BlackBerry Smartphones having a strange problem with the Blackberry AppWorld

Just got my phone a week ago so I'm still new to this.  I was able to download applications directly from the AppWorld on my phone.  What I'm trying to do is to access the AppWold from my computer to find applications and download them on my phone.  It is easier to find and watch the computer.

During the SystemCheck to download the app, when you select the PIN code and click on connect, I get a message that might have stopped a script on this page.  If you click on continue, I get an error message saying "device.legacyfail.header".

Don't know what it would be.  It isn't a huge deal, because I can get the apps from my phone, but I'm a little curious what it would cause.

I would appreciate any info people have on it.  Thank you!


He did get resolved.  It was my phone had an older version of the app AppWorld or the desktop software was an older version.  I seem to remember it was the AppWorld application that needed the most recent version.  I think that after a day or 2 there is a update for the app for me to download.

Sorry I don't remember exactly what happened, but I know for sure, it was one of those two things.

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    The awesome bar/address bar is as impressive as it used to be. When I start typing in a speech, it seems that he does check more through my history and gives a list of possible matches but gives just the stem of an address. For example, if I type in "goo" will end this at '' if I add this with a "/ has" it's going to end this to ' ' but it is also good that he doesn't get, as I say, no history list or bookmarks.

    I checked the options and also about: config and all the settings are as they should be, as far as I can tell (and I certainly had not changed any of them when he began to behave badly). I have also disabled all extensions and plug-ins.

    It is driving my crazy, because I quite often use sites whose long addresses and keep in mind each of the components of each address. I would go with Chrome, but I also use Firebug, a fair bit so don't really want to do.

    Of the image, it seems that there is a persistent add-on. He was re-activated?

  • Strange problems with the database


    I just got my Fuze and am very happy with it; However, I am having a very strange problem with the database. I have a 16 GB sdhc card that I use with the "rocket" and there are about 4 songs on the card that will not play and have no information charge tag. Their tags appear in the tag browser (not the in the track information screen) as just an empty rectangle. Under the track information screen, sizes are listed as ~ 4000 mb. The songs will not play and I can not jump in front of one of these songs once they were loaded.

    At first, I suspected some kind of corruption of tag, so I set out that night to track down the problem. I removed the 16 GB card and reset the player. Then, I loaded one of the corrupt in the internal memory of the player. The track has been scanned and played correctly. Then, I removed the track of the internal memory and it loaded on another SDHC card. Yet once, everything worked correctly, so I knew that the card I was using was a kind of system files or physical problem. I returned the original 16 GB sdhc card in the reader and checked that the file was still unplayable, and then I plugged the "rocket" to my computer. I transferred the unplayable file on my computer and compared (with md5sum) to the original file, thinking that if there was the file system or physical corruption the copy of the map would be damaged. However, the files were equivalent.

    To make things even more interesting, I also have problems with the registration of the kind. I have some files tagged Genres such as 'Classic' and 'Rock '. In the list of the genre, I see this:











    So, there is corruption on the kind of 'Classic' but not the kind of "Rock". Each of the substrings of 'Classic' contains only a few titles, with most of the other titles listed where they should be. I checked that the tracks are labeled correctly and in exactly the same way as the other tracks that do not have this problem.

    I am at a total loss about what to do, and I'd really appreciate any advice or suggestions. I use the current firmware, 2.03.31a and the songs in question are in Ogg Vorbis format.


    Thanks for your replies.

    I managed to find what may be the problem. Tracks that received corrupt tags had the names of total path with more than 256 characters. It seems that the driver internal fat32 the rocket uses vomits all over the place when the path name is too long. Before the "rocket", I got an iPod running rockbox tags with the same directory structure that I have on the "rocket", so I don't think that this restriction on the length of the path name is a limitation or requirement of the fat32 file system. Reduce the path corrected the problem with the files being unreadable.

    However, the problem with foires genres the rest. Looking at the files show that corruption, they all have a little information in tags. Most of the information is contained in the hashes I have files that identify them via musicbrainz. The limit on the total number of characters in the tags of the track includes the "rocket" label is not read or use?


  • strange problem with the database link

    Hello world

    I have a strange problem with the link of database in Oracle 11 g Express Edition;
    There are two computers: computer-server and the client computer. Tnsnames.ora are the same on both computers IE.

    CT =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = krzysztof) (PORT = 1521))

    I created the database link:

    Create database link zdalny
    Connect to < user_id > identified by < password >
    using "CT".

    Customer cannot connect with server when I do not use above the command. But when I change 'use' for using "krzysztof:1521" or by using "krzysztof" or "server IP:1521" - everything is ok.

    Why I ask. Because in all the materials that I read about Oracle command with the help of "CT" should work correct. But there is no. Do you know why?

    Thanks in advance and apologize me for my English.


    Here's the tnsnames of your server, but to connect to the oracle server db (any client or to another instance of db oracle), you must install oracle client.
    However, in your condition, you want to connect the DB1 Oracle OracleDB2 using a link db, I'm right? In this case you should always set the entry in the tnsnames.ora
    To verify that you can connect to Oracle DB2 from DB1 Oracle, you can use tnsping in the command line.
    In your case

    c:\tnsping CT

    Krzysztof Szymaniak wrote: CT =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = krzysztof) (PORT = 1521))

    Check your tnsnames entry in the machine, you are trying to connect to. And check if the tnsping is successful.
    Sometimes the error message says not everything, which means that you need to troubleshoot yourself and learn from the experience.
    Always in the opposite case, refer to the documentation.

    See you soon.

    Published by: Spongebob December 14, 2011 09:30

  • Strange problem with the formatting of the text


    I had a strange problem with the formatting of the text. I created a document in Polish language and the strange thing happens when it divides the word to the next line. For example here on this part of the page, I have a word "umieszczamy", which should be divided "' u - CEF - szcza - my", but my Indesign divides in umi-eszczamy (as shown on the picture). " How can I fix it so it divides the word correctly?



    What language is awarded when you select the text? Hyphenation, but also the spelling, is controlled by the dictionary that is assigned to the text.

    If the language is correct, you might have to change the hyphenation in the user dictionary.

  • My customer is having a serious problem with the Contact form Widget

    My Client is to have a serious problem with the Contact form Widget that I can't seem to figure out how to fix.

    I created a website for a client and inserted a widget of Contact form on the "Contact us" page Whenever someone uses the form, e-mail receive my client shows my e-mail address as the sender. So when they "meet" the email, the response is sent to me and not the person who sent the original message. This creates a major problem in that I get flooded with answers e-mail while my client's potential customers go without a response.

    When I look at ' Site Manager > email system > Workflow information > e-mail address on the site administration Console, it displays my e-mail information. This is what needs to be changed?  If this is the case, what needs to be placed in this field for the email address of my client receives presents information email senders in the field "from".  My client wants to be able to click on reply and the message sent to the right side. They would be very angry if should be cut and past shippers Correo electronico of the body text on all the contacts they receive.

    Their feeling is that if I can't find a way to make the contact form works as it should, then there is no need for them.

    Can someone help me understand this? I really don't want to disappoint my first client.

    Congratulations for your first customer! =>

    Looks like you can have your email in places where your customers email should be.

    Here are the places you need to change your e-mail address.

    First adjust the answering of your web form is your customer email. Screenshot: and

    Second set Emails to come your clients e-mail system. Site management > system email > set default "from" e-mail. Screenshot:

    I always go through each email system and check the e-mail address after you set the default value. I found that it doesn't always change them for some reason any. Note: If you are on a lower to webCommerce plan your list can be shorter than what is shown.

    Make sure that the email you the list of customers is also an email they want in public.

    Also provide information on the TSA that thetrickster888 is good information.

    I hope this helps.


  • Strange problem with the keyboard event listener

    I have a full screen touch app. To close the application, I set an event listener on keyboard for the key "0". I don't want the press user due to some restrictions Alt + F4 key combination. Problems begin when the application loses focus. Here's the code;

    protected function onComplete(event:FlexEvent):void

    this.setFocus ();
    this.addEventListener (KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, trapKeys, true, 0, true);


    private void trapKeys(e:KeyboardEvent):void {}

    If (e.keyCode == 96) {}
    This.Close ();

    Else if (e.keyCode == 48) {}
    This.Close ();


    When the user change the screen to a different with Alt + TAB application, or any other combination of keys flex app loses focus and does not work when he turns back to my app "0". How can I solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi, Ahmed.

    I have absolutely no problem with the solution you are trying to set up - you use mode full-screen interactive mode of keyboard?

    Please consider:

    on full add keyboard listener

    protected function applicationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void


    this.stage.addEventListener (KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, trapKeys);



    protected function applicationActivateHandler(event:AIREvent):void


    If (this.stage)


    switch the State to display full-screen when activated

    If (this.stage.displayState! = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE)


    this.stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE;





    private var exitHandled:Boolean = false;

    on NUMBER_0 | NUMPAD_0 exit-close

    protected function trapKeys(event:KeyboardEvent):void


    If ((event.keyCode is Keyboard.NUMBER_0

    || event.keyCode is Keyboard.NUMPAD_0)

    (& this.exitHandled == false)


    exitHandled = true;

    this.stage.removeEventListener (KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, trapKeys);

    This.Close ();



    (Note: applicaton of the events 'applicatonComplete' and "applicationActivate" are routed to over managers)

    Kind regards


  • Satellite L850 - 1 H 4 - a strange problem with the FN key


    I have a strange problem on my laptop. When I uninstall my PVAT my start "FN" key works, when I install it it s not working not properly. Its market not only the volume key (F9 and F10) without pressing the "Fn", if I want to press F9 or F10 I have to press FN + F9, even with the rest of the buttons.

    When I install PVAT I have to press FN, so I can use my F keys (e.g. F3 to search on the browser tool, alt + f4 - I have to press Fn + alt + f4), and I can't use real functions like mute, disable Touchpad etc. Use the volume keys only. Y at - it a problem if I run my computer without PVAT, this may affect its performance?

    Where could be the problem and can I fix it? I'm with Windows7 x 64, but the laptop was with no OS when I bought it. And there is a problem with this version, I bought its impossible to install the Pakc3 Service, it s with SP1, can be the problem? I put t know what to do... perhaps I run the laptop without PVAT, sounds good, because the buttons work fine without it, but I don't know if it interacts with something else.

    Thanks in advance!

    Its possible to use the function buttons by pressing another button without the use of the fn or FN.
    This option can be changed in the BIOS.

    Go to the BIOS by pressing F2.
    In the BIOS, choose Advanced-> system configuration Options
    Here you should find the option that allows to change the special function keys which allows you to use the function FN or without button Fn button

    By the way: this theme has already spoken here in the forum several times. therefore recommend that you use the advanced search to Forums before posting new thread

  • Strange problem with the KING and IMAQ find right 3 edges

    So first of all, I noticed that the KING produced by KING features seems to have an incompatibility with the entrance to find right IMAQ 3 edges:

    In my code, I have the strange problem "IMAQ find right edges 3" is the production of edges that lie outside the limits by the wired KING specifided: "."

    In this case, a return on investment, defined by a rectangle, I [476, 1559, 752, 1779], but the best line produced by VI shape is outside this rectangle (see ordered 1876).

    How is that possible?

    I finally thought to it - it was my fault. I was updating the global rectangle in the KING entered correctly, but not the contours.

    I fixed the wiring and now it works fine.

    Detective Conan!


  • Strange problem with the license...

    Hi all!

    I have a very strange problem and I got nowhere with navigation on all ads in this forum. My environment is as follows:

    An ESX 3.5 update 3 Server with 2 cards integrated network interface and two Intel Quad Port cards VT. I put the on board to be the port of the console and the other on board to be the network of Virtual Machines. Here are the two separate networks, separated by a Cisco firewall. The IP of the console is and virtual machines are on a network of 172.16.10.x. I also have a VC (physical) server with network cards two, one on the 10.10.10.x network and the other network 172.16.10.x. I installed the license server on the VC, and she won the 172.16.10.x listening address (although I discovered he will listen on the network 10.x.x.x). Then I edited the file hosts on the ESX Server to include the VC server using a name resolution. I ping the name/address of the server successfully. I also have my firewall configured to allow all traffic between two networks (as long as the traffic is initiated by the 10.10.10.x network). I cannot see any errors or not on the firewall.

    The strange thing is that I am able to the ESX by VC license but it stays there for a little while and then loses the configuration. Then, I try to do it again without success. I point to the assessment option and it works again. I then point to the license server and takes it. I can do the same thing on the ESX itself with similar results. I tried to use the name of host or IP address; exact same results. The error simply indicates that the server could not find the license server.

    The really strange thing is that even when the server is authorized, any action I do on the server (configuration, start and stop VMs, etc) is extermely slow and some of them simply because of time.

    Did anyone have clues here? I'm lost...

    Thank you in advance. ?:|


    Hi BDHHI.

    Do not know if she could solve your problems but... According to what you say, the license server becomes the 172... interface as the default interface. Go to network connections-> Advanced Options-> advanced settings and make sure that the interface with 10.10 IP... is on top, services will have this default IP address.

    On which network will be launching connection, maybe I'm wrong, but that it could be open in both directions.

    Kind regards


  • Strange problem with the new ca and on Satellite M45 mouse adapter


    Recently, my adapter had problem with load the laptop (model M45-S2692), so I bought another card. The new adapter has worked for a few months and now its behave differently.

    If I plug the adapter into the laptop, the mouse does not work and works otherwise.

    Does anyone have an idea on what could be the problem.

    Please advise.


    Hey Buddy,

    Therefore, may I ask if the adapter that was purchased is an original toshiba AC adapter? Why didn t contact you a servicepartner, since they had probably had your sector-free adapter because you have something called guaranteed.

    How Don t you know the adapter you have, there where he knows do not so it s original or not, do not damage anything on your motherboard for your machine.
    Maybe it has nothing to do with your power adapter...

    I would appreciate comments on your part just a small one description which CA is, when you bought your machine and if the error could be reproduced with the removal of the AC.

    Welcome them

  • Having a weird problem with the new window. Download the old look of firefox with incorrect URL and messy appearance.

    I opened a new window in the main window of Firefox. The new window is nothing like on the main window of Firefox 4 Beta. And when I have tabs in a new window, the URL doesn't change. Infact, it changes nothing in the tabs. It remains that if I change it manually.

    I do not encounter this problem in the main window of Firefox. If I open a new window of hand. Why is this?

    Take a look at the screenshots I did.

    Main window
    New window

    You may also notice the tab I'm the and the URL is displayed in the image of the new window. You can see what I'm talking about here.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > themes).

    • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.


    Create a new profile exclusively for version 4.0 beta and create a shortcut on the desktop with Pei 'profile' attached to the target to launch this profile.

  • Strange problem with the keyboard

    I have problem with my keyboard. It works with delays. I don't know how to fix it.


    What do you mean by working with delays?
    As far as I know, you can change the keyboard settings in the keyboard properties.
    Also, if you think that it s not a fault or parameters of software problem but hardware malfunction, you can try to contact the service agent.
    But before you contact the ASP you should recover the operating system.

    Good bye

  • Strange problem with the default location of Documents

    I have recently reinstalled Windows after a hard disk failure. Fortunately, I had previously moved the library of 'My Documents' to a secondary drive, so I don't lose anything. Merge all records (i.e. move the new default library to merge with the library on my secondary drive) seemed to cause some problems with some file search programs, then my new primary drive being much bigger than my old one that I decided just to move the library of My Documents from my drive C (the OS partition).

    Here's the weird part: under start > Documents (right click) > properties, I have the save location set to C:\Users\MyName, which (I think) is normally by default when you install Windows. But if I click on "restore defaults", it switches to the root of one of my secondary drives (drive E).

    This is problematic because some of my games can't seem to find my old safe. Backups are in Documents > my games, but instead to find there as it should the games create a new folder 'My games' in the root directory of drive E, although I still have My Documents to save the location defined in its usual location on my primary C drive.

    So I think the problems are linked, and I can't understand why by clicking on "restore default settings" on the start menu > properties of Documents it would lead to the use of the root of my E drive as the location for all the files and folders "My Documents".

    I carefully edit the registry to make sure that this value is set correctly. Be sure to include the name of the final folder ('Documents') in the path. If you simply specify your user folder, all your documents will be dump it instead of inside the real documents folder.

  • Strange problem with the loading of the page.

    Hello everyone.  First of all, I am a newbie.  Recently, I decided it was time to refresh my site, which was built using Frontpage, and with the recommendation of a friend, I bought DW CS4.  I look for many tutorials in recent weeks and still feel I have only scratched the surface of the posibilities of DW.  I'm kinda learning as I go and I have a feeling, when I get my site to the top and run I will build another.

    Now that I have that out of the way I started with a template and changed it a bit to account for what I'm doing.  However I came across a small question, well I think that is a problem and its driving me crazy.  When the page load the style is in every sense and jump together.  Is this normal?

    Here is the link:

    What is happening just above the tabs Spry menu.


    This is the great (heavy) or the images on it that give it weight.  From of ovefr would not change cela.

Maybe you are looking for