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BBM can't read (unsupported) n emotican of character text


On this basis, I would deduct instead is the BBM message you receive contains characters of a language that you have not installed for your BB. For example, they send Russian characters, but you do not have Russian language installed on your BB, then your BB don't then interpret and display characters and replaces those black boxes in their place.

If you know the language that is sent to you, you can try to install on your BB... do it, start by taking a full and complete backup of your BB... you can find instructions in the link in my sig auto on this post.

Then, learn this:

  • KB05305 Location of support for BlackBerry smartphones

That will guide you when you choose the packages of BB OS to install on your BB via the following procedure.

Please visit this official download portal as you go along. If all you want are the levels of BONE, it is first sorted by carrier - the carrier supports, your search will be fast. However, some carriers are much slower than others to release updates. To really get the package up-to-date OS for your BB, you need to dig through and find all businesses that support your specific model BB and then compare the BONE levels they support.

From a PC, you can install any compatible OS package (for example, for your BB model exact number) of a BB via this procedure:

Note Although written to "recharge" and the storm, it can be used to upgrade, downgrade or recharge any BB device model - depends on the operating system package you download and install on your PC. After installing the operating system on your PC package, please remember to remove all copies of the SELLER on your PC. XML... There will be at least one and maybe 2, and they will be located in the same way or to (it changes based on your version of Windows) these files:

  • C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
  • C:\Users\(your Windows username) \AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML

Don't forget that you remove, since your PC, any other BB OS devices as packages with more than one installed on the PC can cause conflicts with this procedure.

If you are on a MAC, you are limited to only your sanctioned carriers OS packages... but can still use any level they currently have to sanction. See this procedure:

  • KB19915 How to perform a clean reload of the smartphone BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software application software

Good luck and let us know!

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    Basically in this link of the number model 8000 and higher, but not those of the OS 7.0 or higher.

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    I looked around their site (BB) trying to find a phone or text support number.  I still can't sync calendar and get an warning 0x3b21 code when I try.  I have a couple of days before I keep the phone or return it.  Back is fine now.  I can't believe that for their phone support is so elusive.  I appreciate the work of you trying to solve problems on this forum, but blackberry is not a real tech support center? I just thought that I was frustrated when I couldn't get tech support English speaking personel service for my Dell.  It is a real frustration. I spent hours trying to get this to work on two different computers, both with Outlook 2000. I have re-installed with different messaging and options of Director and get nowhere.  If he's not going to work, would be someone just told me that Outlook 2000 don't sync with a 8310 and I will return to my cheep phone that works seamlessly.

    Manufacturing for BlackBerry support is exactly the same you get to Windows. You must obtain suppor from which you bought the appliance. For example, if you buy an HP computer you must go back to HP for Windows support. If HP is unable to solve the problem, then HP may open a case with Microsoft on your behalf. Same thing with the BlackBerry. If you have purchased a Verizon BlackBerry, you must pass Verizon for support.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones MIssion Impossible: How to communicate with anyone on the Blackberry support

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    I have an important question for the BlackBerry support team (is not directly related to a product specific to BB, but related to the support of BB products in general), but it was impossible to contact anyone, somehow, in support of BlackBerry.

    Can someone help me on this mission?

    Thank you


    RIM does not guarantee other support devices by wireless companies.  So, if you buy from someone and they don't give you a guarantee then you will get probably no guarantee through RIM.   That's the pitfall of equipment from unauthorized dealers.  I am a TMobile customer we.  However, I can't directly call the RIM and get warranty support.  If I want to RIM support I have to pay $50 for the case.  But, if I called TMobile and they can't solve my problem they can escalate my case to RIM without cost to me.

    This is how their system works.

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    This page: Developer of BlackBerry

    .. has a link to this: Knowledge Base

    which explains everything:

  • What is the level of Blackberry support PDF? (in detail)

    Hi, I'm doing research capabilities of Blackberry PDF to see what we're going to need to put PDF features in future applications, we hope to develop for multiple platforms. In any case, I have a lot of questions about PDF Blackberry support, so I'll just list them all style of chip.

    01: can I view a PDF file on the web with the Blackberry browser?

    01 a: If Yes to 01, exactly what version of BB OS (or if BB device there) isn't first became available in?

    01b: If yes 01, what title to the browser view PDF files? Can it only view as stand-alone files or can they be content embedded, which is part of a page?

    02: is there a Java APIs or frameworks I can use with Blackberry to build the PDF support in my application?

    02a: if not in the light of the foregoing, are there alternatives to the creation of PDF look at support in the application?

    02b: If Yes to the above, what BB OS version (or if BB device there) has made one of these tools first become available in?

    03: If a user has already installed a BB player application on their device, is there a method to query the device to find an app that supports the reading of a pdf file and use it to open the PDF file?

    03a: assuming that Yes to 03, y at - there any apps for Blackberry free PDF reader?

    b 03: 03, if yes, how can I do this in a Java application or with a browser app?

    03C: assuming Yes to 03, in which version of BB OS (or if BB device there) isn't - it first became available in?

    Thanks a bunch for all the help.

    I think it is device independent because it is a function of the network and not tied to an operating system.

    Don't take my word for it (I'm not the expert on these forums who knows a ton on this subject) and make sure you test on a real device.

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    type of Blackberry support more large int. what?  is this type of long int?  65536?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BlackBerry support insists that STV100-1 does not support the China Mobile HK?

    Then I go to Hong Kong right now with my Priv, using a prepaid of China Mobile Hong Kong that I've used with my classic. Noticed that I can not make calls with it so I called BlackBerry charge to open a support case.

    I noticed two things:

    -I am able to receive a 4G signal

    -Whenever I make a call, network goes to no Service. I also can't find any network if the phone is set on 2G or 3G only

    -I can not receive calls, it keeps saying number not reachable, as if the phone was turned off

    -In the phone app, my number is listed as unknown.

    After a lot of troubleshooting with the support rep, she argued that my private does not support the China Mobile HK, which doesn't seem wise. I'm temporarily using the card with a backup of Telus/Koodo G4, while my private does not work, and it works fine.

    Priv STV100-1 supports:

    • FD - LTE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 17, 20, 29, 30
    • HSPA + 1, 2, 4, 5/6, 8

    H812 G4 Telus LG support:

    • FD - LTE 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 17
    • HSPA + 1, 2, 4, 5/6

    China Mobile uses UMTS and LTE 3/7 1/8. This is why don't the Priv actually be MORE supported? I ' n suspect a hardware issue yet I can't seem to convince management of the case.

    Okay, BlackBerry RMAing my device now, so I guess that's it.

  • Smartphones Micro SD cards taken blackBerry supported by a 8300

    I don't know what capacity micro SD card my Curve 8300 will comfortably support.  I have updated the software of the mobile phone version (Platform and want to switch to a higher capacity micro my current 1 GB SD card it.  I talked to a member of the technical support of O2 team this morning, who told me there is no side which version of the software that I had on my phone - maximum capacity bearable by phone from SD card has been set because of the phone to 3 GB hardware.  What he says is correct?  I'd like to put more things on the phone, & I believe things as videos downloaded from YouTube & convert for his role in a BlackBerry work better if you have a larger capacity SD card in the phone - at the moment, no matter what video I play tends to crash after playing for about a minute or so (audio continues) (, but the picture freezes).

    Any guidance anyone can be able to give me in regard to this problem would be highly appreciated.

    Your people at O2 is stupid.

    The maximum size of media card is depending on your version of OS.

    Personally, I would recommend that you upgrade to a higher version of 4.5,.55 is old and was not so great, if I remember.

    BlackBerry Device Software - media card size limit

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.0 - up to 2 GB

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.1 - up to 4 GB

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.2 - up to 4 GB

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.3.0 - up to 8 GB

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.5.0 - up to 8 GB

    BlackBerry Device Software and above - up to 16 GB

    BlackBerry Device Software 4.6.0 - up to 32 GB

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB support phone number?

    Hi, I have just my BB 9900 week last of the RIM (not carrier) and it won't turn this morning, after a night of load.  The red light flashes (3 seconds for 15 seconds), tried to charge in different ways (wall, usb cable), pulled the battery during the charge and all not, nothing in help.

    Seems that others have had this problem too, but not solutions.  I want to call someone, but don't know where to call.  Cannot call Rogers, they are probably not helping because the phone is directly of the RIM, so unblocked.

    Know a number I can call?

    Where did you buy the 9900 "directly from RIM"?

    You have a store or link address?

    RIM does not phone except through their support incident of pay...

    If you selected which:

  • Makes Smartphones blackberry curve 8900 blackBerry supports the RTSP protocol?

    BlackBerry curve 8900 support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)?


    Since RIM OS v 4.3.0 RTSP is supported:

    BB 8900 RIM OS 4.6.x - so it's a device software supports the RTSP

  • "Unlocked" bought Smartphones blackBerry Bold 9900 & it is locked. Need to talk to BlackBerry support URGENT!

    Okay, so...

    I bought a Bold Touch of TeleChoice 9900 & was assured this phone was unlocked ready to be used with any network SIM.

    On bringing the phone House, I loaded & tried to insert my SIM 3. The phone still showed "Insert SIM" & "SOS only", as if it does not recognize my SIM card at all. I tried Optus SIM of my boyfriend & voila! He got network connectivity.

    After calling TeleChoice back, I learned that it is the first time that staff have been equipped with a handset for outright sale which was actually still locked. They try to negotiate for the unlocking instructions to give to me, because there are not many of these devices autour yet, so they can't replace it. Apparently, their responsible State Optus raised the issue with their team IMEI Back Office, who took my details to work with BlackBerry to get an unlock code.

    Unfortunately, this process takes some time, as the State Manager is in meetings all day & cannot work constantly on my problem. So, I tried to call Optus & BlackBerry to explain the situation and see if I can't fix something myself.

    5 employees Optus from different teams I talked last night, noone know a way to unlock the phone for me, a non-Optus account. BlackBerry 24/7 Support line looked like an oasis on the horizon, but then I could not go to anyone because I didn't have a ticket code!

    I really hope someone here can help me to get directly in touch with BlackBerry team!

    Thanks in advance,


    That's all I could think as a simple reason why this can happen too...

    A took my phone to the nearest store of 3 an hour ago & they guy tried a few different, put SIMs in place it has not been tried my SIM card of any problem with the phone, & it worked? He didn't do anything differently than what I did the last few days, but for some reason, that it suddenly worked & I got a BB message saying that my phone had just been connected to the BIS.

    Moral of the story? Be patient when dealing with new phones, I guess?

    I am so relieved to use my new phone, this fourth day of equity.

  • Service of blackBerry Smartphones not supported

    When you attempt to ringtones motorola Krazr for Blackberry 8310 bluetooth, I get the message 'service not supported '. Phones are connect without problem, but do not file transfer. What is the problem and how to fix it?

    To use the BB as the receiver, just replace (in mode) everything you do on the transmitter unit non - BB.

    Now, what you said in that last post is BB to any other device (you the first post was the opposite) - if so, then you would substitute whatever the other device must do as the receiving device and follow the instructions of the transmitter unit as the BB KB.

    Get it? Just use each half of the statement for whatever is the BB... the transmitter or the receiver. Then replace the other set of instructions with whatever the other device non - BB should do in order to be the sender or the receiver.

    Good luck and let us know!

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