BlackBerry Smartphones Edit on Office contacts

How do you find out and change your contacts on the desktop software? I found the file but I can't open it.


RIM is Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry devices.

You should be able to sync with Windows Mail (I don't see why not, and the only way to confirm will be trying).

Here are the steps for you to follow:

  • With your BlackBerry connected, go to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and select Synchronize.
  • In the left menu under configure, select Synchronize, and then on the side right, again select the synchronization.
  • Select address book.  You should see the option to synchronize with your desktop applications, including Windows Mail, Outlook Express alias (if you see Outlook Express and Windows Mail, are not using Outlook Express).
  • Once you have configured your synchronization settings, perform a synchronization.  You should then be able to access your contact information in Windows Mail.

If you do not see an option for Windows Mail or Outlook Express, and if you have a Yahoo email account, you can sync using the Yahoo importer.

I hope that gives you a starting point.

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  • HELP blackBerry Smartphones... transfer contacts

    Blackberry style 9670 phone. has just been cut. no power nothing. I got a replacement phone. How to transfer my contacts because the phone is dead. Incidentally, I have blackbery protect on the dead phone. How to recover information. phone is dead... Please HELP

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    If the old BB is really dead, then it is not available as a source for restoring your data to your new device. Instead, you must use another source, one that you created before the old BB died.

    If you made a backup of office, you can use the backup as a restore source file:

    • KB10339 How to use BlackBerry Desktop Software to restore data from a BlackBerry smartphone from a backup file

    If you were synchronizing with a Desktop Organizer (for example, Outlook), then you can use that as source for restore reconfiguring the RIM Desktop software now work with your new BB:

    • KB03315 How set up the synchronisation of data using BlackBerry Desktop Software organizer

    As you use BB Protect, is also an available food source:

    • KB25063 How to use BlackBerry Protect to restore data on a BlackBerry smartphone

    You must be sure to connect to, on the new BB, the same BB ID that you used on the old BB. If you have already created a new ID BB on this new BB, then you go to your old ID BB:

    • KB26694 How to change the BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

    This will allow even you to migrate other things that were on your old BB - for example, documents of purchase/download AppWorld.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones only restore BBM contacts - how?


    How can I restore ONLY my BBM contacts using the desktop software?  I looked through the choice of data but none like the right. I have a Torch 9800 and I use the latest office software. (6.0 bundle 1907)

    I use my BB especially for work it is setup with connection of mail company so last week when I had problems they have wiped my BB and now my email and business contacts sync works well again but I lost all my BBM contacts.

    In the restore office option, I use the "select parameters and device data" to select data to restore, but I cannot easily determine what type of data I should be restore so I didn't wipe my e-mail contacts existing or other parameters. Given that I had about 60 BBM contacts fields that show a counter that is close (and therefore looks promising) to the correct quantity are: Messages, folders, store of Trusted keys, stored key pocket, and recent contacts.

    Any help or thoughts are appreciated.



    gevgar wrote:

    and I'm using the latest office software. (6.0 bundle 1907)

    No, you're not... the latest version is 6.1.0 Bundle 34...

    See this KB for a list of all databases on the BB:

    • KB03974 List of all databases on the BlackBerry smartphone

    The appropriate injector is there. It's a shame you didn't otherwise save your BBM contacts... BBM itself offers the possibility to make a backup of contacts... I've always found that more useful than the ability to backup/restore of desktop software.

    • KB20554 How to back up and restore the BlackBerry Messenger contacts list

    Good luck!

  • Unable to connect to my Blackberry smartphone to sync my contacts and calendar

    Original title; Unable to connect to my Blackberry smartphone

    Since the last Windows Update August 17, I can no longer connect my computer to my phone smart blackberry to sync my contacts and calendar

    Thanks for your help. I decided to check with my Blackberry service provider, and they were able to fix the problem by simply removing and then reinsert the cell phone battery while it was connected to my computer. The old trick 'the battery '. Never thought of that.

    Thanks again!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones unable to synchronize contacts with Desktop 7 subfolers

    To set up synchronization of the various folders and files of data using BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.0, follow these steps:

    1. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer.
    2. Open BlackBerry Desktop Software, and then click Organizer.
    3. Click Configure next to the type of data (Contacts, calendar, tasks, notes) which requires sync with a folder.
    4. Click Advanced...
    5. Select the folders tab.
    6. Select the radio button to select different Sync.
    7. Navigate to, and then select the specific item to be synchronized in the list and click Add
    8. Click OK.
    9. Click OK.

    Thanks for the Info. not familiar with the forums. Have since found the solution. It is a problem of blackberry, I had to set up a new profile of .pst and import all data.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Pearl 8230 Erase Contacts

    How can I go on erasing the old database of contacts in Pearl 8230 wife so that I can start again with our contacts from outlook? She's currently a mess with a lot of duplicates and that we use is no longer the program it has been synchronized with. This program has not worked fine anyway. Thank you

    Try this:

    How to clear the database address book on the BlackBerry smartphone

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to export contacts in Bold 9900

    Hi all, I have a Bold 9900 and I want to export my contacts on an Android phone, then how? I tried to use BlackBerry Desktop software to sync contacts from my PC, but in "My Documents", I couldn't find the backup file as well. Genrally, I was wondering is it possible to import contacts from an Android (Lenovo S650) phone, should I hard typing all the contacts in my new smart phone.

    see you soon

    Contacts have been saved in the memory card to the vCard format, so my new phone can import their very quickly and thus solved the problem.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Edit Contacts on desktop

    I have a Curve 8520 and I want to edit my contacts on my laptop instead of the device.

    Outlook 2007 does not so much want to sync with my device, nor does using Excel work.

    Could someone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you


    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Unlike other how things, RIM does not provide a desktop PIM. Others force you to use their PIM and only their PIM. RIM provides a driving software that works as a bridge between your PIM and the BB. See this compatible PIM KB:

    • KB12268 Applications supported by BlackBerry Desktop Manager to synchronize
    • KB17022 How to configure applications to Organizer for synchronization using BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    Since you have not provided any details about the reason she "won't synchronize", I don't quite know how to guide you further. Maybe if you tell us exaclty what you try, exaclty what you expect and exactly what is happening... then we might be able to help. Details...

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not sync contacts from office outlook software

    I have a nextel 8350, office outlook 07 and desktop version of the software.  Recently, I changed my job and put my new information in my phone and now I work at home so I've never needed before.  my email is sending and reception without problem, my calendar is synchronize perfectly but my contacts will not sync. the synchronization process seems to work by the software (it goes through the motions) but when I look in outlook, no contacts

    I looked on the net for the solution possible and even tried most of the things that I saw... nothing doesn't. I just want to get the contacts from my phone is turned off and in my outlook.

    not wireless, desktop software w / usb cable

    any help would be appreciated

    Thank you

    I don't know if I did something wrong... This is my first post or if nobody knows the answer to my problem, but any help would be great

    Thank you


  • Bishop Office of blackBerry Smartphones will not synchronize contacts

    I just got a Verizon BB Bold 9650.  I have an iMac running the latest version of Snow Leopard.  I downloaded the Desktop Manager and it sync was my calendars and notes but not my contacts.  Contacts is gray and it has this message:

    Contacts are currently configured for a wireless sync.

    To synchronize the Contacts with the BB Desktop Manager, disable the wireless sync by opening address book on your device and in the Options menu, by selecting your AddressBook and changing the field of no. wireless sync reconnect your device and try to synchronize again.

    The only options I get are to sort and separate or allow duplicate names or views confirm the deletions.

    I clicked on each tab and I can find the button and there is no option anywhere wireless sync.  Manual provided with the phone and the manual in PDF format are both pretty useless.  It's as if they were designed for another phone running a different os because I can't find half of what I'm looking for by following their instructions.

    It's very frustrating because the main reason I went with the BB because they announced that their phone to synchronize with the mac address book and calendars.


    YEA - my contacts are now on my BB bold.  With the assistance of Verizon.  On my phone, to go down as a result of get to the wireless sync option.

    Open contacts

    Press the menu button

    Click on options

    Choose the e-mail address

    Then, you have the option of wireless sync.

    Apparently the gmail accounts auto together towards the top for wireless synchronization but the OS X address book do not like that.  You must disable the gmail wireless synchronization (this includes all .edu also addresses) and then can be synced to the BB.


  • BlackBerry smartphone edition contacts and notes to Desktop

    I managed to get the duplicate contacts and notes on my BB 9900. Does anyone know how to change the files in the desktop. Remove duplicates in 9900 seems to be a large and time consuming task. THX.

    What I would do, is make a full backup of the BB with Desktop Manager (this way you can always restore from backup should anything be screwed up worse.)

    Perform a one-way synchronization of Outlook on the device, then check the box to refresh or replace the device.

  • Icon blackBerry Smartphones Media manager Office Manager is missing?

    I just installed an SD card and load music.  There is no icon Media Manager click on my current (4.2.214) Office Manager version.  Suggestions for remedy.

    Hi cgreen60

    Try to uninstall the software and put it back.  Make sure that you download a version with the Media Manager.

    You can find the BlackBerry Downloads page here.

    * edit that you can also transfer files running on on the device mass storage mode, then go to my computer on your PC.  You'll see a BlackBerry drive, and you can drag and drop files into the appropriate folder there.

    See you soon

  • BlackBerry smartphones lack all the contacts in the phone after the backup (via Desktop Manager)

    Hi - my tour 9630 died, and after getting a new phone from verizon has opened the Office Manager to run the restore. I have now NO telephone contacts at all in my address book, but all my single email yahoo contacts are now in my phone. How can I recover my phone contacts?

    WOW, FIXED! OK, so after playing with the phone for a while, I noticed another problem - I have had wayyyyy too much e-mail contcts; as in every yahoo only contact had synced my phone. so I went Googling issuing telephone directories, options and rset type who turned off Wi - Fi sync. then I restored (for the billionth time) and voila! no more contacts additional email and phone contacts are back.

    Weird question and I wonder if this is normal?

    is it possible to be notified before restoration you must disable your wireless sync (which I didn't even know was)?

    Thank you blackberry forums! you solved my problem again!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones from list of contacts from A to B

    Hi, I have two contacts list in my 9810. Contact list 'A' with 500 + 'B' list and contacts were 3.

    How can I move all contacts 'B' to 'A' list of contacts? Please advice. Thank you.

    Here are all the details: Article ID: KB19704 multiple address book contacts lists are created on a smartphone BlackBerry, causing problems with synchronization

    I think you need to read the #3 resolution.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Can I retrieve contact information for a database without the BlackBerry

    This is my story - a couple of weeks, I dropped my 8130 Pearl in a large cup of water. After miraculously, he came back to life, I decided that it was time to SAVE my contact... information so I used the version of the office for Manager do... Only, I clicked on "Addresses", which I guess means contacts. I joke that my poor BlackBerry not - the VERY NEXT DAY, went into the pool with me. Now, despite the fact that I just mentioned after swimming, I actually do not lead a lavish lifestyle... I live in the desert, and I had to enter my poor toddler, overheated in the pool as soon as possible. I have no cell phone insurance, but I don't have the $50 deductible to get a new BlackBerry. Now I use a Casio g opportunity ' Boulder area. I had so much contact info, I need. So, here is my question. Is there a way to convert information database (IPD file) I saved in a word document, or other legible form so I can get all my contacts?

    Thank you in advance,


    Crystal, Hello and welcome to the Forums of Support

    Yes, google search for ABC Amber IPD Converter and use it. It is not free, but the trial software will manage a limited number of records.

    If you end up having a new BlackBerry, you can restore this backup IPD file on your new device.

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