BlackBerry Smartphones Groupwise address book sync with Nextel Direct connect # s for 8350i

Is there a way to synchronize address books for groupwise and 8350i included nextel direct connect information?

Thank you

Mapping has resolved the problem. GroupWise has no corresponding to 'Direct Connect' field. To facilitate data entry, I traced the Direct Connect field in my 8350i with paginator field in my groupwise address books. Now Synchronization Manager BB the nextel direct connect #'s.

The steps are:

In the upper frame of the BB desktop, select Configuration synchronization; address book; Advanced; Field Mapping (bottom of list). Map an unused field in the address book of GW with the direct connect field in the 8350i.

I assumethis would also work with outlook and others.

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  • 8703e blackBerry Smartphone address book syncs with synchronization

    My address book syncs with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.  I have synced with success the agenda, Notepad and tasks but addresses gives the message:


    Cannot write or update application data. »

    I rebooted my computer, I disabled the BB and to remove and reinstall the battery and it still does not work.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Please read the attached resolutions for your error:

    Thank you

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    Please see this KB. The address book of Win7 is not currently supported for synchronization. Therefore, your contacts might go to one of the other PIMs that you mentioned. I suggest you choose a PIM to use, and then configure the synchronization all with this.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Database of blackBerry Smartphones the address book not available for synchronization

    ... "For help to resolve this problem, refer to KB19454 in the Knowledge Base of Blackberry Desktop Manager".

    I did, and it says this:

    Cause 1: the BlackBerry smartphone does not contain the PIM application you are trying to synchronize with. For example, the screenshot above error has occurred as a result of the application of tasks is not installed on the BlackBerry smartphone.

    Then, of course the BlackBerry has the address book app installed, and if it wasn't the cause.  I followed some of the sons of other related expenses and came up with nothing.

    I synced before - first time that successfully, this worked great, the second time that he kept failing, so I changed the setting to REPLACE my address book on the BlackBerry each sync, who has worked several times, and now this.

    GRRRR... of ideas?

    Worked like a champ, with the only exception to the process.  When I looked at my address book to the end, he had more than one entry for each record.  So I went back to the process, but this time, before you reconnect and resynchronize, I deleted manually additional entries - for some reason, they were still there, even though I "erased" address book information!  I'm guessing that these entries were originally a part of the problem.  Anyway, once deleted I've reconnected, resynced ' by replacing ' content of the BB for the address book - and now I have great 2-way synchronization job. "  Thank you!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones bb do not sync with outlook express address book

    The Director of the office, it seems to sync properly, no error message. But nothing new appeared on the address book in Outlook Express. Should not phone numbers and etc. copy in outlook and contacts list? Help!

    That seemed to work! Thank you very much!

    Another question - I put it on my blackberry to delete messages on the box to the letters and Pocket, but it does not. I have to go and delete all messages on my pc again. A way to solve this problem?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones entries, address book missing.


    Ive got a blackberry 8130 and I've synced it with the Desktop Manager.

    Whenever I pull up the address book it shows not all contact, however if I goto options and then re - sort the last name or first name then reappear contacts. Its quite peculiar from the blackberry displays that I have 426 entries in the book... but contacts never appear as long as I use the address book.

    Ive called rogers provider and Ive made at microsoft to find errors in the address book.

    does anyone have a solution to this problem?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    I went in the filters and deleted all controls and all the entries appeared.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones calendar won't sync with outlook

    I had my blackberry for over a year and recently it stopped sync my BB with my outlook calendar. It synchronizes the address book, tasks and memos fine, but totally ignores the calendar. I've seen several suggestions here and tried but still doesn't work.

    It says on the desktop software of BB that my BB is not a calendar installed but it does and it works fine on the device, he just won ' sync. There are 2 calendars on the Facebook feature (which, if I knew how I would delete) and my e-mail, but I address email is the default I think.

    KB23978 should help you with the problem of "calendar is not installed.

    Regarding the removal of the facebook calendar, just go into options > advanced > service books > find 'Facebook [CICAL]' and delete it

  • BlackBerry smartphones "BOLD" problem Calendar Sync with PocketMac and Desktop Manager 4.6

    # The RIM case: 5499753

    I have 4 email addresses attached to my BB "BOLD".
    When I go into Options / Advanced / Default Services / calendar, I have 4 entries (all e-mail addresses).

    If I go to calendar, Options, there are all of an additional entry in "Default device" 4 as well as e-mail addresses.

    Regarding the calendar by address entries, it is divided as follows:

    Email 1) 1
    E-mail 2) 0
    Email 3) 50
    Default device) 38
    Email 5) 0

    When I try to synchronize, the desktop software sees only the #3 email that is my with 50 entries and sync in Outlook, resulting in a loss of events in my Outlook on my desktop. All events are still in bold.

    I can not also move all the elements of the default device and assign it to the category E-mail no. 3, which reduced from 38 to 37 and from 50 to 51.
    Once you have received an entry on the device, you cannot change the e-mail addresses associated with the event.

    Removing the servicebooks (CICAL all) the default device entry has the combined entries.

    Once the service books are sent to the device, it then splits them again.

    This seems to be a problem with the Blackberry "BOLD" operating system, or a problem of service book (since when CICAL service books are deleted, calendar entries all combine for peripheral list by default.)

    This also happens on WinXP with 4.6 DM, is not platform specific.

    OS: & tempted.  Both have the same result.

    Just got off the phone with RIM support.

    Here is the procedure:

    All backup data

    Do a thorough cleaning (Options, Security Options, General settings)

    Content compression set to disabled

    Save the settings

    Return to the General settings, Blackberry press button and wipe Handheld.

    Load DM and go to the backup/restore, advanced.

    Load your backup file.

    Restore only the peripheral calendar (drag the calendar on the right)

    You should be able to see in the calendar options, device default calendar with all the entries.

    Synchronize in Outlook.

    At this point, you should have all your entries in Outlook.

    Hard Reset (press left ALT + SHIFT RIGHT + DELETE and hold the button until it restarts the device)

    Go to the website of your provider BIS and remove all the entries that you want as the default calendar.

    Set the date and time on the device.

    Turn on the wireless Radio

    Return Service directories from the BIS website.

    Go to Options, advanced, default Services.

    Set default CICAL (this should be the one you really want to like the calendar by default and the only one on the device).

    Set the default CMIME if necessary.

    Add the e-mail addresses that you deleted on the BIS website.

    Return service directories.

    You should have all your e-mail addresses and no. peripheral in your calendar, by default.

    All entries in the calendar should be associated with the address you chose as the default value.

    Resync using DM.

    Note - PocketMac 4.1.25 is not supported with the "BOLD".

    This creates blockages and major sync issues.

    I have run this procedure from a computer running Windows XP with Office 2003.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones my address book is gone!

    I tried to copy my card sim in the Blackberry address book. Everytime I try, it says he did, but when I open my address book, it is empty. I orginally lost my address book on the phone when I tried to activate the Blackberry messenger. He told me that there are no contacts available. Once I tried the "use once" option and the AddressBook simply disappeared. Can you please give me instructions, easy on how to recover my address book?

    Try going to your address book. Then, select your menu key. Then scroll down to filter. Make sure that you have not selected any of them. If so, uncheck the box and go back to see if the contacts are there.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones device address book phone contacts not showing on incoming calls on new 8900


    I just got a 8900 last week which has the latest version of the software on it (V.6.1.114). I transferred some of my old numbers to my SIM card from my camera, but not all - I also entered another 100 or manually directly on the device (long story).

    Now, when I get a call from a number on the SIM card, the call will display the name of the person. However, when I receive a call from a number not in the sim card but is stored memory of the native device, the call does not display the name of the person - instead, it displays the number as if it were an unknown number. However, once the call is completed, call logs show the name of the person.

    Thus, the BBERRY is not the number in the device address book when calls are coming in - it refers only to the SIM card. How can I fix it so that the contacts on the memory of the device also upward when the phone rings? Everyone knows about this problem?

    I called Tmobile tech support in the United States and they couldn't help me except to say that it was a bug and suggest to put my name on the map or by doing a hard reset...

    Thank you

    I found the answer in this old thread, but a configuration options default content SECURITY. Once I put no address names started showing up!

  • Address book Sync with Parent book


    We have started to implement the books and I was able to create all workflows must assign accounts and Contacts to their books requested through group transfer.

    The issue I'm having is that I don't want to not create then a workflow for prospects, opportunities ect is a workflow that you can indicate if a record is modified or created Sync with Parent (account) record and assign Parent book.

    I hope that there is something like that, otherwise I could be creating workflows 20 + just to get the book of the business functioning.


    I have 2 suggestions for you, the value of 1 join field happening the type of account on the contact record, but which cannot work if you create the contact of registration account. Or what I've done in the past, it is installed an Internet link that jumps the field type of account on the contact record but they can create contacts fromt his Internet link. Then, you hide the field on the contact page of view but make visible to you and write the workflow on this.


  • BlackBerry smartphones deleted calendar data syncing with Outlook

    Can someone explain why data calendar are deleted after so many days, weeks, etc? It is to be deleted in outlook and my Blackberry. I checked the sync settings on my office softward and it doesn't seem to be something that I've selected which would remove the information. It is quite critical, because I keep my calendar paper copies.

    Thank you


    If this resolves the problem:
    Please solve the thread so that others can find your answer faster.
    Thank you


  • BlackBerry Smartphones Synchronozing address book of Outlook for Storm

    How do synchronize you the address book Outlook 2003 (contacts) and notes (notes) the BB storm? Thank you.

    I tried your website link and he took me into the ringtone section and me would not go anywhere else, just closed the book. But I had followed the instructions in this section before without success. Any other suggestions? Thank you.

  • Space additional BlackBerry Smartphones new address book

    I've seen a few other threads here on the new address

    Book format.  I love not so much, as others have mentioned.

    because now instead of 12 names per page-view

    (and I have a lot of contacts), I don't see that 5-6.

    I'm surprised there is no choice as to the way in which you can view your

    Address book.  Has anyone found a way around this?

    Thank you!

    No, sorry, there is not a way to switch this view on / OFF... it's the way it is.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones "BOLD" do not sync with Outlook 2000

    Outlook 2000

    Desktop Manager 4.6 without the media manager,

    The DM is not Outlook 2000 as an application to synchronize with.  I had a curve over the last 2 years, with what version of DM that he came with that I was able to sync with Outlook 2000.  Here's what I discovered and someone please tell me where I'm wrong so that I can sync my new "BOLD" with outlook 2000.

    New versions of DM don't see Outlook 2000.

    Older versions of DM see outlook 2000, but they do not see the "BOLD".

    If I can get just the drivers without Desktop software manager, I think I can make it work with an older version.

    I hope I explained the problem.

    Thank you

    It would help my contacts but not the calendar and tasks.

    I have updated to Outlook 2003 and that solved my problem.

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