BlackBerry smartphones how show appointments today on the home screen

The 8220 is my first BB. I used to have the cingular 3125 smartphone and was one of the most important features for me to have my next appointment show on the home screen. Then would come the point upward (that is to say 15 minutes) I would hit reject and would show the next appointment.

T Mobile BB technicians tell me that this option is available on all other BB, but they do not know how to activate it on the pearl flip 8220.

Did somebody to understand yet?
Thank you


Hi and welcome to the forums!

Try the settings options Page 166.

Thank you

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    I want to move applications: memo and task to my home screen for quick access. Is anyway to do this?  I can only move the 'Application' icon where I want to, but not inside applications.


    This KB should work for you...

    • KB01771 How to reorder the icons on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Event of blackBerry Smartphones time showing not entirely on the home screen

    Why does not appear all the time on the calendar/Messages homepage? The time is cut.

    You can fix this?

    It does in portrait mode.  When you rotate the device in landscape mode, it shows all the time.  It irritates me too.  It's probably a question of theme.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones unknown and unwanted icon on the home screen of bb 9320

    I recently acquired a new icon on the home screen of my BB Curve 9320, which is just irritating down. This is a notification of an application developer, namely fonts IT DAN headed, informing me that there is another application that I could buy if I wished. As I am not so, I tried to erase the icon off my screen by reading the message and then delete, as with any upgrade or any notification from BB app world, however, the icon will not go away. She persists, and when I restart the BB completely by removing the battery, the message reappears in my Inbox. Even when I delete it again it will not disappear. I also deleted my cookies, just in case. How can I make them disappear? Help, please. I HATE SPAM.

    Thank you

    Remove any other application that you have this developer of spam.

  • BlackBerry Smartphone camera icon has disappeared from the home screen. How can I add it back?

    My camera icon has disappeared from all my screens.

    If I use the search function, I can locate and use it.

    Why can't I put the camera icon, press the button of my bb and have an option "add to home screen"?

    I think that 'reset all my icons"can solve the problem, but leaves me with a bunch of fun re-customization.

    Are there no better solution?

    Thank you very much!

    When I did it before, he has not yet shown on the list I think you should MENTION and I checked the properties to, somehow, and the 'hidden' checkbox was not checked.

    But when I tried it now, I see that it is a little different from what I had tried - it worked! Thank you!

  • Yellow of blackBerry Smartphones in search of globe on the home screen

    There is a yellow looking for globe on top of my home screen, left of centre.  There is a '1' beside him.  Does anyone have an idea what it is and how to get rid of?

    Thank you

    It will probably be a registered internet browser application. If you request a link on the browser makes bold when out of coverage, the possibility to request the link back on the cover is selectable. When this occurs, an entry will appear in your messages folder and you get up the 'globe' on the homescreen. by clicking this message in the Inbox mailbox will remove the icon.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones boring anniversary events shown on the home screen


    I'm using BB Bold 9700, 6.0.

    Whenever I come home anniversary in some of my contacts it adds to the calendar (so she can remind me about it), but my notification screen is full with birthdays up to 3 years in advance and which is so annoying. It would be nice to show me this info as the week before the actual anniversary, not years in advance. I can delete all occurrences of this anniversary and in the contacts there's date of birth, but I guess that my calendar inform me about them. I tried to mark them 'Private' I've read on the crackberry forum, but it does not work. Only thing I've found to work is to make new event hand as task and it won't upset me with notifications, but this isn't a solution, I would have to do this for every single contact. Is it possible to fix this?

    If this is your only calendar entry, that's why you see 3 occurrences of it that by design, the calendar will show you the next 3 appointments. Since it is a recurring appointment, it will show for the next 3 years,

    It is not editable because this is the way in which the software was designed.

    Hope this helps to clarify.

  • BlackBerry smartphones symbol of e-mail on the home screen won't - please help

    The symbol of round e-mail notification will not disappear even if I do not have a new message - how can I get rid of this?

    Thank you

    The symbol of 212 of e-mail is not round, it is square.

    Is what color? You can have a WAP push or browser message. Look at your messages > Options > folders and look in ALL these folders, the WAP espcially and Push browser message folders. Delete, open or delete the message.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones wallpaper won't stay on the home screen after pressing the battery

    I'm really starting to get annoyed with this phone!

    My wallpaper will not stay on my homescreen after a battery pull or a software reset! I don't understand! This is not new in terms of programming! What is the problem? Is there any solution for this or I'm stuck affecting my wallpaper everytime I reset my phone? Go RIM! It is a ridiculous problem that should have been fix before going out the phone! same for 5-10 sec freeze after you enter your security password to unlock the phone! As well as the slow transformation of cpu for some activities! I'm sticking with this phone at the moment, but I don't have a great feeling for this phone seriously!

    Does anyone know what I should do to fix my bottom screen problem?

    Hi once again, everything

    I have foud a solution for my problem!

    By installing the application to the os 6 given by the carrier, I was able to solve this problem! So, I backed up my data first and then downloaded from the EDGE of the application OS 6 AT & T then re-installed and erased all the data! After I reloaded the data I needed and tested! Now my loads of wallpaper is a reboot of the device! But I always saved my image on the internal memory of the phone and not the micro SD! I don't know if you leave image on micro SD so it will again make the same question!

    Thank you all for the help!

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not make calls from the home page or the phone book.

    I've had my curve for several months now and the other day, that my most young got a hold of it... I don't know how they do it, but my children can do things with my phone and computers that I did not know they could do... In any case I tried to access my voicemail by organizing the 1 on the homepage and it took me to instead call log, so I tried to make a call from the phone book by selecting the name pressing on do it call button and no as soon as I actually had to go into the call log and manually type the number.

    My question is... What did do?  It is very aggravating and I would ask him, but he is two... I know he did not drop it or I would take it to a service provider.  All of the suggestions.

    Thank you

    If you go in your call log icon or by phone, click your menu button and go to Options. Then, go to the General Options. See if your the home screen dial is set to Yes.

    Also try to reset your device by removing the battery for 1 minute and replacig it to leave the unit restarts. Try it later

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Navigation bar is minimized on my home screen

    I managed my panels so the only that the poster is the Panel "All". However, when I go to my home screen, the 'All' Panel is is reduced to a minimum and I'm not able to see the 4 icons at the bottom of the home screen. If someone has had this problem and is anyone know how I can fix this (so I see the 4 icons at the bottom of the home screen)?

    Only four icons?  How about if I show you how to display icons of four, eight, twelve, sixteen or twenty?  We'll see how it's done.

    Place your finger on the word 'All' and drag it to the top of your screen until the desired number of the icons is present.  You can go anywhere between zero (where only the "very" is showing) up to twenty years, the maximum you will see without scrolling on-screen 9860.  Whatever number you choose must be the number that is always displayed when you switch on your phone in the future, but of course, you can change this number at any time using this same method.

    I hope that helps you.

  • BlackBerry smartphones how delete all entries in the address book of device and start again

    I want to delete all entries in the address book to Blackberry

    I want to re - sync with my contatcs current Outlook

    How do I do that?

    You must do so via the Desktop Manager. I'll give you the steps using the Desktop Manager v4.5:

    1. connect your BlackBerry to the computer via the USB cable and open the Desktop Manager.

    2. click on backup and restore

    3. click on the advanced under the section titled Advanced button

    4. on the next screen, on the right, select address book, then click the button clear down.

    It will delete the address book and leave it empty.

  • Default screen of the blackBerry Smartphones Portrait showed icons, now displays the keyboard.

    I let a friend play a bit with the phone today. After that, my home screen changed and I could not find a way to restore it.

    When using the portrait used to have icons on the screen. Now I have a keyboard showing instead (with numbers and letters, such as a phone. If I flip to the landscape, I get the icons. If I hit the 'menu' button, I get the icons. If I type and click on the screen above the keypad, I get the icons. If I press a selection from the keyboard, it opens the phone and enters the first issue. I would like to have the icons it by default in portrait again. I did a battery pull and looked through the options, but without success.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Second battery pull it cleared up. It was strange. I could change the multi tap keyboard and suretype. But the portrait by default the keyboard upwards. Second battery pull took back me to the default screen, I was used to, with my icons arranged as I wanted them to be.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to copy files from the PC to BB

    How to copy files from the computer to the BlackBerry 9700?  I have a couple of Word and Excel files, I like to keep it with me on the BB.

    Thank you.  I didn't know that I had to hit edit.  I have never when I had my iPaq.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to remove notification of the screen?

    I have the BB Bold 9000, with the last update of facebook and os 5

    The problem is that I get notifications for facebook on the screen, but when I go to see the 'read' it not there no. I re - check the latest notifications and it cannot delete either.

    How can I make it go?

    OK, there was no notification no read in real, request of Inbox or a friend at all.

    To be more clear on the steps of the application.
    Go to the Facebook icon (mine was in the home folder to start)
    Click the BB
    Select move to folder
    Select Applications (built into the Applications folder and the only one that seemed relevant to the situation)
    Navigate to the Applications folder in the Home menu and select
    Open Facebook here
    Close Facebook with arrow to the left
    Point on Facebook
    Select move to folder
    Select Home
    Find Facebook and move into the House as you want; inaccurate unreads should be gone

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