BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry ID password reset email does not contain a link to reset the password!

I'm having the same issue that this guy had in this forum (which appears not to be a solution?):

Basically, I'm trying to reset my password for my Blackberry Curve Blackberry. I receive a password reset email when I ask, but the email does not contain a link to reset my password. ALL of the email is the following:

"This email has been automatically generated. Please do not respond to this e-mail.

If you have not previously indicated that you wish to receive emails from Research In Motion Limited or its affiliates about exclusive offers and updates on BlackBerry products and services and you want to do, please click here.

Research In Motion Limited, 295 Phillip Street, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3W8

© 2012 research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion® and other trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered or used in the United States and the countries of the world. »

Does anyone know what is the problem? It is not my web browser which distort the enamel - I tried to retrieve the email from Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

It is very strange indeed... with only 2 causes possible I think.

(1) your e-mail (on your PC) application blocking the link provided in the email... a lot of apps email will do that and sometimes you have to replace them. If you have another interface to use (for example, webmail interface, GMail and Outlook), then try the other and see if that helps. According to the messaging environment (for example, private corporate e-mail system), it is also possible that some bridge along the trail is stripping on the necessary link for safety.

(2) the installation of e-mail to reset is actually broken, and enamel does not contain what it is supposed to. If this is the case, then it requires a formal attention to the RIM. The only way to achieve this is for you to contact the Association and to degenerate the RIM of your case.

Good luck!

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