BlackBerry Smartphones having HUGE problem with the screen

Please help me people... My flipberry went completely crazy...
I ' l try to explain the problem with as much detail as I can remember...
Since last week or both internal as external screen my phone acted crazy...
for the start of a few days, the problem started with the internal display will red sometimes, or show the half of the screen with stripes of colors... I thought it was a passing phase...
but after a few days, the screen went completely black... both screens external and internal... until this time, as I ran the firmware
so that day I sat down and wiped my phone completely and loaded the latest firmware in order to completely black screens are returned to the way they were... sometimes ok, sometimes showing abstract things and weird colors...

and even today both screens went completely black... so I'm currently trying to get back to the version as recommended by t-mobile...

and I have not dropped my phone once again since I bought it 4 months ago... need help


usually the phone will come with a free warranty of one year.  The best thing I can suggest is to return to the top of any data you left phone and bring it back for a replacement or sent it to be repaired because it seems to me that your phone is defective.

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    If the problem occurred after you plugged into your phone. I suggest to perform a restore of the system automatically, put it on a date 2 days before you had the problem. If this isn't the case, you can check the video card driver:

    Start > run > devmgmt.msc
    Check your video card driver or see if there are any missing drivers
    If its lack, then update or install the driver of your video card.
    I hope this helps you! Good luck.
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    You are trying to connect to one or more Web sites.

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  • BlackBerry smartphones are there problems with the phone unlocked before buying?

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    I'll be able to get the internet connection of Vodafone on this phone? They offer something alone the lines of £8 per month for 500 MB downloads. If I switch to this service, which will work?

    What applications? They works perfectly?

    And in general, the telephone service provider and will go well with all this?

    Thank you.

    Applications that works not (or wrong) If you do not have unlimited BlackBerry data plan:

    Internet Browser

    RIM's push email

    Facebook for BlackBerry

    BlackBerry Messenger

    BlackBerry Maps

    MySpace for BlackBerry

    All the rendering for the instant messaging applications to BlackBerry, like AIM or GTalk for BlackBerry

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    [email address removed to protect your privacy and security]

    Try disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox.

  • Satellite Pro L20-someone ' one can tell me if I have a problem with the screen?


    I have a Pro L20 - PSL25E and I recently had problems with the screen, it was intermittently flickering/lose color and whiting almost (when the color fades white vertical lines begin to appear).
    This seemed to worsen after that I dropped it (only from about 2 feet off the ground, not a big drop).

    I thought that the sceen can go, but the performance of the laptop seems to be affected when this happens, the laptop started to run very slow (tracks mouse slowly, programs I clicked take ages to run and it freezes sometimes to stop flashing) that had me thinking that it might be a virus or performance problem.

    My screen, drivers are updated, I did a full scan with McAfee, ran a clear-up system and a Defrag.

    I was wondering if anyone knew if it seemed to be a problem with the connections of the screen and would need replacement or if it could be repaired or if it were a performance problem?

    Any help would be great thank you appreciate!

    Looks like the graphics chip has a problem, which I think is a motherboard replacement.

    You can get a quote for repair to an authorized service provider. There is a list of ASP on the Toshiba site.

  • Problem with the screen on IPAD curtain


    I'm a bad psychic, and I have a problem with the screen curtain.

    A longitudinal of Voice Over, the screen curtain is automatically activate.

    Normally to turn it off, you must type three times with three fingers. Only on my IPAD when I type three times with three fingers is "saying that turns off or preach. Find it me impossible to disable the screen curtain when voiceover is active.

    The latest version of IOS 9.2.1 is installed.

    I reset the Ipad and nothing changes.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    Is is possible that the zoom is also on your iPad? If this is the case, try to use a quadruple 3 finger tap to turn off screen curtain.

    If the zoom is not active, try:

    1. Possessing the sleep/wake and home button until the Apple logo appears or 15-20 seconds.
    2. If, you can't remove the curtain of the screen, I would advise you reset the settings of the iPad. Settings > general > reset > reset all settings. It will be his turn VoiceOver off, but then you can use iTunes to turn on VoiceOver. Voice-over should return without the curtain of the screen automatically active. IOS - Apple Support using accessibility features

    The of is it possible that zoom is also active your iPad? In this case, you must use a valve 3 quadruple finger pour disable the screen curtain.

    try if the zoom is not enabled:
    1. While holding the button market / sleep and home to ' to the Apple logo, or 15-20 seconds.
    2. If you still can't delete the screen curtain, I recommend to RESET the settings on the iPad. Settings > General > RESET > RESET all settings. This turns off VoiceOver, but you can then use iTunes to turn on VoiceOver. Back to turn voiceOver should without the curtain automatically active screen. Use IOS - Apple support accessibility features


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    [LASP/updateCaches] TypeError: Error #1009: cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

    All adventures Rafting | Wenatchee Whitewater Rafting trips - two hours East of Seattle

    Could you please send us the .muse file to [email protected] as well as a link to this topic? If the file is larger than 20 MB, you can use a service like Adobe SendNow, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.. Thank you.

  • Problem with the screen size of my application in the emulator for BlackBerry 10

    Hello, I have a problem with the emulator for BlackBerry 10 and is as follows:

    When I run my application in the emulator waving, sounds good and all content is complete, however, when I run the application in the emulator for BlackBerry 10 soft looks as if she had a zoom very large level of predefined way and only see a part of the application.

    With controller emulator, I have changed the level of 70% zoom, but still does not work.

    Here, I'm posting two photos:

    One future half-assed answer

    var dpr = 1; // To set the meta on a real device to get 1:1 pixels
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        dpr = window.devicePixelRatio;
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    This works perfectly, but must be placed in thethe document FIRST and foremost

    Live JS is used to avoid problems of library management

    It won't work in Wellington but works perfectly on all devices I've tried

    As mentioned in the code above just packaging needs in the script tags and setting very high index.html HTML code as you can get - right afteris my favorite before any CSS or JS place<p class="reply"> <p class="reply">There are extensions to this topic-injection of script, I like to keep my code clean</p>

  • BlackBerry Smartphones anyone have problems with sections of your screen?

    Even if there are some problems with the operating system as has been noted by several previous discussions, I am satisfied my storm because of its hardware capabilities and am willing to be patient as RIM solves problems in software.  The problem I have is that the left side of the bottom of my screen does not feel the same clicking positive like the rest of the screen.  I spoke with someone at a local verizon store and they explained that it is common and that there nothing wrong with mine, or at least that there was no different than most.  I also checked the demos of two storms they had on display and both units seemed to have a defect similar to the screen.  Storm of my wife, however, is perfect, with the same positive feeling by clicking on parts of the screen.  I would not be concerned with it except that when I type in the lower-left corner of the screen I have errors or reduces typing speed because of the absence of "click".  Finally, my question is can I Exchange it for another and hope that the following better, or just simply keep in mine because it's like most of the units and get a perfect as my wife is the luck of the draw?  Thank you

    Your screen should click systematically everywhere like your wives Storm.  Basically, the problem with your phone by clicking on not everywhere is a tight screw or screws.  When you remove the cover of your battery, you will notice two torx screws.  We'll have a red and white sticker underneath the battery and the other on the opposite side will not.  If you have a torx T-6 screwdriver you can correct this problem by turning the screw or screw to the left to unscrew the screws.  You can try half of the towers at a time and test your screen to ensure uniformity to click after each turn to don't not to loosen the screws too.  Here is a link that has been posted on crackberry dot com that others have used this procedure to correct their screen by clicking on the problem:

    If your Storm is perfect except the screen click problem, I suggest trying the fix published previously.  If you feel uncomfortable, try this, I will ask a new device that clicks on evenly all over the way it should be.

  • ThinkPad X 230 Windows 7-64: problems with the screen after updates

    Hi all

    I have a problem with the Thinkpad X 230. After a recent update of Windows 7 (64-bit), the screen resolution is set to 800 x 600 and brightness to the minimum. FN + F8/F9 does not work. The brightness is uncontrolled. I had to restore the system before the update.

    How to solve the problem, do anyone know?

    Thank you!


    Hi Isosik,

    Welcome to Lenovo Community!

    According to the request, we understand that you are facing problem with the display resolution on your ThinkPad X 230.

    If you have updated the drivers from Windows update, sometimes this kind of problem occurs with windows generic drivers for cause of driver incompatibility, suggest always update drivers only via the ThinkVantage System Update utility. Update only the application of Microsoft Windows Update.

    You can also manually download the drivers from the Lenovo support site.

    Lenovo support site.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards

    Agnes Kumar

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    Thinking that this might be a problem with Windows, I turned off my pc and rebooted and then restart photoshop and I went back to the same process and have experienced the same problem.  So I'm making this post looking for a solution.

    In the menu of the window display the Panel Source of duplication.

    Is the clipping option at the bottom off? This would cause all of the image to display in the overlay. -What is the opacity of the overlay and blending Mode different 100% and Normal?

    These options are not used with the Spot Healing Brush as it makes its sampling automatically.

Maybe you are looking for