BlackBerry Smartphones icons at the top of the home screen, life and the battery cover bar disappeared. How to make a comeback?

The icons at the top of the home screen, life and the battery cover bar disappeared.  How to make a comeback?

as well as the name of wi - fi network.   They are all gone.  I don't know how this has happened and I can't find a way to get back them.  Any help would be appreciated.


I found the problem.  The new installation of BlackBerry Protect caused the time and date and other above disappearing icons.  I have since deleted the application and everything was restored.

Thank you for looking into this.

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones icons at the top of the screen

    When my display shows two lines of icons at the bottom and a few smaller icons matched up (not when the screen is filled with four rows of icons), the icons above are not in any of the documents I've read. They are:

    1. a small black circle with an arrow pointing at about 07:30 and a small red circle. I got this, it shows a text Message waiting to be read.

    2. a golden globe (with latitude and longitude lines, this is how I think it's a globe), with a number of '1' next to him

    3. a blue square with a little white squiggle and a red circle.

    What is? Except n ° 1, I have not found in the doc.

    Thank you.


    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    What to do for you?

    Thank you


  • BlackBerry Smartphones icons on the homescreen 9900 Bold

    How do I move icons on the main screen on Bold 9900 device so when I turn on the camera icons appear. Currently, I have to press the arrow in the Middle at the bottom of the screen and drag upward to get the icons appear.

    First of all, you can control how many lines appear on your home screen when you turn it on.  The number of default rows is one, but if you put your finger on the arrow and drag it to the top (like you did), however several lines that you drag to the top of will remain whenever you turn on your phone.

    If you want to lower the maximum number of lines, say maybe two only are needed, get the screen filled with the arrow at the top.  Then, highlight an icon with your cursor, press the menu key and select move then move the icon near top, even above the row.  Once you have the icons you need laid out near the top, you can drag the arrow down to hide all rows that fall below your selected icons.

    I hope that helps you.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones icons on the screen


    I just bought a "BOLD", I was wondering if someone could please tell me how you can change the icons on the screen

    for example curretly / I message/contacts/calendar/browser/WAP/media

    & move the awakening to the screen

    See you soon

    To move the clock on the main screen icon,

    Press menu to show all icons and folders.

    Select the icon of the clock - press the menu button - move to the top row

    Come out and your awakening will be there with the others. If you placed the clock before the browser, then the browser will be on the next line and wont be shown on the main screen. Hope that helps.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones icons on the desktop...

    Is it possible to exchange the programs I have on my desktop with the other shortcuts?

    Right now I have:

    Messaging / Email / Contacts / Calendar / browser / do more

    I would like to exchange more and calendar with Messenger.

    Is this possible?  and how?

    Yes, you can move the application you prefer the top line of the complete form of icons, and that will be displayed on your home screen.

    Highlight the calendar icon, press Menu > move and move this icon to the upper line.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones icon on the home screen, what is it?

    Have been using my "BOLD" for 4 days now, after the App error reset the problem and "BOLD" magically setting three hours later, I have now this icon to the left of the time indicator on the home screen. The icon is two small circles attached with a small line, looks a bit like this O_O. He appeared and is not in the manual Blackbeery, nobody knows what it is or means. Thank you.

    This means that you have a telephone answering message?

    Old nokia phones to view something similar when you had a voice message.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones very turned the battery life?

    I don't know if this is related to this person load problems (, but the battery on my Storm is very short.  I've got two days now, and before I returned to the House after being outside all day, the battery is dead.  The previous two nights, I've had it load for more than 8 hours before you leave home.

    It's not heavy use.  I left it in a locker for 8 hours on Saturday, and when I got back he was dead.  I had to do House to recharge before that I could check the messages for days.

    Certainly, this cannot be normal.

    a number of things to try. Keep it in the host when not in service and also ensure bluetooth is not on (enabled) when you don't need. I loaded mine Friday, played with it on and outside since and only recharged the battery today (Sunday afternoon).

    You would like to "auto turn off it ' when you're in bed, which should help you save for the time you are at the top and on the stack. Final thought, most mobile phone (not lithiul ion) need a battery charge complete continuous 16 to 24 hours before disconnecting the charger - I suppose that you did when you got it?

    I hope this helps.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BBM drains the battery without the use of telephone (proof)

    (I have a PRIV BB running the latest update of Marshmallow).

    BBM drains the battery.

    I took my PRIV off lunch charger yesterday and weather scheduled 7: 00 the next day morning, that the battery has been completely drained by BBM.

    NOTE IMPORTANT: I did not receive all the BBM messages during this time - sent no BBM messages during this time - didn't even open BBM Meanwhile - didn't even use my phone during this time (I just left it autour sitting in the living room)

    Function checking the battery charge shows that in this period, BBM consumed 40% of my battery (the order of the day closer to you that consumed power was Android OS, but only 8%)

    Here are a few screenshots of the evidence (I've included the statistics pages for following little applications on the list for comparison):

    I called support for the PRIV BalckBerry and I share my information to troubleshoot with them.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Re: Charging the battery

    Should my Bb7130g be completely drained before recharging? Or I can even when partially exhausted recharge? Thank you.

    The battery that come with 7130 is Li - lon. You can charge battery Li - lon to any time you want.

  • Reset blackBerry Smartphones by removing the battery

    My experience (using the torch) in 4 months was that there was a battery pull to reset the phone. I don't think it's a very good idea, my phone will last far too long in this way, the back cover will be replaced at any time earlier that I expect (2-3 years on my other phones). Y at - it another way for this reset the thing as a software trigger, etc. I don't remember having to do this way in my other phones before.

    I think you can be looking for the simulated battery pull method or restart.  I use this (if necessary) when I have my AGF GRT case on my Torch (usually weekend).

    To restart without pulling on the battery or a 3rd party app:

    Hold down the ALT key, then press right SHIFT and DELETE keys at the same time. Until the red light appears, then release all keys.  This restarts your device and works on all devices with a standard QWERTY keyboard.  There are also applications 3rd party who will accomplish the same thing, but I think it works for me.  I hope this helps. ~ ecm

    PS: I don't think you need to address why you're attending battery pulls.  I usually go without pulls/reboots unless I'm upgrading of operating system or adding / removing apps & themes.

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