones having a strange problem with the Blackberry AppWorld

    Just got my phone a week ago so I'm still new to this.  I was able to download applications directly from the AppWorld on my phone.  What I'm trying to do is to access the AppWold from my computer to find applications and download them on my phone.  It is easier to find and watch the computer.

    During the SystemCheck to download the app, when you select the PIN code and click on connect, I get a message that might have stopped a script on this page.  If you click on continue, I get an error message saying "device.legacyfail.header".

    Don't know what it would be.  It isn't a huge deal, because I can get the apps from my phone, but I'm a little curious what it would cause.

    I would appreciate any info people have on it.  Thank you!

    He did get resolved.  It was my phone had an older version of the app AppWorld or the desktop software was an older version.  I seem to remember it was the AppWorld application that needed the most recent version.  I think that after a day or 2 there is a update for the app for me to download.

    Sorry I don't remember exactly what happened, but I know for sure, it was one of those two things.

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