BlackBerry smartphones, I deleted an e-mail account but the folder still appears on my home screen

I deleted an e-mail account, but the folder still appears on my home screen.  It doesn't let me delete it.  The e-mail account is no longer shows on the screen for managing Email accounts, so it should be deleted from my phone.  I tried to remove the battery, but it did not help.

Looks like the maintenance book remained. See Remove the service books that corresponds to the e-mail account deleted.

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  • BlackBerry smartphone how to remove e-mail accounts

    I have 2 aol email accounts on my pearl and I want to remove them so that I can sell my phone... Got a new.  I went in the opions and erased the service book, but we're still appear on my main screen.  Can someone help me?

    You can clean the device before selling the phone, this action will remove all data from the device (e-mails, contacts, calendar, etc.)

    Go to Options, Security Options, General settings, button click Menu, select wipe Handheld, enter blackberry to go forward.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones add a personal e-mail account to my BBB provided by company


    I've just been updated by my company for a BlackBerry 9000 "BOLD".  My company has set up the device to be synchronized with our Microsoft Exchange Server.  This part works perfectly.  I want to do is to add a connection to my personal gmail account.  I could go on the road to browser to access my webmail, but that wouldn't really be integrated.

    I started in the process of "configure a personal e-mail account", but the installation process seems to require that I have 'sign up' for BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).  Screens to ask for me to "Create a new account" or connect to an existing account.  I tried to use my existing gmail account information, but as I suspected, that did not work.  The requested connection is a connection to BIS.

    What I was asking is, would be the fact that my company already set up the phone for the service MS Exchange means that an account already exists and so I should get the info of connection on their part?  MS Exchange or a completely different beast and I need to register for a new BIS account if I want to integrate my web gmail account?

    In addition, the BIS service is generally a supplement or usually included as part of the basic service?

    Man of deep space

    You can take a look at the gmail for Blackberry app.

    A problem with BES + BIS is that all the mail ends up in the same "inbox" on your device.  The gmail app keeps separate.

    Please mark resolved and/or add Bravo if it helps.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones delete an e-mail account on the curve which does not show in the e-mail settings

    I recently had to replace my curve with a new, did a restore to get all my data back, but remained in the implementation of the e-mail account on the device, even if it still showed as an icon on the home screen, which we will call this account 'home '. But that account was no longer functional, I could neither receive nor send emails through it.

    Go to the e-mail settings and connecting to the BIS does not display the 'House' account, in fact, he showed no account at all. So I went in the same configuration once again, we'll call this 'Play' account and another for 'working '. These two work very well, but it irks me that the former "House" is always appear on the home screen, as well as a choice to send messages to when you compose an email.

    I know that sooner or later I accidentally use the account 'Home' to send a message that will never be delivered. Unfortunately a mail sent to home' not to bounce.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?

    Thank you!

    Options > Advanced > Service books... have you withdrawn service for this address book?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how rename an e-mail account

    So, I just had to remove and reinstall my Gmail account (sitting alongside my business).  Previously, I had renamed the account shown in '[email protected]' at Gmail just.  But now I can not for the life of me see where to do it.  That perhaps could in the old version of the Desktop software?    Is it possible to do it on the device?

    Go to Setup > e-mail accounts > Internet e-mail accounts > enter the user name and password (if necessary). Now, highlight the email ID you want to change, and then select change in the menu. The text under the name of e-mail as desired by you. Click Menu, and then select Save.

  • BlackBerry smartphones are unable to send/receive accounts of the same workserver


    We have 30 days with this question:

    all our working server accounts ( stop working with blackberry

    After deleting/setting up bis accounts and also invite Panel the provider "n" times and reset, hard reset, battery pull, operating system reinstalled, etc., etc. several times

    the socket holder in charge of said data is a problem with my hosting/email provider

    the said accommodation/e-mail provider is blackberry

    now my provider ask me what is the IP of blackberry that came to the e-mail server to check emails, this to revise that this ip address does not block the e-mail server

    everyone knows what mean?

    the carrier is Telefónica mexico

    tanks in advance


    If I understand your question, this KB documents which, according to me, you need:

    • KB11036 Requirements of connection and firewall for the BlackBerry Internet Service

    Good luck!

  • Problems of blackBerry Smartphones while creating an e-mail account


    in late July, I bought a BB Curve 9320. Until today, I wasn't able to create an e-mail account. A smartphone without access to e-mail. The problem is missing to create an internet e-mail account. I'm only able to set information for a business account, which I did not. In recent weeks I spent hours and hours reading manuals/blogs and watching youtube videos. I also asked my phone provider if they put in limits for internet e-mail accounts. Nothing of the sort.

    I guess that the problem may be caused by our bb playbook. It works well enough. The playbook is running to a live windows account for email, contacts, and dates. When I started the 9320, I first used the same bb id that we use on the playbook.

    Please help me, I'm totally frustrated. What can I do?

    Sincere best wishes from Hamburg


    Interesting. Call your carrier and confirm that you have the blackberry data plan associated with your account.

  • BlackBerry smartphones, I have an e-mail account configured, but it does not work

    I get the case for one of my email accounts based on the web, I tripple checked all the settings, but my bold 9780 will not accept my settings, its really frustrating, especailly as he worked on my different address.

    advice, it's a small business e-mail that got only 4 people so we are greeted so but they have our own email address.

    Via the BIS website, you should try so, advanced integration:

    •  KB10154 How to integrate a POP or IMAP e-mail via advanced integration account

    The first section of the KB shows the method on the device, so this is the second section (for the BIS Web site) you want. In step 3, you must sometimes, faking out by providing your email address valid but password invalid... then it should return the same screen, but with the extra selection in step 5 (for the "additional settings"). If you do not know your settings, check your PC email client or check with your email service provider.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB seems to pull mail from Gmail Spam folder - can I stop this?


    I just install my BB to access Gmail (I have no BlackBerry, only Gmail email address), and at least a few spam emails has managed to get through.

    Is it possible that the service BB pulled e-mails out of the junk e-mail folder? If Yes, can I prevent this?

    Thank you!

    Ah, never mind - I just got another such spam mail - and guess what:

    Gmail doesn't have it recognized as spam, so he went to the Inbox - this is why I got it!

    The junk mail folder do NOT get pushed to the BB, so I'm good :-)

    Sorry about that.

    But at least now this post may be useful for others who could make the same mistake I did...

    Thanks for the reply, if!

  • I want to change my password on e-mail account, but the phone number has been changed and he continues to go to the former.

    When you try to change my password, it goes to a phone number. This phone number has been changed, how do I enter it? Hold reset the password for the e-mail account on my old password.

    This depends on your e-mail provider - the people who gave you your e-mail address - which is probably not Mozilla. Contact with them and find out if they have another way, you can reset your password.

  • BlackBerry smartphones need help on my email account but is not a service of BB.

    How can I access my email I have no bb service. I have wifi link already in the phone. How can I replace the bb? I used red pocket mobile service. Any help is appreciated. Oh btw, they give me this heap configuration that I cannot configure LOL and don't know what even the instruction button too for a girl not like me hight tech . Help, please!

    As correctly mentioned knottyrope, you need a BlackBerry (or BIS of BlackBerry Internet Service) data plan fully to access your email accounts.

    BIS will push notifications by e-mail on your phone if you don't have to go look for new ones.  He is also responsible to push for new posts to facebook, new tweets, etc., on your phone.  Without this, you must consult your e-mail on the web account to access, you will need to go to to see new messages, you will need to go to for new tweets, etc..

    I hope that explains it for you.

  • BlackBerry smartphones need to detele Pocket mail option and the server


    I have a 8530 with OS 5, I select option delete email from Pocket and box but mails thinking still in the box the letters, I tried every possible permutation and combination in email---> options---> messaging and the reconciliation of the e-mail settings. Pls help me.




    Sign in to your Google account open Gmail, then on the right side of the screen, click on the settings icon (looks like a gear). Then select transfer and POP/IMAP are looking at the following options:

    When messages are accessed with pop

    When I mark as deleted in IMAP message:

    When a message is marked as deleted and removed from the last IMAP folder visible:

    You don't want to keep a copy of the message in the Inbox or to leave the Gmail server control when it has archived or deleted. This is the duplicate messages how occur or messages that have been deleted are replayed like new.

    Thank you


  • BlackBerry Smartphones can not create a BIS account - cause the PIN is already in use...


    About 1 year ago, I bought a blackberry curve 8320 on ebay in Germany. Now, I wanted to register with the BIS (at Vodafone in Germay) he tells me that the phone (PIN) is already registered with the BIS. I tried to use the 'send password' link with my PIN code, but it didn't work out (the website says the password is sent successfully, but it does not reach my cell phone). Aftre I asked customer support for VOdafone and they said that the phone is not registered with Vodafone.

    Is there a chance to delete or change the old account on my PIN code? While I can sign up and get my own BIS?

    Thank you all in advance for the help!

    Welcome them


    Call Vodafone and ask for help from the RIM. They can release the account (now that they may or may not, but that's another issue). Anyone else still essentially have this class as their PIN on their account. Its going to take some doing, but you can achieve.

  • I try to add an e-mail account, but the 'Done' button is always disabled even if I know that my information is correct.

    I entered in the form, the same that it is implemented in Windows Live Mail on my other PC. I can go as far as the image as an attachment. I can't click 'done '! The server has errors of certificate and give warnings when you access the webmail interface, but is not a problem.

    There is no set of security by entering and the mailbox of the address...

    On outbound there is auto on port  and address mailpost....
 has a page with the settings?

  • When I reset Firefox it deleted my e-mail account Outlook on my iMac

    When I reset Firefox it deleted my e-mail account Outlook on my iMac computer. He also moved my AccountEdge accounting file in the data file of old Firefox on my desktop as well as all backups. It is also Microsoft user data files, and some Word documents in this file. I hope you can help because I don't know how to put these files back where they belong.

    Back up and restore the information contained in the profiles of Firefox , it would help for files associated with Firefox.

    However in regards to the Outlook e-mail, you can restore with these instructions

    I'm not quite familiar with the storage of outlook files in Firefox.

Maybe you are looking for