BlackBerry smartphones can not see the tasks and Memopad applications


Both of them are installed (checked via the adjustment Applications).  I have also reset the theme, and although I don't remember how I did it, I got the menu "show all".

But I do not see the sub form of icons on my homescreen.

It drives me crazy...


Well Yes, that did it...

I'm just now starting to become comfortable to get around the BlackBerry... I had looked there before and would swear up and down that I don't see them here.

Thank you!

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    I just theBold on Orange in the United Kingdom and I do not see the maps app anywhere.  I can see it listed as version 4.6.0 under the list of Applications but can not see the software somewhere?

    I'm mean't to enable it somehow?  Also can not get the GPS function works as it says "failed to update GPS location" when I click on refresh?

    Any help would be really welcome

    If your provider blocks the passage of the icon (like AT & T) to another theme (Options-> themes) and see if you can find it. You may also download. Check from your BB browser.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see the list of the entire message when I opened the messages icon.

    I used to be able to see a combined list of my emails, texts SMS, missed calls, voice messages and anything else when I open Message folder icon on my Blackberry Curve 8330 office, but now when I open it, all I get is a blank white screen.  When I hit the menu button, the menu appears without a problem and if I click on the trackball, it will open a message, but I do not see the list itself.

    Also, when I go to view the folder I can access an individual folder and they come very well.  The only problem is the list of the combined messages that you are supposed to get when you open the icon on the desktop (or the application menu).

    Could someone help me please

    First thing... do a reboot simple: with the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    Now, that is the visible screen?

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see the map

    My BB bold 9700 does not see the media card that I reformatted and works on PC, but now I don't see mass etc. storage to light the tried to restart reintegrate them etc. What is provided on my phone?

    contact your support network.

    If your phone is less than 12 months old, you are eligible to apply for waaranty.

    I can't think of anything.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not SEE THE SYMBOL of THUNDER DURING the LOADING

    I can't see the symbol of Thunder when I load my BB 8520 C. It happened just after I upgraded my software. Please help! It is difficult for me to know if it is already fully charged. How can I report the symbol? Thank you very much!!!

    If you have a theme that he won't show

  • BlackBerry Messenger Blackberry Smartphones - can not see the photos of the Contacts

    Hi guys, just updated my blackberry. Everything was working fine before, just did the update for the hell of it. Now, I don't see any of my contacts on bbm pictures. All I see is the blue guy. I can see their status and the name however. I would like to know what to do! Thank you! I can communicate with them very well.

    There is nothing to do, just give more time to synchronize the image. It could take a day.

    I've seen several users have the same problem during the last 12 hours, so give it time.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see the name of contact shown with incoming call

    Dialing the number is displayed, but not the name of the contact?

    Cannot find any configuration option to fix...

    There are many possibilities...

    1. You have more than one pack of BB OS installed on the PC, which is confusing for the desktop software.
    2. The package of BB OS does not exactly match your BB model... I don't know if '9800 M"(in the name of the file) and '9800' (what you declare you to be) are considered to be exactly the same thing or not.
    3. There is perhaps still the second PROVIDER. To remove XML file.
    4. The operating system package is somewhat damaged and unusable.
    5. The operating system package is identical to what is already running on the BB.

    The foregoing may be causal. If everything is correct, you actually should not even if you obtained in step 5. If everything is correct, once the Desktop software is running and the BB is connected, it should automatically offer you the update... you should not even able to go as far as you have to click on update. If something on this bundle of BONES is not recognized as being available for your BB.

    If point 5 is causal, you may need to override this in step 5 above,:

    Note Although written to "recharge" and the storm, it can be used to upgrade, downgrade or recharge any BB device model - depends on the operating system package you download and install on your PC.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not locate the task icon

    I want to add tasks on my Tour 9630. The instructions say to go to the home screen and locate the icon "tasks. My home screen doesn't have a task icon. I searched in the calendar and contacts, but can't find it. There is no image of the icon of the task set in any of the documents. Please notify.

    Thank you.

    From your home screen

    Click on the Blackberry button

    Search for Applications

    Its the second or the third icon

    Hope this helps

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see the owner information

    Tried to install and when I do, said my owner info is not configured and go to options/Applications/owner. When I go to the home screen, click the menu, and then options, it gives me Home Scren preferences settings. But there is no option of owner. Just home screen preferences. I can make and receive calls and download applications, so I'm confused by what could be the cause of all this. And how I can solve this problem. Any ideas? Thank you.

    The only thing I see is options > display > Message on lock screen. Try that fill?

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see the name up in the recent calls log


    I had my "BOLD" for a few weeks now and have recently noticed that when I hit the green button to see my recent calls or search for a name in the contacts list, the top line, i.e. the name is hidden. I tried to scroll upward, but it seems that it is already at the top.

    Does anyone have a solution for this because it is very annoying not being able to see the name of the person I want to call.

    Thank you

    Try typing the key T quickly, this should take the call log to the top of the list.

    Otherwise, if you still don't see it clearly, try a simple reboot of the device > phone smart BlackBerry turned on, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones can not see the numbers

    I need to download my contacts on my desk and then be able to view them. I think that they are downloaded. I can't find any way to view them. When I try, it says that I can not open a .ipd file. I tried to open with WORD, and that didn't work of course. Now, every time I save my contacts, they save in WORD format. What I want to do is simply view and print my phone numbers which are in my Blackberry. Help? Thank you.

    In your address book Options > Email reconciliation > Wireless Reconcile - OFF.

    You are on a BES, Enterprise Server for your email?

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see you tube and sound problems

    I can show any fron youtube in my 8900 video., always give an error.


    Yesterday, I tried, I'm in a WIFI connection, load the youtube page and intend to play the video and Yes, as you said when asking me questions, to swap to the WAP, began to load the video, and at the end it says "ERROR PLAYING", but as usual start loading with no result.

    I have a separate scheme of the internet, how do I know when I use WIFI or other conection, father as the icon of a WIFI on the screen or swich phone itself and use the default WIFI conection, I see in the concetion WIFI conection Manager who is conceted currently...

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see the device on my computer memory


    I have Blackberry 9000 with a 16 GB SD card.

    I am able to sync my calendar with my laptop running Vista successfully.

    Parameters of memory are:

    Media card support: on

    Encryption mode: no

    Mass storage Mode support: on

    Enable Auto... When connected: Yes (I tried both guest)

    The card has been formatted with the BB.

    I have not been able to 'see' my BB or the card memory in Windows.  I tried 3 computers (an XP and Vista 2) does not.  In one of them, I even tried remapping all the drives except C: SC E:, F:, etc..

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I had the same problem.  Support BB said on the phone was defective and he was replaced by ATT.  Replacement phone had the same problem.  But I found an unofficial patch for the problem; EM.  BB technical support said they do not support this difficulty, although they acknowledged that the problem set is actually a real problem that occurs.

    If your "BOLD" is under warranty have BB tech says that it is defective and get a new one.  Otherwise try your luck with the unofficial fix - it worked perfectly on both phones ATT sent me (but I'm still back together and insisting that ATT send me a phone that works - I should not have to rely on a 3rd party program to repair a defective phone.)

    Do a google search for this exact phrase: "some people have problems with the mass memory" and go to the forum of pinstack site that google finds. Yes, it's "are have" in the expression you are looking for.  It was not a typo.

    You will have to join pinstack (it's free) to download the patch.  If it works for you do not forget to thank the OP there.  He did a great service to anyone struggling with this problem.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see the music even after slipping / move

    Because I had the same problems with MM and MS, I tried the solution that I've seen several people post here and have done the following:

    On my BB Pearl

    Options > media card

    media card support: on

    encryption mode: no

    mass storage mode: on

    auto enable mass storage mode when connected: Yes

    Connected the phone to the pc using cable then slipped and dropped music to music for drive E: folder.

    Phone removed from the pc but the music, files are not always displayed to the top.

    If you have your connected device and browser, you can with Windows Explorer,
    Remove all bbthumb.dat files in the folder Music\.

    Unplug, then open the media application. And wait.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see the images received

    I received a text and one picture of another phone. all this says is slide 1, but no picture is displayed. How do you think I have this?

    Ask them to send you a simple picture of their phone... not a message transferred... sometimes they can be stripped.

Maybe you are looking for

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