BlackBerry Smartphones downloaded OS - missing icons, address book 4.5 different and I do not see improvements


My newest version of BB does not appear to have a notebook of tasks or a help icon.  How can I get those back?

In addition, the address book list now with a space between entries (with the option of a line or something else between entries).  I don't like it - I'd rather have listed where I see on 10 entries or if by "page".  I looked, but could not find a setting to change how I like it.  Any ideas there?

Finally, what is the difference between 4.2 and 4.5?  I don't see anything new.  I saw somewhere on the site of BB 4.5 would be a few screens for additional funds, but I did not.  My bed version.

Thanks for the help.

The empty space is not an "empty" space, this is where the Company Contact name should appear, if you had one in there for a contact. Add a business to a contact, and see.

And no, you cannot remove or change the address book list view.

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    Hi all

    I'm new to BB family.

    Myself, Sudhir.

    I am facing some weird or maybe stupid problem that I don't know how to fix...

    Basically, phone contacts frequently gets lost, I guessed it was due to synchronization with e-mail account address book wireless. However in address book put in don't allow me to change to no..

    And major problem, BB Desktop Software said address book not installed.

    I did a lot of permutations and combinations as install and uninstall desktop software but no positive results.

    Ask you kindly advice me...

    Kind regards


    Hello sudhir4u077 and welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Looks like your address book database is corrupt.

    Back up your data from BlackBerry and do a cleanup of security as indicated in KB14058. When the deletion is complete, check to see the address book appears as installed.

    Let me know how make you out.

  • Sync blackBerry smartphone Curve 8310 with outlook address book

    Hi guys, I'm very new to blackberry and need your help.  Recently my company gave me a BB Curve 8310, all set up by them.  We have a BES.  My calendar and email works great.  No problems.  It's also good (round trip) sync with my outlook contacts.

    My problem is with the company address book.  I was expecting when I compose an email it will go automatically pick the employees of the company when I start typing their name, as it happens on my outlook 2007.  But it's not.  All the time I have to type the full email address as [email protected]  However, it's looking for my personal contact to my contact list outlook 2007 personal.

    Help, please

    If you are on a BES you have to do what is called a search. So if you're writing an email you can start typing in the name of a person. This should display a drop down menu where you can choose between 'Email ' or 'Search' If you choose search it will search for the name on the Global address book, and then you can select it. You should also have the option after he found the name to add the name of your contacts if you do not have to search for this person yet

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    In my messages folder, when I select 'Compose SMS text' options are limited to the phone or Email and not my address book. I change all the settings, this just appeared out of the blue. Could someone here help?

    I'm a bit confused by your statement, you can try and rephrase it please

    In the meantime, try a battery Pull:
    1. remove the battery while the phone is turned on
    2. wait a few seconds before inserting it again
    3. wait for the long end of the boot process (takes a few minutes usually)

    This clears most of the software problems that occur on the BlackBerry from time to time. You can also use Quickpull, a free application that simulates a battery pull without removing the battery:
    A battery pull gets lost when using the applications memory and clears minor software errors that creep over time. The blackberry is running an operating system just like your PC is running windows and battery pull is the equivalent of a reboot / restart your computer.

  • BlackBerry smartphones I can't restore address book - all, it is grey

    With Blackberry Desktop Manager (Advanced Option) I do a backup of all the points I see (Blackberry 8520), after that, I remove all information and activate the BES service.

    Later, I tried to recover my file *.ipd my information, but again I can retrieve my text Messages and recent contacts from address book - all, it's gray.

    How can I get it back?

    Hello and welcome

    Please read this section here you will find all you need to do

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to navigate the address book with no wheel

    I recently lost my wheel and access my address book, just can't figure out how to navigate (scroll to the top and bottom).

    Thanks in advance.

    Greg V

    BlackBerry Curve 8310

    Trackball on the 8310, not wheel.

    If you open your address book, instead of scrolling upwards or downwards in the addressbook, just type the letters of the name you are looking for... J O h... will pull all the Johns, Johnson, etc. No scrolling required.

    The trackball is not difficult to replace, you should be able to do it yourself once you have the replacement part.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones when I click on address book, I try to choose "new Contact:" and nothing happens

    When I click on address book, I try to choose "new Contact:" and nothing happens.

    I also tried another way - I got a call from someone and I chose 'copy xxxxxxxxxx' (x = the phone #) and then go to the address book and select 'new contact' - once again nothing.

    I had to call and select 'Add to contacts' in the menu and nothing happens.

    When I am in the address book and select a contact, then select "Edit" in the menu - nothing happens

    Problem solved after the removal of Yahoo Messenger that I've updated today.

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    My address book was transferred from my old phone and now I would organize it better around the fields available in the "BOLD" Contact Manager. I would like to change and change on my computer for ease of typing, and then transfer the new list of contacts for the "BOLD". How can I do?

    You must open a new profile in outlook, read this link

  • BlackBerry Smartphones voice dailing guard scan address book with no progress

    Someone at - it the problem that just started on my curve?  The voice service retains the address book of digitization, but never goes anywhere.  It then crashes the system!

    Thanks in advance for all the solutions!

    The problem has been resolved.  Seemed like he had the same problems as many others had some with the hour glass thing.  I had to completely erase the OS and reinstall.  That seemed to work.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Can I move my address book yahoo for phone

    Is there a way I can take my yahoo or yahoo im AddressBook contacts and transfer them to my phone without doing it all manually

    Yes, using the Desktop Manager version 4.7, you can synchronize your contacts Yahoo with your BB.

    Download Desktop Manager here:

  • BlackBerry smartphones, I bought a torch as 9800 NEW in box and it does not work. Help?

    the first problem is that the menus are not all there.

    instead of the torch symbol (dots) referenced in the online help pages, I have a small house. who's taking me on a single page of icons, which have all of the options.

    the function to find my pin code does not work as I don't get the option 'options' on all screens!

    is it still really a blackberry?

    everything seems legitimate, with the exception of software / installation.


    It's a fake.

    Good luck.

  • BlackBerry smartphone keyboard configuration STUCK after that he changed to multitap and won't not go back!

    My storm has decided to move the keyboard today to installing key multitap where there are three letters to a button and I don't like.  I went to the Options menu, and then in the screen/keyboard and changed the keyboard mode Portrait SureType and hit save and it WILL NOT CHANGE!  I have turned off and power back on EDT.  Nothing helps.

    Thanks for the recommendation.  I had my phone and pulled the battery.  It worked!  Thank you very much!!!  Fixed a problem!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones download photos from my media on my PC card

    I am a new user of BlackBerry Storm and I must say that I like this phone. I have however a problem getting my photos in the card support for my PC. I set up my phone to save my photos to the media card and I can view and send the images using my phone. When I connect my phone he asked me if I want to open my camera to view the files. I click to view files and a window opens showing me 2 icons on is the memory of the device and the other is the media card. When I double click the icon of the next window shows all files. I installed the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and he does not see the memory card and the device. Explorer displays only a drive letter for the device when I run Roxio Media Manager, but it never gives me a drive letter to the media card. I would like to be able to print some of these images, but right now I am at a loss on how to get this working.

    Hi renegade13 and welcome to the forums!

    You can use a PC for the transfer of information between the PC and the media card.
    Basically you focus for the BB and PC USB. Don't use office
    Manager. Go to 'My Computer' on the PC and the BB will be displayed as a flash drive.
    Then you can "drag and drop" files on the BB.
    Use the following settings in the option of memory of the storm:

    Card support ON

    NONE encryption mode

    (Storm AND "BOLD" only) Media Transfer Protocol

    WE support mass storage

    Auto enable mass storage support when it is connected TO

    Thank you


  • My Thunderbird page is screwed - there is no address book that appears in the toolbar, and I do not see a ' writing: tab - right message - how to restore.

    My Thunderbird page is screwed - there is no address book that appears in the toolbar, and I do not see a tab 'write' - just 'message' how can I restore back to normal?

    Would so much appreciate help... frustrating.

    This is the Contact Sidebar in the entry window. Press F9 when in the write window to enable or disable.
    Or you can also access it from the view menu in the window of writing.
    Sidebar view-presentation-Contact

    Another clue. If something is missing in any look of window on the View Menu. This is how you configure the view you want.

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