BlackBerry Smartphones BB8320 Internet problem with the upgrade to version 4.5

I installed the software for my bb8320 with wifi.  Everything seemed to be going well with the upgrade.  Now I try to use my wifi and connect to the wireless router is fine.  When I try to connect to the internet, it gives me a problem.  It said unable to connect to the internet...

I did have a problem with my wifi connection before the upgrade.  My bb does not plan for the data.

If anyone has this problem and know how to solve this problem, please help me.

Thank you


You are trying to connect to one or more Web sites.

in the BB browser, enter in this


What is going on?

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry 9300 Curve 3g - problem with the upgrade of the OS

    Hi all... I have a problem with this phone...

    This summer, I bought two Blackberry 9300 Curve from the United Kingdom. First phone of "O2", following a network of '3 '. First one is locked to the O2 network and I can't use it with another sim card.  OK I'll try OS upgrade. Everything is good, now I have OS, when I'll try uprade '3' network BB I have problem. I can't upgrade, I know not why, me, my BB from '3' network have no updates, but my next BB 'O2' network have write...

    WTF is this? Anyone know?

    Sorry for my bad English...

    Respectfully, Ridas.

    F16 wrote:

    WTF is this? Anyone know?

    Please do not use foul language.

    Operating system device provided are "released" by specific carriers once that they are certified and trained to their support technicians, but still, you are able to load any carrier the same model by following the instructions below. Apparently '3' is not from the same upgrade as O2.

    See the link below to download and follow the simple installation instructions to install in your 9300 OS.

    Make a backup of your device first, using Desktop Manager > backup. Close the office at the end Manager.

    1. download the OS files to the PC then install on the PC by running (double click) the downloaded file.

    2. go in c:\program files Research in motion\apploader and delete the file named "vendor.xml."
    3. plug in the BB and double-click on "Loader.exe." It is located in the same place as the above vendor.xml file.

    Note: Some users may be concerned they will void their warranty of device by loading an OS from another carrier. There is really nothing to fear. Please read more information about it here:

  • BlackBerry Smartphones having HUGE problem with the screen

    Please help me people... My flipberry went completely crazy...
    I ' l try to explain the problem with as much detail as I can remember...
    Since last week or both internal as external screen my phone acted crazy...
    for the start of a few days, the problem started with the internal display will red sometimes, or show the half of the screen with stripes of colors... I thought it was a passing phase...
    but after a few days, the screen went completely black... both screens external and internal... until this time, as I ran the firmware
    so that day I sat down and wiped my phone completely and loaded the latest firmware in order to completely black screens are returned to the way they were... sometimes ok, sometimes showing abstract things and weird colors...

    and even today both screens went completely black... so I'm currently trying to get back to the version as recommended by t-mobile...

    and I have not dropped my phone once again since I bought it 4 months ago... need help

    usually the phone will come with a free warranty of one year.  The best thing I can suggest is to return to the top of any data you left phone and bring it back for a replacement or sent it to be repaired because it seems to me that your phone is defective.

  • Problem with the upgrade to version 37.0.1 - update just "hangs".

    I am currently in Firefox 36.0.4 on a Windows 7 Pro computer. I tried twice to move to Firefox 37.0.1 WITHOUT success. Once the software is downloaded and start the upgrade, the upgrade appears just "hang" - nothing happens after 15 minutes, which is much too long to do the upgrade previous updates of Firefox have NEVER took this long and I never had any problem with prerequisites updated to Firefox! My Windows 7 has the latest Microsoft patches. I don't know why this is happening. Any suggestions? For now I give up trying to pass to the 37.0.1 version.

    He just go to, download the new version and install it. All your data will be saved, but you will be running the most recent version.

  • BlackBerry smartphones are there problems with the phone unlocked before buying?

    On Amazon they sell the Storm 2 (9520) and it is called "Vodafone unlocked.

    I am currently with Vodafone on Pay as you go. Can I just put my SIM card in this phone and have my number, contacts, etc., work very well right from the start?

    I'll be able to get the internet connection of Vodafone on this phone? They offer something alone the lines of £8 per month for 500 MB downloads. If I switch to this service, which will work?

    What applications? They works perfectly?

    And in general, the telephone service provider and will go well with all this?

    Thank you.

    Applications that works not (or wrong) If you do not have unlimited BlackBerry data plan:

    Internet Browser

    RIM's push email

    Facebook for BlackBerry

    BlackBerry Messenger

    BlackBerry Maps

    MySpace for BlackBerry

    All the rendering for the instant messaging applications to BlackBerry, like AIM or GTalk for BlackBerry

    * partial list.

  • HP pavilion dv6-2150us: problems with the upgrade of processor for an i7-720qm on a hp pavilion dv6-2150us

    Hi all

    My friend recently bought an i7-720qm processor used to upgrade hp pavilion dv6 2 1 5 0 US and I

    summer giving a helping hand by making the upgrade.

    Since the 10 Windows running Google Chrome used up to 70% of the processing of an i3 - 330 m power

    processor, it seemed to be good upgrade to improve the performance of the laptop.

    We checked that the new i7 processor is compatible with the laptop (it is listed as supported by the)

    ( interview guide , page 108), and the seller assured us he tested the CPU on some different

    HP pavilion and it worked fine.

    But when I replaced the processor with the i7 processor i3 and tried to boot up the laptop, only the LED lights

    on the front and the setting of the power and volume buttons would light up periodically. The screen was black

    All the time.

    Thinking I might have made a mistake during the reassembly of the laptop I put the original i3 processor back in

    and it starts fine.

    I updated the BIOS of the F.1C version I found on the internet and once replaced the i3 with the i7 with the

    same results - display off, flashes periodically LEDs. The BIOS updated smoothly, and the correct version is displayed in the main menu of the BIOS.

    I am confused on what could be the problem with the upgrade, everything should work. Is there a BIOS update I have

    missed, or the problem elsewhere?

    Disassembly and reassembly are made with care, and we took care to avoid static electricity. All the rest

    on the laptop works well - I am writing this post on the laptop in question with the original i3 processor in place.

    Any help, advice or general guidelines as to what should be done would be really appreciated.

    Thank you for your attention.


    The problem is that if you look in Chapter 3 of the manual, pp 22-23, there are maps of separate used for the dual core and quad core processors system.

    In other words, you cannot install a quad core processor in a Board that originally had a dual core processor and vice versa.

  • I have an iMac7, 1 with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz, 2 GB memory, 500 GB storage, iOS10.6.8 and can update in 10.11.2.  must I do cela or are there problems with the upgrade?

    I have an iMac7, 1 with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz, 2 GB memory, 500 GB storage, iOS10.6.8 and can update in 10.11.2.  must I do cela or are there problems with the upgrade?

    I don't know about other issues. There are always 'problems' with any upgrade. You weigh against the benefits. I know that you need more RAM. At least 4 GB, maybe more if you can. Don't forget that this system is produced at a time when most of the machines have + 8 GB RAM and when Apple said 'minimum' they really mean it.  I recently inherited a MacBook that has 2 GB of RAM and the Mavericks. When I checked the memory, the use of the system was using 1.95 GB = nothing to run applications!

  • Hi, I have a problem with the download trial version of adobe after effect cc. When I want to download instad of download there are massage: we are experiencing some problems, please try again later. If the problem persists, contact customer support

    Hi, I have a problem with the download trial version of adobe after effects cc. When I want to download instad of download there are massage: we are experiencing some problems, please try again later. If the problem persists, contact customer support. What seems to be a problem? Thank you

    Please try after effects configuration required for Mac OS and Windows


  • BlackBerry Smartphones anyone have problems with sections of your screen?

    Even if there are some problems with the operating system as has been noted by several previous discussions, I am satisfied my storm because of its hardware capabilities and am willing to be patient as RIM solves problems in software.  The problem I have is that the left side of the bottom of my screen does not feel the same clicking positive like the rest of the screen.  I spoke with someone at a local verizon store and they explained that it is common and that there nothing wrong with mine, or at least that there was no different than most.  I also checked the demos of two storms they had on display and both units seemed to have a defect similar to the screen.  Storm of my wife, however, is perfect, with the same positive feeling by clicking on parts of the screen.  I would not be concerned with it except that when I type in the lower-left corner of the screen I have errors or reduces typing speed because of the absence of "click".  Finally, my question is can I Exchange it for another and hope that the following better, or just simply keep in mine because it's like most of the units and get a perfect as my wife is the luck of the draw?  Thank you

    Your screen should click systematically everywhere like your wives Storm.  Basically, the problem with your phone by clicking on not everywhere is a tight screw or screws.  When you remove the cover of your battery, you will notice two torx screws.  We'll have a red and white sticker underneath the battery and the other on the opposite side will not.  If you have a torx T-6 screwdriver you can correct this problem by turning the screw or screw to the left to unscrew the screws.  You can try half of the towers at a time and test your screen to ensure uniformity to click after each turn to don't not to loosen the screws too.  Here is a link that has been posted on crackberry dot com that others have used this procedure to correct their screen by clicking on the problem:

    If your Storm is perfect except the screen click problem, I suggest trying the fix published previously.  If you feel uncomfortable, try this, I will ask a new device that clicks on evenly all over the way it should be.

  • Problem with the upgrade to Flex 3

    I've recently updated for Flex 3 and an app I wrote with the beta 3 version, which worked very well does not work with the release candidate version. Most of the stuff has been cosmetic which I expected but a major problem is that the TileList info is not displayed.


    < mx:HTTPService id = "tempXML" resultFormat = "e4x" result = "onResult (event)" url =" / / {customer.text} php? action = showopen & amp; operation = showassets & amp; format = xml & amp; opstatus = crit & amp; name of user = {username.text} & amp; password = {password.text} ' / >}"

    < mx:TileList dataProvider = labelField "{_xlcMyListData}" = "fleet" left = "35" right = "15".
    width = "350" backgroundColor = "#000000" color = "#ff0000" fontSize = "27" borderColor = "#000000" columnWidth = rowHeight "315" = "50" themeColor = "#808080" fontWeight = "bold" allowMultipleSelection = "true" id = "TileList1" height = "0" y = "202" x = "178" / >

    < mx:Script >
    <! [CDATA]
    Setting the display of the TileList component
    Import mx.collections.XMLListCollection;

    private var _xlcMyListData:XMLListCollection;

    private void onResult(Event:ResultEvent):void {}
    var xmlResult:XML = XML (Event.result);
    _xlcMyListData = new XMLListCollection (xmlResult.. asset);

    []] >
    < / mx:Script >

    As stated before the app displayed data before with flex2 and the beta of flex 3. Is there something I'm missing now?

    My call to the server was wrong. It wasn't a problem with flex.

  • BlackBerry smartphones URGENT! I have a serious problem with the update to version 7.1 blackberry bold 9900! :(

    Hi all! Starting yesterday I did the software upgrade to version 7.1 (I had 7.0) and since yesterday my bold 9900 is locked at 17% on social RSS!

    I don't know what to do! I tried to connect the phone to the PC via the blackberry desktop software, it seems to connect at the beginning but after awhile the Blackberry Desktop Sowtfare is blocked and it restart the update up to 17% 'social RSS feeds... "

    I also tried to remove the battery, but when I put the battery back, updating block again to 17% social RSS... help me please! I'm really desperate!

    airelav1988 wrote:

    Hi all! Starting yesterday I did the software upgrade to version 7.1 (I had 7.0) and since yesterday my bold 9900 is locked at 17% on social RSS!

    I don't know what to do! I tried to connect the phone to the PC via the blackberry desktop software, it seems to connect at the beginning but after awhile the Blackberry Desktop Sowtfare is blocked and it restart the update up to 17% 'social RSS feeds... "

    I also tried to remove the battery, but when I put the battery back, updating block again to 17% social RSS... help me please! I'm really desperate!

    Hello airelav1988,

    Please see this link.

    Thank you.

  • Problems with the upgrade to Windows Windows 7 10 and get the message 'could not be updated. "portable

    Original title: Windows 7

    I have 2 questions-

    I have a laptop Windows 7 when I tried to update Windows 10 received a message that it could not be updated.  Has there never been a solution or an update for those of us who have a version of Windows 7 which initially could not updated for Windows 10?

    I have a computer I upgraded Windows 10 and really like it.  I do not understand that I can not make a copy of 10 Windows on a computer, I've updated for Windows 10.  Is it possible for me to download a copy of Windows 10 on my laptop Windows 7 to make a restore CD in the case of a computer problem?

    You can try the upgrade manually:

    Task of pre-required

    When you make significant changes to your computer for example updated operating system, you must always back up. See the links to resources on the backup by clicking the link for each version of Windows you are using: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1



    • Turn off (preferably uninstall) your Antivirus utility before you perform the upgrade.
    • Reboot several times, and then try again.
    • Disable the general USB peripherals (for example - smart card reader).
    • If you are using a SCSI drive, make sure you have the drivers available for your storage on a thumdrive device and it is connected. During the installation of Windows 10, click on the advanced custom Option and use the command load driver to load the driver for the SCSI drive. If this does not work and the installer still fails, consider switching to an IDE based hard drive.
    • Perform a clean boot, restart, and then try again.
    • If you upgrade to the. ISO file, disconnect from the Internet during the installation, if you are connected in LAN (Ethernet) or wireless, disable both, then try to install.
    • If you are updated through Windows Update, when download reaches 100% disconnect from the LAN (Ethernet) Internet or Wi - Fi, then proceed with the installation.
    • If this does not work, try using the. ISO file to upgrade if possible.
    • If you are connected to a domain, go to a local account.
    • If you have an external equipment, attached to the machine, unplug them (example, game controllers, USB sticks, external hard drive, printers, peripherals not essential).

    You also have the possibility to choose 'Keep personal files only', which guarantees a successful in most cases installation.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not synchronize with the USB cable plugged into charge pod


    I read on the web site of, in the details of charge pod ( ) that the pod can handset with charger travel or data cable for charge and/or sync with a BlackBerry smartphone. So, my question is related on a problem or a misunderstanding of me to this description.

    I want to know if we could recharge and synchronize the BlackBerry via USB cable or is only responsible for the BlackBerry when connected that way. My second question is, is it possible to synchronize the BlackBerry with the USB cable plugged into the pod or not?

    Because I got a request from one of my users about the fact that his BlackBerry 9000 can not synchronize when it is on his group.

    Thank you very much!


    It's a loading dock. It is useful, because just drag you your "BOLD" in there and it will load (just like the 8300 Curve).
    If you want to synchronize, you can plug a usb on the side of the appliance cord. This can be done while the machine is in its dock, where the description.

    I have the same crib, but for the 8300. It's really worth buying. I'm happy with it every day.

  • BlackBerry smartphone email a problem with my Torch 9800.

    I have a problem with my Torch 9800. When you try to configure the e-mail account on the torch, my companion of techno geniuses who ran in while I was reading upward on the ins and outs selected the company option and then tried to enter the e-mail address and the password. When she came back invalid, I had just read the correct option. Now the torch will not support to give me the Internet e-mail account option. or company. I made the default I saw through the command prompt and options, nothing seems to work when he gets online after the restoration, select email overall upward and it's always the newspaper and projection of password to the company. This phone is only 4 days old, I'm not impressed that I can't go back to the option, or am I missing something?

    Help will be appreciated.

    See you soon

    Thanks for the tip on the service provider. Turns out there was to be a $10 monthly fee paid to blackberry to activate the service.

    All good and working

    See you soon

  • M1000e with M610 Blade. iDRAC6 problems with the upgrade of the firmware 3.50 (Build 4) - "image downloaded missed the check" error

    I have the blade that is a M610. its current 3.30 iDRAC6 Firmware version (Build 17), his version of BIOS is 6.0.7. I am trying to upgrade the firmware to 3.50 iDRAC (Build 4). I am upradging by the MCC on the M1000e chassis. I choose the slot of in that the blade is and then start the IDRAC GUI. I choose firmware update and select the firming.imc file that I used successfully on some other M610 blades. After about 30 seconds, he returned with the following error.

    The uploaded image has no verification


    I came across the same problem (with a refurb M610, iDRAC firmware has been 2.20).

    I tried to upgrade the iDRAC6 firmware to 3.60 via the web interface of iDRAC6 and it was a no go.

    I tried several browsers (chrome and firefox) and same problem each time.
    I tried to go to firmware (as shown in the accompanying note) 2.31 instead of 3.60 and same question every time.

    I finally managed to update the firmware of the iDRAC6 by upgrading the web interface M1000e and not in the iDRAC6 web interface.

    It worked the first time (using Chrome).

Maybe you are looking for